8 Executive Team Building Ideas, Games & Activities

Here is our list of the best executive team building ideas. Executive team building is a range of activities targeted towards upper management and executive teams. Example activities might include happy hours, group chats, and management workshops. The purpose of these activities is to foster teamwork and cooperation among an organization’s highest ranks. Organizations can […]

11 Workplace Competitions & Contest Ideas for 2021

You found our guide to hosting successful workplace competitions. “But Angela,” you may say, “I read an article on Forbes that said workplace competition can be harmful.” Yes, workplace competition, as in, a Hunger Games style survival of the fittest, can create an adrenaline-driven environment that exhausts employees. However, friendly workplace competitions can have the […]

12 Fun Games to Play on FaceTime with Friends in 2021

You found our list of the best games to play on FaceTime. FaceTime games are fun activities for the iOS app FaceTime. For example: truth or dare, trivia, and masked dancer. These games are playable on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and Macbooks. The purpose of these games is to have fun and […]

16 Best Slack Games for Remote Teams in 2021

You found our list of fun Slack games for remote teams. Slack games are ways to use the communication platform Slack for fun and remote team bonding. For example, tic tac toe, ping pong and hangman. The Slack App Directory hosts a wide selection of bots that facilitate games, and you can also launch challenges […]

13 Fun Vocabulary Games for Kids and Adults in 2021

You found our list of the best vocabulary games. Vocabulary games are activities that include language and wordplay. For example, Word Association and Hang Man. Players can enjoy vocabulary games in person or online. The purpose of these games is to strengthen vocabulary skills. These games are also known as “word games.” These games make […]

How to Handle Office Romance as a Manager

You discovered our guide on how to handle office romance as a manager. Office romances are when two or more employees engage in a romantic relationship. For example, the employees could go on a casual date, commit to a long term relationship, or get married. These romances are a reality of many workplaces, and should […]

8 Great Virtual Career Fair Tips for Employers & Recruiters

You found our list of smart virtual career fair tips for employers and hosting organizations. Virtual career fairs are recruitment-focused online events. The purpose of these events is for employers to attract and engage potential candidates. These events are also known as “virtual job fairs” and “digital recruitment events.” These career fairs may be part […]

14 Fun Virtual Talent Show Ideas for 2021

You found our list of unique virtual talent show ideas. Virtual talent shows typically occur via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, or Google Meet. Online audiences gather to watch amateurs perform entertaining acts. During these competitions, judges or attendees vote for a winning act. The purpose of the event is to provide entertainment […]

10 Online Cooking Classes for Groups in 2021

You found our list of the best online cooking classes. Online cooking classes are virtual courses where chefs teach you how to prepare food. For example, by building good cooking habits, learning special cooking techniques, and creating specific dishes. Usually, these classes are hosted by professional chefs, but they can also consist of user-generated lessons. […]

18 Best Online Art Classes to Try in 2021

You found our list of the best online art classes. Online art classes are lessons available over the internet where users can practice creating art and learn new techniques. Depending on which course you take, the class can be highly structured or one where you decide your own pace. Many of these classes include a […]

11 End of Year Budget Spending Ideas for 2021

You found our list of end of year budget spending ideas. End of year budget spending ideas are practical ways to use remaining funds before the year is complete. Many budgets reset in the new year, and leftover resources do not roll over. In some cases, new budget calculations depend on the amount spent in […]

16 Free Career Tests to Take Online in 2021

Here is our list of the best free career tests. Career tests are evaluations used to determine job strengths or ideal career roles for potential candidates. Individuals take these tests for self-analysis, while human resources professionals and managers occasionally use these quizzes to choose applicants and assemble teams. Career tests share several similarities with personality […]

71 Best Virtual Tours to Explore Online in 2021

You found our list of the world’s best virtual tours! Virtual tours are online experiences that enable visitors to experience museums, zoos, national parks, landmarks, and attractions. These tours use methods such as 360 pictures, satellite imagery, virtual reality, or video conferencing to bring famous sites into living rooms or classrooms. The purpose of these […]

14 Best Virtual Tea Party Ideas, Games & Activities

You found our list of fancy virtual tea party ideas. Virtual tea parties are online events where guests sip tea, nibble on desserts or light refreshments, and enjoy light conversation. These parties can also include games and activities to entertain guests. These events are sometimes called “online tea parties” or “virtual afternoon tea.” These parties […]

10 Best Virtual Wine Tasting Classes & Activities in 2021

You found our list of virtual wine tasting classes. Virtual wine tasting is an online experience, where sommeliers walk you through a selection of wines shipped to your home. The guide educates you on the wines’ backgrounds and teaches you what to look for when enjoying wine. Since virtual wine tastings usually occur in people’s […]

The #1 List of Destination Management Companies

You discovered our list of destination management companies. Destination management companies are organizations that assist with corporate travel planning. For example, these companies often assist with hotels, food, entertainment, transportation and more. These organizations are commonly known as DMC for short. This article covers: what does a destination management company do? lists of destination management […]

19 Fun Question Games to Play With Friends

You found our list of fun question games to play with friends. Question games are activities that use prompts to reveal personal information about players. For example, “Never Have I Ever”, Icebreaker Questions and Truth or Dare? The purpose of these games is to build relationships, boost engagement and have fun. You can create these […]

105 Employee Engagement Survey Questions

You found our guide to employee engagement surveys. Employee engagement surveys are tools leaders use to gauge employee sentiment, diagnose issues, and brainstorm possible improvements. These surveys serve a variety of purposes such as improving internal communication, raising morale, decreasing turnover, or connecting colleagues more meaningfully. The tone of the survey can vary depending on […]

19 Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas for VIP Clients & Customers

You discovered our list of luxury corporate gift ideas. Luxury corporate gifts are expensive presents that organizations give to important clients, vendors, employees and industry contacts. Generally, these gifts are at least $500 each, and can often be $5000 or more. The purpose of these gifts is to build relationships between the organization and individuals. […]

8 Employee Retention Techniques That Actually Work in 2021

You found our list of the best employee retention techniques. Employee retention techniques are ways to reduce staff turnover and hold onto your organization’s talent. These approaches not only save on hiring and training costs, but also increase employee satisfaction. These strategies are also known as “employee retention strategies” or best practices. These techniques are […]