Updated: February 13, 2024

22 Best Advertising Newsletters to Read in 2024

You found our list of the best advertising newsletters.

Advertising newsletters are informative emails that provide updates on the advertising industry. For example, AdAge Media, Adweek Newsletter, and Search Engine Land. The purpose of these newsletters is to keep professionals updated on the latest advertising news. These newsletters are also known as “advertising email letters” and “advertising email subscriptions.”

These newsletters about advertising are similar to management newsletters, advertising podcasts, advertising books, and marketing newsletters.

This list includes:

  • advertising email letters
  • best newsletters for advertising
  • content marketing newsletters
  • corporate advertising newsletters

Let’s get to it!

List of advertising newsletters

From AdAge Media to Advertising Week Social Club, here is our list of the best newsletters about advertising.

1. AdAge Media

AdAge Media’s newsletter focuses on advertising trends, strategies, and campaigns. The newsletter often features interviews with industry leaders. Readers can also enjoy case studies of successful campaigns and technology analysis. Subscribers can stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights from experts in the field.

Articles cover topics like changes in consumer behavior and new industry regulations. Plus, AdAge dives deep into specific ad campaigns, offering readers inspiration. Subscribing to AdAge Media is a smart move for professionals in the advertising industry who want to stay informed.

Learn more about AdAge Media.

2. Marketing Week

Marketing Week is among the top business newsletters for folks interested in advertising. This newsletter shares the latest trends and strategies in advertising. Articles cover topics like consumer behavior and brand management. Examples of previous articles include gender pay gaps and B2B marketing.

The newsletter also connects professionals in the industry through interviews and expert insights. Overall, Marketing Week is a valuable resource for marketers to stay updated, gain insights, and connect with others in the field.

Learn more about Marketing Week.

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3. Adweek Newsletter

Adweek’s newsletter offers a look at the landscape of advertising, marketing, and media. This newsletter offers a selection of industry insights, breaking news, and expert analysis. Adweek offers a wide range of newsletters you could sign up for depending on your needs.

For instance, you could read AdFreak, Agency Spy, and Social Pro Insights. Each newsletter covers a different advertising niche and goes out at different frequencies. True advertising experts could even read several of these email blasts. With their concise yet informative format, these newsletters are a must-read for advertisers.

Learn more about Adweek Newsletter.

4. Neil Patel’s Newsletter

Neil Patel’s Newsletter is among the best corporate advertising newsletters. Patel’s expertise in digital marketing leads to a newsletter with insightful tips and strategies. Businesses who read these articles can learn tips to effectively promote their products or services. Topics include SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and conversion optimization. The writing is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to understand and apply the concepts. Plus, readers can enjoy real-life case studies and examples of different strategies. Be sure to check out this newsletter for actionable advice to apply to your ad campaigns.

Learn more about Neil Patel’s Newsletter.

5. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a valuable newsletter for those interested in advertising. Readers will see a holistic view of the digital advertising landscape. Articles cover marketing news, analysis, expert intelligence, and buyer guides. Examples of previous topics include Google’s Local Service Ads tactic and bidding on Google ads.

Readers will learn actionable tips about how to run their digital marketing campaigns. Further, this site can help keep folks up to date about changes in the industry. Professionals will benefit from this site’s in-depth analysis.

Learn more about Search Engine Land.

6. Moz Top Ten

Moz Top Ten focuses on advertising, providing valuable insights and updates in the industry. Every other week, this newsletter curates a list of the top ten advertising articles, blog posts, and resources. Then, Moz sends these resources straight to your inbox.

This newsletter gives you a glimpse of the top advertising info of the month. Plus, the email saves you the work of finding these articles and posts yourself. By subscribing to Moz Top Ten, advertisers can stay up to date with the latest trends, strategies, and best practices. These articles are valuable resources for firms looking to enhance their advertising efforts.

Learn more about the Moz Top Ten.

7. Harvard Business Review Marketing

The Harvard Business Review Marketing newsletter is among the most trusted advertising newsletters. Professionals interested in the dynamic world of business will love these emails. This firm sends out a curated selection of articles, case studies, and expert commentary. Articles cover a wide range of topics designed to help marketers enhance their skills and drive business growth. For instance, readers can enjoy innovative marketing strategies, emerging trends, and best practices. Harvard Business Review Marketing newsletter offers valuable knowledge and tools.

