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8 Best Employee Engagement Books

You found our list of the best employee engagement books. Employee engagement books are guides for challenging and motivating teams. By following the advice of seasoned management professionals, you can inspire colleagues to work at full capacity and achieve great results. These books are similar to team building books, company culture books and icebreaker books. […]

7 Best Icebreaker Books

You found our list of the best icebreaker books. Icebreaker books are collections of team warmups, icebreaker questions and games that can open the lines of communication within groups. These books help you find an activity that suits your group’s size and purpose. Icebreaker books are a subcategory of team building books and usually include […]

11 Cozy Virtual Fall Activities for Autumn 2021

You found our list of fun virtual fall activities. Virtual fall activities are ways to celebrate the Autumn season with your remote team. For example, with games like trivia, Bingo and a pumpkin spice taste test. The purpose of these activities is to have fun and build engagement remotely. These activities are a subset of […]

20+ Team Building Quiz Questions for Work in 2021

You found our guide to team building quizzes. A team building quiz is a questionnaire that boosts teammates’ skills and fosters group bonds. For instance, a leader might use a team building quiz to determine a group’s current conflict resolution abilities and interpersonal style, or might create a just-for-fun quiz to help group members get […]

18 Quick Staff Morale Boosters for Employees in 2021

You found our list of quick morale boosters for employees. Employee morale boosters are fast and simple ways to boost your staff’s mood and productivity. For example, you could do a quick round of trivia or start a #you-are-awesome channel. The purpose of these activities is to improve performance and create a more pleasant work […]

31 Funny Icebreaker Jokes for Meetings in 2021

You found our list of funny icebreaker jokes. Icebreaker jokes are jokes that break down barriers between strangers and pave the way for communication. Professionals often use icebreaker jokes as openers to speeches, networking events, sales pitches, or conversations with coworkers. For speech writing, you may also be interested in employee appreciation quotes or inspirational […]

22 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas & Games for Adults in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual birthday party ideas for adults. Virtual birthday parties are ways to celebrate birthdays online through video conferencing software. For example, birthday Zoom backgrounds, cake delivery, and web-call karaoke. These parties usually include friends, family, and coworkers. The purpose of these events is to celebrate distance between adulthood […]

Happy Boss Day Quotes: 56 Awesome Messages for 2021

You discovered our list of meaningful Happy Boss Day quotes. Boss Day quotes are messages about leaders you can use in Boss Day cards, speeches, or decorations. For example, “you put the B in big Boss!”. The purpose of these quotes is to show recognition for your boss, manager or leader. National Boss’s Day, also […]

66 Inspirational Quotes for Work (Motivational)

You found our list of brilliant inspirational quotes for work. Motivational quotes for work are sayings you can use to inspire and drive your teammates towards success. For example, “it always seems impossible until it’s done!” These work quotes are an example of employee engagement techniques. These phrases can include hard work quotes, also work […]

19 Virtual Boss Day 2021 Gifts and Ideas

You found our list of the best Boss Day 2021 gifts and ideas! National Boss Day is October 16. Boss Day gifts and ideas are ways to celebrate the great supervisors, managers, and leaders in your life. These celebration tips include games, gifts, and activities to make the day extra special. In 2021, you may […]

14 Creative Virtual Fundraising Ideas for 2021

You found our list of unique virtual fundraising ideas. Virtual fundraising is the effort of raising funds online, usually for a charity or non-profit. Virtual fundraising ideas are specific methods you can use, such as launching a video livestream, hosting a virtual auction, or sending email freebies. These ideas are similar to volunteering online and […]

16 Best Virtual Work Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate in 2021

You found our list of fun virtual work anniversary ideas! Virtual work anniversary ideas are ways to celebrate your colleague’s years of service online. Honoring important milestones like work anniversaries helps boost a sense of inclusion and gratitude in remote workplaces. You can consult this same list for how to celebrate a company anniversary virtually. […]

8 Virtual Onboarding Ideas to Welcome New Employees in 2021

You found our list of virtual onboarding ideas. Virtual onboarding ideas are ways to integrate new employees into remote teams. For example, ideas include grand entrance announcements and new hire survival kits. These activities can meaningfully connect online employees with coworkers and create a warm and welcoming work environment. Your onboarding efforts may include virtual […]

24 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual escape rooms for team building. Virtual escape rooms are web-based escape rooms conducted via Zoom and other platforms. During these activities, teams solve riddles and complete puzzles in a fixed amount of time, with a goal of “escaping the room.” The purpose of these experiences is to […]

14 Work From Home Policy Best Practices in 2021

You found our list of work from home policy best practices. Work from home policies are documents that outline rules and guidelines for remote workers. For example, this document might include information on tech packages, password sharing, time tracking, expense management and more. The purpose of these policies is to support remote teams in doing […]

19 Best Virtual Field Trips With Links in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual field trips. Virtual field trips are class outings that take place online, via platforms like Zoom, Google Street View or websites. While some of these activities consist of pre-recorded tours and videos, the best options tend to involve live video feed and student interaction with guides. Examples […]

How to Host a Virtual Ugly Sweater Party in 6 Steps (Plus Extras!)

Ugly sweater parties are gatherings where party attendees wear the tackiest holiday-themed sweaters imaginable. These events became a beloved Christmas tradition within the past couple of decades. Your virtual ugly sweater party may be a component of a virtual holiday party or maybe even part of virtual Thanksgiving. You know your crew can do gaudy […]

16 Best Virtual Team Celebration Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of fun virtual team celebration ideas. Virtual celebration ideas are ways to recognize achievements and observe special occasions online. Online parties and digital shout-outs are fun ways to relax together and acknowledge achievements. These events are also called “online celebrations” and “remote celebrations.” These celebrations may be part of a virtual […]

14 Creepy Virtual Haunted House Tours for 2021 (Online)

You found our list of scary virtual haunted house tours. Virtual haunted houses are online tours that explore spooky locations such as graveyards, abandoned prisons, and haunted mansions. These experiences are popular at Halloween, and some are available year-round. There are both “real” haunted houses, as well as playful ones meant for games and activities. […]

19 Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Activities & Games

You found our list of the best virtual Thanksgiving ideas. Virtual Thanksgiving is the celebration of the gratitude holiday through online platforms like Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams. Virtual Thanksgiving ideas are examples of the specific ways you can celebrate the holiday, and may serve as inspiration for your own plans. For example, with games […]