18 Best Health and Safety Consultants

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of health and safety consultants.

Health and safety consultants are professionals who provide expert advice on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. For example, Safety Consultants USA, Advanced Safety Experts, and ABC Safety Consultants. The purpose of these consultants is to help businesses reduce the risk of accidents and illnesses. These consultants are also known as “business safety consultants” and “corporate safety consultants.”

These health and safety consultants are similar to workplace safety games, employee safety tips, and creating a positive work environment.

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List of health and safety consultants

From ABC Safety Consultants to World Environmental, here is our list of the best business safety consultants.

1. ABC Safety Consultants

ABC Safety Consultants are leaders in keeping workplaces safe. These experts offer a wide range of services to make sure your workplace is secure. The expert team carefully checks your safety procedures, finds areas to improve, and creates solutions just for you.

These consultants know all about safety rules, and businesses of all sizes trust them. The firm focuses on teaching, too, with great training programs to help employees stay safe. ABC Safety Consultants manage risks and provide safety services that fit your needs.

Learn more about ABC Safety Consultants.

2. Safety Compliance Experts

Safety Compliance Experts are top-notch health and safety consultants. Experienced professionals help businesses follow safety rules. These pros offer many services, such as checking risks, training, and ensuring firms follow safety rules. These consultants make safety programs that fit each business well.

The firm focuses on preventing problems and finding affordable solutions, making it a great choice for managing workplace safety. Safety Compliance Experts have a lot of knowledge and are hands-on, helping industries like manufacturing and healthcare. You can rely on Safety Compliance Experts for all your safety needs.

Learn more about Safety Compliance Experts.

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3. Safety First Consulting

Safety First Consulting is one of the best health and safety experts around. The firm offers complete services for different industries. Teams carefully look into workplace dangers and then make plans to prevent them. This process ensures a safe and healthy environment for employees and helps businesses work better.

Safety First has expertise and experience, making them leaders in the field. The company is proactive and committed to safety. The firm also provides training programs to help individuals stay safe.

Learn more about Safety First Consulting.

4. Advanced Safety Experts

Advanced Safety Experts are well-known for their dedication to improving health and safety in different workplaces. The professionals at this consulting agency are experts in handling risks, preventing workplace injuries, and following safety rules. The firm works with various industries like construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

Consultants use practical, customized, and interesting methods. Advanced Safety Experts’ excellent safety training has successfully reduced accidents, making them one of the top health and safety consultants.

Learn more about Advanced Safety Experts.


KERAMIDA is among the most well-known corporate safety consultants and focuses on environmental, health, and safety services worldwide. The firm has more than 30 years of experience and a team of respected industry experts. KERAMIDA offers excellent sustainable solutions and ways to manage risks.

The services cover environmental compliance, sustainability plans, industrial hygiene, and training for occupational health. The company uses data-driven tools and thorough audits to ensure safety and efficiency for organizations. KERAMIDA has won awards for its innovative solutions and is dedicated to reducing workplace hazards while following regulations.

Learn more about KERAMIDA.

6. Antea Group

Antea Group is a top health and safety consultant known for its creative solutions and deep knowledge. The firm helps businesses manage risks, follow rules, and care for the environment. Personalized strategies make sure employees and the environment are safe.

The experts use both technical know-how and real-world experience to meet rules and encourage safety. Working with Antea Group can help businesses run better, have fewer accidents, and set a strong foundation for safety in the long run.

Learn more about Antea Group.

7. Safety Consultants USA

Safety Consultants USA is the top choice for health and safety consulting in the country. The firm offers many services to businesses of all sizes, aiming to make workplaces safe. These pros show their dedication to clients by carefully checking risks, providing effective training, and looking for ways to improve.

Team members are experts in OSHA rules, helping clients avoid big fines for breaking them. Plus, the consultants are proactive, finding safety problems before they become serious. Safety Consultants USA even makes customized plans because they know each industry has different challenges.

Learn more about Safety Consultants USA.

8. NSC Consulting

NSC Consulting leads in offering excellent health and safety consulting. This firm gives expert advice, checks risks, and offers complete solutions for safe workplaces. The team of experts gives practical, effective plans for different industries like construction and manufacturing.

NSC’s smart approach to managing health and safety, along with its deep knowledge, makes it a reliable partner. Consultants always work to reduce risks and follow the rules. NSC Consulting is a top choice for businesses wanting to improve health and safety.

Learn more about NSC Consulting.

9. EcoOnline

EcoOnline is a top choice for health and safety consulting because it focuses on sustainable practices and advanced solutions. Consultants are experts in environmental management systems, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint and follow rules.

Using EcoOnline’s services can make workplaces safer, decrease risks, and promote sustainability. The company’s thorough approach helps the environment and improves health and safety at work. Choosing EcoOnline means caring about the environment and employee well-being.

Learn more about EcoOnline.

10. American Society of Safety Professionals

The American Society of Safety Professionals, or ASSP, is a well-known name in health and safety consulting. The firm helps organizations set up safety rules and programs for a safe workplace. For more than 100 years, ASSP has worked to make workplaces safer, preventing accidents and illnesses.

Experts offer resources like training, advocacy, and membership benefits. Further, the company has extensive experience with training safety professionals. The company’s goal is to reduce risks at work and make businesses more productive.

