Updated: December 14, 2022

23 Cheap Promotional Items and Swag for Businesses in 2024

You’ve found our list of the best cheap promotional items and swag.

Cheap promotional items and swag are affordable items for companies to brand with their logo and hand out to clients and customers. These items provide a budget-friendly way to promote your company at trade shows, job fairs, and marketing events. You can use branded swag in place of business cards to get your company information into your partners’ hands and to make an impression on potential employees. Examples include bottles of hand sanitizer, stress squeezers, and reusable tote bags.

These items are the opposition of luxury promo items and swag, are similar to company swag ideas and are available through promotional product companies. Inexpensive swag helps companies cut costs while maximizing marketing opportunities.

This list includes:

  • cheap swag
  • inexpensive promotional items
  • low-budget swag ideas
  • cheap bulk promotional items
  • cheap swag bag items

Here we go!

List of cheap promotional items and swag

From sunglasses to flying discs, here are ideas for inexpensive swag items you can pick up for your next promotional opportunity.

1. Stress Squeezers

Providing stress squeezers means putting your company’s contact information within reach whenever folks are looking for relief. These squishable spheres have become staples at trade shows and corporate events. You can customize your squeezers with a corporate message or mission statement to ensure your contacts remember your business. You can also order these swag items in playful shapes representing your industry to make a greater impression.

Shop for stress squeezers.

2. Fidget Spinners

Desktop toys like fidget spinners are miniature billboards that advertise your business for less than a dollar apiece. The unique shape and enticing spinning action allow simple diversion during phone calls and meetings. By thinking of fidget spinners as a way to communicate your company’s contact information, you have a cost-effective item you can order in bulk to drop into thank-you bags and care packages.

Shop for fidget spinners.

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3. Hand Sanitizer

Cheap swag can also be helpful when it comes in the form of hand sanitizer. This handy hygiene helper is necessary to fight against contagious viruses. Handing out pocket-sized bottles demonstrates a concern for your clients’ and customers’ health and wellbeing, especially in crowded convention halls and conference centers. Having your information printed on silicone carriers with a keychain or carabiner attached creates a presence for your business in the most mundane situations.

Shop for hand sanitizer.

4. Keychains

Keychains are an affordable bulk item that gives you plenty of space to print your logo, phone number, and website for easy reading. You can choose a simple, flexible fob design, try a die-cut fob that ties into your business, or opt for more industrial styles like carabiners and flashlight keychains. Each version provides a useful trinket for your recipient’s home or office keys, putting your information in their hands every time they reach in their pocket.

Shop for keychains.

5. Magnets

With your business details on a magnet, you give clients and customers a way to post your information on desktops and filing cabinets. Magnets also make nifty removable bumper stickers for drivers who would rather keep their cars adhesive-free. The easy visibility of your contact information or a snappy slogan about your business keeps you in mind for anyone who sees it. Full-color printing and creative die-cut designs make it easy to express your company’s personality through cheap swag. Magnets come in various sizes too, and because they are flat, they store easily between giveaways.

Shop for magnets.

6. Pocket Tools

A set of helpful pocket tools will remind clients that you have solutions to make their lives easier. Flat pocket tools are the size and shape of a credit card and fit easily into a pocket, wallet, purse, or backpack. These gadgets come with various blades, screwdriver heads, rulers, and ratchet slots for simple repairs in unexpected situations. Some even function as makeshift phone stands. In addition, you can find versions with cases that accommodate your company name and website or choose options with your information printed directly onto the tool’s surface.

Shop for pocket tools.

7. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths are helpful for cleaning devices, monitors, and even glasses without scratching the surface. Some packages come with spray cleaner, though many are simply a palm-sized cloth folded into a plastic carrying case. The slim profile of the cloth-only version makes storing bulk orders an easier prospect. With such a lightweight and valuable item to hand out, you can make sure folks think of your business whenever they clean their screens or lenses.

Shop for microfiber cleaning cloths.

