17 Keynote Speakers for Corporate Events

Here is our list of the best keynote speakers. Keynote speakers are public-speaking experts who have reliable knowledge of a particular industry and act as lead speakers during an event. These speakers use their expertise, personal experience, and storytelling skill to engage with the audience. Examples include Zahra Al-Harazi, Jeff Havens, and R. Michael Anderson. […]

22 Cost-Saving Ideas For Companies

Here is our list of the best cost-saving ideas for companies. Cost-saving ideas for companies are short-term or long-term strategies that companies use to reduce business costs. Examples include hiring freelancers, conserving electricity, and reducing travel costs. These ideas maximize profits by reducing production costs and implementing a budget. Cost-saving methods also eliminate unnecessary expenses and […]

17 Fun Interactive Games For Students in 2023

Here is our list of the best interactive games for students. Interactive games for students are fun activities and games in which students participate in groups. These games also offer a fun and hands-on learning experience. Examples include Charades, Four Corners, and Pictionary. The purpose of these activities is to help students absorb educational material […]

17 Games to Play At Work With Coworkers

You found our list of games to play at work with coworkers. Games to play at work are activities that bring your coworkers together to have fun and bond. Examples include Guess the Baby, Circles and Shapes, and The Story Game. The purpose of these games is to boost employee morale, foster camaraderie, and help […]

17 Best Management Training Programs

Here is our list of top management training programs. Management training programs are courses, workshops, or seminars that allow participants to learn skills needed to thrive in a managerial position. Examples include Leadership Development, Management Training Workshop Series, and Employee Motivation. These activities aim to give your organization’s leaders and supervisors the necessary skills to […]

19 Work Social Event Ideas for the Office in 2023

You found our list of unique work social event ideas. Work social event ideas are activities that allow team members to relax and socialize with one another in a setting other than the workplace. Examples include desk pet days, cooking showdowns, and awards nights. The purpose of these events is to boost employee morale and […]

Allyship in the Workplace: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide on allyship in the workplace. Allyship in the workplace refers to recognizing one’s privilege and using it to help and include employees at a disadvantage. Examples include sponsor allies, mentor allies, and cultural allies. Every employee has the right to feel safe, supported, and appreciated on the job, regardless of […]

26 Fun Things to Do With Coworkers Outside of Work

You found our list of fun things to do with coworkers outside work. Fun things to do with coworkers outside of work are ideas that employees can use to interact outside the job environment. Examples include hiking, craft classes, and tree planting. The purpose of these activities is to encourage workers to bond and help […]

21 Fun Large Group Energizers for Work or School in 2023

You found our list of fun large group energizers. Large group energizers are fun activities that will rejuvenate and shift participants’ focus for a few minutes. Examples include Hot Takes, Name That Tune, and Stretch Breaks. The purpose of these activities is to help participants interact with each other and reduce the monotony of long […]

17 Employee Financial Wellness Ideas

Here is our list of the best employee financial wellness ideas. Employee financial wellness ideas are programs, activities, and events that can help employees become more financially responsible. Examples include a cost-of-living raise, personalized financial training, and legal assistance. The purpose of these ideas is to provide easy ways for employees to deal with financial […]

Open-Door Policy: Ultimate Guide

You found our ultimate guide on open-door policies. An open-door policy is a guideline in the workplace that allows workers to bring up concerns or suggestions they have about their jobs with their direct managers or supervisors. Examples of best practices include establishing limits, sharing expectations, and defining the fundamentals. With this policy in place, workers […]

16 Fun Games to Play with Friends and Coworkers

You found our list of fun games to play with friends and coworkers. Fun games to play are challenges that facilitate interaction between participants and foster bonding in a relaxed way. Examples include Scavenger Hunts, Blind Contour Drawing, and Goodie Bag Skits. The purpose of these activities is to help participants engage with each other […]

15 Best Sales Training Programs

Here is our list of the best sales training programs. Sales training programs are courses, workshops, or seminars that assess and improve the skill level of salespeople. These programs maximize sales success so your salespeople can win more business and help you stay competitive. Examples include Mastering the Selling Process Specialization by Coursera, Introduction to […]

