23 Top Client Entertainment Ideas in Milwaukee, WI

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

You found our list of the best client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee are fun activities to do in the city with clients. For example, wine tastings, corporate dinners, cook-offs, and ice cream parties. The purpose of these activities is to strengthen relationships with customers, increase customer loyalty, and show clients gratitude for continuous collaboration.

These ideas are helpful for team building in Milwaukee, company outing ideas in Milwaukee, and Milwaukee group activities.

This article covers:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee
  • client appreciation event venues in Milwaukee
  • places to bring clients in Milwaukee
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List of client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee

Here is our list of client entertainment activities to do in Milwaukee and the surrounding area.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Top Choice)

You can spice up your team’s next team building experience with The Great Guac Off! This experience brings colleagues together in a friendly competition to showcase their guacamole-making skills.

This thrilling experience includes:

  • a 90-minute session with an experienced facilitator
  • premium ingredients for the guacamole and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to challenge participants
  • exciting icebreakers, avocado trivia, and mini-games
  • high-energy guacamole-making session and judging round

Best of all, we will bring the ingredients straight to your venue. The Great Guac Off enhances teamwork, communication, and friendly competition. This mouthwatering team building activity guarantees an unforgettable experience!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Staff Favorite)

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a classic team building activity with an innovative twist. This engaging fun keeps the whole team entertained and involved!

During Ultimate Trivia Showdown, you can expect:

  • 90 minutes of interactive entertainment guided by a talented host
  • unique trivia questions across a range of categories
  • exciting games like Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia and The Champion Challenge
  • optional trivia customization for a personalized experience
  • novel games, puzzles, and question rounds

To simplify planning, we will meet you at your preferred venue with all the necessary materials. Trivia allows each player to shine while promoting collaboration and bonding within your group. So consider going on this high-energy adventure with Ultimate Trivia Showdown!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

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3. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

With Mix n’ Mingle, you can immerse yourself in a transformative networking function. Your team can engage in activities that ignite meaningful conversations and cultivate lasting bonds.

Mix n’ Mingle includes the following features:

  • a 90-minute session with a talented host
  • thoughtful warm-ups and icebreakers that help start conversations
  • collaborative group challenges to spark team discussions
  • shared goals, common interests, and unique perspectives

We can host this experience at any location you choose, and we will meet you there with the needed supplies. With Mix n’ Mingle, you will have a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and enhance collaboration.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

4. Gilles Frozen Custard

Gilles Frozen Custard is one of the most exciting places to bring clients in Milwaukee. You can comfortably host several clients for an interactive ice cream sampling party. It is a good idea for the host to set up a sundae bar to make the ice cream more appealing and delicious. This bar can include a variety of nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, and fruits.

Ice cream parties are some of the best ways to cool off during hotter months and a great way to socialize with clients and get to know them better. The ice cream menu at Gilles Frozen Custard has a wide variety to accommodate different tastes and preferences. Whether clients have health issues or are watching what they eat, this facility provides plenty of healthy options like low-sugar ice cream.

When scheduling this event, planners should note that the ice cream shop closes every Tuesday.

Learn more about Gilles Frozen Custard.

5. The Village Cheese Shop

Tasty treats are one of the best ideas for having fun with clients. Clients can try various cheese dishes and Italian menus at the Village Cheese Shop. The staff are very knowledgeable about cheese products and can guide your clients.

The shop prides itself on over 80 selections of artisan cheeses. Clients can also shop for take-home souvenirs.

This cheese shop has plenty of alternatives, including selected meat cuts, wines, and beers that go well with the European menu.

Learn more about The Village Cheese Shop.

6. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Wine tastings are some of the best social ideas for clients. Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant is a nice-looking and comfortable venue to host tasting events. The restaurant has a designated room for tastings, usually available without a reservation.

A wine attendant will guide your clients in sampling several selections of wines. Clients can learn exciting facts about wine and enjoy the different flavors. This activity is an excellent way for hosts to identify clients’ favorite wines and include those brands when sending personal gifts.

Learn more about Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant.

7. Milwaukee Public Market

The Milwaukee Public Market is a fascinating place to hold food tours. The vendors at this food market have seasonal and all-year-round specialties. The food is high quality, and vendors maintain high hygiene standards. The products include some of the best artisan and ethnic products.

Your clients can indulge in seafood, meats, fruits, and sweets. In addition, the host can book the clients for a cooking class. The guests can learn lifelong skills from these classes, like healthy meal-prepping.

Learn more about Milwaukee Public Market.

