28 Best Business Automation Companies

By: | Updated: December 12, 2023

You found our list of top business automation companies.

Business automation companies are firms that develop technologies like software tools or bots that help businesses automate manual processes. Examples include Kofax, Active Campaign, and Blue Prism. These companies help other organizations save time and money while streamlining processes.

These platforms are similar to HR automation, project management software, and task management software for work.

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List of business automation companies

Numerous organizations specialize in providing business automation solutions. Intelligent business automation increases productivity across industries by performing various formerly manual, time-consuming, and repetitive operations, such as sales, data analysis, marketing, and project management. Here is our list of some of the best business automation platforms.

1. Kofax

Kofax provides intelligent automation solutions for organizations looking to optimize document processing and data integration. The software suite offers advanced capabilities for capturing, processing, and managing documents, forms, and images. By automating these processes, Kofax helps businesses increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate decision-making. This software transforms unstructured data into valuable insights.

Learn more about Kofax.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign goes well beyond the scope of typical marketing automation companies by integrating cutting-edge email marketing tools with a robust customer relationship management system. Although there are several similar platforms, only ActiveCampaign works successfully for companies of all sizes. ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that offers competitive pricing across all of its plans, meaning you do not have to worry if your company outgrows the initial plan. Given that expansion is the goal of corporate automation, this element is of critical importance.

Learn more about ActiveCampaign.

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3. Bizagi

Bizagi is an industry-leading platform for digital business process automation. The company’s main product is an iBPMS that can run on NET and Java Platform Enterprise Edition. The provider also provides three levels of solutions, including Bizagi Engine, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Modeler, so businesses may choose the most appropriate one for them. Users may use Bizagi to model and automate processes, change businesses, create apps with little to no coding, and manage cases. Bizagi also provides an in-depth e-learning program, live demonstrations, and webinars to help new customers get up to speed quickly.

Learn more about Bizagi.

4. Agiloft

Agliloft is a highly adaptable solution with contract lifecycle management features. The company’s platform has apps that handle contract administration, knowledge management, and web-based self-service for customers. Clients may pick whether to utilize hosted or on-premise deployment to match their organization’s demands. Agiloft integrates with various regularly used business programs, and its full-bodied set of APIs eases connections with other systems. The workflow and business process management capabilities aid businesses in being more nimble, productive, responsive, and efficient.

Learn more about Agiloft.

5. Zoho

A web-based application creator, Zoho Creator provides businesses with a powerful set of resources and a flexible, extensible infrastructure for creating innovative software. Users may create their programs using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The system has high security compliance, which ensures data safety and provides for frequent backup and updating. No matter the plan users subscribe to, they can access all of Zoho’s services.

Learn more about Zoho.

6. AuraQuantic

When it comes to optimizing and transforming business processes and workflows, AuraQuantic, previously known as AuraPortal, is an excellent choice for a supplier of Intelligent Business Process Management software. With the help of the BPM code-free, business-oriented, and user-friendly platform, it is possible to manage and analyze a company’s processes and activities in real time. Each client of AuraQuantic has their own private infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Clients can purchase the platform outright or subscribe to the pay-per-use option.

Learn more about AuraQuantic.

7. Blue Prism

Blue Prism provides several automation options for businesses. The company’s offerings allow organizations to use software bots to automate routine tasks, freeing up human resources for higher-level, more valuable tasks. Products from Blue Prism are adaptable and are usable for automating procedures in several sectors, including the financial services, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

Learn more about Blue Prism.

8. Xero

The increased accounting demands that come with expansion may seriously hinder companies with limited resources. Xero’s automatic invoicing, recurring payments, and cash flow management tools save the time and effort required for bookkeeping tasks. The software makes financial management less of a headache for small firms, and it packs a lot of functionality.

Learn more about Xero.

9. Bonitasoft

Using Bonitasoft’s BPM software, developers may create business apps that can quickly and easily incorporate new features and enhancements to their user interface and aspects of the business environment. By automating, modeling, and monitoring business processes, Bonitasoft helps customers simplify operations in all company areas. Before users save their business model, the program scans for and flags any mistakes. The Bonitasoft BPM system combines process improvement strategies with business process automation technology, making it suitable for organizations in almost any sector.

Learn more about Bonitasoft.

