Preparing For Your Upcoming Event

How do I communicate with before my event?

Respond to your Official Event Confirmation email from with anything you need! Our Customer Experience team is waiting to help. This is the best and fastest way to communicate with us after the booking process.

As an organizer, is there anything else I need to do prior to our event?

Just knock out the items mentioned in your Official Event Confirmation email! A quick review:

  1. Send your team the calendar invite for the event! We recommend copying and pasting from our calendar invite into your own calendar invite to send to your team. Please do not forward the invite to your team. If the invite is forwarded, neither you nor can see who RSVP’d.
  2. Next, make sure that you and your team can access Zoom (or whatever platform your event will be hosted on) via the app or web browser. You can do this by checking in with your IT department, and for Zoom, you can check by going to
  3. Be sure to gather any supplies needed for your specific event. Anything needed for your event will be listed in your calendar invite. If nothing is listed, then nothing needs to be done.
  4. Join the event link at your start time and have a great time! Your host will open the room at your event’s exact start time.

Will I need to do anything during my event?

Our events are formatted so that you as the organizer can participate and not have to worry about anything! Your host will open your meeting room right at your event start time to greet you and your team, allow a few minutes for everyone to join, and then kick off the event. You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Will I hear from again before my event?

We will send an automated reminder email prior to your event to confirm all of the previously sent details. No response is needed to this email. If you have any outstanding questions or requests, then please reply to your Official Event Confirmation email from We are happy to help!

What do I do if I’m expecting a different number of people to attend my event?

Please email us on your Official Event Confirmation thread and let us know as soon as possible, especially if you’re expecting more than 5 additional guests for your event. This notice is important for us to properly prepare for your event. Please know that while we’ll do our absolute best, we may not be able to accommodate last-minute changes in guest count, depending on your event type and original guest reservation.

If you booked via our Client Portal and your reservation is more than one week away, then you can make the change directly on the booking platform at!

Does need to know the names or email addresses of our participants?

No! This information is not needed. Your hosts will spend the first few minutes of the event getting to know you and your team members. Our job is to make an absolutely wonderful event for whoever logs on!

Have some questions about the agenda or a special request (ie: birthday shout out, announcing prizes for winning team, leadership remarks)?

We would love to include this request for your group! Please email us on your Official Event Confirmation email at with your request at least two business days before your event.

Please note that we can accommodate remarks from your company for up to 5 minutes at the beginning or end of your event. Please let us know who would like to speak and their title, along with when they’d like to speak during the event. If the speech runs longer than 5 minutes, activities during your event will have to be cut short so that your event ends on time.

What if I have a last-minute issue right before my event and need to get in touch with you urgently?

We’re here for you! If you have an urgent issue or question within 1 hour of your event start time, text us directly at 404-975-1176. We’re available regularly via our text hotline Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm ET. Please note this number does not accept phone calls. By sending a text message, you agree to receive SMS responses from us. You can opt-out at any time. We will never message you in an unsolicited manner.

Help! I need to change my event date/time!

Email us on your Official Event Confirmation email at as soon as possible with your requested new date and/or time and we will review. Event changes within one week of your scheduled event date are not guaranteed and may be subject to a rescheduling fee (more details on this process can be found at We understand things happen, schedules change, and some circumstances are out of all of our control. We will do our absolute best to accommodate you and your team so you can have a fantastic event!

Will there be a photo taken during my event? If so, when will I get it?

Yes! Our hosts will take a screenshot of your team at the end of your event and send it to you within one to three business days. Feel free to share the photo with your team to commemorate the day! We recommend printing, framing, and hanging the photo prominently in your office.

Can I find out who my host is before our event?

We have a pool of 75+ world-class hosts. Our events are staffed approximately two business days prior to your event based on our hosts’ changing schedules. We don’t always have this information available. You are in great hands with any of our hosts; all have performance backgrounds and are experts in engaging groups on Zoom and other platforms.

Can we hang out on Zoom/WebEx/Meet/Teams after the event finishes to continue the fun?

We love that you want to keep the party going! Since each room is linked with our host’s license, we have a couple of options for you:

  1. Complimentary: Your host can “usher” your team to your company’s virtual platform of choice. You set up an internal Zoom (or another platform) after-party, share that link with us, and at the conclusion of your event, your host drops that link into the chat and facilitates folks hopping over there.
  2. We can officially extend your meeting another 30 minutes for an extra fee. If that sounds good, then we’d add hosting powers to someone on your team and leave you to your celebration.

