21 Top Client Entertainment Ideas in San Antonio, TX

By: | Updated: December 15, 2023

Here is our list of the best client entertainment ideas in San Antonio, Texas.

Client entertainment ideas in San Antonio are unique places and venues where you can take a client in the city to show appreciation. Examples include The Dinner Detective, Buckhorn Saloon, and BarBoudro’s on the Riverwalk. The purpose of these activities is to have fun in a social setting while developing client relationships.

These experiences are similar to team outings in San Antonio and ways to entertain groups in San Antonio and are an alternative to luxury client gifting.

This list includes:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in San Antonio
  • client appreciation event venues in San Antonio
  • places to bring clients in San Antonio
  • client meeting spaces in San Antonio

Here we go!

List of client entertainment ideas in San Antonio

You will find many ways to plan engaging and dynamic entertainment for clients in San Antonio. By participating in these activities, you can create a lasting impression and establish a deeper relationship. Here are the best ways to entertain clients in San Antonio, Texas.

1. Mix n’ Mingle (Top Choice)

For teams seeking meaningful conversations and stronger workplace relationships, Mix n’ Mingle offers an immersive networking experience.

Key features of Mix n’ Mingle include:

  • 90 minutes facilitated by a skilled professional
  • thoughtfully designed icebreakers to stimulate conversations
  • group discussions and collaborative challenges to enhance teamwork
  • shared interests, common goals, and diverse perspectives

Moreover, we will meet you at your preferred venue with all the necessary supplies. Overall, Mix n’ Mingle will help you expand your corporate community.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Popular)

Ultimate Trivia Showdown puts a twist on a classic team building game! This engaging experience puts teams head-to-head in a high-energy trivia competition.

Here is what Ultimate Trivia Showdown includes:

  • 90 minutes led by an expert host
  • trivia questions in a wide variety of categories, including sports and history
  • engaging games, puzzles, and rounds of questions
  • challenges like Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia and The Champion Challenge
  • optional customization for a personalized experience

Further, we will bring all the necessary materials to your chosen venue. To help your teams utilize their teamwork and critical-thinking skills, add Ultimate Trivia Showdown to your agenda!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Team Favorite)

If you are looking for a unique avocado-themed experience that will help your teams laugh and bond, then The Great Guac Off is the perfect choice! In this high-energy experience, participants will compete head-to-head to make the best guacamole.

The Great Guac Off includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • tasty guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to challenge participants
  • engaging avocado-themed trivia, mini-games, and competitions
  • a spirited guacamole mash-off and judging round

Additionally, we will meet you at the venue of your choice with all the necessary supplies. If you are interested in fostering camaraderie and communication skills, then check out The Great Guac Off!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Painted Plate Studio

To give your clients a hands-on experience that comes with a keepsake, check out Painted Plate! At this venue, you can choose a piece of pottery and paint it with any design you like. The studio then fires your artwork, and you can return to pick up a functional project. Examples of potential projects include mugs, plates, and picture frames. You can even reserve the space for a private party. Even better, the venue allows you to BYOB!

Learn more about Painted Plate Studio.

5. Solve the Sherlock Home

If you are looking for a unique overnight stay, then check out Solve the Sherlock Home! This Victorian-style bed and breakfast features a curated mystery game that is built into the house. During this overnight experience, several guests explore the space for hidden puzzles, riddles, and clues. Players act as Sherlock Holmes, and the mystery begins with a letter left in the home by an unnamed nemesis. The puzzle takes around four hours to complete, but the BNB experience allows guests to pause and take their time to solve the game. Up to nine guests can stay overnight in this thrilling adventure house.

Learn more about Solve the Sherlock Home.

6. Ballet San Antonio

Ballet is a classy experience that your clients will love. At Ballet San Antonio, the company puts on performances like A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Nutcracker. Seeing a ballet performance is the perfect addition to a nice dinner. If you are more interested in learning the skill yourself, then you can also take ballet lessons. Courses include ballet, contemporary, and even pilates. To support the ballet directly, you can also book a table at Ballet San Antonio’s annual luncheon. Different packages are available for the lunch and include benefits like wine, tote bags, ballet tickets, and meet and greets.

Learn more about Ballet San Antonio.