8. Sunglasses

A pair of stylish yet affordable sunglasses stamped with your corporate logo puts your business in front of anyone who interacts with the wearer. Cheap shades are surprisingly handy as a second pair to keep in a beach bag or glovebox for moments when the Ray-Bans are out of reach. Rubberized temples make these shades extra durable, and the classic Wayfarer styling means they look much more expensive than they actually are.

Shop for sunglasses.

9. Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are one of the most inexpensive promotional items on the swag market. Companies in the food and hospitality industries have a ready-made tie-in with their information proudly stamped on a sturdy coaster. You can choose from simple square and circle options or order die-cut shapes to make your cheap swag more eye-catching. Single-color printing ensures a bold impression for thirsty drinkers who find your coasters waiting under their favorite beverage.

Shop for drink coasters.

10. Tumblers

Any inexpensive swag that minimizes disposable paper or plastic helps save the planet, and tumblers are at the top of the reusables list. Providing boldly colored cups that recipients can use repeatedly keeps trash to a minimum. Passing out branded tumblers to workers and onsite teams can reduce costs when it comes to bottled water around the office. You can have a batch of tumblers printed for morale events like picnics and potlucks and hand them out as a thoughtful gift.

Shop for tumblers.

11. Bottle Openers

With bottle openers among your selection of cheap promotional items, clients and customers will see your company information whenever they pop open their favorite drinks. Many bottle openers come with keyrings attached, making it even easier for recipients to keep their swag on hand. Though these sturdy implements offer limited space for printing, you can fit a logo or your company’s name on brushed metal finishes that come in various vivid colors. Printing may require a minimum order, so check the terms and conditions before placing your order.

Shop for bottle openers.

12. Reusable Tote Bags

Single-use plastic bags are a burden on landfills, which makes reusable tote bags an inexpensive promotional item with impact. Having collapsible nylon bags tucked under a car seat or stashed in a messenger bag means recipients always have an available solution for carrying groceries, hauling laundry, or carting lunch and snacks. Your tote bag becomes a handy swag bag and a carry-all for other promotional items your visitors can grab.

Shop for reusable tote bags.

13. Water Bottles

You can encourage others to stay hydrated and avoid throwing away plastic water bottles by offering refillable water bottles as promotional items. The most affordable versions are squeezable water bottles with pull tops, available in several colors to offset your printed logo. These vessels also make great holders for smaller swag items, transforming them into their own care packages and saving you money on gift bags. However, their size may make them a challenge to store in bulk, so be sure to order wisely.

Shop for water bottles.

14. Phone Stands

A stand to prop your phone up on a desk or tabletop makes hands-free calls much more convenient. With your company’s logo on a colorful phone stand, you have a strategic visual reminder for your clients and customers to keep nearby. Phones are crucial business tools for many workers, making phone stands a problem-solving swag item recipients will be grateful to receive. You can choose from various styles, including the popular pop socket and ring versions, as well as simple collapsible models and whimsical stands in cartoon character shapes.

Shop for phone stands.

15. Koozies

Colorful koozies that hold canned and bottled beverages provide a broad canvas for displaying your company’s information. Made from durable neoprene, koozies help keep aluminum and glass cold while absorbing condensation. These affordable swag items are also soft and collapsible, which makes it easy to keep them on hand in bulk without taking up too much space. An easy upload to add your logo or contact details is all it takes to customize a cheap swag option recipients will recognize as a helpful item.

Shop for koozies.

16. Pens

For cheap bulk promotional items, pens are one of the most useful and cost-effective swag items you can buy. Ballpoint pens with your information on the barrel will make their way into the hands of dozens of potential customers. These inexpensive swag items require bulk orders, so you can plan to have a handful with you wherever you go. Having pens to hand out at meetups and business conferences makes simple work of getting your name out to your target audience.

Shop for pens.

17. Lanyards

Lanyards are most helpful for letting users keep their credentials and ID badges within reach. These handy neck-hangers are also highly affordable swag items that allow you to add your company name to their durable nylon surfaces. A lanyard is a great addition to a swag bag and an easy item to carry in your car or briefcase for presenting to clients at impromptu meetings. You can opt for a simple cord with a jump ring at the end or shop for lanyards with easy-access clips.

