Updated: July 12, 2023

25 Top Client Entertainment Ideas in Sacramento, CA

Here is our list of the best client entertainment ideas in Sacramento, California.

Client entertainment ideas in Sacramento are fun experiences outside the work environment that provides clients an amazing time. For example, touring the California Museum, throwing axes at Smash Sacramento, and having fun at Social Nightclub. The purpose of these ideas is to provide unique ways to learn more about your clients while demonstrating your commitment to customers.

These experiences are similar to corporate outings in Sacramento and ways to entertain groups in Sacramento and merit a mention in books on customer experience.

This list includes:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in Sacramento
  • client appreciation event venues in Sacramento
  • places to bring clients in Sacramento
  • client meeting spaces in Sacramento

Let’s get started!

List of client entertainment ideas in Sacramento

Sacramento offers many events and experiences you can use to celebrate existing clients or impress potential customers. From dining at Firehouse Restaurant to bowling at Country Club Lanes, here are fun ideas for entertaining clients in the city.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Top Choice)

Teams looking for an exciting guacamole-themed team building experience should add The Great Guac Off to their agenda! Participants will go head-to-head in a spirited dip-making contest.

The Great Guac Off features the following:

  • 90 minutes with highly experienced facilitators
  • entertaining avocado trivia, facts, and mini-games
  • delicious ingredients to make guacamole and chips for dipping
  • an optional secret ingredient to challenge the participants
  • a high-energy guacamole mash-off and judging round

In addition, we can host this event at any location you choose, and we will bring all the needed supplies. Overall, The Great Guac Off fosters creativity, collaboration, and friendly competition.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Best for Networking)

Networking is vital in any business, and Mix n’ Mingle transforms this gathering into an enjoyable team building experience! Skilled facilitators will guide participants through engaging activities that foster meaningful connections.

Here is what you can expect:

  • a 90-minute session led by a talented host
  • thoughtfully designed icebreakers to initiate conversations
  • innovative exercises that promote strong bonds
  • collaborative group challenges and discussions

Further, we will provide all the necessary materials at the venue of your choice. To create an environment that enhances relationships, consider Mix n’ Mingle!

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

3. Espionage! (Popular)

espionage banner

Your team can go on a thrilling undercover spy mission with Espionage! Teams will put their deductive reasoning skills to the test as they solve intricate puzzles and uncover hidden identities.

This experience includes the following:

  • a 90-minute session guided by an exceptional host
  • undercover groups of agents and spies
  • classified identities and intriguing narratives
  • challenging word searches, code scrambles, and scavenger hunts
  • strategic thinking and engaging group discussions

Moreover, we will bring all the necessary equipment to your chosen venue. If you are searching for a team building experience that fosters connections among your staff, be sure to explore Espionage!

Learn more about Espionage!

4. William Land Golf Course

Visiting the William Land Golf Course is one of the best client entertainment ideas in Sacramento. You can start a golf league with your clients. Also, there is an opportunity to request a golf lesson if you and your guests wish to improve your game.

After an exhilarating round, you can stop by Mulligan’s Patio Cafe for a meal. While dining, your clients will enjoy scenic views of the first fairway. William Land Golf hosts a special event called “Music on the Green.” The experience will last two hours and usually runs monthly on a Thursday. You can enhance your clients’ golfing experience by booking a tournament. The golf club will help you plan your event and ensure you have a rewarding experience.

Learn more about William Land Golf Course.

5. Scandia Fun Center

Scandia Fun Center is an amusement park with many attractions that will make your day lively. During your visit, you and your clients can play a game on any of the two miniature golf courses. You can also immerse yourselves in several batting cages available on-site.

Scandia Fun Center offers adrenaline-boosting rides like Sky Screamer, Landlap Landslide, Swedish Scrambler, and Norway Fuller. Also, you can always stop for a bite at The Scandia Grill or Olga’s Kitchen. The park is an excellent destination for hosting a picnic with clients. Your reservation will cover everything you need for a successful event, from catering to set up and clean up. You can also request picnic games and clowns to enrich the entertainment.

Learn more about Scandia Fun Center.

6. Sauced BBQ and Spirits

Sauced BBQ and Spirits serves the Sacramento area as a lively restaurant and entertainment spot. Besides delectable menu options, the restaurant also provides ax-throwing facilities to make the best of guests’ visits. You and your clients can enjoy a 75-minute game before or after having your meal. However, you have to make reservations for dinner and ax-throwing separately.

Pending your ax-throwing reservation, you are free to dine and enjoy craft cocktails using the tables close to the lanes. The restaurant will dedicate a server to attend to your client’s needs. Additionally, you can only throw with the axes provided on-site.