10. Axon Ivy

Using a model-driven low-code development platform, Axon Ivy’s business process automation solution can rapidly create robust enterprise-level software. The company has a future-proof, scalable platform that is expandable using open standard technologies as needed. The solution aims to speed up deployments and reduce overhead during operation and upkeep. In addition, businesses may use a wide variety of pre-built connections, predesigned templates, and prepackaged services for a wide range of business processes and industry use cases.

Learn more about Axon Ivy.

11. Camunda

Camunda is a firm that specializes in open-source software that provides business and IT with process automation using a developer-friendly methodology that is standard, highly scalable, and collaborative. The vendor provides insight into operational efficiency and helps strengthen system resilience. Thousands of companies use Camunda in various industries to plan, implement, and improve their organization’s most important business processes. Camunda helps businesses achieve the agility, visibility, and scalability necessary to drive digital transformation with the help of the provider’s workflow and decision-automation solutions for building software applications.

Learn more about Camunda.

12. OutSystems

OutSystems is a leading provider of low-code development platforms, enabling organizations to build and deploy applications quickly and efficiently. The platform simplifies the application development process by providing a visual interface and pre-built components. These components significantly reduce the need for manual coding. Beyond application development, OutSystems also supports process automation. This function allows businesses to streamline workflows and automate routine tasks, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Learn more about OutSystems.

13. Creatio

Creatio’s services manage BPM and CRM for companies in different sectors. The company’s BPM product, Studio Creatio, is a smart low-code platform that helps enterprises, system integrators, and developers handle complicated business processes and create custom applications quickly. Studio Creatio’s innovative combination of business process management and case management technology gives businesses potent resources for effectively administrating and optimizing business processes.

Learn more about Creatio.

14. FlowForma

FlowForma is a no-code workflow automation platform that may help you streamline your company processes quickly and cheaply. FlowForma is a process automation tool designed to aid C-suite executives and other department heads in accelerating HR onboarding, product development, and clinical trial launches, contributing to greater organizational efficacy and productivity. In addition, the software gives company executives the freedom to tailor their operations to meet specific requirements. FlowForma Process Automation is an IT-recommended, user-friendly program for creating and tweaking workflows.

Learn more about FlowForma.

15. Arrayworks

Arrayworks, which has been in business since 2000, is a cutting-edge low-code application platform that helps clients realize their digital goals without the time, money, and restrictions of more conventional options. Organizations may hasten new software releases by using the Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform. The platform has intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, low-code, digital twin, process management, the internet of things, and data integration. TAP lays the groundwork for businesses to achieve sustainable operational excellence by either enhancing existing processes or facilitating the transition to entirely new digital operating models.

Learn more about Arrayworks.

16. iGrafx

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform improves business processes and ensures transformation by aligning strategy with execution while reducing risk and assuring compliance. The solution is a cloud-based platform that helps firms deal with modern pressures via strategic planning, customer-centric processes, the implementation of GRC practices, and the provision of comprehensive Quality Management. The platform allows companies to monitor, assess, and optimize business processes.

Learn more about iGrafx.

17. Knack

Knack is a firm that specializes in automating corporate operations by providing a framework for developing bespoke solutions. The platform’s intuitive layout makes it easy to streamline several business processes, such as data input, billing, and customer care. Any organization may find a use for the adaptable solutions that Knack offers since they are customizable to suit individual requirements.

Learn more about Knack.


WEBCON is a software company that provides a low-code business process automation and management platform to businesses across the globe. This platform helps these businesses save time and money while also fostering expansion and innovation. WEBCON BPS is the company’s flagship product. It is a Low-Code Application Platform and business process management solution with features including robotic process automation, quick application development, document management systems, and process modeling. The WEBCON solution package is very adaptable to different sectors.

Learn more about WEBCON.

19. Kissflow

Kissflow is one of the large automation companies with a cloud-based BPM solution package that can work for companies of any size. The program automates business processes, keeps tabs on performance, assists with process requests, offers notifications for actions, and confirms pending tasks. Business processes like employee onboarding, supplier payments, and reimbursements are just some of the many features integrated with the system. Users may get these apps, modify them, or create their own. Other features include workflow management, digital transformation, process automation, and form design.

Learn more about Kissflow.

20. Jitterbit

Jitterbit specializes in integration and automation solutions that create seamless connectivity between different applications, data sources, and devices. The platform helps users create integrated workflows, allowing businesses to synchronize data, automate processes, and enhance coordination. Jitterbit focuses on integration spanning various technologies and environments. By orchestrating data flows across their ecosystem, organizations can streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and unlock valuable insights.

