25 Client Entertainment Ideas in Los Angeles, CA

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles, California.

Client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles are fun activities and lively destinations where you can meet your clients outside the regular work environment. For example, you can reserve a venue at The Line Hotel, have cocktails at The Association, or tour the San Antonio Winery. The purpose of these ideas is to provide inspiration for entertainment that can foster business relations and will not bore your guests.

These ideas are similar to group adult activities in Los Angeles and LA corporate events.

This list includes:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles
  • client appreciation event venues in Los Angeles
  • places to bring clients in Los Angeles
  • client meeting spaces in Los Angeles

Here we go!

List of client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles

The kind of entertainment you plan for your guests in Los Angeles will go a long way in creating an excellent impression. From playing a game on the Wilson Golf Course to exploring Griffith Observatory, here are the best ways to entertain your clients in the city.

1. Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt (Top Choice)

Your team can unlock fascinating stories of art and culture with the Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt through The Getty!

This experience features the following:

  • 90 minutes with an expert host to guide you through the museum
  • tasks and activities that promote participation
  • friendly competition to earn points
  • stories about captivating worlds of art and culture
  • activities that help participants experience art and artifacts in new ways

In addition, entry to the museum is included in the cost of the experience. To immerse your team in a unique cultural world, be sure to check out this scavenger hunt!

Learn more about the Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

Mix n’ Mingle is a unique networking event that relies on innovative techniques to create authentic conversations. With this experience, you can forge meaningful connections with colleagues and foster collaboration.

Features of Mix n’ Mingle:

  • 90 minutes facilitated by an experienced professional
  • icebreakers that initiate engaging conversations and connections
  • group discussions and collaborative challenges
  • shared interests, common goals, and diverse viewpoints

Best of all, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the needed materials. If you are looking to expand your corporate network in a unique, facilitated environment, then be sure to check out Mix n’ Mingle.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

Guacamole making competition

During The Great Guac Off, colleagues compete against each other in a friendly and flavorful guacamole-making competition! Teams will learn new collaboration skills during this high-energy experience.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • engaging warm-up games and icebreakers
  • avocado-based trivia and mini-games
  • tasty guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • a guacamole-making competition and a judging round

In addition, we will meet you at your event space with all the needed supplies. This energetic experience is a fantastic way to foster strong connections while having fun and enjoying delicious snacks.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Rosen Karaoke by Pharaoh

Rosen Karaoke by Pharaoh is among the best places to bring clients in Los Angeles. The karaoke lounge features up-to-date technology, an excellent sound system, and thousands of songs to play. Also, about 20 private rooms with stunning interior designs are available in the lounge.

The venue has a vibrant atmosphere, making any day or night fun for your guests. Rosen Karaoke serves a variety of beverages, ranging from soju and wines to beer and soft drinks. You can also enhance your guests’ experience with the Korean food options on the menu. Your karaoke session will last two hours.

Learn more about Rosen Karaoke by Pharaoh.

5. The Blending Lab

The Blending Lab is a local winery offering scheduled classes where guests can learn the nitty-gritty of wine blending. Your 90-minute experience will start with a guided tasting of three wines selected from The Blending Lab’s rotating menu. Available add-ons include a stemless wine glass, bottle opener, additional lab kit, and an extra bottle of your blend.

You and your client will have a great time learning how to describe your favorite wines while creating a unique blend. If you have more spare time, then you can further enjoy a tasting flight at the winery.

Learn more about The Blending Lab.

6. Exchange LA

Exchange LA is a vibrant space in Los Angeles that functions as a nightclub and event venue. The nightclub features more than five full-service bars, rental rooms, and state-of-the-art amenities. The venue also hosts entertaining events like Bass Jackers, Borgore, Vicetone, and Yultron. You will find an updated list of upcoming events on Exchange LA’s official site.

Hosting an event at Exchange LA will give your clients a taste of Los Angeles’ nightlife. VIP rooms are also available for private reservations.

Learn more about Exchange LA.

7. City Spa

City Spa is one of the best client appreciation event venues in Los Angeles. The center offers luxurious services that will make your guests’ day. Plus, a restaurant serving exotic dishes is available within the facility.