Shop for lanyards.

18. Document Clips

When it comes time to assemble multipage reports, having a document clip with your corporate information can remind your clients who you are. These handy office tools come in magnetic and non-magnetic versions, making it simple to keep important pages firmly in place. For example, if you have promotional materials or informational packets to hand out at an important meeting, then clamping them together with a branded document clip can show marketing ingenuity while making sure your forms stay firmly in place and in order.

Shop for document clips.

19. Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are the go-to item when it comes to cheap swag. These vibrant cuffs are soft wearables that let your visitors carry a reminder of your company wherever they go. You can order these flexible bracelets in an array of exciting colors and patterns that represent the personality of your business or event. Having your corporate credo printed or embossed on the surface gives folks a fashion-forward reminder of who you are and what you represent.

Shop for silicone wristbands.

20. Reusable Drinking Straws

Reusable drinking straws are a top option for cheap swag bag items that encourage environmental responsibility. You can choose from a range of styles, including metal straws with scrubbers to keep them clean and collapsible silicone straws that roll up into their own holder. Providing these valuable replacements for disposable straws to your workers can save your company money when it comes time to order supplies for the breakroom or cafeteria. In addition, by adding your company’s branding imprint, you create mobile advertising to present at lunch and dinner meetings with customers.

Shop for reusable drinking straws.

21. Flying Discs

You can demonstrate your company’s playful spirit by having flying discs in your selection of budget swag. The generous surface provides plenty of space to print your business information. The shapes you can choose from include traditional frisbee, ring disc, and even a disc shaped like a fidget spinner! To keep a more portable version on hand, you can order collapsible fabric discs with their carrying pouch.

Shop for flying discs.

22. Mints

Moments arise throughout the workday when having a mint handy can be a lifesaver! Using mint tins as promotional swag is a thoughtful way to solve a genuine business problem while marketing your services. You can keep several tins with you when meeting with potential customers, leave them on desktops when you visit clients, and even drop them on the table after business lunches for a quick freshen-up.

Shop for mints.

23. Lip Balm

Chapped lips can find relief in affordable swag when you stamp your information on lip balm tubes. Though these items are small, the compact cylinder shape provides plenty of space for a logo and contact information. In addition, you can select fun flavors that make the experience even more enjoyable for your clients and colleagues. A tube of branded lip balm fits nicely in a swag bag or cup and makes a thoughtful item to have on hand for customer meetings.

Shop for lip balm.


Cheap swag items are a practical way to market your company without breaking the bank. If you think of your swag as a functional item and a calling card all in one, then you can imagine situations in which having swag to hand out provides opportunities for memorable interactions. With so many possibilities for items that make sense for your clientele, you can create space in your advertising budget to include gifts and gadgets that are both fun and useful.

You can also tap into swag bag and care package ideas when deciding how to offer associates your branded items.

FAQ: Cheap promotional items

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about cheap promotional items and swag.

What are some good cheap promotional items?

Some good cheap promotional items are reusable nylon tote bags, phone stands, water bottles, and ballpoint pens. These inexpensive gadgets become a powerful vehicle for getting your company’s name into clients’ hands by adding your business information to the surface or design.

How do I find cheap swag?

You can find cheap swag at online outlets like Idea Stage, 24-Hour Wristbands, 4Imprint, and Discount Mugs. These sites offer a variety of customizable items, with a range of styles and price points in each category to help you find workable options for your budget.

What are some low-budget swag ideas?

Some low-budget swag ideas include magnets, pens, and keychains, all of which you can purchase in large quantities and store easily, thanks to their smaller sizes. For larger low-budget swag ideas, tumblers, flying disks, and can cozies make fun, eye-catching items to give to clients and customers.

Does swag need to be expensive to be effective?

Swag does not need to be expensive to be effective as long as the items are attractive and useful. Having your logo and business information printed on your swag provides an inexpensive stock of promotional materials to keep on hand for any marketing opportunities that arise.

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