Learn more about Jitterbit.

21. Newgen

Newgen Software Technologies is a renowned provider of business process automation solutions. By integrating a company’s resources, the Omniflow iBPS Business Process Management Suite propels digital transformation throughout the organization. Users may reengineer processes and “move digital” using the platform’s sophisticated features, such as process orchestration, case management, low-code application, communication management, and robotic process automation.

Learn more about Newgen.

22. BP Logix

The Process Director from BP Logix is a full-featured BPM suite, including tools for workflow management, case tracking, and BPA. The software’s capabilities empower IT and business users to design and implement effective workflow and process management solutions for various organizational issues. Process Director from BP Logix is an effective low-code BPM platform with a top-notch HTML user interface and robust reporting features, accessible from any device. The iBPMS platform, called Process Director, allows for the formulation of processes with no coding required and the development of smart forms supported by an embedded business rule engine.

Learn more about BP Logix.

23. Integrify

Integrify specializes in workflow automation and business process management software. The platform lets businesses design, automate, and optimize complex workflows while ensuring compliance and accountability. Integrify’s solution enables organizations to digitize and streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and gain insights into process performance. By utilizing analytics and reporting, Integrify drives operational excellence.

Learn more about Integrify.

24. Nintex

Nintex’s IPA solutions streamline and modernize traditionally inefficient business procedures. Nintex Workflow Cloud is a no-code platform that facilitates communication between any two parties, whether it is a content repository, a system of record, or an individual. Whether in-house or in the cloud, Nintex provides cutting-edge workflow, document production, data collection, and forms dissemination capabilities. Users also have access to integration with industry-leading cognitive services, process mapping, monitoring, and overview. Companies in the energy, financial services, government, and life sciences sectors are just a few of those who may benefit from Nintex’s comprehensive solutions.

Learn more about Nintex.

25. Opsware

Opsware bought an automation startup called iConclude to provide IT automation and unified change management for any kind of network, server, or storage. iConclude technology is a perfect fit with the Opsware package, helping to speed up and simplify automation initiatives. With iConclude’s ability to integrate with the “big four” management packages, Opsware can provide more agnostic automation for distributed systems.

Learn more about Opsware.

26. Pega

Pega is one of the top business automation consultants that offer a solution built using Java and OOP principles. The platform’s visual features make it easy for users to rapidly construct a fully functional business application. Pega has a long history of creating apps that provide regular marketing, customer care, and sales.

The system’s features include:

  • case management
  • workforce intelligence
  • robotic process automation
  • lifecycle management
  • DevOps
  • low-code app development
  • virtual assistants

The platform allows business owners to construct process flows that integrate humans and technology to automate mundane tasks and boost resilience and productivity in the face of disruptions.

Learn more about Pega.

27. WorkFusion

WorkFusion, which provides AI and ML solutions, is one of the top business automation platforms. Using AI and ML to analyze and understand data, WorkFusion’s technologies help organizations automate operations. Data input, document processing, and customer support are just a few of the many processes the company’s technologies can help other businesses automate.

Learn more about WorkFusion.

28. Quickbase

Quickbase offers a no-code platform that lets users create custom applications and automate business processes. With Quickbase, organizations can design tailored solutions without the need for extensive coding skills. The platform supports a wide range of use cases, from project management to customer relationship management. Users can automate tasks, manage data, and enhance collaboration, all while adapting to evolving business needs.

Learn more about Quickbase.


Business automation software has gained popularity in recent years as a means to enhance productivity, lessen expenses, and simplify processes. Many companies specialize in business automation solutions. Robotic process automation, intelligent automation software, bespoke solutions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions are just some of the offerings from these businesses.

Knowing whether you want to automate a whole company process or only the parts that are bothersome and time-consuming is important before settling on an automation solution. This knowledge can help you pick the right tools for the job and form realistic expectations for their performance.

For additional reading, check out our article on task management software.

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FAQ: Business automation companies

Here are frequently asked questions about business automation companies.

What are business automation companies?

Business automation companies provide technical services and products to enterprises looking to streamline their operations via technology. These services can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline processes.

What are the best business automation companies?

Blue Prism, Knack, and WorkFusion are just a few examples of reputable and widely used business automation platforms. These organizations have shown expertise in delivering comprehensive business automation services to enterprises of varying sizes and in several fields.

What do business automation companies do?

Business automation companies offer a range of products and services, including robotic process automation, intelligent automation software, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions.

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