20 Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2023

Here is our list of the top marketing conferences. Marketing conferences are events that allow you to network with marketing professionals, acquire new skills, and learn directly from industry leaders. Examples include Annual Georgia Marketing Summit, The Virtual MarTech Summit Europe, and B2B Marketing Exchange. The purpose of attending these events is to stay updated […]

17 Best Gift Sending Services for Work in 2023

You’ve found our list of top gift sending services. Gift sending services are companies that make shopping easier by shipping packaged gifts directly to your workers or associates. These convenient websites make it easy to shop online for personalized items and arrange shipping from your computer, smartphone, or mobile device. Gift options often include one-time […]

16 Best Snack Boxes for Employees in 2023

Here is our list of the top snack boxes. Snack box companies are businesses dedicated to curating and sending gift boxes filled with delectable snacks and beverages. Depending on the service, you can select from a list of pre-packed boxes or customize your own snack box. Examples include Bokksu, Love With Food, and Carnivore Club. […]

20 Best Global Team Building Ideas for Work in 2023

You found our list of the best global team building ideas. Global team building ideas are activities that help geographically dispersed workers form new connections and sharpen their problem-solving abilities. These ideas include book discussions, online Pictionary, and online health sessions. Global team building is an excellent approach to improving communication, fostering a sense of community, strengthening […]

20 Best Inclusion Moment Ideas & Topics for Work in 2023

You found our list of thoughtful inclusion moment ideas & topics for work. Inclusion moments are discussions centered around creating a work environment where all employees get fair and respectful treatment, a sense of belonging, and equal opportunities. Examples include generational diversity, stereotypes, and cultural competency. Inclusion moment ideas and topics contribute to employee engagement […]

Flexible Workforce: Examples, Benefits & Tips

Here is a guide to flexible workforce examples. Flexible workforce examples are workspaces that emphasize the ability to change how and when employees complete their tasks. Examples include flextime, shift swapping, and annualized hours. Understanding this practice is important because it helps companies maximize workers’ capabilities and increase team members’ productivity. You can learn more […]

17 Work Burnout Signs and Symptoms For Employees

You found our list of work burnout signs and symptoms for employees. Work burnout signs and symptoms for employees are indications of mismanaged stress at the workplace. Examples include irritability, cynicism, and loss of confidence. Knowing the signs of burnout in the workplace is essential to safeguard your staff and maintain productivity. Burnout is a symptom […]

24 Must-Have Project Management Skills for Project Managers

You found our list of essential project management skills. Project management skills are necessary abilities to plan and carry out a project. Examples include communication, leadership, and risk management. Project managers often have a group of individuals working under their direction, and the group must coordinate their efforts to meet the project’s objectives. These competencies […]

18 Best Diversity Training Programs in 2023

Here is our list of the best diversity training programs. Diversity training programs are educational resources that raise awareness about social and cultural backgrounds among coworkers. The goal is to create a great company culture and a positive work environment for all employees. Examples include Cornell University’s Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program, Overcoming Unconscious Bias by […]

21 Best Customer Service Training Programs in 2023

Here is our list of top customer service training programs. Customer service training programs are courses or certifications that equip employees with the skills, knowledge, and techniques to enhance customer satisfaction. The skills learned from these training programs help employees find solutions, answer questions, and communicate better with clients. Examples include guest service and hospitality […]

16 Good Team Player Characteristics

You found our list of top team player characteristics. Team player characteristics are qualities that indicate a team member can contribute to the group in a meaningful way. These qualities demonstrate a willingness and capability to help the team achieve successful outcomes. Examples include cooperation, good listening skills, divergent thinking, and the ability to empathize […]

10 Best Human Resource Training Programs in 2023

Here is our list of the best HR training programs. Human resource training programs are classes that help human resource managers develop a strategic approach to managing employees or teams to optimize organizational output. Examples include Oxford Home Study, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning. These training programs aim to advance employees’ careers and improve the organization’s […]

