18 Career Newsletters for Professional Growth

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of career newsletters.

Career newsletters are educational resources for professionals looking to improve their careers. For example, articles may provide insights on job market trends or share advice from industry leaders. The purpose of these newsletters is to share information that can help professionals develop. These newsletters are also known as “business career newsletters” and “career advice newsletters.”

These career newsletters are similar to management newsletters, CEO newsletters, HR newsletters, and marketing newsletters.

This list includes:

  • business career newsletters
  • career advice newsletters
  • career bulletins
  • career development newsletters
  • career guidance newsletters
  • career planning newsletters

Let’s get to it!

List of career newsletters

From The Muse to Ask a Manager, here is a list of newsletters that can contribute to professional growth.

1. The Muse

The Muse newsletter has helpful tips and advice to boost your career and personal development. Articles cover resume writing, interview tips, job search strategies, and workplace culture. Subscribers can expect regular updates on job opportunities and tips from industry professionals. Plus, career advice newsletters like this often include inspiring success stories from real workers who have found their dream jobs. With its easy-to-read format and practical insights, the Muse newsletter helps folks looking to advance their careers.

Learn more about The Muse.

2. Career Contessa

Career Contessa provides valuable guidance and development resources for professionals. The newsletter includes informative articles, expert advice, and practical career tips. Topics include resume building, interview prep, and work-life balance. Subscribers can keep an eye on industry trends, job search strategies, and growth opportunities. Additionally, the emails often feature stories from women who have achieved their career goals. Subscribing to this newsletter can provide readers with valuable insights.

Learn more about Career Contessa.

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3. Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager offers expert advice on workplace issues and professional development. Readers can learn practical tips for navigating office dynamics and advancing careers. Topics covered include communication skills, leadership strategies, and job search tips. Subscribing to Ask a Manager can offer the guidance necessary for career success. Be sure to check out career planning newsletters like this for valuable insights into managing your career and overcoming challenges.

Learn more about Ask a Manager.

4. Levo League

Levo League offers a wealth of empowering content. These emails feature insightful articles, inspiring interviews, and helpful tools for professional woman. Topics include career development, personal growth, and workplace tips. This career newsletter is especially popular among millennials. Readers will enjoy expert advice on topics like networking, skill-building, and job searching. This newsletter is a must-have resource for any career woman.

Learn more about Levo League.

5. The Ladders

The Ladders offers valuable career advice. Professionals aiming to advance their roles will love career development newsletters like this. Tips discuss resume building, job search strategies, and professional development opportunities. Practical insights also explain how to land your dream job and succeed in the workplace. Additionally, the newsletter often features exclusive job listings tailored to you. Readers can stay updated on industry trends and gain practical insights for career success. In summary, The Ladders is a beneficial resource for those looking for professional growth.

Learn more about The Ladders.

6. Zapier

Zapier is a powerful tool for automation. In addition, this site offers an informative career newsletter. Articles cover productivity, apps, artificial intelligence, and automation. Readers will get an insider look into the technology side of business. Folks can also follow tutorials and guides on how to use such tools in their own workflows. Professionals looking to improve their work efficiency will love this newsletter.

Learn more about Zapier.

7. Career Sherpa

The Career Sherpa has one of the best career guidance newsletters. This publication has helpful advice and resources to guide you through your job search. Inside, you will find info on resume writing, networking, interview tips, and professional branding. Additionally, the newsletter often features insights from industry experts. Further, you can read success stories from real professionals who have improved their careers. With its easy-to-read format and actionable tips, the Career Sherpa newsletter is a valuable tool.

Learn more about Career Sherpa.

8. Idealist Careers

Idealist Careers is an excellent source for those looking for meaningful jobs. You can make a significant impact through your career with this newsletter. Articles cover nonprofit job openings and advice on landing social-impact careers. Further, you can learn to use your unique skills to improve society. Whether you are a grad student or working professional Idealist offers great advice.

Learn more about Idealist Careers.

9. Devex

Devex provides valuable insights into the global development sector. The focus is on international development, humanitarian aid, and sustainability. Readers can choose from eight newsletter formats, including Newswire and Devex Career Hub. Devex offers updates on job opportunities, industry trends, and expert analysis. Professionals who subscribe to Devex can stay informed about new career growth opportunities. Whether you are a seasoned professional or beginning your career journey, Devex is a useful resource.

Learn more about Devex.

10. FlexJobs

FlexJobs publishes valuable business career newsletters. Job seekers will love this curated selection of remote and flexible job opportunities. Subscribers can explore a wide range of industries and positions. This resource simplifies the search for the perfect job match. With regular updates and useful resources, FlexJobs provides a convenient way to stay informed. Subscribing to FlexJobs can be a game-changer if you are seeking work flexibility.

