16 Fun Corporate Family Fun Day Activities & Ideas

Here is our list of the best corporate family fun day ideas. A corporate family fun day is an event put on by a corporation for employees’ families. Ways to celebrate the occasion include hiring entertainers, offering food, or doing a scavenger hunt. The purpose of these ideas is to foster relationships among teammates and […]

12 DIY Office Olympics Ideas & Games for Teams in 2022 

Here is our list of fun Office Olympics ideas for work. Office Olympics ideas are fun and exciting games that get the whole office involved. For example, soccer, basketball, and even biathlon. These ideas aim to be an escape from day-to-day work responsibilities. The purpose of these activities is to encourage camaraderie, unity, and relationship-building. […]

5 Minute Team Building Activities & Ideas to Energize Meetings

Here is our list of quick 5 minute team building activities. Five minute team building activities are short tasks that improve teamwork. For example, doing stretches, pep talks, and decorating the office. The purpose of these games and challenges is to enhance cohesion in teams and energize meetings. These exercises are examples of team building […]

17 Fun Employee Engagement Activities & Ideas for 2022

You discovered our list of fun employee engagement activities. Employee engagement activities are exercises that increase employee motivation and positive feelings about the work environment. For example, animal therapy, sunny day funds, and departmental swaps. The purpose of these ideas is to vary the work routine and make employees interested in and passionate about work. These […]

116 Best Scattergories Lists for Teams in 2022

You found our collection of fun Scattergories lists for teams. Scattergories is a game that challenges players to come up with answers that fit within  categories. All answers must begin with the letter chosen for the round, and players have a few minutes to respond. Scattergories is an example of a vocabulary game and question […]

Job Satisfaction Statistics and Facts in 2022

You found our list of ​​useful job satisfaction statistics and facts for leaders, content creators, and HR professionals. Job satisfaction statistics are figures that measure career fulfillment and employee engagement in the workplace. These reports come from surveys, studies, and the collection of widespread professional sentiment. Understanding these realities is important because the feedback can […]

Team Building Yell: How to Do One

You found our guide on how to do a team building yell. Team building yells are shouts that teams use to generate motivation and momentum. For example, “Fantastic! Terrific! Great! Juice, juice, juice! Oh yeah!!”. These actions are also known as team chants or team cheers. This article covers: Common cheers for team spirit How […]

9 Best HR Blogs to Read in 2022

You found our list of the best HR blogs for work. HR blogs are websites dedicated to discussing how to navigate the workplace. Often written by HR professionals or people in the management field, the top HR blogs may also include pointers on how to increase workplace productivity and engagement, and provide insight on management […]

Remote Work Statistics & Facts for 2022

You found our list of important remote work statistics. Remote work statistics are facts and figures that deal with virtual offices and work from home.  These numbers come from studies and surveys of professionals in various industries. This information is important because remote work plays an increasingly important role in modern business. Looking at the […]

Team Building Worksheets: Free Templates

You found our list of team building worksheets. Team building worksheets are documents that help facilitate team building. For example, you could have a worksheet with icebreaker puzzles, scavenger hunt lists, or personality test questions. The goal of these worksheets is to promote team bonding and make it easier to do. These worksheets are found in […]

45 Return to Office Ideas & Messages for 2022

You found our list of fun return to office ideas. Return to office ideas are ways to welcome employees back to the building after an extended time away. For example, a welcome back lunch, gifts, or Back to the Office Bingo. The purpose of these activities is to make the transition from working at home […]

15 Best Remote Work-Life Balance Tips

Here is our list of the best remote work-life balance tips and techniques for employees. Work from home work-life balance tips create boundaries between home life and work-life when working remotely. For example, keeping consistent hours and logging out of work apps. The purpose of these pointers is to help employees manage their time more effectively […]

23 Best Swag Bag Ideas For Events & Employees In 2022

You found our list of fun swag bag ideas for events. Swag bags are gift sets made up of promotional items, and are often given out at company events or holidays. For example, work from home survival kits or new employee onboarding kits. The purpose of these presents is to promote company pride and show […]

Human Knot: Step by Step Guide

You found our guide to doing the Human Knot. The Human Knot is one of the most popular team building activities. This challenge involves team members forming a circle, grabbing random teammates’ hands, and untangling themselves without breaking their hold. No matter how many times you perform the challenge, the task is equally tricky. The […]

171 Great Conversation Starters & Topics for Work in 2022

You found our list of the best conversation starters and topics for work. Conversation starters are talking topics that start discussions with coworkers. For instance, “what TV shows are you watching?” and “do you have any plans for the holidays?” These subjects and questions are ways to learn more about teammates and build a rapport […]

Team Building Tasks: Examples

You found our list of team building tasks. Team building tasks are activities that enable employees to grow friendships, collaborate more effectively, or discover new skills. For example, show and tell, team productivity trackers, and Myers Briggs assessments. The purpose of these actions is to provide concrete tasks that accelerate team bonding. These tasks can […]

14 Brain-Tickling Team Building Problems

This page includes our list of challenging team building problems. Team building problems are activities that present dilemmas for teams to overcome. These exercises teach teams to brainstorm viable solutions, experiment, and reflect on results. These activities are a type of problem solving exercise for work and are similar to team building puzzles and team […]

Team Building Techniques: Examples

Here is our list of the most helpful team building techniques. Team building techniques are strategies for building conscientious teams that exert maximum effort. These techniques include interviewing the team, establishing a routine, and setting goals. These tactics are similar to team building methods, team building strategies and team building best practices. This list contains: […]

How to Create Strong Remote Work Culture in 2022

You found our guide to creating a strong remote work culture. Healthy remote work cultures are virtual office environments where employees feel safe and valued. Team members in these kinds of organizations support fellow coworkers, champion the company mission, and engage fully in work. Signs of a strong virtual work culture include consistent productivity and […]

Team Building Examples: #1 List in 2022

You found our list of team building examples. Team building examples are illustrations of teamwork exercises that fall under various team building activity types. For instance, an example of a virtual team building activity is a virtual coffee date, and an example of an unusual team building activity is an aerial yoga class. These examples […]

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