Learn more about Sauced BBQ and Spirits.

7. Laugh Unlimited Comedy Club

Laugh Unlimited Comedy Club is among the liveliest places to bring clients in Sacramento. The venue’s stage often showcases famous and upcoming comedians, including Marcus Mangham, Erin Darling, Carlos Rodriguez, and Anthony K.

The showroom features general admission seating. Therefore, you should arrive at the venue early to guarantee sitting together with your clients. Each guest must purchase at least two menu items during the event. You can also test how funny you are by signing up for an open mic performance, usually on the first and third Tuesdays.

In addition, you can rent the bar area for a private event with an occupancy capacity of around 60 guests. Plus, the center is willing to give you and your clients exclusive access to any comedy show during your event.

Learn more about Laugh Unlimited Comedy Club.

8. Country Club Lanes

Country Club Lanes is a favorite entertainment destination for many residents and tourists in Sacramento. The center has several bowling lanes open to the public. You can also take advantage of the special weekly offerings to create fun memories with your client. On Thursday nights, visitors will enjoy unlimited blowing for as little as $20 per person. Also, you can experience “Glo in the Dark Bowling” on most weekdays.

The center is home to a laser tag arena accessible to players of all ages. You and your clients can also stop by the arcade lounge to play games like Crossy road, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man. This area also features “Glo in the Dark Billiards.”

You can complement your visit with the great selection of food and beverages provided in the center’s cafe.

Learn more about Country Club Lanes.

9. Cake Castle Bakery

Cake Castle Bakery makes custom cakes for various occasions in Sacramento. The store also teaches the public how to bake and decorate cakes. The lessons are accessible to participants at beginner and intermediary levels.

You can book a one-day class to learn more about working with rolled fondant. An instructor will teach you and your client techniques for using specific tools, covering cakes with rolled fondant, and creating different designs. Cake Castle Bakery also takes classes on decorating cookies in unique ways. Ultimately, you and your clients will take your creations home, including great recipes. Your booking will include all the needed baking materials.

Learn more about Cake Castle Bakery.

10. Lucid Winery and Tasting Room

Lucid Winery offers fine wines crafted from locally grown grapes. The drinks taste great and are equally free from sugar, additives, and gluten. You can treat your clients to a tasting experience in this destination on Tuesday through Sunday.

Besides wines, the winery also serves handcrafted beers and hard apple cider. Lucid Winery is among the nicest client appreciation event venues in Sacramento. The space features bars, walnut tables, wine tanks, barrels, books, and plants. Furthermore, small groups can host a non-private event without a reservation fee. On the other hand, the rental pricing for private gatherings ranges from $75 to $1,000 per hour, depending on the selected space.

Learn more about Lucid Winery and Tasting Room.

11. Sincere Ceramics

Sincere Ceramics takes fun pottery-making classes your clients will find interesting. A session is set to last 120 minutes, including instructions within the first 35 minutes. You will also learn about hand-building and sculpting techniques. Afterward, you and your clients can express your creativity by creating any piece you like.

However, you will most likely not return home with finished work the day you took the class. If you have other free time, then you can reserve a second class to fire your creation and watch demonstrations on trimming and glazing. Sincere Ceramics also offers The Blacklist, a three-hour class ideal for visitors at all skill levels. After the class, you can explore the studio’s gallery, featuring mind-blowing pieces crafted by local artists.

Learn more about Sincere Ceramics.

12. J.J. Pfister Distillery Co.

If your clients are spirit enthusiasts, then you can create a good impression by exploring the J.J. Pfister Distillery Company. You can request a tour on Saturdays and Sundays within a specific time.

The company features a tasting room that showcases award-winning spirits and craft cocktails. You can also treat your clients to fresh farm-to-table food at the distillery’s restaurant. After a hearty meal, you can further explore the J.J. Pfister Museum in the Visitors Center. The museum holds collections dating back to the early 1900s, including business records, swimsuits, and knitting needles.

Learn more about J.J. Pfister Distillery Co.

13. California Museum

California Museum is a historical institution with collections that tell stories of the state. You can book a tour to check out the exciting exhibit with your clients. The museum will provide a knowledgeable docent to guide you for an extra fee. Also, you can enjoy exclusive access to the museum if you reserve a guided tour for a minimum of 30 guests.

During your visit, you can explore the Constitutional Wall exhibit, showcasing words from the California Constitution such as “redress,” “RIGHTS,” and “assemble.” You will also find the Gold Mountain exhibit recounting how the Chinese immigrants came to the state. The Promise exhibit features a mural gorgeously designed by George Yepes. Furthermore, the museum has two event venues ideal as client meeting spaces in Sacramento.

