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Job Satisfaction Statistics and Facts in 2022

You found our list of ​​useful job satisfaction statistics and facts for leaders, content creators, and HR professionals. Job satisfaction statistics are figures that measure career fulfillment and employee engagement in the workplace. These reports come from surveys, studies, and the collection of widespread professional sentiment. Understanding these realities is important because the feedback can […]

Remote Work Statistics & Facts for 2022

You found our list of important remote work statistics. Remote work statistics are facts and figures that deal with virtual offices and work from home.  These numbers come from studies and surveys of professionals in various industries. This information is important because remote work plays an increasingly important role in modern business. Looking at the […]

21 Virtual Pizza Party Ideas for Work in 2022

This is our list of the best virtual pizza party ideas for team building. Virtual pizza parties are online events where participants gather on video conferencing software to enjoy a slice of pizza and pizza-themed activities together. For example, remote lunches, virtual pizza making parties, decorating contests, and Never Have I Ever. The purpose of […]

45 Return to Office Ideas & Messages for 2022

You found our list of fun return to office ideas. Return to office ideas are ways to welcome employees back to the building after an extended time away. For example, a welcome back lunch, gifts, or Back to the Office Bingo. The purpose of these activities is to make the transition from working at home […]

23 Virtual Fun Friday Activities, Games & Ideas

You found our list of the best virtual fun Friday ideas. Fun Friday is an occasion for coworkers or classmates to get together, relax, and get to know each other better at the end of the week. Virtual Fun Friday activities are an opportunity for peers to connect and unwind remotely. Examples of ideas for […]

17 Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas For 2022

You found our list of virtual employee appreciation ideas. Virtual employee appreciation ideas are ways to recognize online staff for hard work, commitment, and positive attitude. For example, virtual birthday parties, peer to peer rewards, and social media shoutouts. The purpose of these gestures is to make staff feel seen and valued and to boost […]

70 Quotes about Jobs and Life to Motivate You in 2022

You found our list of the best quotes about jobs and life. Quotes about jobs and life are famous phrases that pertain to choosing a career and finding meaning in work. For example, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle or “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin. The […]

15 Best Remote Work-Life Balance Tips

Here is our list of the best remote work-life balance tips and techniques for employees. Work from home work-life balance tips create boundaries between home life and work-life when working remotely. For example, keeping consistent hours and logging out of work apps. The purpose of these pointers is to help employees manage their time more effectively […]

23 Best Swag Bag Ideas For Events & Employees In 2022

You found our list of fun swag bag ideas for events. Swag bags are gift sets made up of promotional items, and are often given out at company events or holidays. For example, work from home survival kits or new employee onboarding kits. The purpose of these presents is to promote company pride and show […]

22 Best Women’s History Month Ideas For Work in 2022

You found the list of top Women’s History Month ideas for work. Women’s History Month is an acknowledgment of the contributions of women to history and modern society. The month happens during March in the US, UK, and Australia, and in Canada, the month falls in October. However, because International Women’s Day occurs in March, […]

Human Knot: Step by Step Guide

You found our guide to doing the Human Knot. The Human Knot is one of the most popular team building activities. This challenge involves team members forming a circle, grabbing random teammates’ hands, and untangling themselves without breaking their hold. No matter how many times you perform the challenge, the task is equally tricky. The […]

171 Great Conversation Starters & Topics for Work in 2022

You found our list of the best conversation starters and topics for work. Conversation starters are talking topics that start discussions with coworkers. For instance, “what TV shows are you watching?” and “do you have any plans for the holidays?” These subjects and questions are ways to learn more about teammates and build a rapport […]

14 Brain-Tickling Team Building Problems

This page includes our list of challenging team building problems. Team building problems are activities that present dilemmas for teams to overcome. These exercises teach teams to brainstorm viable solutions, experiment, and reflect on results. These activities are a type of problem solving exercise for work and are similar to team building puzzles and team […]

How to Create Strong Remote Work Culture in 2022

You found our guide to creating a strong remote work culture. Healthy remote work cultures are virtual office environments where employees feel safe and valued. Team members in these kinds of organizations support fellow coworkers, champion the company mission, and engage fully in work. Signs of a strong virtual work culture include consistent productivity and […]

14 Virtual Farewell Party Ideas for Remote Coworkers in 2022

You found our list of virtual farewell party ideas. Virtual farewell parties are online celebrations that allow teammates the chance to say goodbye to departing colleagues. These occasions show appreciation for leaving employees, foster camaraderie among the remaining teammates, and promote positive company culture. Virtual farewell parties are also called virtual goodbye parties or virtual […]

Team Building Attire: What to Wear to Show Team Spirit

This is our guide to team building attire. Team building attire is clothing that helps employees demonstrate team spirit. For example, matching hats with team names or T-shirts made especially for corporate events. This attire can also include team costumes. These articles of clothing are common at company retreats and make good promo gifts for […]

Virtual Team Building Apps: #1 List of Tools & Software

This page includes a list of virtual team building apps. Virtual team building apps are software applications that facilitate team bonding and communication. For example, Know Your Team and Good & Co. The purpose of these apps is to connect and bond with remote coworkers. These apps are a subset of virtual team building activities […]

Team Building Lesson Plans: Examples

This is a collection of team building lesson plans and examples for teachers and managers. Team building lesson plans are guides to running effective exercises. The most successful team building efforts begin with a clear goal and follow specific directions. A good leader allows teammates time to reflect at the end of the activity, and […]

Employee Engagement Framework Guide

This is our guide to employee engagement framework. Frameworks create a roadmap that help organizational leaders improve workplace conditions and elicit top performances from employees. The frameworks on this list help higher management foster a more passionate, committed, and connected workforce. These models align with employee engagement best practices and employee engagement strategy, and many […]

200+ Best What If Questions to Ask Friends or Coworkers

This is our big list of what if questions to ask anyone. What if questions are hypothetical questions that gauge folks’ responses to a variety of different scenarios. For example, “what if real life were more like the movies?” or “what if computers suddenly stopped working?” The purpose of these games is to help players […]