25 Signs of a Bad Manager at Work in 2023

You found our list of warning signs of a bad manager. Signs of a bad manager are undesirable leadership traits that cause friction between supervisors and employees. For example, micromanagement, conflict avoidance, and credit-stealing. The purpose of pointing out these qualities is to help managers avoid pitfalls and lead teams more successfully. These traits are […]

Employee Attrition: Definition, Causes & Examples

You found our guide to employee attrition. Employee attrition is the practice of leaving roles unfilled following workers’ departures. Employers will often eliminate positions, restructure departments, or implement a hiring freeze instead of bringing on new staff. There are many reasons for employee attrition, including cost-saving and organizational change. This concept is similar to employee […]

14 Signs of a Good Manager at Work in 2023

You found our list of signs of a good manager. Signs of a good manager are qualities of effective leadership that result in high morale and productivity among teams. For example, getting to know team members, sharing credit for wins, and taking an active role in career coaching. The purpose of pointing out these qualities […]

Scavenger Hunt Clues, Riddles & Answers for Adults in 2023

You found our list of scavenger hunt clues! Scavenger hunt clues are riddles, questions, puzzles, and hints that lead players through treasure hunts. For example, “if not for me, the birds would live in a hole in a tree” leads players to a birdhouse. The purpose of these riddles is to make scavenger hunts more […]

Problem Solving Games, Activities & Exercises for Adults

Here is our list of the best problem solving games, activities and exercises for adults. Problem solving games are activities that require players to use critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. Example activities include escape rooms, Sudoku, and murder mysteries. The purpose of these exercises is to sharpen reasoning and decision-making skills in group settings […]

14 Best Office Pets for Happy Workplaces

You found our list of friendly office pets! 🐾 Office pets are animals that live in or visit the workplace and spread cheer to employees. These furry friends typically belong to the company, but might also be the personal pet of the CEO or owner, office manager, or another employee. Pets are a great work […]

14 Causes & Reasons for Employee Turnover in 2023

Here is our list of the top causes of employee turnover. Employee turnover is the rate at which employees leave an organization. Reasons behind employee turnover include lack of growth and progression, inadequate compensation, and inefficient management. Understanding the causes of high staff turnover can help managers know how it affects the company. This topic […]

18 Fun Connection Games & Activities for Adults in 2023

You found our list of fun connection games and activities! Connection games are activities meant to encourage interactions and help build bonds among players. Examples of games include personal trivia, photo challenges, and mingle Bingo. The purpose of these exercises is to make it easier for folks in large or distant groups to get to […]

14 Fun Scavenger Hunt Apps for Team Building in 2023

You found our list of the best scavenger hunt apps. Scavenger hunt apps are mobile software applications that facilitate treasure hunts or adventure games. These games are playable on smartphones and tablets, and often require players to move between different locations. The purpose of these apps is to encourage users to interact with other players […]

9 Examples of Effective Team Management Skills for 2023

You found our list of essential team management skills & competencies. Team management skills are qualities that help leaders guide groups effectively. Examples skills include emotional intelligence, communication, and decision-making. These characteristics enable managers to guide employees with empathy, logic, and confidence. The skills are similar to executive skills, leadership skills, signs of good management […]

Employee Wellness Programs & Activities for the Workplace

You found our list of employee wellness programs and activities for the workplace. Employee wellness programs are initiatives that encourage staff to adopt healthy habits. For example, healthy-living credits, meditation and work-life balance workshops. The purpose of these programs is to decrease absence and liability and increase worker health and happiness. These systems are also […]

Employee of the Month Ideas: Awards & Gifts for Recognition

You found our list of the best employee of the month ideas! Employee of the month is an award given to workers for above and beyond performance. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding employees at the office, and motivate workers to excel. You may choose to give gifts or prizes to the […]