11 Fun HR Project Ideas

Here is our list of the best human resource project ideas. Human resource project ideas are a series of innovative, inspiring, and motivating activities that organizations use to motivate and retain employees. Examples include employee socials, workplace celebrations, and mentorship programs. The purpose of these activities is to reduce employee stress and raise employee engagement. […]

Office Snacks: Ideas for Work in 2023

You found our list of the best office snacks. Office snacks are small and convenient food items to keep on hand in breakrooms and coffee stations around the workplace. A selection of quick and easy munchies is a simple way to provide treats for your crew to enjoy throughout the day. These snacks can help […]

18 Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

Here is our list of the best corporate gift boxes for employees. Corporate gift boxes for employees are packages gifted to workers containing various items like snacks, self-care products, and books. Examples include Recharge by Sage & Gifts, New Hire Gift Box, and Bondy Snack Boxes. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation […]

15 Fun Trivia Games for Team Building in 2023

You found our list of the best trivia games for team building. Trivia games allow employees to spend time together while testing and improving their general knowledge on a particular topic, whether it be movies, geography, or ’80s pop tunes. Examples include Shot in the Dark, Death by Trivia, and Balderdash. No matter the subject, […]

16 Job Shadowing Ideas & Activities for Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best job shadowing ideas. Job shadowing ideas are activities and exercises to complement on-the-job training and career exploration. For example, auditing staff meetings, holding office tours, and completing training sessions. These activities enhance the experience of employees and students as they closely observe and follow other employees to learn […]

10 Top Employee Discount Program Ideas for Work in 2023

You found our list of the best employee discount program ideas. Employee discount program ideas are part of a benefits package that provides your workers discounted services or vouchers at popular online and high street retailers. Examples include a learning and development budget, retail discount vouchers, partner concessions, and mental health support. The program aims […]

18 Creative Sales Meeting Ideas to Motivate Your Team in 2023

Here is our list of the best sales meeting ideas. Sales meeting ideas are creative and innovative ways to host a meeting with your sales team. For example, conducting role-playing exercises, hosting lunch and learn sessions, and watching motivational videos together. These activities aim to create lively and energetic meetings that motivate your sales team. […]

HR Automation: Best Practices & Trends

You found our guide to HR automation: best practices & trends. HR automation is the use of technology to eliminate repetitive, time-consuming processes related to HR administrative duties. HR automation includes data security, onboarding and offboarding, and data entry. Human resources automation has the potential to significantly increase productivity, streamline processes, and cut down on […]

13 Top Remote Work Trends for 2023

You found our list of popular remote work trends. Remote work trends are patterns emerging among businesses regarding flexible work hours and working away from the office. Examples include an increasing number of freelance specialists, hybrid work arrangements, and the use of Bossware. These trends are significant because they inform critical business decisions and how […]

17 Leadership Training Programs

Here is our list of the best leadership training programs. Leadership training programs are short-term courses designed to equip participants with essential management skills and increase leadership capacity at work. Examples include Yale Global Executive Leadership Program, Leadership Coaching Strategies, and Women in Leadership. These programs aim to help participants discover their leadership abilities and […]

21 Effective Hiring Tips & Strategies for 2023

Here is our list of the best hiring tips and strategies. Hiring tips and strategies are ways to ensure you find the absolute best fit for your team. For example, be precise and transparent in your job posting, and have a clear plan to find, interview, and hire a new team member. When you implement […]

17 Creative Annual Company Meeting Ideas & Activities

Here is a list of the best annual company meeting ideas and activities. Annual company meetings ideas are ways to engage staff during yearly companywide gatherings. Examples include budgeting brainstorms, innovation imagination sessions, and speed hackathons. These exercises improve collaboration and activity and keep audiences engaged and entertained throughout the event. These gatherings are similar […]