Learn more about Harvard Business Review Marketing

8. Forbes CMO Network

The Forbes CMO Network newsletter is an invaluable resource for marketing professionals. Information covers the latest trends, strategies, and insights shaping the industry. The site focuses on the perspectives and experiences of chief marketing officers. These CMOs are often from leading worldwide companies.

Topics include innovative marketing campaigns, industry disruptors, and emerging technologies. Firms looking to optimize ROI, build brand equity, or improve customer engagement will love this newsletter.

Learn more about Forbes CMO Network.

9. Digital Marketer’s Newsletter

The Digital Marketer’s Newsletter is a valuable resource for advertisers. This newsletter covers the latest trends, strategies, and tools in digital marketing. Topics include social media advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, and email campaigns. The information is concise, taking seven minutes or less to review.

Digital marketers can stay informed about industry developments and boost their advertising efforts. The Digital Marketer’s Newsletter will help you out-market the competition.

Learn more about Digital Marketer’s Newsletter.

10. Joe Pulizzi’s Orangeletter

Joe Pulizzi’s Orangeletter features insights and wisdom for content creators and marketers alike. Focusing on content marketing strategies, this newsletter sends advice straight to your inbox. Issues include tips on creating interesting content and guidance on building marketing campaigns. The newsletter also covers resources like impactful books and movies.

This actionable information will help readers improve their content creation technique. Orangeletter provides a steady stream of advertising knowledge and expertise.

Learn more about Joe Pulizzi’s Orangeletter.

11. The Drum

The Drum newsletter is a valuable resource for folks interested in advertising. Readers can learn about new campaigns, creative ideas, and emerging technologies. The Drum offers several newsletters, including Ads of the Week, The CMO Briefing, and The Drum Insider. Articles cover the top ads from around the globe and teach readers about top brand strategies.

Readers will benefit from valuable analysis and commentary from industry experts. To learn about several angles of marketing, The Drum newsletter is a great choice.

Learn more about The Drum.

12. Marketing Dive

When looking for content marketing newsletters, check out Marketing Dive. With a concise but detailed style, the resource offers valuable analyses, updates, and insights. The newsletter features emerging strategies, new technologies, and customer behavior. Readers will also learn how to drive successful marketing campaigns. Marketing Dive also analyzes specific ad campaigns, such as Superbowl commercials and AI ads.

In addition, readers can benefit from expert insights. Whether you want daily or weekly updates, Marketing Dive’s award-winning journalists share valuable info.

Learn more about Marketing Dive.

13. eMarketer Daily Newsletter

The eMarketer Daily Newsletter is a go-to resource for marketers. Data enthusiasts will love this publication, as it focuses on charts and facts. Each edition offers information on topics such as social media advertising and e-commerce trends. Issues also discuss mobile marketing strategies and the latest consumer behavior research.

This newsletter also covers emerging technologies, including augmented reality and data privacy. eMarketer Daily will help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Learn more about eMarketer Daily Newsletter.

14. The Mention Memo

The Mention Memo covers online reputation management and brand monitoring. Issues cover topics like social media listening, sentiment analysis, and crisis communication strategies. Each edition offers practical tips and case studies to help businesses manage their online presence.

Readers can learn to track brand mentions and engage with customers on social media. Further, companies can prevent possible reputation risks. This newsletter offers valuable information to boost your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Learn more about The Mention Memo.

15. Growthnotes

Growthnotes is an insightful newsletter focused on business growth strategies and entrepreneurial advice. Articles offer practical insights, case studies, and actionable tips. Topics include customer acquisition and product development.

Further, firms can find strategies for startups and small businesses. Entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn how to grow their ventures. Whether you are looking to improve your ads or expand into new markets, this newsletter offers valuable guidance.

Learn more about Growthnotes.

16. MarTech

MarTech is a newsletter all about marketing technology. Businesses can learn to use tools to improve their marketing, analyze data, and connect with customers online. Each edition shares tips on using technology effectively. For instance, automating tasks, tracking advertising results, or managing customer relationships. Previous articles discussed SEO, B2B marketing, and digital security.

