10 Virtual Community Building Ideas

Here is our list of virtual community building ideas. Virtual community building is when a group of individuals in a virtual setting participate in activities directed towards the enhancement of a specific community. Example activities include virtual volunteering, crowdfunding, and raffle drawing. These activities are used to help group members bond and boost team morale, […]

8 Virtual Icebreakers for Large Groups

Here is our list of fun virtual icebreakers for large groups. Virtual icebreakers for large groups are simple activities intended to welcome members of a new group and help them get to know one another via online meeting platforms like Zoom. Examples of virtual icebreakers include trivia, Zoom background challenges, Simon says, and people bingo. […]

Virtual Team Building for Large Groups: Idea, Games & Activities

You found our list of virtual team building ideas, games, and activities for large groups. Virtual team building activities for large groups are exercises, challenges, and games for higher number of people to play on platforms like Zoom. Examples of virtual activities include Donut Calls, icebreaker questions, and Never Have I. These activities are used […]

19 Fun Virtual End Of Year Celebration Ideas For Work

You found our list of the best virtual end of year celebration ideas for work. Virtual end of year celebration ideas are fun activities you can hold virtually for your remote team at the end of quarter four. Examples include virtual escape rooms, office trivia, and virtual wine tasting. These ideas present an excellent opportunity […]

18 Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities for Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual holiday team building activities. Virtual holiday team building activities are fun games, challenges, and exercises you can do during the holiday to spread the festive spirit. Examples include holiday icebreakers, holidays around the world, and holiday origami. The purpose of these activities is to create a bonding […]

17 Virtual Juneteenth Celebration Ideas & Events

Here is our list of the best virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas. Virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas are ways to commemorate the freedom of enslaved people in the US, which took place on June 19, 1865. Examples include having a virtual Juneteenth book club, Juneteenth lunch and learn, and Juneteenth podcast session. The purpose of these ideas […]

18 Zoom Fatigue Solutions for Remote Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best Zoom fatigue solutions. Zoom fatigue solutions are different methods for combatting work-from-home burnout from constant video calls. For example, shortening meetings, taking breaks, and relying on other forms of communication. The purpose of these activities is to prevent employee burnout and stress from too many video calls. These […]

15 Fun Virtual Team Huddle Ideas for Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual team huddle ideas. Virtual team huddle ideas are interactive initiatives and activities you can participate in during your short team meetings. Examples include playing icebreaker games, celebrating success, and sharing feedback. The purpose of these activities is to keep your team engaged during your 15-minute remote huddles. […]

19 Virtual Internship Ideas & Activities for Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual internship ideas. Virtual internship ideas are activities and events to engage your company’s remote interns. Examples include lunch and learn workshops, mentoring programs, and virtual escape rooms. These activities aim to ensure that interns working from home can feel included with coworkers and intertwined in the company’s […]

How to Spot Burnout in Remote Employees & Fix It

You found our article on how to spot burnout in remote employees and ways to fix it. Burnout in remote employees is a situation where workers feel mentally and emotionally tired and unable to fulfill the expectations of their jobs. Signs include low productivity, poor work attitude, and slow communication response. When spotting the warning […]

17 Virtual Team Communication Tips

Here is our list of the best virtual team communication tips. Virtual team communication tips are ways to make sure your remote team communicates effectively while bringing successful results to your company. Examples include setting goals, scheduling check-ins, and providing consistent feedback. These tactics aim to ensure that teams remain productive when working virtually. These […]

18 Fun Virtual Team Dinner Ideas for Work

You found our list of the best virtual team dinner ideas for work. Virtual team dinner ideas are fun experiences where remote coworkers gather on video conferencing software to share a meal. These ideas include party themes, activities, and games to entertain guests and make the entire experience unique. Examples are Murder Mystery, Virtual Live […]

14 Fun Virtual Energizers for Work in 2022

You found our list of virtual energizers for work. Virtual energizers for work are activities that help to boost the team’s morale and energy. Examples include Office Trivia, The Same Page, and The Magical Ball. The purpose of these activities is to keep participants interested and energized throughout the online meeting. These ideas are virtual […]

18 Virtual Team Stress Relief Ideas & Activities for Work

Here is our list of the best virtual team stress relief ideas. Virtual team stress relief ideas are online experiences that encourage remote employees to focus on their mental health. Examples include a virtual wine tasting, book club, or coffee break. The purpose of these activities is to promote a healthy mindset among team members […]

15 Best Virtual Event Companies in 2022

You found our list of the best virtual event companies! Virtual event companies are organizations that facilitate online social activities for remote teams. For example, virtual team building events, online escape rooms and virtual conference platforms. Clients hire these companies to increase engagement, participation and results at their events. These organizations are also known as […]

9 Best Virtual Team Building Companies in 2022

You found our list of the best virtual team building companies! Virtual team building companies are organizations that provide online team building events as a service. A range of clients hire these companies, such as enterprises, professional firms, non-profits, educational institutions and start-ups. These service providers are also known as “virtual team bonding companies.” These […]

15 Best Virtual Crime Scene Investigation Games in 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual crime scene investigation games. Virtual crime scene investigation games are challenges where groups search for clues, gather evidence, and rule out suspects in a virtual setting. The purpose of virtual crime scene investigation games is to bring teams together for team bonding and fun problem-solving activities. These […]

33 Fun Virtual Corporate Events for Teams in 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual corporate events. Virtual corporate events are team gatherings that happen online using video platforms like Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom. Examples include virtual wine tasting, online murder mysteries, and virtual dance parties. The purpose of virtual corporate activities is to build connections, improve team morale, and promote […]

20 Fun Virtual Thank You Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Here is our list of the best virtual thank you ideas. Virtual thank you ideas are ways to show appreciation to employees and colleagues. For example, sending digital gift cards, writing personal notes, and hosting a thank you party are thoughtful ways to thank team members. These activities aim to boost morale and express gratitude […]

18 Free Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt Templates for Groups

Here is our list of free virtual museum scavenger hunt templates. Virtual museum scavenger hunts are museum-based hunts that you can do via a computer or a smartphone. These games include lists of items to find and challenges to complete. The purpose of these hunts is to create a unique, team-building experience while encouraging learning […]