8. Wisconsin State Fair Park

The Wisconsin State Fair Park is among the leading client appreciation event venues in Milwaukee. The space is suitable for retreats, exhibitions, and camping. This park is also close to other major attractions in the city that clients may be happy to visit, such as American Family Field. In addition, the guests can access WiFi and can bring pets.

The park has many recreational activities. For instance, invitees can engage in camping, agricultural tours, and scooter races. Visitors can also hire wagons, scooters, strollers, or wheelchairs at a rental facility within the park.

Among the outstanding features of Wisconsin State Fair Park is the air-conditioned baby care center. This amenity encourages inclusivity, and nursing mothers can participate in client events without worrying much about their children.

Learn more about Wisconsin State Fair Park.

9. Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum is one of the best spaces to bring clients. The museum has a collection of over four million artifacts and specimens representing different departments, such as history, geology, and botany.

The museum tours are highly educational. From informational materials and exhibitions, clients will learn fascinating facts about culture, traditions, and history. In addition, the educational programs at the museum can inspire the clients to promote sustainability measures for the world’s natural resources.

Learn more about Milwaukee Public Museum.

10. Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center

Golf is one of the most fun ways to have a great time with clients. The Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center has state-of-art golf simulators to enable clients to enjoy a golf game despite the weather. Newbies and folks who want to improve their golf skills can benefit from the facility’s golf lessons. The center hosts weekly leagues that the public can join or watch. The Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center has a friendly atmosphere and is a great place to hold parties. This center has a full-service bar for clients to enjoy their favorite drinks.

Clients can bring their own clubs and balls or borrow from the facility.

Learn more about Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center.

11. Avalon Atmospheric Theater

Taking clients to a movie night is a great way to end a busy day. The Avalon Atmospheric Theater is among the best entertainment centers in Milwaukee. You can reserve tickets for scheduled movies at the facility or online. Or hosts can create a private movie event and choose preferred films.

The facility has an exciting snack menu that includes pizzas, gourmet popcorn, and chicken wings. Hosts can send clients a soft copy of the day’s menu and then ask clients to order beforehand to avoid waiting too long for the snacks to be served.

Learn more about Avalon Theater.

12. Marcus Performing Arts Center

The Marcus Performing Arts Center is among the best client meeting spaces in Milwaukee. The center’s mission is to bring premium-quality art- and cultural-based programs to the community. This facility offers some of the best entertainment in the region. As part of the War Memorial, Marcus Performing Arts Center aims to honor the heroes who served the country.

Clients can enjoy diverse performances this facility hosts, for instance, ArtsConnect, MPAC Presents, and KidZ Days. These programs are educational and engaging. Clients can also get a chance to watch famous international performing artists.

Learn more about Marcus Performing Arts Center.

13. Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Corporate brunches are among the most social functions to hold. These events give guests a conducive environment to interact. In addition, inviting your clients to share a meal is a hospitable gesture to communicate how much you appreciate them.

The Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is one of the leading VIP client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee. This facility has several lavish restaurants and bars for guests to dine and drink. In addition, the casino hosts several games, including poker, Bingo, and table games. Guests who love betting can engage in off-track betting and several promotions available at the casino.

learn more about Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

14. Veloce Speedway

If you want your clients to have a memorable experience, then try go-karting at Veloce Speedway. This indoor facility has some of the safest, fastest, and most advanced electric karts.

At Veloce, you can rent and drive the karts leisurely or compete against one another. New racers get a briefing to understand more about go-kart racing before engaging in a drive. The hosts can make reservations for a private party or opt for available packages. The facility also has meeting spaces where hosts can hold special events with clients.

Learn more about Veloce Speedway.

15. Jewish Museum Milwaukee

The Jewish Museum of Milwaukee is one of the best attractions in the city. Touring this Jewish museum can be engaging. Clients interact with the Jewish culture, history, and tradition and explore how these aspects relate to the community in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The museum’s displays include interactive components, including the Art of Siona Benjamin. Clients can tour the museum, shop for gifts from the unique collection, or visit the information desk to learn more about Milwaukee’s Jewish community.

Learn more about Jewish Museum Milwaukee.

16. Braise Culinary School

The Braise Culinary School is well-known for its amazing cooking classes. Each culinary student must reserve their slot by purchasing a ticket. Group classes are also available, and the students may need to co-share the meal preparation space. Clients can acquire skills such as making classic sauces, preparing Italian menus, and knife skills.

At Braise, you can also host large group cocktails at the bar, a dining experience at the restaurants, or an outdoor meeting with clients at the rooftop garden and deck.

Learn more about Braise Culinary School.