The spa is accessible on most weekdays and provides amenities like a yoga room, ice-cold plunge, gym, pool, and saunas to enrich your experience. A visit to City Spa will be worth your client’s time, whether you visit the Salt Sauna for halotherapy or treat your guests to a tasty meal at the cafe.

Learn more about City Spa.

8. Demi Lauren Studios

Demi Lauren Studios hosts fun paint-and-sip events that your clients will love. Since the events run as a BYOB, you can come along with a selection of your clients’ favorite bottles. Your entire experience at the studio will take more than two hours. During the session, a professional will guide your group through a detailed process of making your artistic creations.

Your reservation will include the needed art supplies. The studio also offers weekly classes with themes like Paint with Parker, Wine Wednesdays, and Thirsty Thursdays. Aside from returning home with beautiful artwork, your client will have fun dancing and chatting during the event.

Learn more about Demi Lauren Studios.

9. Foodstory Cooking Classes

Foodstory offers traditional cooking classes in Los Angeles, ideal for small parties. Depending on your reserved session, the experience can include a fun market tour. The classes are available with different menus, including Ramen Rundown, Japanese Bar Foods, and Nigiri Sushi.

In the Japanese Cooking 101 workshop, you will learn about Japanese cuisine, including traditional knife skills, ingredients, and seasonings available in Los Angeles. You can also host a private workshop for your clients with a special menu customized for your event. Foodstory provides an exceptional culinary experience sure to leave your guest impressed. A session will last three to four hours.

Learn more about Foodstory Cooking Classes.

10. XLanes

Bowling at XLanes is one of the fun client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles. You can locate the bowling alley in downtown Los Angeles. Each lane in this venue can accommodate up to six guests.

XLanes is also a great place to enjoy the city’s nightlife and create a memorable experience for your guests. The center features state-of-the-art amenities and side attractions like video games, quality billiard tables, and virtual dart machines. If you reserve a VIP room, then you will have exclusive access to four or six lanes.

XLanes offers more than 80 arcade games and private karaoke rooms with updated songs. Your clients will have an excellent time bowling on the high-tech lanes or singing in a private room. The center also serves excellent American grub to maximize your guests’ experience.

Learn more about XLanes.

11. Griffith Observatory

You can take your clients for a fun exploration and sightseeing at Griffith Observatory. The observation conveniently sits in Griffith Park, particularly on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood. The observatory building, the public telescope, and the grounds are accessible for free.

During your visit, you can look through a telescope, explore the building’s architectural design, and enjoy the unique exhibits. Also, you can get a stunning perspective of the Hollywood Hills, the City Skyline, and the Hollywood Sign. You can also stop by the Samuel Oschin Planetarium to watch one of the shows projected daily. The observatory has a cafe, although you can also find other nearby dining areas.

Visiting Griffith Observatory will not only provide entertainment for your guest but will make the entire experience enlightening and worthwhile. Through the unique exhibitions, you can learn about moon phases, telescope evolution, tides, and ultraviolet x-rays.

Learn more about Griffith Observatory.

12. TCL Chinese Theatres

Visiting TCL Chinese Theatres is one of the VIP client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles. The cinema remains an iconic site in the city, located along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Besides the good quality movies and state-of-the-art IMAX laser projection, the cinema stands out for having a striking exterior. Also, the advanced technology and luxurious interior will enrich your guests’ viewing experience.

A VIP lounge is available with an intimate setting and a view of the Grauman’s Ballroom. You can further entertain your client by booking a 30-minute VIP tour, which includes fun stories and a recount of the cinema’s history.

Learn more about TCL Chinese Theatres.

13. The Association

The Association is a perfect spot to bring your clients for a luxurious cocktail experience. The lounge offers party packages you can use to surprise your guests. With the “Pop The Champagne Package,” your booking will include celebratory sparklers and an assortment of mini cupcakes. In addition, your clients can try a selection of tequilas or whiskeys in the “Around the World” tasting experience.

The Association provides the perfect setting to interact with your clients and chat over glasses of balanced cocktails. You can take a cocktail class lasting one hour. During the session, you will learn about the history and use of spirits in cocktails, including bar basics and tools. Your group size, reserved day, time, and drink package will determine the total pricing.

Learn more about The Association.

14. Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus is an attraction that will keep your clients hooked. The destination features an arcade with games like Ms. Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and Killer Queen.

You can also visit the VR arena featuring adventures like Hologate, Birdly, Reiko’s Fragment, and Hyperdeck. At the Story Room, your clients will have an immersive “escape room” experience while performing surgeries, navigating spaceships, or even looting dragons. The center has a bar and cafe where you can get your desired carnival treats.

Several packages are available, each featuring Bonus Bits that you can use to purchase food or play more games.

Learn more about Two Bit Circus.

15. San Antonio Winery

Tasting wines at San Antonio Winery is one of the fun entertainment in Los Angeles. The family-owned business offers guided tours that cover a recount of the winery’s history within 30 minutes.

You can also reserve a tasting experience and enjoy a selection of red, white, sweet, and sparkling wines. The experience is reservable in a VIP option, which includes a tour, a dedicated steward to guide you, and a private space for you and your guests. The winery provides client meeting spaces in Los Angeles and can help you customize a private event to your client’s taste. Event spaces with different settings are available in San Antonio Winery.

Learn more about San Antonio Winery.

16. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has about 35 million artifacts and specimens that reflect different historical times. You can take your clients on a fascinating tour to experience 4.5 billion years of history in minutes or hours.

The museum provides an environment where you can discover nature and science in the most fun way. You will find the Sarah Meeker Jensen Pond, an area ideal for bird watching and exploring native plants. The area also features shaded rocks where you can relax and chat. The museum organizes a dinosaur show lasting 15 minutes. After the fun exploration, you can stop for grabs at NHM Grill.

Learn more about Natural History Museum.

17. World of Illusions

World of Illusions is one of the best places to bring clients in Los Angeles. The destination features popular culture-inspired exhibits that will puzzle your client’s mind and make your experience interactive. Depending on your ticket, you can explore The Museum of Illusions, Giant’s House, and the Upside Down House. You will experience a flipping version of the world in the Upside Down House.

Additionally, the museum offers a VIP experience where a designated photographer will guide you around the exhibits while taking fun pictures. in the end, you and your clients will receive special gifts. You can locate World of Illusions in the center of Hollywood, next to the Highland Metro Station.

Learn more about World of Illusions.

18. Wilson Golf Course

Wilson Golf Course is one of the longest courses in Los Angeles, measuring over 7,000 yards. The course features 18 holes and a slope rating of 125. Plus, professionals are available on-site to give instructions if your clients need guidance. You will find entertaining facilities at the location, like a banquet room, restaurant, and snack bar. After a game, you and your guests can stop for a drink at a cocktail bar located within the course.

Your guests will have a fantastic time playing golf on Wilson Course. The green sits in the heart of Griffith Park, near the Griffith Park Observatory and Los Angeles Zoo. Therefore, you can conveniently extend the entertainment to include a visit to these areas.

Learn more about Wilson Golf Course.

19. Dodger Stadium Tours

Located in the Elysian Park neighborhood, Dodger Stadium is one of the city’s attractions that offers an exciting tour for interested parties. During the 90-minute experience, you and your guests will visit several areas, including the Vin Scully Press Box, the center field plaza, and the World Series Trophies.

You can also reserve an exclusive tour on a game day. Before the game starts, a guide will lead you through the Club Level Memorabilia Hall and the Dodger Dugout AR Experience. Also, your clients will get to witness the Dodger’s practice session. Other experiences offered include Photoshoot Sessions, Botanic Garden Tours, and Clubhouse Tours.

Learn more about Dodger Stadium Tours.

20. The Line Hotel

One of the VIP client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles is to make a reservation at The Line Hotel. The hotel has luxurious facilities, including a pool, minibar, fitness center, and The Garden by Apothékary. Also, you will find many spaces on-site that are ideal for client appreciation events.

You can socialize and relax on the pool deck or seat your guests at the Gramercy Garden for a private event. In addition, the Breakroom 85 venue features several karaoke suites and a dance floor. From fantastic nightlife to fine dining areas and relaxing spaces, The Line Hotel has unique offerings to give your client the best experience. Also, VIP service is readily available for pets, including bowls, homemade treats, and beds for your clients’ canine companions.

Learn more about The Line Hotel.