15 Diversity Program Ideas for the Workplace

You found our list of diversity program ideas. Diversity program ideas are group activities designed to foster a workplace culture where all team members feel accepted and appreciated for their unique identities. Examples include Diversity Briefings, Music and Dance, Art, and Word Clouds. These programs aim to promote equality, increase employee engagement, and produce innovative […]

16 Fun Motivational Monday Ideas & Activities for Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best motivational Monday ideas. Motivational Monday ideas are different ways to uplift and inspire employees at the beginning of each week. Examples include sharing motivational quotes, setting weekly goals, and engaging in friendly competitions. These activities aim to help your team start their Monday with activities that will motivate […]

Inclusive Workplaces: 22 Best Examples + Tips

You found our guide that includes inclusive workplaces examples and tips. Inclusive workplaces are spaces that provide each team member with equal access to opportunities and professional resources regardless of race, age, physical abilities, or gender. Understanding this practice is essential because companies can create a respectful and safe workplace. Inclusion practices can also help […]

Team Building Tools: 12 Best in 2023

You found our list of the best team building tools. Team building tools are resources you can use to simplify and streamline your team building process. For example, board games, movies and kits. These concepts, resources and programs provide guidance and structure to your team’s collaboration process. These tools are also known as “team development […]

20 Great Ways to Show Empathy at Work

You found our list of helpful ways to show empathy at work. Ways to show empathy at work are ideas that can help workers perceive and relate to other team members’ emotions, thoughts, opinions, or experiences. Examples include supporting employees’ interests, practicing mindfulness, and communicating effectively. The purpose of these activities is to help workers […]

20 Unique Client Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Impress in 2023

Here is our list of unique client gift ideas. Client gift ideas are business gifts for current or potential customers. Examples include personalized journals, portable projectors, and personalized padfolios. These gifts make clients feel seen, loved, and appreciated for their loyalty. These gifts make great additions to customer appreciation day events or conference swag. These […]

12 Best Benefits of Happy Employees

Here is our list of the top benefits of happy employees. Benefits of happy employees refer to the perks of creating a positive work culture that ensures employee satisfaction. Examples include increased productivity and increased confidence at work. This practice aims to prime employees to deliver their best in a favorable work environment. These ideas […]

17 Best Ways to Celebrate Job Promotions at Work

You found our list of fun ways to celebrate job promotions at work. Ways to celebrate job promotions at work are ideas that companies can use to recognize workers who offer exemplary services to the business and move to higher ranks. Examples include paid time off, team lunches, and financial rewards. The purpose of these […]

17 Top TV Shows About Teamwork to Watch with Coworkers

You’ve found our list of popular TV shows about teamwork. TV shows about teamwork center around groups that combine their abilities as they work together toward a common goal. These shows may feature teamwork as an element of comedy or drama, with various portrayals of team dynamics and cooperation arising from each situation. Examples include Parks and Recreation, Severance, and New […]

16 Return to the Office Perks and Incentives

You found our list of return to the office perks and incentives. Return to the office perks and incentives are ideas that will attract workers to move from a remote work to a work-from-office arrangement. Examples include childcare benefits, pet stipends, and a hybrid work schedule. The purpose of these activities is to help workers […]

25 Employee Stress Management Ideas for Work

You found our list of the best employee stress management ideas for the workplace. Employee stress management ideas are techniques you can use to minimize strain caused by the work atmosphere. Examples include dance parties, employee recognition, and work rotations. The purpose of these activities is to boost employee productivity and improve mental health. The […]

21 Networking Event Ideas, Games & Activities

You found our list of the best networking event ideas. Networking event ideas are games and activities that you can use to facilitate meaningful and memorable connections among your guests at professional mixers. Examples include scavenger hunts, sporting activities, and birthday line-ups. The purpose of these activities is to provide an avenue for attendees to […]

19 Great Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

You found our list of fun ways to improve employee satisfaction. Ways to improve employee satisfaction are steps to make workers happy and fulfilled at work. Examples include autonomy, flexibility, and appreciation. The purpose of these satisfaction ideas is to motivate employees to accomplish their goals and have high morale in the workplace. These ideas […]