15 Best Career Coaches to Boost Professional Success

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of career coaches.

Career coaches are professional workplace advisors. These experts support individuals seeking to explore, establish, or advance their careers. For example, coaches may help a recent graduate navigate their first job search. Coaches may also assist a mid-career professional in making a significant career shift. The purpose of these mentors is to help clients define their career paths. These mentors are also known as “famous career coaches” and “top career counseling firms.”

Career coaches are similar to executive coaches, team building consultants, and leadership coaching services.

This list includes:

  • how to find the best career coaches
  • famous career coaches
  • top career counseling firms
  • top career coaches
  • executive coaches
  • career coaches for women

Here we go!

List of career coaches

From employeeREDEFINED to Workhap, this list includes some of the top coaches to help with your career.

1. Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a resource that offers career coaches for women. This site features workshops, online learning courses, guides, and coach directories.

When looking for coaching, you can sort by expertise, price, and industry. The coaches are all women who aim to help other female professionals excel. Industry expertise ranges from accounting to entertainment to real estate. ​Clients can learn job search strategies, interview preparation tips, and career path advice.

Professional coaches offer valuable insights based on their experiences. The firm also uses a personalized approach to address your needs and challenges. If you are looking for a reliable career coach service, then consider Career Contessa.

Learn more about Career Contessa.

2. employeeREDEFINED

When searching for famous career coaches, check out ​Adunola Adeshola. She runs employeeREDEFINED, which helps workers reach their full potential. Adeshola had a job she hated before realizing she had more to offer. After achieving her dreams, she decided to help others reach the same goal. Marketing, PR, HR, engineering, and tech professionals have all benefitted from Adeshola’s services.

This eight-step career coaching program lasts 90 days or less. Examples of the steps include Renovate Your Resume, LinkedIn Makeover, and Turn Interviews into Job Offers. Clients will learn techniques for self-confidence, goal setting, standing out, and securing salaries. Adeshola’s program helps you understand your value and ambitions. This method allows you to focus on dream jobs and get more callbacks.

Support includes weekly Q&A sessions and personalized feedback. This program is perfect for mid-to-senior-level professionals with over five years of experience. Further, employees who want to feel fulfilled at work will love Adeshola’s methods.

Learn more about employeeREDEFINED.

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3. Pathfinder Careers

Pathfinder Careers provides top-tier coaching services. Certified resume writer and career coach Dawn Rasmussen leads this firm. Rasmussen offers personalized packages for professionals. She covers resume and CV reviews, LinkedIn profile updates, and executive bios. Clients benefit from tailored coaching on job search, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

Rasmussen’s personalized approach focuses on understanding each client’s goals and strengths. Lessons provide expert advice on job searching, resume building, and interview preparation.

Insights into industry trends and professional network expansion contribute to long-term success. Further, folks will enjoy ongoing support and mentorship. Working with Pathfinder Careers gives individuals a competitive edge in the job market. Rasmussen can help align careers with passions and goals. Consider Pathfinder Careers for guidance on your career journey.

Learn more about Pathfinder Careers.

4. Dr. Toni Galardi

​Dr. Toni Galardi is a respected career coach with over 20 years of experience in change mastery.  She offers professionals a holistic approach to career advancement. Going beyond resumes and interviews, she delves into clients’ values, passions, and goals. Then, Galardi aligns these traits with meaningful careers.

Dr. Galardi’s personalized coaching sessions create a safe space for open dialogue. This environment fosters clarity on long-term objectives and action steps. With her detailed and custom approach, Dr. Toni Galardi stands out as one of the best career coaches.

Learn more about Dr. Toni Galardi.

5. Workhap

​Workhap is one of the top career counseling firms. Founder Sho Dewan has spent over ten years in marketing, management, and recruitment. Thus, Dewan developed a keen sense of what companies are looking for in new employees.

Workhap has a comprehensive program called the Get Hired Academy. This workshop will teach learners to earn more, get hired faster, and find jobs they love. This package includes six months of live coaching calls with Dewan.

In addition, you will have access to bi-weekly Q&A calls with an ex-FAANG recruiter. The program also features exclusive videos and core modules. Workhap also offers detailed resource bundles, including guides to resumes, interviewing, and emails.

Whether you are breaking into your career or looking for a change, Workhap can help you reach your goals.

Learn more about Workhap.

6. ​Career Canvas

​Career Canvas is a valuable workplace tool. Clients will gain clarity on career objectives. Courses also teach essential skills such as resume writing, networking, and interview techniques. Coaches offer valuable insights into interview behavior, attire, and body language. Further, coaches will develop your career roadmap, including necessary skills and experiences. The team will even conduct mock interviews to boost your confidence.

