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Employee Wellness Program Activities, Games & Ideas for 2022

You discovered our list of virtual employee wellness program activities, games and ideas. Employee wellness programs are initiatives that encourage staff to adopt healthy habits. The purpose of these programs is to decrease absence and liability and increase worker health and happiness. Virtual employee wellness program ideas are creative tips to improve the mental, social, […]

28 Great Employee of the Month Ideas for 2022

You found our list of employee of the month ideas! Employee of the month is an award given to workers for above and beyond performance. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding employees and motivate workers to excel. These awards are an example of employee engagement best practices. Online awards support remote team […]

20 Best Remote Work Software Platforms for 2022

You discovered our list of top remote work software platforms. Remote work software platforms are tools that facilitate online collaboration for distributed teams. For example, Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom. These software programs make it possible for distributed teams to collaborate seamlessly. Leaders can improve virtual management skills by using project management software and reading […]

14 Crucial HR Skills & Competencies

You found our list of top HR skills & competencies. HR skills are capabilities that help human resource professionals carry out key responsibilities. Examples include interpersonal skills, recruiting, and effective communication. These elements are also known as “human resources skills.” These abilities can include executive skills. Reading HR books, recruiting books and change management books […]

16 Fun Virtual Take Your Child to Work Ideas for 2022

You found our list of the best virtual take your child to work ideas! Virtual take your child to work ideas are ways kids can participate in work-from-home career days. For example: attending mock virtual onboardings, participating Zoom question and answer sessions, and leading virtual meetings. The purpose of virtual take your child to work […]

18 Best Virtual Graduation Tips for 2022

You found our list of the best virtual graduation tips. Virtual graduation tips are ways to make online graduation ceremonies and parties engaging and memorable. For example, hosting virtual senior nights, creating online yearbooks, or sending care packages. These ideas honor grads and entertain attendees while making the online event more interactive. Online graduations are […]

19 Essential Executive Assistant Skills for 2022

You discovered our list of top executive assistant skills. Executive assistant skills are qualities and abilities that help high-level assistants thrive in their positions. Examples of these competencies include multitasking ability, decision making skills, and time management. Executive assistants are also commonly referred to as EA’s, executive secretaries, and personal assistants. You can learn these […]

14 Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software Tools for 2022

You found our list of the best remote employee monitoring software tools. Employee monitoring software are programs employers use to measure remote employee’s productivity. These programs often include features such as random screenshots, keystroke logging, idle time alerts, and internet usage reports. The purpose of these tools is to improve workplace productivity and employee accountability, […]

20 Fun Minute To Win It Virtual Games for Adults

You found our list of the best minute to win it virtual games. Virtual minute to win it games are challenges to complete in sixty seconds. For example, cookie face, book brain, and simultaneous charades. These competitions often occur in person, however many games are also playable online via video meeting software like Zoom. The […]

15 Virtual Women’s Day Celebration Ideas for the Office in 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual Women’s Day celebration ideas for the office. International Women’s Day is a global event observed on March 8. The purpose of the holiday is to celebrate women’s achievements and to promote women’s rights, equality, and gender fairness. International Women’s Day is also called National Women’s Day. March […]

62 Great International Women’s Day Quotes for 2022

You found our list of International Women’s Day quotes. International Women’s Day falls on March 8. The holiday is a chance to celebrate women’s accomplishments and advocate for greater gender equality. March is also Women’s History Month in countries like Australia, UK, and US. Canada recognizes this month in October. International Women’s Day quotes are […]

19 Best Slack Apps, Integrations & Tools in 2022

You found our list of the best Slack apps! Slack is a communication platform that enables remote teams to chat in real time through channels, threads, and direct messages. In addition to Slack’s normal features, users can add Slack apps, which are software programs that expand Slack’s capabilities. For example, apps add functions such as […]

14 Best Skype Games to Play in 2022

You found our list of fun Skype games. Skype games are challenges that take place on the messaging platform Skype. For instance, hangman, backgammon, and file roulette. The purpose of these games is to encourage team building between remote coworkers and make distant meetings more engaging. These games are a subset of video call games […]

15 Improv Games, Exercises & Activities for Adults in 2022

You found our list of the best improv games, exercises and activities for adults! Improv games are acting exercises that require participants to react in real time instead of following a script. For example, questions only, two truths and a lie, and one word at a time. The purpose of these activities is to help […]

14 Online Drinking Games to Play on Zoom in 2022

You found our list of the best online drinking games to play on Zoom! Online drinking games are virtual activities that involve sipping a drink when prompted by the rules. Examples of games include Never Have I Ever, Zoom Flip Cup, and Drunk Pirate. While these games typically include alcoholic beverages, you could play with […]

Executive Team Building Activities & Retreats: the BEST in 2022

Here is our list of the best executive team building activities. Executive team building is a range of activities targeted towards leadership, upper management and executive teams. Example activities include happy hours, group chats, and management workshops. The purpose of these activities is to foster teamwork and cooperation among an organization’s highest ranks. Organizations can […]

11 Workplace Competitions & Contest Ideas for 2022

You found our guide to hosting successful workplace competitions. “But Angela,” you may say, “I read an article on Forbes that said workplace competition can be harmful.” Yes, workplace competition, as in, a Hunger Games style survival of the fittest, can create an adrenaline-driven environment that exhausts employees. However, friendly workplace competitions can have the […]

18 Best Employee Benefits Software & Platforms in 2022

You found our list of the best employee benefits software. Employee benefits software are programs that help employers select and administer benefits packages for organizations. Employees use these platforms to enroll in plans. This software typically provides information about different plan types, comparisons between plans, automated enrollment or re-enrollment capabilities, and regulatory compliance features. These […]

16 Virtual Black History Month Ideas & Activities for 2022

You found our list of ways to celebrate Black History Month at work. Black History Month occurs every February in the US and Canada, and is a time to honor the achievements of the Black community. Businesses, schools, and communities celebrate the month with history lessons and special events. There are also many ways for […]

74 Powerful Black History Month Quotes for School and Work

You found our list of inspirational Black History Month quotes. Black History Month takes place during February in the US and Canada. The month is recognition of the experiences and accomplishments of the Black community. The purpose of the month is to underline the importance of civil rights, strive for greater equality, and empower Black […]

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