Role: CEO

Expertise: Virtual Team Building, Employee Engagement, Leadership.

Education: University of Guelph, University of British Columbia.

I write about my experience working with and leading remote teams since 2010.

I’ve been interviewed about remote employee engagement by The Economist, The Washington Post and Arival.


Quiet Quitting Statistics [Free to Cite]

You found our list of quiet quitting statistics. Quiet quitting statistics are data and facts related to the quiet quitting trend. For example, how many employees are quiet quitting and what percentage of companies are investigating it. The purpose of this data is inform audiences and support journalistic narratives. This data is related to quiet […]

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Can you hear me now? Game Examples

You found our guide to the “Can you hear me now?” game. “Can you hear me now?” is a proprietary drawing game created by The game mechanics involve describing words in geometric terms, and having other players draw what they hear. The purpose of this game is to facilitate team building and improve communication […]

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The 8% Rule

The 8% Rule states that you should dedicate 8% of the time in any work meeting to making personal connections. For example, you could talk about your pets, do a quick round of icebreaker questions or play team trivia. The purpose of this rule is to consistently sustain peer-to-peer social connections, and earn benefits like […]

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The #1 Random Truth or Dare Generator Tool in 2023

You found our free random truth or dare questions generator. Random truth or dare generators are online tools that produce game questions on demand. For example, you may want to generate prompts for team building or a round of drinking games. The purpose of these generators is to provide you with great prompts at the […]

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Charades Generator: #1 Random Words Tool in 2023

You found our free random charades word generator. Random charades generators are tools that produce charades ideas on demand. For example, you may want to generate words for game night or team building. The purpose of these generators is to provide you with good ideas at the click of a button. These generators are useful […]

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Random Question Generator: #1 Best Tool in 2023

You found our online random question generator tool. Random question generators are tools that produce questions on demand. For example, you may want to generate questions for icebreakers, games of twenty questions or to facilitate conversations and get to know someone. The purpose of these generators is to provide you with good questions at the […]

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Professional Employer Organizations: #1 List in 2023

You found our list of the best professional employer organizations. Professional employer organizations are companies that work with small businesses and mid-sized organization to handle HR functions. For example, the organization may handle payroll, workers compensation and healthcare benefits. Because these organizations work in such a vital capacity with clients, they are often called co-employers. […]

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21 Best Virtual Holiday Party Ideas, Games & Activities in 2023

You found our guide to virtual holiday party ideas, games and activities for work. Virtual holiday parties are online celebrations held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. These events include holiday themed games, activities, icebreakers and gifts. The purpose of these events is to celebrate at the end of year, show […]

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Pros & Cons of Virtual Conferences

This page includes a list of the pros and cons of virtual conferences. Virtual conferences pros and cons are the considerations you make when planning an online gathering for a large group of people. For example, pros might include relatively low costs and high accessibility, while cons might include a lack of face-to-face interaction. The […]

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15 Fun Video Call Games to Play with Colleagues in 2023

You found our list of fun video call games. Video call games are activities you can play over Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and other conference call platforms. Example games include virtual trivia, scavenger hunts, and Bingo. The purpose of these games is to relax, have fun and promote team building. These […]

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Virtual Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers & Adults in 2023

You found our list of the best virtual games to play on Zoom with coworkers. Zoom games are fun activities played over online video call. Examples of games include Lightning Scavenger Hunts, Conference Call Bingo, and Guess Who?. These games tend to involve Zoom features like breakout rooms, white boards, screen sharing and reactions. Usually […]

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Virtual Happy Hour Games, Ideas & Activities for Coworkers

Welcome to our list of virtual happy hour games, ideas and activities. Virtual happy hours are social events held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. The goal of these events is to have fun and build relationships between attendees. Virtual happy hour ideas are specific games, activities and themes that you […]

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8 Fun Games to Play on Webex in 2023

This page includes a list of fun games to play on Webex. Webex games are fun activities and icebreakers that you can play over the video conferencing platform Webex. Many of these games utilize platform features like video, screen sharing and chat. The purpose of these games is to promote team building and engagement with […]

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Virtual Team Building Activities: 43 BEST Ideas for Work in 2023

You found our list of fun virtual team building activities. Virtual team building activities are group games, challenges and exercises via platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Examples of activity types include icebreaker questions, virtual campfires, and group fitness classes. The purpose of these virtual activities is to build relationships, improve communication, and […]

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11 Best Virtual Coffee Break Ideas & Topics in 2023

You found our list of virtual coffee break ideas. A virtual coffee break is an intentional allocation of time toward low-fidelity activities like chatting and brain storming. You may include virtual coffee breaks to help break the flow of a virtual meeting or conference in a way that helps restore energy and create engagement. These […]

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Remote Work Bingo

Remote Work Bingo is a fun game you can play with remote workers to increase engagement. Other names for Remote Work Bingo are Working From Home Bingo and Working Remotely Bingo. Remote Work Bingo is a type of Online Team Building Bingo and icebreaker Bingo. Here is a free Remote Work Bingo template you can […]

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32 Working From Home Pros, Cons & Tips

You found our article about working from home. Working from home is a method of employment. For example, you may work from home as a software engineer, marketer or teacher. These jobs tend to have flexible hours and locations. Other differences with traditional work structures can include pay, benefits, team collaboration, communication and more. These […]

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Online Team Building Bingo

Online Team Building Bingo is a fun and easy game you can play with remote employees. Other names for Online Team Building Bingo include Virtual Team Building Bingo and Remote Team Bingo. The game is similar to icebreaker bingo, great for virtual team engagement, a little nostalgic, and a familiar format. Here is a free […]

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23 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Games, Activities & Ideas

You found our list of virtual employee engagement activities. Virtual employee engagement activities are ways to improve the relationship between an organization and its remote workers. These activities may include Quarterly Christmas, Mister Rogers Calls, and a #you-are-awesome channel. The purpose of these ideas is boost morale and participation. These ideas are also called “remote […]

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Ice Breaker Questions for Virtual Meetings & Team Building

This post includes the best ice breaker questions for virtual meetings. Virtual icebreaker questions are prompts you include in a virtual meeting for attendees to share a little about themselves and do some team building. For example, you might prompt with “your name, your role, and where you consider home.” The goal of these virtual […]

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