25 Best Unusual Team Building Activities for Work in 2022

You discovered our list of creative and unusual team building activities. Unusual team building activities are unique and compelling exercises to do with teams. Examples include bungee jumping, camping, and ostrich racing. These activities challenge groups and help make the participants feel bolder, ready, and willing to face new challenges. These ideas are examples of […]

9 Fun Office Scavenger Hunt Ideas & Templates for 2022

Here is our list of the best office scavenger hunt ideas and templates. Office scavenger hunt ideas are lists of items for team members to find at or near their office space. For example, a Desk Scavenger Hunt, a Duo Scavenger Hunt, or an Active Scavenger Hunt. These activities aim to build relationships and practice […]

33 Best Team Building Events & Activities for Work in 2022

Here is a list of the most fun team building events & activities for work. Team building events are activities that deepen coworker relationships and foster cooperation among team members. Examples include team meals, Minute Madness, and movie nights. The purpose of these gatherings is to boost collaboration and worker morale. These ideas are in-person […]

19 Team Meeting Games, Activities, & Ideas for the Office

Here is a list of fun team meeting games, activities, & ideas for the office. Team meeting games and activities are great ways to build a teamwork-centered culture and engage meeting participants. Examples of these activities include icebreakers, potlucks, and office dress-up days. These tactics are fundamental when teams come back to work after being […]

Company Core Values In The Workplace: #1 List of Examples

Here is our guide to the best examples of company core values in the workplace. Company core values are a company’s declared philosophy concerning its vision, purpose, and values. Values and culture are both about a company’s loftier goals. Examples of core values are innovation, excellence, and responsibility. The purpose of these ideals is to […]

Coaching Styles in the Workplace: Ultimate Guide for 2022

This is a guide to coaching styles in the workplace. Coaching styles are methods of setting up teams for success. Coaching involves motivating employees, boosting their self-esteem, teaching new techniques for collaboration, and providing ongoing encouragement and support. Example coaching styles include vision, autocratic and holistic. Coaching style may be a powerful tool in the […]

Management Styles: Ultimate Guide for 2022

This is a guide to management styles. Managerial styles are the many methods a leader employs to plan and organize teams to accomplish objectives. The way a manager forms, plans, takes decisions, delegates, and manages their team is part of their management style. For example, persuasive, transformational, and coaching styles. Understanding these concepts is important […]

20 Employee Care Package Ideas for Business in 2022

You found our list of the best care package ideas for employees. Employee care packages are gift boxes meant to boost morale by reaching out to your staff and showing them that you care about their health and wellbeing once they leave the office. For example, gifts of gratitude, health care packages, or even happy […]

18 Key Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace in 2022

This is a guide to the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace goes well beyond being “politically right.” It is a competitive advantage. The benefits of workplace diversity include employee retention, great organizational culture, and less bias. Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace diversity positively impacts a company’s performance, employee engagement, […]

Leadership Styles: Ultimate Guide for 2022

This is a guide to leadership styles. Leadership styles are a leader’s approaches and actions while guiding, inspiring, and managing people. Leadership style also affects how higher-ups devise and carry out strategies while considering team needs. Understanding these styles is important because it helps you learn how your actions will affect individuals directly under your […]

Collaboration: Definition, Examples & Tips 

This is the ultimate guide to collaboration. Collaboration is when two or more individuals or groups work together to achieve an objective by exchanging ideas and thoughts. Nearly every professional function and sector rely on collaboration skills. The concept is crucial because it can help you increase productivity at work, accelerate professional growth, and produce […]

23 Good Leadership Qualities

Here is our guide to good leadership qualities for professionals. Good leadership qualities are attributes, talents, and character traits associated with success. Many companies search for employees with leadership potential to establish a strong workforce and cultivate future leaders inside the firm. Qualities of a good leader include vision, emotional intelligence, and integrity. These characteristics […]

11 Examples of Good Leaders in Modern History

Here is our list of the best examples of good leaders. Good leaders share a level of brilliance that enables them to inspire the masses toward new ideas and innovations. Examples include Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey, and Martin Luther King Jr. Reading about exceptional leaders is beneficial because it allows you to learn positive traits […]

New Employee Onboarding Process: Best Practices In 2022 

Here is our guide to best practices for your new employee onboarding process. Onboarding process is the systematic and thoughtful transformation of prospective employees into high-performing team members. Properly onboarded new workers gain the knowledge, connections, and resources needed to perform at their highest level. Tips for a successful onboarding include starting before the first […]

Employee Engagement Statistics & Facts for 2022

This is our list of essential employee engagement statistics and facts. Employee engagement statistics highlight employees’ emotional and psychological dedication to their employer. These reports come from sources like surveys and studies. Understanding these facts helps leaders to improve employee engagement. Engaged employees are excited about their job and their employer. Engaged professionals are invested […]

Lightning Scavenger Hunts: Game Templates & Examples

You found our guide to lightning scavenger hunts. Lightning scavenger hunts are games where a host asks for particular objects, and participants race to find and show the objects within a set time. The game revolves around a series of item or clue prompts, and players have to present the items one at a time. The […]

18 Unique Office Coffee Station Ideas for Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best office coffee station ideas. Office coffee station ideas are ways to set up an efficient and organized area for coffee and hot beverages for team members. Examples include providing a coffee machine and board games. The purpose of these activities is to have a way to keep the […]

21 Best HR Conferences to Attend in 2022

You found our list of top HR conferences. HR conferences are events that host the most influential HR professionals so participants can learn about industry insights. In contrast to other industry conferences, HR conferences concentrate on high-quality instructional materials rather than vendor-centric content. Attending these conferences is essential to learn from real-world HR professionals in […]

Four-Day Work Week: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide to the four-day work week. The four-day work week is the work concept where employees only work for four days a week. Many companies are increasingly experimenting with new and creative working methods instead of adhering to the typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday office schedule. The benefits of […]

14 Work From Home Office Ideas & Suggestions for Productivity

You found our list of helpful work from home office ideas & suggestions. Work from home office ideas are ways to structure remote workspaces where you can focus, work effectively, and be creative with minimal distractions. Some ideas for working from home include channeling your creativity, maximizing your space, and managing lighting. These tips aim to […]