Learn more about California Museum.

14. Candle Bar

Located in Folsom, Candle Bar is a DIY store that also serves guests from Sacramento. The store offers candle-making classes guaranteeing a fun experience for your clients. The entire session will run for 90 minutes.

After making your candles, you will place the products in the refrigerator to cure for 15 minutes. You can decide to top your candles with soy wax florets. However, your creations will take up to two weeks to cure completely. You can also bring food and wine to the venue. The class pricing is around $25 per attendee. In addition, Candle Bar usually operates on Thursdays through Sundays.

Learn more about Candle Bar.

15. Painted Cork

Painted Cork is a family-owned art studio and a great venue in Sacramento for paint-and-sip events. The studio hosts classes set to run for two to three hours. From brushes to paints and canvas, your booking will include the art supplies you and your guests need.

You do not have to be an experienced artist to attend the session. Also, the studio will provide an instructor to guide you through your project. You can explore your creativity and paint anyhow you like, with brushes or even fingers.

Depending on your preference, a professional artist can help sketch your project on a canvas before the class starts. Furthermore, you will take short breaks in between the session. You can use this time to fill your wine cups, chat with your clients, and reflect on your experience. In the end, your guests will have beautiful works to show off at home.

Learn more about Painted Cork.

16. Harlow’s

Harlow’s is one of the best places to experience Sacramento’s fantastic nightlife. You can witness must-see performances by bands like High Pulp, Fruition, Dream Girl, and Three Sacred Souls. Reserving a private booth and bottle service for a show is among the best VIP client entertainment ideas in Sacramento.

Harlow’s has a talented kitchen staff ready to take your dining to another level. You can rent a space to host a private event and create unique experiences with clients. You can also seat your guests for a drink on the patio, featuring a bar, fire pits, and comfy seats.

Learn more about Harlow’s.

17. Our Place Event Space and Kitchen

Our Place Event Space and Kitchen is one of the elegant sites to host clients in Sacramento. This venue conveniently sits in the center of the iconic Old Sacramento. You will find an outdoor courtyard with beautiful scenery in this area.

Our Place Event Space also features a self-service bar, built-in stage, and dance floor. Catering service is available on-site to deliver the best dining experience and customize the menu options to your client’s taste. Also, you will have a dedicated staff member to take care of your event details. Our Place Event Space is close to several hotels and nightlife spots in the city, including the Firehouse Restaurant.

Learn more about Our Place Event Space and Kitchen.

18. Trophy Club

Trophy Club is a favorite hangout spot where you can stop for a drink and have small talks with clients. The bar serves handcrafted cocktails with fancy garnishes and barred-aged liquor. You will also find a menu of carefully curated bites that pair well with your drinks.

This establishment can host intimate gatherings for groups having up to 50 guests. If you are not a member of Trophy Club, then you will need a password to access the building. You can be on the lookout for passwords on the bar’s social media page updated daily. Since Trophy Club conveniently sits inside Flatstick Pub, you can extend the fun to include a golf game with your guests.

Learn more about Trophy Club.

19. Sac Brew Boat

The fascinating client entertainment ideas in Sacramento include exploring the city with Sac Brew Boat. This cruise service organizes sightseeing tours along the Sacramento River. You can join other groups on a public tour stopping at The Virgin Sturgeon. You can also reserve the CycleBoat or the Tiki Boat exclusively, with the occupancy capacities varying from 16 to 18 passengers.

You and your clients will have access to the boat for 90 minutes. You can listen to your favorite hits on a Bluetooth stereo system available on board. You can also bring beverages to impress your clients. Sac Brew Boat operates daily, rain or shine.

Learn more about Sac Brew Boat.

20. Smash Sacramento

Smash Sacramento is an ax-throwing facility and rage room in the city’s downtown area. You and your clients will have access to a reserved ax-throwing lane during your visit. The center will also provide tools to throw at the bullseye, from axes and knives to spears and tomahawks. You can include target papers and balloons in your reservation.

After an exhilarating game, you can further explore the rage room. Alongside the fun, this activity will also serve as a great stress relief for your clients. The center will ensure each visitor has safety gear like face shields, gloves, and hard hats. Smash Sacramento promises a smashing time for you and your clients during your visit.

Learn more about Smash Sacramento.

21. Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo is a 14.2-acre facility and home to over 200 animal species. You can make group reservations to explore the facility for a minimum of 20 guests. Several exhibits are available on-site, providing opportunities to connect with wildlife.