Learn more about FlexJobs.

11. CareerBuilder

The newsletter from CareerBuilder is a guide for job seekers and career climbers. Articles feature tips on writing resumes and cover letters. Readers can also benefit from advice on acing job interviews and insights on career growth. Emails cover finding the right job, networking, and staying motivated during your job hunt. Plus, you can read success stories from folks who have found their dream jobs or made big leaps in their careers. This newsletter covers all the info you need to succeed in the working world.

Learn more about CareerBuilder.

12. Remote.co

The newsletter from Remote.co is helpful for folks who work from home or want to start. Emails are full of useful tips on staying productive, setting up a home office, and balancing work and life. You will also find articles about finding remote jobs and improving your remote work skills. Best of all, Remote.co can help you connect with other remote workers. This newsletter has all the tips and tricks you need to thrive in the remote work world.

Learn more about Remote.co.

13. ExecuNet

The ExecuNet newsletter is a handy toolkit for professionals aiming high in their careers. This newsletter is brimming with practical advice on advancing in your field. You can learn to network effectively and land top-level jobs. Topics include executive leadership, negotiation strategies, and navigating corporate challenges. Emails often often share insights from successful executives and industry experts. These leaders offer valuable perspectives on career growth and decision-making. Whether you are aiming for the C-suite or seeking to enhance your leadership skills, this newsletter provides great tips.

Learn more about ExecuNet.

14. FounderIV

The FounderIV newsletter helps entrepreneurs build their own businesses. This newsletter has practical tips on starting and growing a company and managing finances. By reading these articles, you can learn to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Topics include business development, marketing strategies, and leadership skills. Successful founders also share their experiences and lessons learned. New entrepreneurs and folks looking to scale their businesses will love FounderIV.

Learn more about FounderIV.

15. Forward Careers

The Forward Careers newsletter is a helpful guide for folks exploring their career options. Readers will learn practical advice on job searching, resume writing, and interview preparation. These tips make it easier to land the job you want. Additionally, articles cover tips for career advancement and professional development. This newsletter offers valuable insights and resources to help you move forward in your career path.

Learn more about Forward Careers.

16. The Impact Job

The Impact Job newsletter helps those passionate about making a difference through their work. Job seekers looking to create a positive change in the world will love this email’s tips and stories. Articles cover various fields, such as social justice, environmental sustainability, and nonprofits. Readers can learn how to land jobs in these fields through career bulletins. Additionally, you can gain encouragement and guidance from industry professionals. From volunteering to working for a cause, The Impact Job newsletter provides valuable resources.

Learn more about The Impact Job.

17. Corporate Rebels

Corporate Rebels challenges traditional corporate practices and promotes workplace innovation. Stories feature companies and leaders who are breaking away from conventional management styles. The goal is to create more engaging and fulfilling work environments. The newsletter explores topics such as employee empowerment, organizational culture, and leadership development. Through case studies and thought-provoking insights, Corporate Rebels encourages readers to rethink business.

Learn more about Corporate Rebels.

18. The Hustle

The Hustle Newsletter is a reliable source of business and tech news. Articles offer updates on industry trends, innovative startups, and emerging technologies. Readers can learn about market shifts and successful entrepreneurs. The Hustle keeps professionals informed about relevant developments in the business world. This valuable resource informs strategic decisions and fosters professional growth.

Learn more about The Hustle.

Final Thoughts

Subscribing to career newsletters is an effective way to stay informed. Readers will learn about the latest industry trends, acquire new skills, and gain insights from experts. These publications are a source of inspiration and motivation for those seeking to excel in their careers. Whether you are looking for job opportunities or tips on personal development, these newsletters can help.

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FAQ: Career newsletters

Here are frequently asked questions about career newsletters.

Why should you subscribe to career newsletters?

Subscribing to career newsletters provides you with valuable industry information. You can read about job market trends, expert advice, and professional development. Plus, you can access exclusive resources like webinars or e-books.

How can career newsletters help with professional growth?

Career newsletters can help with professional growth by providing actionable tips. You can improve your soft skills and learn to navigate workplace challenges.

Are there any industry-specific career newsletters?

Many industry-specific career newsletters can help progress your career. For instance, Devex is a great resource for those interested in international development jobs.

How often are most career newsletters sent out?

Some newsletters go out daily, while others are weekly or monthly. It is important to choose a newsletter that fits your reading habits and schedule.

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