14 Fun Virtual Talent Show Ideas for 2021

You found our list of unique virtual talent show ideas. Virtual talent shows typically occur via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, or Google Meet. Online audiences gather to watch amateurs perform entertaining acts. During these competitions, judges or attendees vote for a winning act. The purpose of the event is to provide entertainment […]

20 Best Virtual Keynote Speakers for Online Events in 2021

You found our list of top virtual keynote speakers. Virtual keynote speakers are lecturers and motivational gurus who deliver keynote addresses during virtual events. For example, famous authors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. The purpose of these guest speakers is to entertain and educate attendees and to drive attendance and participation at remote gatherings. These figures […]

21 Fun Virtual Canada Day Ideas, Games & Activities for 2021

You found our list of the best virtual Canada Day ideas. Canada Day is on July 1 and honors the country’s formation. The day marks an occasion for national pride and celebration. Virtual Canada Day ideas are ways to celebrate the holiday online via remote meeting software and social media. The purpose of these tips […]

23 Fun Virtual Game Show Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of virtual game show ideas! Virtual game shows are online contests where players compete for prizes. Participants gather to play together on video meeting software like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. The purpose of these games is to promote fun and team bonding. These contests are a subset of online team building […]

24 Virtual Pride Month Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of fabulous virtual pride month ideas. June is Pride Month in the US, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Greenland. This month commemorates the Stonewall riots, and champions equal rights for the queer community. Pride is a celebration of identity and a call for tolerance and acceptance, as well as an acknowledgement […]

24 Virtual Campfire Ideas, Games & Activities

You found our list of virtual campfire ideas. Virtual campfires are online events that include typical camp activities such as ghost stories, s’mores-making, and sing-alongs. Online campfire ideas are ways to recreate the bonfire experience on virtual meeting software like Zoom and Google Meet. The purpose of these gatherings is for guests to have fun […]

9 Virtual Interview Tips for Employers in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual interview tips. Virtual interview tips are best practices for conducting online interviews. For example, streamlining the scheduling process, testing technology 15 minutes before the call, and remaining mindful of surroundings. The purpose of these tips is to help hiring managers appear professional and conduct insightful online interviews. […]

20 Fun Virtual Spirit Week Ideas, Games & Activities for Work 

You found our list of unique virtual spirit week ideas. Spirit week is a week-long event that promotes company pride and employee engagement through fun activities. Virtual spirit week ideas are ways to celebrate the occasion with remote teams. For example, theme days, virtual talent shows, and costume contests. These events are examples of virtual […]

18 Best Virtual Graduation Tips for 2021

You found our list of the best virtual graduation tips. Virtual graduation tips are ways to make online graduation ceremonies and parties engaging and memorable. For example, hosting virtual senior nights, creating online yearbooks, or sending care packages. These ideas honor grads and entertain attendees while making the online event more interactive. Online graduations are […]

34 Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2021

You found our guide to Virtual Valentine’s Day! 💖 Virtual Valentine’s Day ideas are ways to celebrate February 14th online with your sweetheart, friends, family, students, or coworkers. For example, by playing games like scavenger hunts, doing activities like virtual chocolate tastings, and going on online dates. The purpose of these ideas is to foster […]

Virtual Chinese New Year Ideas & Activities

Xīn nián kuài lè! You found our guide to virtual Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for people of Chinese descent. Many places that have significant Chinese populations, such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, celebrate a version of this holiday on the first […]

8 Great Virtual Career Fair Tips for Employers & Recruiters

You found our list of smart virtual career fair tips for employers and hosting organizations. Virtual career fairs are recruitment-focused online events. The purpose of these events is for employers to attract and engage potential candidates. These events are also known as “virtual job fairs” and “digital recruitment events.” These career fairs may be part […]

16 Best Virtual Work Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate in 2021

You found our list of fun virtual work anniversary ideas! Virtual work anniversary ideas are ways to celebrate your colleague’s years of service online. Honoring important milestones like work anniversaries helps boost a sense of inclusion and gratitude in remote workplaces. You can consult this same list for how to celebrate a company anniversary virtually. […]

16 Best Virtual Team Celebration Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of fun virtual team celebration ideas. Virtual celebration ideas are ways to recognize achievements and observe special occasions online. Online parties and digital shout-outs are fun ways to relax together and acknowledge achievements. These events are also called “online celebrations” and “remote celebrations.” These celebrations may be part of a virtual […]

19 Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Activities & Games

You found our list of the best virtual Thanksgiving ideas. Virtual Thanksgiving is the celebration of the gratitude holiday through online platforms like Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams. Virtual Thanksgiving ideas are examples of the specific ways you can celebrate the holiday, and may serve as inspiration for your own plans. For example, with games […]

Virtual Hackathon Ideas: How to Run an Event in 2021

You found our guide on how to run a virtual hackathon. Virtual hackathons are online gatherings where attendees build projects together. These projects typically follow a theme or goal, for example, “build an online game” or “the project must integrate with our CRM.” The purpose of these events ranges from having fun, to building community, […]

17 Best Virtual Orientation Ideas for Students in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual orientation ideas. Virtual orientation is the first week of remote college and university years, and the goal is to provide social activities and onboarding to students. Online orientation ideas are ways to welcome first year students to campus remotely. These online activities can help students adjust to […]

33 Fun Virtual Event Ideas for Online Socials in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual event ideas for companies. Virtual events are fun online gatherings usually held over video platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. Virtual social event ideas are specific ways you can use this time, for example by playing games or doing other activities. The purpose of these events […]