To add either of these options to your event, please email on your Official Event Confirmation thread.

What are our accessibility options? strives to make sure our events are accessible and inclusive for all our participants! If you or members of your team have a particular concern or are looking for a specific accommodation, such as closed captioning, please reach out to us by replying to your Official Event Confirmation email or send us an email at

Can I provide prizes for the winning team?

We are happy to announce what the prizes are at the beginning of your event (or keep it a surprise to announce at the end). Just email us your specific plans and we’ll communicate to your host!

Events that work well with prizes:

    • Trivia (team competition or individual competition)
    • Online Office Games
    • tiny campfire
    • Superhero Academy
    • Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion
    • Espionage!
    • Just A Darn Fun Event
    • Umm True?!

Events that might not have clear winners (harder for prizes, but not impossible):

    • Murder in Ancient Egypt
    • Murder in the Speakeasy
    • Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh

Non-competitive events in which no winners are announced

    • War of the Wizards
    • Margarita Making Class
    • Storytelling Workshop
    • Comedy Workshop

Payment & Finance

I still need to pay! Where’s that link again?

Our Finance Team will follow up with a link for payment shortly after you sign your proposal. If you still can’t find the payment link, then email us on your Official Event Confirmation thread at

What are my payment options?

Check out the bottom of your invoice for details. The short version is credit or debit card, check, wire transfer, and ACH. Email us on your Official Event Confirmation email at with any additional questions.

I need to reschedule my event.

Please review the Terms & Conditions at for more information on our cancellation, rescheduling, and guest count policies.

Event Structure: Team Formation

If my event involves teams, how are those teams created?

Teams are randomized at the start of your event and your host handles this for you!

Can I create pre-assigned teams for my event?

If your event has fewer than 50 participants and you’re at least one week away from your event date, absolutely! Reply back to your Official Event Confirmation email with this request. Our Customer Experience team will then let you know how best to divide up your team (how many teams and players per team). We ask that all pre-assigned teams are sent in via the following plain-text format:

Team #1
1. First and last name

Team #2
2. etc.

Again, please reach out to us on your email thread and we’ll help you come up with the perfect solution for your group!

What if I’d like to make pre-assigned teams for a group larger than 50?

If you have an event with more than 50 people, then all hope for pre-assigned teams is not lost! In addition to providing us with the above list, please make sure you communicate to each participant their individual team number ahead of the event. Once your participants join, the host will prompt your group to change their display names to reflect the assigned team number and name, like “2–Mary Smith.” This will allow your co-host to quickly create teams so we can get to the fun as fast as possible!

What if we only want to assign a few specific participants to certain teams?

We are happy to accommodate specific requests like the following:

  • A few folks need to be on the same team (and the rest can be assigned randomly)
  • A few folks need to be on different teams or spread out among the teams (and the rest can be assigned randomly)

Please email us this information on your Official Event Confirmation email at least two days in advance of your event and we will let your host know.


Platform & Technology

Do all participants need to have video on?

Yes! We highly encourage all participants to have video on throughout the event. Not only is video needed for some of our games, it also makes the event so much fun and more interactive! If a few participants are not able to have video on, then don’t worry. We would still love for these folks to participate and join in on the fun.

Do I need a password for the meeting room link?

We don’t require passwords for any of our events! All you need is the meeting link itself. The waiting room is enabled for added security.

Can I join on my mobile device?

Joining from your phone is an option if you don’t have a computer handy (though our events are optimized for joining via the desktop Zoom/WebEx/Meet/Teams application or web browser versions). Here are some key differences to be aware of with mobile:

  • Gallery view is limited to four screens at a time. With more than four screens, you’ll need to swipe to see everyone.  
  • The chat (utilized heavily in many of our events) takes up the whole screen when open. You won’t be able to see hosts/participants while using the chat.

Can we use a non-Zoom platform?

Our events are designed specifically for Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Our hosts and co-hosts are experts, ready to handle any circumstance that may present itself on the platform. We do recommend Zoom or the web browser of Zoom for all event types.

There you have it! You are now an expert on our virtual team building activities! If you don’t see an answer to your question here, then feel free to email us at!