14 Crucial HR Skills, Competencies & Qualifications

You found our list of top HR skills & competencies. HR skills are capabilities that help human resource professionals carry out key responsibilities. Examples include interpersonal skills, recruiting, and effective communication. These elements are also known as “human resources skills” and “skills for HR.” These abilities can include executive skills. Reading HR books, HR blogs, […]

19 Essential Executive Assistant Skills for 2023

You discovered our list of top executive assistant skills. Executive assistant skills are qualities and abilities that help high-level assistants thrive in their positions. Examples of these competencies include multitasking ability, decision making skills, and time management. Executive assistants are also commonly referred to as EA’s, executive secretaries, and personal assistants. You can learn these […]

15 Improv Games, Exercises & Activities for Adults in 2023

You found our list of the best improv games, exercises and activities for adults! Improv games are acting exercises that require participants to react in real time instead of following a script. For example, questions only, two truths and a lie, and one word at a time. The purpose of these activities is to help […]

Executive Team Building Activities & Retreats: the BEST in 2023

Here is our list of the best executive team building activities. Executive team building is a range of activities targeted towards leadership, upper management and executive teams. Example activities include happy hours, group chats, and management workshops. The purpose of these activities is to foster teamwork and cooperation among an organization’s highest ranks. Organizations can […]

12 Work Competition Games & Contest Ideas for Teams

You found our guide to hosting successful work competitions. Work competitions are activities where colleagues compete as individuals or teams to win an exercise. Examples of these ideas include Workplace Safety Bingo, Hotshot Snapshot, and Review Roulette. The purpose of these activities is to improve teamwork and motivation in a competitive environment. Workplace contests are […]

Fun Vocabulary Games & Activities in English: #1 List in 2023

You found our list of fun and simple vocabulary games for adults. Vocabulary games are activities that include language and wordplay. Example games include Word Association and Hang Man. Players can enjoy vocabulary games in person or online. The purpose of these games is to strengthen vocabulary skills. These games are also known as “vocab […]

How to Handle Office Romance as a Manager

You discovered our guide on how to handle office romance as a manager. Office romances are when two or more employees engage in a romantic relationship. For example, the employees could go on a casual date, commit to a long term relationship, or get married. These romances are a reality of many workplaces, and should […]

11 End of Year Budget Spending Ideas for 2023

You found our list of end of year budget spending ideas. End of year budget spending ideas are practical ways to use remaining funds before the year is complete. Many budgets reset in the new year, and leftover resources do not roll over. In some cases, new budget calculations depend on the amount spent in […]

15 Best Free Career Tests to Take Online in 2023

Here is our list of the best free career tests. Career tests are evaluations used to determine job strengths or ideal career roles for potential candidates. Individuals take these tests for self-analysis, while human resources professionals and managers occasionally use these quizzes to choose applicants and assemble teams. Career tests share several similarities with personality […]

Destination Management Companies: #1 List in 2023

You discovered our list of top destination management companies. Destination management companies are organizations that assist with corporate travel planning. For example, these companies often assist with hotels, food, entertainment, transportation and more. These organizations are commonly known as “DMC companies” for short, and the singular is “destination management company.” This list is similar to […]

19 Fun Question Games to Play With Friends

You found our list of fun question games to play with friends. Question games are activities that use prompts to reveal personal answers about players. For example, “Never Have I Ever”, Icebreaker Questions and Truth or Dare? The purpose of these games is to build relationships, boost engagement and have fun. You can create these […]

105 Employee Engagement Survey Questions

You found our guide to employee engagement surveys. Employee engagement surveys are tools leaders use to gauge employee sentiment, diagnose issues, and brainstorm possible improvements. These surveys serve a variety of purposes such as improving internal communication, raising morale, decreasing turnover, or connecting colleagues more meaningfully. The tone of the survey can vary depending on […]

19 Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas for VIP Clients & Customers

You discovered our list of luxury corporate gift ideas. Luxury corporate gifts are expensive presents that organizations give to important clients, vendors, employees and industry contacts. Generally, these gifts are at least $500 each, and can often be $5000 or more. The purpose of these gifts is to build relationships between the organization and individuals. […]

