17 Fun Online Activities to Do with Teams

Here is our list of online activities to do with teams. Online activities to do with teams are fun events that promote team interaction and engagement. Examples include Watching TED Talks, Online Graphics Contest, and Virtual Cook-Offs. These activities help promote learning and help to create a fun working environment for teammates. These activities are […]

15 Free Online Team Games For Work

Here is our list of the best free online team games for work. Free online games are exciting virtual activities that employees can engage in at no cost. Examples include Words With Friends, Sudoku, and Risk. These games boost team performance and help improve team collaboration. These games are similar to online office games, online […]

15 Virtual Collaboration Activitites for Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best virtual collaboration activities. Virtual collaboration activities are remote games and exercises that use platforms such as Zoom or web pages that offer engaging team building games. Examples include Skribbl, Gartic Phone, werewolf, guess the emoji sentence, and escape rooms. The purpose of these activities is to encourage coworkers to improve […]

19 Best Virtual Assistant Companies to Use in 2023

Here is our list of top virtual assistant companies. Virtual assistant companies provide remote administrative, technical, and professional support. These independent contractors support daily tasks management and complex tasks like marketing. Examples of virtual assistant companies include WoodBows, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, and TheTeamsHub. Virtual assistant companies enhance administrative efficiency at a reduced cost. These companies provide […]

21 Best Kahoot Alternatives for Remote Teams

Here is our list of the best Kahoot alternatives. Kahoot alternatives are different platforms for playing virtual trivia and learning games with your team. Examples include Slido, Poll Everywhere, and AhaSlides. The purpose of these games is to allow employees to engage in friendly competition while boosting team building. These ideas are similar to team […]

16 Zoom Breakout Room Ideas, Games, & Activities

You found our list of Zoom breakout room ideas. Zoom breakout room ideas are fun activities for teams to use during virtual meetings. Examples include five-minute master classes, group haiku, and brainstorming sessions. The purpose of these ideas is to shift from a chosen agenda while encouraging remote teams to interact in new and enjoyable […]

24 Helpful Zoom Breakout Room Tips

Here is our list of the best Zoom breakout room tips. Zoom breakout room tips are tricks you can use to conduct an interactive Zoom meeting in a breakout room. These tips help manage sessions and seminars that might otherwise be exhausting due to their longer duration. Examples include saving annotations, keeping sessions short, and […]

13 Best Virtual Boba Classes for Team Building in 2023

Here is our list of the best virtual boba classes. Virtual boba classes are courses and training sessions that teach you the basic skills to make bubble tea from home. Examples include Hello Boba Friends Class, The Boba Class by MILK+T, and Food Craft NY’s Bubble Tea Class. The purpose of these classes is to […]

18 Best Online Murdering Mystery Games In The UK

You’ve found our list of fun UK online murder mystery games. UK online murder mystery games are virtual versions of dinner party whodunit activities. These interactive crime-solving games allow UK-based teams to recreate the crime-solving fun that remote, in-person, and hybrid groups can enjoy. With scripted scenarios, improvised role-playing, and clever detective work, virtual murder […]

16 Virtual Workshop Ideas for Online Offices in 2023

Here is our list of the best virtual workshop ideas. Virtual workshop ideas are interactive online activities and sessions where participants discuss a topic or acquire a skill. These workshops usually take place in a virtual space like Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams. Examples include financial wellness workshops, online yoga, and remote lunch and learn. […]

16 Best Virtual Sushi-Making Classes for Team Building

Here is our list of fun virtual sushi-making classes. Virtual sushi-making classes are online courses and video tutorials that teach participants the basic skills required to make tasty sushi. These experiences can also help participants improve their knife skills. Examples include Vegan Cooking, Sushi Rolling Fundamentals, and Roll This Way Online Sushi Classes. These classes […]

18 Fun Virtual Training Ideas for Remote Employees in 2023

You found our list of creative virtual training ideas for remote employees. Virtual training ideas are activities that will enhance the learning experience for remote workers. Examples include storytelling, live lessons, and microlearning. These activities promote a smooth experience and maximize engagement between virtual learners. The right virtual training ideas will foster fun and improve […]

16 Online Origami Class Companies for Team Building

Here is our list of the best online origami class companies. Online origami class companies are services that organize origami workshops and arrange a host who specializes in this traditional Japanese art. These workshops usually take place via video conferencing apps like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Examples include Scarlett Entertainment, KraftyLab, and Kami Paper. […]

17 Best Virtual Gifts: Ideas for Clients & Employees

Here is our list of the best virtual gifts for employees and clients. Virtual gifts are items you give to your friends, family, or workers electronically. Examples include gift cards, online subscriptions, and digital tickets. The purpose of these gifts is to make the gifting process easier and faster since you do not need to […]

14 Virtual Brainstorming Ideas & Activities for Work in 2023

Here is our list of the best virtual brainstorming ideas & activities. Virtual brainstorming ideas are activities used to generate ideas over a video conference session through Zoom or similar online platforms. Examples include star bursting, mind mapping, bad idea brainstorming, and forced connections. These activities aim to make the employees think outside the box […]

20 Creative Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas for 2023

You found our list of the best virtual sales kickoff ideas. Virtual sales kickoff ideas are concepts to try when your team meets to launch your new sales campaign. Examples include icebreaker games, virtual shark tank, and an award ceremony for top performers. These ideas allow the sales team to learn from each other’s experiences, […]

18 Good Virtual Team Introduction Ideas for Work

You found our list of the best virtual team introduction ideas. Virtual team introduction ideas are online activities or games that will promote interaction among remote teams. Examples include Q & A sessions, one-minute intros, and GIF reactions. The purpose of these activities is to make participants feel comfortable and connected to their peers. These activities are similar to virtual icebreakers, quick team building activities […]

20 Virtual Paint Night Companies & Ideas for Team Building

Here is our list of the best virtual paint night ideas. Virtual paint night ideas are fun experiences where you and your group can create beautiful art and have fun. Many companies can help organize your virtual paint night. Examples include Fresh Paint, Paint The Town, and Painting to Gogh. The purpose of these ideas […]

14 Fun Zoom Card Games to Play Online

Here is our list of the best zoom card games. Zoom card games are card games playable with coworkers online. Example games include poker, Codenames, and Make It Meme. The purpose of these activities is to have fun, connect, and relax as a team. These activities are similar to online board games, online trivia, guessing games, […]

10 Virtual Community Building Ideas

Here is our list of virtual community building ideas. Virtual community building is when a group of individuals in a virtual setting participate in activities directed towards the enhancement of a specific community. Example activities include virtual volunteering, crowdfunding, and raffle drawing. These activities are used to help group members bond and boost team morale, […]