17. Transfer Pizzeria Cafe

Transfer Pizzeria Cafe is the best place to have pizza in Milwaukee. The cafe specializes in pizza and offers varieties like garlic, traditional, and vegetable pizzas. In addition, the cafe cares about folks with allergies and offers gluten-free options, and omits dairy products and nuts from garlic and pesto sauces.

The host can organize a dine-in experience or a private party. This facility’s dining rooms and bar are spacious and comfortable. Live music is usually available, and guests can enjoy a range of performances, from vocals to jazz.

Learn more about Transfer Pizzeria Cafe.

18. American Family Field

The American Family Field is one of the largest sports arenas in Milwaukee and is a great place to watch live baseball. This field can host big and small events, having a seating capacity of over 40,000.

The American family field offers different tours year-round. This facility is also the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Clients can have a brewers tour, happy hour, or a beer-tasting session at this facility.

Learn more about American Family Field.

19. Lynden Sculpture Garden

The Lynden sculpture garden is among Milwaukee’s best attractions. This facility aims at promoting fun and appreciating art. You can invite folks for a leisure walk at this destination. The clients can enjoy the intriguing sculptures by talented artists like Alexander Archipenko, Barbara Hepworth, and Clement Meadmore.

The Lynden Sculpture Garden holds several community-based outreaches to educate the public. This garden also embraces sustainable practices, for instance, in its construction and landscaping, and may inspire your clients to be more earth-friendly.

Learn more about Lynden Sculpture Garden.

20. Bradford Beach

Bradford Beach is a well-maintained and clean beach where you can invite your clients to participate in engaging sports. It is a great idea to include a mix of active and passive games to cater to different types of clients. For example, you can include beach volleyball, tug of war, and spikeball in your programs. Clients can also stroll, swim or bask by the lake. The main idea for these activities is for teams to interact with clients while enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and nature.

Learn more about Bradford Beach.

21. Mason Street Grill

The Mason Street Grill is one of the top VIP client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee. This facility has some of the best steaks in the city. The host can reserve a table for a meal or cocktails. When hosting large groups, hiring a private dining room is most convenient. The Mason Street Grill has several dining rooms hosting up to 70 folks.

This facility has an appetizing menu, including sandwiches, main courses, and desserts. Clients can also enjoy different drinks from the bar menu and wine list. This eatery’s friendly staff and atmosphere ensure that clients enjoy their stay.

Learn more about Mason Street Grill.

22. NorthSouth Club

Axe throwing is a favorite game for most folks, and clients will likely enjoy this fun activity. The NorthSouth Club provides a safe environment for players to compete in ax throwing. The host can reserve a private event or book multiple lanes for clients. The NorthSouth’s axe masters and ShufflePros can help your clients learn the art of axe throwing and compete. The facility is handicap accessible, and clients are welcome to play or watch.

Learn more about NorthSouth Club.

23. Bay View Bowl

The Bay View Bowl is one of the best places to visit in Milwaukee. This facility is popular for its rich history and modern amenities. The Bay View Bowl has 12 wooden lanes and offers bumpers, automatic scoring, and evening glow bowling. The hosts may have to consult the schedules to book daily special games or reserve a private event.

The Bay View Bowl has a full-service bar that offers drinks like cocktails, beers, and wines. Food is available, and your clients can also sample the appetizers and pizzas at affordable prices.

Players can enjoy games at this facility, including darts, pool, and a jukebox.

Learn more about Bay View Bowl.


Milwaukee is rich with attractive places and fun activities. From bowling to cocktails and corporate brunches, hosts have no shortage of client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee. These fun social activities can help companies to build engagement with clients, entertain guests, and prompt word-of-mouth marketing.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee.

What are the best client entertainment ideas in Milwaukee, WI?

Some of the best ideas for client entertainment are:

  • Movie nights
  • Comedy shows
  • Brunches
  • Food tours
  • Museum visits
  • Nature walk

Hosts can specialize in one activity or combine several fun ideas to engage their customers.

How do you entertain clients in Milwaukee?

Including fun activities in the program helps to ensure that clients enjoy the event. For example, fine dining experiences, competitive games and sports, and educational tours encourage learning and socializing.

What are some good places to take clients in Milwaukee?

Some great places to take clients in Milwaukee include:

  • Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center
  • Transfer Pizzeria Cafe
  • Avalon Theater
  • Mason Street Grill
  • Bradford Beach
  • Gilles Frozen Custard
  • The Village Cheese Shop
  • Marcus Performing Arts Center
  • Veloce Speedway
  • Milwaukee Public Market
  • Jewish Museum Milwaukee

These facilities offer engaging activities and events to entertain clients.

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