Employee Retention Strategies, Techniques & Ideas

You found our list of the best employee retention strategies. Employee retention strategies are ideas and techniques to reduce staff turnover and hold onto your organization’s talent. These approaches not only save on hiring and training costs, but also increase employee satisfaction. These strategies are also known as “staff retention strategies.” These techniques are similar […]

18 Employee Engagement Best Practices in 2023

Here is our list of employee engagement best practices. Employee engagement best practices are policies that companies put in place to spur enthusiasm towards work among their staff. For example, leading from the front lines or cultivating diversity. Generally speaking, these guidelines are designed to get employees more invested in their work and involved in […]

32 Best Team Building Movies About Leadership & Teamwork

You found our list of team building movies. Team building movies are films that showcase incredible leadership or feature the assembling of a team of misfits to achieve a difficult mission. Viewing these movies with your team inspires everyone to work better together and to believe in a common goal. Also, because you and your […]

Personality Tests: Quick, Fun, & Free for Work in 2023

You discovered our list of the best personality tests. Personality tests are assessments that reveal motivations, psychological preferences, character, temperament, and beliefs. Examples of these tests include Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence Test, and Sociotype. Individuals use these tests to gain a better sense of self-awareness or take them just for fun. Employers use these questionnaires at work to […]

40+ DIY Free Escape Room Puzzle Ideas (Printable)

You found our list of free escape room puzzle ideas. Free escape room puzzle ideas are tips and tricks that help you build an escape room from scratch. These suggestions make escape room set-up quick and simple, so you can make escape rooms for kids or adults at home, school, the office, or community centers. […]

Professional Employer Organizations: #1 List in 2023

You found our list of the best professional employer organizations. Professional employer organizations are companies that work with small businesses and mid-sized organization to handle HR functions. For example, the organization may handle payroll, workers compensation and healthcare benefits. Because these organizations work in such a vital capacity with clients, they are often called co-employers. […]

Types of Employee Benefits Packages & Perks at Work in 2023

You found our guide to the best employee benefits packages and perks at work. Employee benefits packages are forms of non-wage compensation offered to employees in addition to salary. Standard benefit packages usually include medical coverage, retirement plan options, and paid time off. Employee perks are extras, such as rewards, services, facilities or activities, available […]

Best Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2023 (Under $50)

You found our list of the best corporate gifts for employees. Employee gifts are presents given to employees of an organization. These gifts may be between coworkers or from the boss to employees and vice versa. Generally, people give these gifts to observe holidays, show general appreciation, celebrate first or last days, or as a […]

16 Best Work From Home Gifts for Employees in 2023

You found our list of great work from home gifts for employees. Work from home gifts are presents you can send to colleagues that work remotely. These gifts tend to be related to remote work like gadgets or desk ornaments, or are otherwise location independent such as gift cards and online subscriptions. The purpose of […]

Team Building Quiz Questions & Answers for Kahoot

You found our guide to team building quizzes. A team building quiz is a questionnaire that boosts teammates’ skills and fosters group bonds. For instance, a leader might use a team building quiz to determine a group’s current conflict resolution abilities and interpersonal style, or might create a just-for-fun quiz to help group members get […]

19 Fun Ways to Boost Morale & Motivation at Work in 2023

You found our list of fun morale boosters for employees. Employee morale boosters are quick and simple ways to boost your staff’s motivation and productivity. For example, you could do a quick round of trivia or start a #you-are-awesome channel. The purpose of these activities is to improve employee performance and create a more pleasant […]

15 Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2023

You found our list of the best applicant tracking systems. Applicant tracking systems are software that organize and manage job application data used in hiring. The common short form is “ATS.” Generally, this software collects a candidate resume information, filters out unqualified candidates, and helps schedule and set up interviews. By keeping all candidate data […]

