189 Best Company Culture Survey Questions for Work in 2023

Here is our list of helpful company culture survey questions. Company culture survey questions are prompts to assess whether an organization’s internal culture aligns with the stated values and mission. Examples include questions on cultural diversity in the workplace, management culture survey questions, and company culture and communication questions. These surveys aim to improve the […]

186 Best Diversity & Inclusion Survey Questions for Work

Here is our list of important diversity & inclusion survey questions. Diversity & inclusion survey questions are prompts used to determine how inclusive and equitable your workplace is. These questions give an insight into how far your organization has come in creating a safe space for all employees regardless of race, gender, and similar protected […]

217 Best Employee Exit Interview & Survey Questions in 2023

Here is our list of helpful employee exit questions. Employee exit interviews and surveys are questions to ask departing employees. These questions help management understand why the employees are leaving. Examples include, “what made you start looking for another job?” “did you feel appreciated at this company?” and “what did you enjoy most about this […]

17 Zoom Breakout Room Questions

Here is our list of the best Zoom breakout room questions. Zoom breakout room questions are prompts that break up your online meeting and allow team members to express their thoughts and ideas. Examples include company trivia, icebreaker questions, and networking questions. The purpose of these activities is to increase employee engagement, brainstorm ideas, and […]

102 Best Networking Icebreaker Questions For Work In 2023

You found our list of interesting networking icebreaker questions for events. Networking icebreaker questions are prompts that lead to authentic human connection at networking events. Examples include, “Say I’m visiting your home city.  Where’s the first place I should eat?” and “What are some of the fun things you enjoy doing in your job?” The […]

40 Best Holiday Icebreaker Questions For Work in 2023

This is a list of festive & fun holiday icebreaker questions to ask teams. Holiday icebreaker questions are fun, getting-to-know you questions that allow your team the opportunity to grow closer during the holiday season. Examples include, “what is your favorite winter tradition,” “what is the most holiday themed item on your desk,” or “have […]

New Year’s Icebreaker Questions For Work: #1 List

Here is a list of fun New Year’s icebreaker questions for teams. New Year’s icebreaker questions are prompts you can use to look back on the ending year and anticipate the new year. Examples include, “choose one word to describe this past year,” and “What is one good habit you want to pick up in […]

128 Fun Have You Ever Questions for Work in 2023

You found our list of the best have you ever questions for teams. Have You Ever questions are fun prompts to get to know each other better and gain insight on your group members. This game involves participants holding up one hand and lowering one finger each time another player lists off a past behavior […]

124 Best Either Or Questions for Work: #1 List in 2023

You found our list of fun either or questions for teams. Either or questions are a type of icebreaker question to delve into people’s preferences. Examples include the beach or the mountains, hot dogs or hamburgers, and summer or winter. The purpose of the game is to get to know your colleagues’ preferences better, and […]

53 Fun Questions Of The Day For Work In 2023

You found our list of the best questions of the day for teams. The question of the day is a question posed to your co-workers, colleagues, or teammates every day to get folks talking in a low-stakes situation. Examples include, “What’s the best movie you have seen in the past month?” “How do you like […]

60 Best Employee Wellbeing Survey Questions for Work in 2023

Here is our list of important employee wellbeing survey questions. Employee wellbeing survey questions are questions included on a survey designed to assess employees’ satisfaction in the workplace. Examples include, “How would you describe the dress code at your workplace?”, “Do you find yourself frequently bringing work home?”, and “How has your health changed since […]

89 Fun Halloween Icebreaker Questions For Work In 2023

You found our list of the best Halloween icebreaker questions for teams. Halloween icebreaker questions are questions you use to break the ice in meetings around the spookiest of holiday seasons. Examples include “what villain or monster do you think is misunderstood?” and “which of your coworkers is most likely to pretend they’re not home […]

121 Best Icebreakers For All Seasons in 2023

You discovered our list of fun seasonal icebreakers for work. Seasonal icebreakers are questions used to generate conversations at work about the everchanging seasons and how team members feel year-round. Example questions include “would you rather build a snow person or have a snowball fight?”, “which of your coworkers would pull off the best April […]

80 Fun Fact Or Fiction Questions For Work In 2023

This is a list of the best fact or fiction questions for team building. Fact or fiction questions are statements that are either true or false. Trying to guess which is which is when things get fun. Examples include: “The Leaning of Tower of Pisa does not actually lean, it is a fun name. (Fiction).” […]

89 Fun Where Do You Stand Questions For Team Building In 2023

You found our list of the best where do you stand questions for teams. Where do you stand questions are questions you can ask your fellow team members to learn how they feel about different subjects. Examples include “where do you stand on burger toppings?” and “where do you stand on performers lip-syncing their music […]

78 Best Newlywed Game Questions For Work In 2023

You found our list of fun Newlywed Game questions for teams. This Newlywed Game was a 1960’s party game that tested how well newlyweds knew each other, but the game is adaptable for many different groups of people, including coworkers. Examples of Newlywed Game questions include “what is my favorite thing to do on the […]

44 Fun One Must Go Questions For Team Building In 2023

You found our list of the best One Must Go questions for work. One Must Go is a game where players review three to four options and decide which one they can live without. You can play as individuals or teams. Examples of game questions include: One Must Go: Stevie Nicks, Beyonce, Dolly Parton, Aretha […]

121 Best Valentine’s Icebreaker Questions For Work In 2023

You found our list of fun Valentine’s icebreaker questions for teams. Valentine’s icebreaker questions are prompts to share with your family, coworkers, and loved ones around February 14. Examples include, “What is your dream first date?” and “What is your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day?” These questions help folks create a stronger connection during […]

46 Fun Which Is Worse Game Questions For Work In 2023

You found our list of the best Which is Worse game questions for teams. Which is worse game questions are framed as two not so great scenarios and asks players, which is worse. Example questions include “which is worse, matching with Dracula on Tinder or realizing you married a witch?” or, “which is worse, asking […]

79 Best Icebreaker Questions About Food For Work In 2023

You found our list of fun icebreaker questions about food. Food icebreaker questions are simple and effective conversation prompts about eating. For example “What is your go-to dish for a potluck” or “What is something you didn’t like to eat as a kid that you do now?” The purpose of these questions is to make […]