The Big Cat Row is home to different jaguars, African lions, and snow leopards. You can also explore the lemurs’ habitat and watch the creatures play. Furthermore, the zoo allows visitors to interact with giraffes and take amazing pictures with the animals. You can stop for grabs at the Kampala Café or the Savannah Snacks near the Tall Wonders of Africa exhibits. You can also support the zoo by hosting your next client appreciation event in this destination. Expert staff will be available to drive your event to success.

Learn more about Sacramento Zoo.

22. There and Back Cafe

There and Back Cafe is one of the most fun places to bring clients in Sacramento. The cafe offers several board games and 15 tables for playing. You can use these tables for free or pay a rental fee if you do not plan to buy any item in the store.

You can make a reservation for games and food night on Saturday evenings. Staff members will be available to take you through a game during this event. You are free to come along with your own board game if you do not find your desired selection on the list. There and Back regularly hosts local musicians to make the cafe’s atmosphere lively for visitors. A reservation for specific events can also earn you a free drink.

Learn more about There and Back Cafe.

23. Old Sacramento Waterfront

If you want to entertain your clients with several events on the same day, then you can visit Old Sacramento Waterfront. This historic site has everything your need to impress your clients, from fun attractions to patio dining and entertainment. You can explore several museums like the Sacramento History Museum, California Automobile Museum, and Huntington & Hopkin Hardware.

You can also visit the site on a Saturday morning for a creative experience at The Atrium. You will enjoy playing the piano, exploring the gallery, and chatting with clients while sipping locally brewed kombucha. Old Sacramento Waterfront features several businesses representing the city’s food scene, from Firehouse Restaurant to Delta Bar & Grill. You can also stop by the Underground Tasting Room to expand your palate with various wines. Your clients will enjoy each minute spent at this destination.

Learn more about Old Sacramento Waterfront.

24. Social Nightclub

Social Nightclub is an interactive establishment where you can dance, relax, and create awesome memories with clients. The venue stands out in the downtown area by regularly hosting famous live bands and international DJs. You can also enjoy lovely views of Sacramento from the patio area.

Social Nightclub offers VIP services for visitors seeking an enhanced experience. You can rent a private cabana to seat your guests outdoors. You can also rent the club’s space to host intimate gatherings. Your reservation will include access to the live music stage, full-service bars, WiFi, catering, and expert staff to handle your event details. Social Nightclub also offers bottle services to make your night even more fabulous.

Learn more about Social Nightclub.

25. The Firehouse Restaurant

The Firehouse Restaurant is one of the most elegant client appreciation event venues in Sacramento. The site offers both indoor and outdoor seating based on availability. When you host an event at Firehouse Restaurant, you can expect full attention and exceptional service delivered to your clients.

Also, about five event spaces are available to give your gathering a magical touch. The Wine Cellar is great for business meetings and private gatherings. Also, the Courtyard Grill has a comfy setting and can seat up to 70 guests. After a satisfying meal, you can seize the opportunity to explore other attractions around Old Sacramento Waterfront, from museums to art galleries.

Learn more about The Firehouse Restaurant.


Sacramento has so much to see, taste, and experience. The city is home to many historical museums, gaming centers, and nightlife spots. Therefore, you will surely find an experience that suits your client’s taste in entertainment. Plus, your clients can get on board to enjoy different views of the city on the Sacramento River and the American River. Sacramento is famous for having incredible culinary scenes showcased at every corner. From fine dining to food trucks and tasting rooms, you can enjoy the city’s delicious bites in different locations. In addition, indoor and outdoor spaces are available all year round for businesses looking to host a special event for clients.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in Sacramento, California

Here are answers to questions about client entertainment ideas in Sacramento.

What are the best client entertainment ideas in Sacramento?

The best entertainment ideas for clients in Sacramento include dining at Firehouse Restaurant, bowling at Country Club Lanes, playing golf at William Land Golf Course, partying at Social Nightclub, touring the Sacramento Zoo, and having fun at Trophy Club.

How do you entertain clients in Sacramento?

You can show your clients interesting sides of Sacramento, from the fantastic food scene to the city’s wildlife. You should ensure that your chosen destination is comfortable enough to facilitate communication between you and your clients. The entertainment should also align with your client’s interests. However, if you are unsure of experiences your guest will find interesting, then you can plan for events that will let you learn more about your clients. For instance, you can chat over your favorite cocktails, share your views on museum exhibits, and taste wines.

What are some good places to take clients in Sacramento?

Good places to take clients in Sacramento are Harlow’s, Painted Cork, Cake Castle Bakery, California Museum, Sincere Ceramics, BBQ Sauce and Spirits, J.J. Pfister Distillery Co., Trophy Club, and Lucid Winery and Tasting Room.

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