31 Funny Icebreaker Jokes for Work Meetings in 2023

You found our list of funny icebreaker jokes for work meetings. Icebreaker jokes are humorous lines that break down barriers between strangers and pave the way for communication in the workplace. Professionals often use jokes to break the ice as openers to speeches, networking events, sales pitches, or conversations with coworkers. For speech writing, you […]

How to Improve Company Culture: 15 Brilliant Ideas

You found our guide on how to improve company culture. Company culture encompasses the everyday behaviors, attitudes, and policies that affect a company’s work environment. A company builds a superb team culture through a series of choices that empowers employees to work at their best. For example, by opening up communication, starting a company culture […]

14 Work From Home Policy Best Practices in 2023

You found our list of work from home policy best practices. Work from home policies are documents that outline rules and guidelines for remote workers. For example, this document might include information on tech packages, password sharing, time tracking, expense management and more. The purpose of these policies is to support remote teams in doing […]

38 Icebreaker Games, Activities & Ideas for Small Groups

You found our list of fun icebreaker games for small groups. Icebreaker games are activities and exercises that prompt conversations from participants. Example games include Six Word Memoirs and Desert Island Intelligences. The purpose of these games is for small groups to get to know each other in a fun, informal setting, and to promote team […]

Team Building Kits: Best Examples in 2023

You found our list of the best team building kits. Team building kits are boxes that include puzzles and games that you can do with a team. Example kits might include DIY murder mysteries, escape room activities and problem solving games. The purpose of these kits is to facilitate team building at the office in […]

7 Funny Team Building Jokes for 2023

You found our list of the best team building jokes! Team building jokes are funny witticisms about teamwork or the workplace. These jokes are safe for work, and reflect funny circumstances at the office. You may also be interested in team building brain teasers, icebreaker jokes and jokes for conferences. Specifically, this list includes: jokes […]

13 Team Building Puzzle Games to Solve With Groups in 2023

Here is our list of the best team building puzzles. Team building puzzles are exercises where your team works together to solve problems. For example, Rube Goldberg Machines and Escape rooms. The purpose of these puzzles is to provide opportunities for your team to bond and have a good time together. These puzzles are a […]

7 Great Team Building Brain Teasers for Work in 2023

You found our list of the best team building brain teasers! Team building brain teasers are games or activities that push teams to creatively problem solve. Because teams work together to solve brain teasers, the activities help bring colleagues together and foster team bonding at the office. These brain teasers are a type of team […]

10 Team Building Tips You Must Know in 2023

Here is our list of the most important team building tips. Team building tips are suggestions for forming close-knit and high achieving teams. For example, creative thinking, investing in professional development, and leading by example. The purpose of these tips is to empower leaders to help build stronger teams within organizations. These tips are similar […]

9 Disadvantages of Team Building Activities & Exercises

You found our list of the disadvantages of team building. Team building disadvantages are complicating factors to consider when planning team bonding exercises. For example, these activities may require time, cost and other resources. The purpose of these disadvantages is to offer a balanced perspective to your investment. The opposite of these disadvantages is the […]

22 Large Group Icebreakers: Games & Activities

You found our list of large group icebreakers. Large group icebreakers are games or activities to get teams of 20 people or more talking to each other. Common examples include “Never Have I Ever” and “Most Likely To.” The purpose of these icebreakers is to help build relationships and spur discussion among people who may […]

Team Building Jeopardy: How to Play at Work

This page is a complete guide on how to play team building Jeopardy. Team Building Jeopardy challenges employees to a battle of knowledge through a quiz-show format. Jeopardy is one of the most popular game shows of all time. Many of us grew up shouting answers at the television and fantasizing about competing on the […]

Benefits of Team Building Activities at Work

Here is our list of benefits of team building activities at work. Team building benefits are the organizational gains of investing in team building activities, workshops and exercises for employees. For example, these benefits may include helping your team stay happy and work better together, and improving company culture. These benefits are also known as […]