Learn more about American Society of Safety Professionals.

11. EBI Consulting

EBI Consulting is highly respected in health and safety consulting. The company provides complete services for managing environmental risks and following rules. The team of experts offers creative solutions tailored to different industries’ needs. EBI offers many services, such as checking air quality and managing asbestos.

Known for their practical approach, the company focuses on following rules and managing risks well. With its great reputation and experience, EBI Consulting is a great choice when wondering how to improve workplace health and safety.

Learn more about EBI Consulting.

12. Amerisafe Group

Amerisafe Group has a wealth of knowledge about workplace safety. The company works to stop accidents and make safety a normal part of business operations. Consultants offer personalized plans to help companies improve their safety programs.

Experienced team members check risks, provide training, and help follow rules to keep workplaces safe. By working with Amerisafe Group, businesses can prevent problems before they happen and make a safer workplace.

Learn more about Amerisafe Group.

13. ATI Worksite Solutions

ATI Worksite Solutions is a standout in health and safety consulting. The firm offers complete services to prevent workplace injuries, aiming to make organizations safer. Services include onsite therapy, checking ergonomic setups, and helping employees return to work after an injury.

The certified team works to give businesses the right tools for safety. Using their experience and problem-solving skills, ATI makes customized plans that fit each organization’s needs. ATI Worksite Solutions is a great mix of innovation, knowledge, and dedication.

Learn more about ATI Worksite Solutions.

14. KPA Consulting Services

KPA Consulting Services specializes in health and safety consulting for businesses nationwide. The firm stands out by using innovative technology, proven tactics for following rules, and practical training.

Services cover checking safety, assessing risks, following OSHA rules, and creating a safety-focused culture at work. The team of experts keeps up with changing rules so clients stay on track and avoid fines while keeping workplaces safe. If you need a reliable advisor for making workplaces safe, then KPA Consulting Services is a great choice.

Learn more about KPA Consulting Services.

15. International Safety Consultants

International Safety Consultants is a top player in global health and safety consulting. The company manages risks based on a deep understanding of safety rules worldwide. Consultants make customized plans with their clients to make sure workplaces follow safety rules, no matter the industry.

The team of experts always gives great service, helping organizations lower risks and promote safety. Plus, International Safety Consultants keep learning to stay updated on safety rules.

Learn more about International Safety Consultants.

16. Health and Safety Sciences

Health and Safety Sciences is a key player among health and safety consultants. Experts at the firm set high standards with their creative approach to following health and safety rules. The company offers complete services for businesses in different industries, from dealing with health problems at work to managing risks to making detailed safety plans.

Besides just making sure workplaces are safe and follow the rules, the firm also focuses on teaching their clients how to keep the office safe after their consulting period. This dedication to giving great solutions tailored to each business’s needs makes Health and Safety Sciences a solid choice.

Learn more about Health and Safety Sciences.

17. Compliance Management International

Compliance Management International is a leader in health and safety consulting. The team of certified experts offers a wide range of services like safety checks, training, and making policies. CMI focuses on its clients’ needs and goals, giving them customized solutions based on smart risk management strategies.

With their deep knowledge and modern tools, CMI helps businesses feel confident working safely and following rules. Further, the company works with various industries like construction and manufacturing, showing they can adapt to different needs.

Learn more about Compliance Management International.

18. World Environmental

World Environmental is dedicated to improving workplace conditions. The firm does thorough checks to see how eco-friendly practices are being used and find ways to improve them.

With their team of experienced experts, World Environmental gives advice on managing waste, cutting down on pollution, and using renewable energy in industries. The consultants also train employees on how to make the workplace healthier and safer with these changes. By making workplaces more eco-friendly, this firm helps the environment and make employees work better.

Learn more about World Environmental.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a safe work environment in any industry is crucial. Health and safety consultants ensure that workplaces follow regulations while also promoting the well-being of employees. By hiring one of these experts, businesses can leave the complex task of health and safety management in capable hands. With their expertise, these consultants can help create a culture of safety that benefits businesses and employees alike.

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FAQ: Health and safety consultants

Here are frequently asked questions about health and safety consultants.

What services do safety consultants provide?

Safety consultants offer a range of services. Examples include conducting risk assessments, developing health and safety policies, and providing training sessions for employees.

How can health consultants improve workplace safety?

Health consultants improve workplace safety by identifying potential hazards in the workplace environment. Then, these experts recommend measures to mitigate risks. These experts also ensure that companies comply with all relevant health and safety regulations.

How much do safety consultations typically cost?

The cost of a consultation varies depending on several factors. For example, the size of your business, industry-specific risks involved, and the complexity of your operations. It is a good idea to get quotes from different providers before deciding which consultant to partner with.

Why are health and safety consultants important?

Health and safety consultants have specialized knowledge of occupational health laws, which many companies do not have internally. Plus, consultants help businesses avoid costly fines and legal issues arising from noncompliance.

What are the benefits of hiring a safety consultant?

The benefits of hiring a safety consultant include improved compliance with health and safety regulations and reduced risk of workplace accidents and illnesses. Other examples include increased employee morale and potentially lower insurance premiums.

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