7. San Antonio Fishing Guides

Texas is a hub for catching bass and crappie, and you can treat your clients to a great day on the water with San Antonio Fishing Guides! Captain Steve Nixon has over 40 years of fishing experience. The fishing boat can fit six to ten anglers, and Nixon also has a party boat for dinner cruises of up to 50 individuals. If more than ten anglers want to fish, then you can book multiple charters for the whole team. Trips include tackle, rods, reels, and ice. All you need to bring is a fishing license and snacks!

Learn more about San Antonio Fishing Guides.

8. San Antonio Food Tour

When looking for great client entertainment activities in San Antonio, check out the San Antonio Food Tour! Up to 12 guests can book the tour to learn more about the city’s food scene. The Downtown Delicacy Tour takes visitors throughout the city to enjoy Cuban sliders, Argentinian cuisine, and the signature Tex-Mex. In addition to great food, teams will enjoy learning more about the city’s history and landmarks. If you are interested in a private corporate tour, then the company can work with you to choose the number of stops and tour length. Locals and visitors alike will get a new perspective on San Antonio!

Learn more about the San Antonio Food Tour.

9. Chama Gaucha

If you are looking to impress your clients, then consider treating them to a high-quality steakhouse dinner! At Chama Guacha, diners will enjoy a traditional Brazillian steakhouse meal. In this experience, gauchos, or Brazillian cowboys, bring different cuts of meat around to each table. Then, you ask for whichever cuts of meat you would like to enjoy, and the gauchos slice it tableside. Examples of available dishes include open-flame cooked filet mignon, Cordeiro, and picanha. Alongside all the meat, clients can enjoy sides like Brazilian rice, black beans, grilled vegetables, and condiments. You can end the meal with a delicious dessert like Brazillian flan or cheesecake. For a premier experience, you can book a private experience.

Learn more about Chama Gaucha.

10. Dry Comal Creek Vineyards

A wine-tasting experience is a top choice for VIP client entertainment ideas in San Antonio. At Dry Comal Creek, tastings include five Texas wines and last 45 minutes to an hour. Examples of available wines include Cotes du Comal TX and Herbelin. Reservations are recommended to ensure you get a spot. This activity is great for small groups, as tastings are limited to teams of six. The vineyard also hosts several events, like live music and food truck nights.

Learn more about Dry Comal Creek Vineyards.

11. Buckhorn Saloon and Bar

You can bring your clients for a drink and snack at the historic Buckhorn Saloon and Bar. Legends like Teddy Roosevelt and Pancho Villa have passed through these doors. The contemporary saloon is quite similar to what these historical figures experienced, as many of the original furnishings are still in place. The bar is hand-crafted of marble and cherry wood and is remarkable. You can enjoy a locally brewed beer or a Prickly Pear Margarita, a local favorite.

If you want to make a day of the visit, then start by taking your client to one of the associated museums. The attached Buckhorn Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum offer attendees a true Texas experience and history.

Head to Buckhorn.

12. The Dinner Detective

At The Dinner Detective, you get the chance to solve a hilarious murder mystery while enjoying a delicious dinner. A fellow attendee is the culprit, and you or your client may be the prime suspect without even knowing it! This engaging and creative murder mystery dinner theatre performance has been a staple in San Antonio for decades. At The Dinner Detective, you can host your client for an evening full of intriguing and hilarious moments as you find out whodunit.

Plan a night at The Dinner Detective.

13. San Pedro Springs Park

San Pedro Springs Park is about 46 acres and was the site of a Papaya Indian village. This location was the original center of San Antonio. San Pedro Springs Park is also widely known as one of the oldest parks in America. Today, visitors enjoy swimming in the massive pool that surrounds the natural spring in the middle of the park. You can take your clients for an enjoyable afternoon cooling off in the Texas summer at San Pedro Springs Park.

Check out San Pedro Springs Park.

14. The Majestic and Empire Theatres

Two of the coolest and oldest buildings in San Antonio are home to singers, playwrights, actors, and comedians today. Both The Majestic and Empire opened before 1930, and both are on the National Register of Historic Places. Though much has changed over the decades, these theatres still entertain locals in their historic halls. You can bring your client to check out Broadway in San Antonio or any of the concerts or comedy shows that grace the stage.

Head to The Majestic and Empire Theatres.

15. San Antonio | The Saga

The Saga is one of the most unique sights to see in San Antonio. International artist Xavier de Richemont uses lights and video projection to tell the compelling story of San Antonio, Texas, and even The United States. More than 7,000 square feet of light and color along with narration cover the outside of the San Fernando Cathedral, which also happens to be the oldest cathedral in America. This 24-minute show is one of the most enthralling places to bring clients in San Antonio.