Along with interview prep, Career Canvas offers resume, letter, and social profile writing. Resume writing covers all experience levels, from intern to CEO. Clients can learn about cover letters, thank-you letters, and resignation letters. Coaching on social profiles includes several platforms, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and MeetUp.

In summary, Career Canvas offers powerful resources for achieving professional success.

Learn more about Career Canvas.

7. Career Steering

​Career Steering has over 20 years of coaching experience. Executive coach Rosa Elizabeth Vargas offers expert career advice. Coaching services include a pre-call exercise and a 60-minute phone call. Afterward, folks receive handouts, resources, and two follow-up emails per call. Coaching packages include Get Focused, Sell Your Personal Brand, and Social Media Strategy.

Vargas is also an award-winning resume writer and specializes in C-suite profiles. Resume-writing packages include a 60-minute phone call to help define goals. In addition, leaders can improve social profiles and create a strong personal brand.

You can also benefit from Career Steering’s extensive backlog of blog posts. The articles detail important information on executive job searches. To get a better position or switch careers, check out Career Steering.

Learn more about Career Steering.

8. Jenny Logullo

​Jenny Logullo is one of the best career coaches in the industry. She provides invaluable guidance and support to individuals seeking professional growth. Logullo helps clients navigate career challenges and make informed decisions.

She works closely with her clients to assess their skills, interests, and goals. This process helps clients identify potential career paths that align with their goals. Logullo also offers advice on resume building, job searching strategies, and interview preparation.

Learners can enhance their personal brand and build confidence. Logullo focuses on finding clients’ ideal futures and creating pathways to get there. Working with Logullo can propel you toward your goals.

Learn more about Jenny Logullo.

9. Careers by Design

​Careers by Design is a leading Canadian career coaching service. Individuals will gain valuable guidance and support in their professional journeys. Services include finding a career fit, landing the right job, resumes, and branding.

During the resume and branding process, clients start with a free chat and then work on resumes and goals. Folks will receive completed resumes within three business days. This package can also include cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, applications, and biographies.

While looking for the right career, clients will work one-on-one with expert coaches. Customizable programs include different modules to help you optimize your job.

After creating your personal brand, you can boost your interview skills. Interview coaching improves confidence through mock interviews and individualized feedback.

Careers by Design helps entry-level and executive workers alike. Whether you need help with one skill or need coaching for the whole job hunt, Careers by Design can help.

Learn more about Careers by Design.

10. Limitless Coaching

​Gina Visram is the founder of Limitless Coaching. Visram’s approach focuses on creating a strong work-life balance, especially for parents. Visram has a wide range of professional experience in politics, journalism, and communications. This background helps her craft personalized career plans to fit a variety of needs.

Visram’s main initiative is Creative Career Solutions for Parents. One-on-one sessions feature six 60-minute calls over the course of three months. Topics include confidence, communication, childcare, and connection. However, clients can customize the program to fit their needs. Turbo interviews last for one 60-minute session. These calls cover confidence boosters when returning to an old job or looking for a new one.

If you are looking to improve your work-life balance, then Limitless Coaching can help!

Learn more about Limitless Coaching.

11. Career Unicorns

Samorn Selim is the founder of Career Unicorns, a career coaching service. Selim is the daughter of Lao refugees and has a degree from Berkeley Law. Today, she is an attorney, director of employer outreach, keynote, and career coach. Selim’s goal is to help BIPOC, women, and first-generation professionals find dream jobs. Specifically, Selim’s coaching focuses on lawyers, techies, and leaders.

Selim offers detailed feedback, scripts, and strategies to help clients find new careers. Lessons cover information like negotiating salaries and showing your value. Her goal is to find participants a new job within three months. If you are looking for the confidence to find a better career, then consider working with Samorn Selim.

Learn more about Career Unicorns.

12. Jason Treu

Jason Treu is among the top executive coaches who can guide you toward professional success. Treu has years of experience in HR, marketing, communications, speaking, and strategy.

One of Treu’s talents is his ability to identify your strengths and weaknesses. His one-on-one training system focuses on finding blindspots and solving challenges. He aims to boost clients’ emotional intelligence and awareness. By gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, you can develop strategies to excel.

Treu also has expertise in interpersonal skills. He can provide guidance on building effective relationships, networking, and improving communication skills. Workers often overlook these vital skills, but they can significantly impact professional success. For a personalized blueprint for career growth, check out Jason Treu.

Learn more about Jason Treu.