21. YouRaceLA

Located minutes from Los Angeles, YouRaceLA is among the best places to entertain your clients. The center provides facilities for you and your guest to enjoy an adrenaline-boosting ride, regardless of your skill level.

If your clients are big motorsport fans, then you can reserve the Competition Course, customizable to suit your clients. During the training session, a professional will explain driving techniques and vehicle dynamics in detail.

Catering and hospitality suites are available add-ons to enhance your experience. With various racing experiences and professionals on-site, you can rest assured that your clients will have a blast at YouRaceLA.

Learn more about YouRaceLA.

22. Malibu Riders

Malibu Riders offers horseback trail rides around scenic spots in Los Angeles, including famous filming grounds. The guided experience is great for both veteran and beginner riders.

The ride can take one to two hours. Also, you can choose from several packages, each offering a unique perspective of Los Angeles. The Zuma Canyon ride is relaxing and will take you through the Santa Monica mountains. You can extend the experience to include ocean views for an added fee. Also, the host allows riders to bring cameras and capture all the beautiful moments.

Before or after your ride, you can treat your clients to a good meal or drink at The Old Place, Cornell Winery, Spruzzo Italian, or Malibu Cafe. These dining areas are close to the ride’s location.

Learn more about Malibu Riders.

23. EightyTwo

EightyTwo is a 21+ arcade bar and a great spot to enjoy the city’s nightlife on Mondays through Thursdays. The center provides an extensive list of arcade and pinball games, from Star Wars and Galage to Ice Cold Beer and Dr. Mario.

EightyTwo is among the client appreciation event venues in Los Angeles, with a full-service bar serving a rotating selection of fine spirits, beer, and wine. You can seat your guest on the patio and enjoy craft cocktails with your favorite garnishes. If you schedule your visit during nighttime, then you can enjoy a funky DJ performance. The bar’s seating is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more about EightyTwo.

24. Good Dirt LA

Good Dirt LA is a pottery studio in Los Angeles featuring an intimate setting where you and your clients can explore your creativity. In the private group class, you will learn the process of wheel-throwing and creating your pottery pieces. Your booking will cover the needed supplies and firing.

The class is accessible to guests at any skill level and will last two hours. Making pottery at Good Dirt LA serves as an entertainment and skill-building opportunity. Moreover, your clients get to take the artwork home, which will always serve as a reminder of the fun experience. Your pottery piece will be ready for pick-up weeks after the session.

Learn more about Good Dirt LA.

25. AxeVentures

Throwing axes at AxeVentures is one of the exciting client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles. Your clients will have a great time at the venue, with axe-cellent coaches available to provide instructions. Although the center does not serve food, you can order or come along with tasty meals and beverages to entertain your guest.

Axeventures will provide everything you need for a successful event, from axes to expert coaches who will ensure your guest have a fun experience. You should plan to spend up to 90 minutes during your event. In addition, the center is wheelchair accessible.

Learn more about AxeVentures.


Los Angeles occupies an important place in the country’s film and television industry. The city is more than just the iconic Hollywood Sign. From exciting nightlife and food scenes to world-class bars and entertainment spots, Los Angeles has everything you need to impress your clients. Plus, many of these entertainments can leave your guest equipped with a new skill, whether in cooking, racing, or tasting wines like a pro. Los Angeles is beautiful, and you can catch a glimpse of the city’s view from different destinations, including Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica mountains.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles, California

Here are answers to questions about client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles.

What are the best client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles?

The best client entertainment ideas in Los Angeles include reserving a cocktail class at The Association, watching a movie at TCL Chinese Theatres, touring Dodger Stadium, painting at Demi Lauren Studios, and exploring the World of Illusions.

How do you entertain clients in LA?

First, you should understand your clients and know the kind of entertainment your guests will enjoy. Then, you can research the best areas within Los Angeles, providing the type of entertainment you have on your list. You should also consider your clients’ special needs before making plans, including any dietary requirements, allergies, or even sound sensitivity.

What are some good places to take clients in Los Angeles?

Good places to take clients in Los Angeles are The Blending Lab, Wilson Golf Course, The Association, City Spa, Good Dirt LA, San Antonio Winery, and Two Bit Circus.

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