Check out San Antonio | The Saga.

16. San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden

The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. This garden is sometimes called the Sunken Gardens or Chinese Tea Gardens. Uniquely designed in an abandoned limestone quarry, the Sunken Gardens live up to their name. If you choose to visit in spring, then you and your client will get to see all the flowers in bloom. This garden gives visitors a glimpse into authentic Asian architecture and design.

Take a walk through the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden.

17. Boiler House and Texas Grille & Wine Garden

Located in the historic Pearl Brewery complex on the Riverwalk, this delicious restaurant and wine garden is a place you do not want to miss. While many restaurants have wine to go with their food, Boiler House has takeout food with an extensive wine list. Much of the menu is locally-sourced grilled options prepared in a Texas ranch style. However, the wine list steals the show. Wines from around the world are carefully chosen to pair with every dish. You can plan a special night at Boiler House to show your clients how much you appreciate them and the relationship you have built.

Head to Boiler House and Texas Grille & Wine Garden.

18. Bowl & Barrel

Bowl & Barrel combines two things many adults in America love, beer and bowling. However, at these lanes, you will not have to settle for greasy food and cheap beer. When you bring your clients to Bowl & Barrel, each participant gets the chance to bowl on clean and well-kept lanes while dining on delicious food. Also, you will find craft beer on tap. If you have a larger group, then the on-site event coordinator will help you schedule enough lanes to ensure everyone has a great time.

Check out Bowl & Barrel.

19. Boudro’s, Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk

If you are looking for an incredible restaurant right on the picturesque Riverwalk, then Boudro’s is the answer. This bistro has been a staple in San Antonio for decades. Visiting and local diners flock to Boudro’s time and time again for their unique spin on classic American favorites. Plus, Boudro’s offers some of the most beautiful client meeting spaces in San Antonio. You can choose between the ivy-lined Charles Court, the intimate Wine Cellar, the elegant Wine Room, and the historical Vault, among others. Dinner or drinks in any of these incredible rooms is an excellent way to show your client how much you appreciate them.

Head down to Boudro’s, Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk.

20. SILO 1604 Elevated Cuisine

For one of the most unique and delicious dining experiences in San Antonio, take your client to SILO. You will find creative dishes intricately prepared to delight you. You and your clients can choose between perfectly cooked prime steaks and seafood, mouthwatering sides, and an incredible drink selection. Or, you can opt to entertain your client in the bar with classic drinks and signature cocktails. Often, you will find live music in the bar. If you are looking for a location to host a special dinner, then check with the friendly staff at SILO, as they offer four different dining rooms for private parties.

Enjoy dinner or drinks at SILO 1604 Elevated Cuisine.

21. The Big Bang Bar

If you have never had a drink served with a drumstick or one with pop rocks as the main ingredient, then you have to check out The Big Bang Bar. This location is one of the most interesting bars in the city. The staff will tell you that this bar is perfect to hang out with friends and enjoy the finer things in life, like exotic drinks, live music, or a boozy brunch. Locals in the area swear by the monstrous bloody marys, but we will let you decide for yourself. The Big Bang Bar is one of the coolest places to take a client in San Antonio.

Head down to The Big Bang Bar.


San Antonio is an incredible city. Sometimes it is easy to overlook all of the unique venues and activities when you live here. However, it is not hard to find a wide variety of entertaining and exciting things to do. If you are trying to find the best client appreciation event venues in San Antonio, then you only need to around the city. You can get a drink at Buckhorn or check out the lights at The Saga.

Next, check out San Antonio team building activities and ideas for retreats in San Antonio.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in San Antonio, Texas

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about client entertainment ideas in San Antonio.

What are the best client entertainment ideas in San Antonio, TX?

The best client entertainment ideas in San Antonio are spending the day at SeaWorld learning about marine animals, going for a swim a San Pedro Springs Park, or taking the tour at Natural Bridge Caverns.

How do you entertain clients in San Antonio?

You can entertain clients in so many ways in San Antonio. For example, you can take a relaxing walk at the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. Or, take your client for delicious food and incredible wine at Boiler House and Texas Grille & Wine Garden.

What are some good places to take clients in San Antonio?

Some good places to take clients in San Antonio are the San Antonio Museum of Art or to Bracken Cave to see the Mexican free-tailed bats emerge. Each of these activities is unique to San Antonio and sure to create a lasting memory.

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