This newsletter will keep readers up to date on the latest trends and tools in marketing tech. Be sure to check out these articles for marketing news, analysis, expert intelligence, and buyer guides.

Learn more about MarTech.

17. The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage is one of the top advertising email letters covering digital marketing insights and tips. Issues provide bite-sized doses of valuable information every weekday. Topics feature social media strategies, content creation, SEO tips, and email marketing tactics. Examples of previous articles include Snapchat ads, LinkedIn lead generation, and email surveys.

Readers will learn to improve their online presence and drive better results. Also, firms can boost website traffic, engage with online customers, and improve marketing plans.

Learn more about The Daily Carnage.

18. Go To Millions

The Go to Millions newsletter is a guide to entrepreneurship and business success. The articles offer tips to help small business owners navigate the path to millions. Articles have a conversational tone that makes it easy to absorb information.

Editions cover topics such as marketing tactics, financial management, and growth strategies. This actionable advice helps firms build and scale. Entrepreneurs looking to begin a startup or scale their businesses will benefit from this newsletter.

Learn more about Go To Millions.

19. Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers is a refreshing take on the world of marketing and consumer engagement. With a no-nonsense approach, the newsletter explores a variety of topics. Examples include ethical marketing, customer-centric strategies, and the latest industry trends.

Past article topics include small business branding and email marketing. Everyone Hates Marketers aims to help businesses create genuine connections with their audiences. Ultimately, the resource’s goal is to help businesses learn to stand out in oversaturated markets.

Learn more about Everyone Hates Marketers.

20. DTC Newsletter

DTC Media sends out the DTC Newsletter, a publication focused on connecting with customers. The firm focuses on digital marketing outlets like Instagram, TikTok, and emails. DTC Media’s goal is to help companies make noticeable, measurable marketing improvements.

The newsletter goes out each weekday, covering topics like humorous ad campaigns and finding target audiences. Issues range from specific case studies to broad technology changes. To stay updated on the digital marketing world, be sure to check out this firm.

Learn more about the DTC Newsletter.

21. Mumbrella

Mumbrella is a newsletter that focuses on advertising, marketing, and media news. Articles focus on developments and trends in Australia. From insightful analysis to breaking industry news, Mumbrella keeps its subscribers informed about the latest happenings in the advertising world. Issues cover ad campaigns, industry events, and emerging technologies. Mumbrella delivers valuable content straight to your inbox.

Learn more about Mumbrella.

22. Little Black Book

Little Black Book, or LBB, is a creative platform and newsletter. This site celebrates innovation, creativity, and culture from around the globe. With a focus on advertising, design, and visual communication, LBB showcases the best in the industry. Readers can check out inspiring campaigns, creative talents, and emerging trends in the creative industry.

From the latest advertising campaigns to in-depth interviews with leading creatives, LBB provides a curated selection of content. Each issue sparks inspiration and fuels creativity for professionals in advertising and related fields. BB delivers engaging content that celebrates storytelling and visual communication.

Learn more about Little Black Book.

Final Thoughts

Especially in the digital space, advertising techniques change constantly. Staying updates with these changes is crucial for any marketing professional. Subscribing to newsletters about advertising can provide you with a wealth of knowledge. These emails keep you informed and provide inspiration for your own campaigns. Whether you want bite-sized recaps or in-depth analysis, these newsletters can help you learn all about ads.

Next, check out our posts on employee newsletter ideas, assistant newsletters, and leadership newsletters.

FAQ: Advertising newsletters

Here are frequently asked questions about advertising newsletters.

What are advertising newsletters?

Advertising newsletters are emails companies send that provide updates on the latest news, trends, and insights in the field of advertising.

What are the best advertising newsletters?

Some of the best advertising newsletters include AdAge Media, Marketing Week, and Adweek Newsletter.

What can you learn from advertising newsletters?

From these newsletters, you can learn about new ad platforms, successful campaign strategies, or changes in consumer behavior.

What are the best resources for advertising trends?

The best resources for staying updated on advertising trends include subscribing to industry-specific newsletters and following relevant blogs.

Why should you read advertising newsletters?

Reading these newsletters helps you stay informed about industry developments, which can be beneficial for your own campaigns.

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