13. Coaching for Everyone

Coaching for Everyone is a nonprofit that offers coaching to underserved BIPOC communities. Founder and Director J. Victor McGuire wanted to bring Fortune 100 benefits to young professionals. He started Coaching for Everyone to support under-resourced BIPOC groups. In addition, this firm trains BIPOC career coaches.

Coaching for Everyone’s approach addresses several common workplace concerns. For instance, coaching covers work-life balance, leadership potential, and purpose. Complimentary coaching lasts for at least three months. Young BIPOC professionals in a range of careers can qualify. The firm is especially interested in helping educators and other nonprofit workers.

Companies interested in supporting this mission can sponsor employees to become certified coaches. Firms can also donate to help the nonprofit sponsor 100 coaches in their first year.

Learn more about Coaching for Everyone.

14. Eliana Goldstein

Eliana Goldstein is a millennial career coach. She aims to help ambitious professionals in their 20s and 30s find fulfilling jobs. Goldstein has over ten years of experience in multiple corporate roles. She struggled with “working for the weekend” until finding her passion, coaching.

One-on-one coaching includes meetings with Goldstein and her coaching team. Packages include two or four sessions. If available, clients will also get a ten-week custom coaching experience with Goldstein. Clients will also enjoy weekly assignments, journaling prompts, and activities. Further, coaching includes resume and LinkedIn optimization.

Goldstein also offers The Career Upgrade program. While she aims this course at groups, one-on-one packages include lifetime access to it. Professionals will have access to video trainings, templates, and worksheets. Working with Goldstein will help workers boost their confidence and find their dream careers.

Learn more about Eliana Goldstein.

15. Ride the Tide Collective

Julia Toothacre runs the Ride the Tide Collective. Toothacre has a background in higher education. She has over ten years of experience with coaching. Coaching covers several categories, including career advancement, management, and exploration.

One-on-one courses also have several categories. Clients can learn about career transformation, LinkedIn, and self-clarity. In addition, Toothacre offers custom packages. Sessions can last from 60 minutes to several months, depending on the program.

Participants can learn more about advancing in their current roles or switching industries. LinkedIn courses feature over 30 worksheets and templates, along with other valuable info. Toothacre also uses personality assessments to guide workers. To advance in a current role or obtain a new one, consider reaching out to Julia Toothacre.

Learn more about the Ride the Tide Collective.


Following the guidance of a career coach can lead to incredible workplace opportunities. Skilled coaches can help navigate transitional phases. Professional input is especially helpful when changing industries or starting a new role. By staying open-minded, clients can use this advice to gain more fulfilling professions.

Next up, check out our articles on employee coaching, coaching books, and management training programs.

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FAQ: Career coaches

Here are frequently asked questions about the best career coaches.

What is the role of a career coach?

A career coach is a workplace expert. These pros provide personalized advice and strategies. Individuals will learn to understand their skills, strengths, and potential areas for growth. Often, career coaches offer resources and insights for decision-making.

How can a career coach enhance my professional path?

A proficient coach can provide valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses. These experts also pave the way for realistic goal setting. Advice can include strategies for self-promotion during interviews and tips on effective networking. Following these tips can potentially speed up your professional journey.

What is the difference between a career coach and a counselor?

While counselors and coaches help folks with job-related issues, they have key differences. A counselor addresses psychological or emotional factors blocking work progress. However, a coach focuses on tips like planning for job searches or promotions.

​How do I choose the best career coach for me?

Choosing the best coach depends largely on your unique needs.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a coach:

  • Relevant industry experience
  • Client reviews and testimonials
  • Session cost
  • Location and availability

By doing thorough research, you should be able to find the perfect coach for your needs.

What should I expect in a career coaching session?

In a coaching session, expect to talk about your present career scenario. This discussion might include reflecting on your work values, aspirations, and struggles. The coach will typically provide helpful strategies for achieving your goals. Additionally, coaches can offer feedback on improving professional skills.

How do I search for career coaches?

Choosing a career coach is an important decision. Coaches have a variety of methods and goals, so you need to work with one that is the right fit for your career path.

When looking for the best career coach, start by researching online. Also, ask coworkers you trust for recommendations. To find coaches with a good track record, check reviews and testimonials. Once you have a list, check the coaches’ qualifications. You will want to look for coaches with relevant certifications and industry experience. A coach who understands your field can offer personalized guidance.

After narrowing down your options, have a chat with the potential coaches. This step helps you understand the coach’s approach and communication style. Be sure to ask about coaching methods, availability, and how sessions work. Taking the time to explore these aspects will help you choose a career coach who fits well with your goals.

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