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26 Client Entertainment Ideas in Seattle, WA

Here is our list of the best client entertainment ideas in Seattle, Washington.

Client entertainment ideas in Seattle are destinations, activities, and fun events ideal for impressing clients in the city. For example, you can tour the Museum of Pop Culture, watch a Movie at Central Cinema, or take a pottery class at Saltstone Ceramics. The purpose of these ideas is to impress clients with a good time and enhance networking.

These activities are similar to company outings in Seattle and ways to entertain groups in Seattle. These experiences serve similar purposes to corporate luxury gifting.

This list includes:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in Seattle
  • client appreciation event venues in Seattle
  • places to bring clients in Seattle
  • client meeting spaces in Seattle

Let’s get started!

List of client entertainment ideas in Seattle

By entertaining your clients, you will have a chance to socialize, network, and improve your business relations. From learning to cook at Diane’s Market to having fun at Hillside bar, here are experiences your clients will enjoy in Seattle.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Top Choice)

If you are interested in a team building experience that helps teams communicate in a fast-paced environment, then check out The Great Guac Off! During this avocado adventure, participants will compete to make the best guacamole.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a talented host
  • captivating avocado mini-games, trivia, and facts
  • high-quality guacamole ingredients and chips
  • an optional secret ingredient to add a challenging element
  • a competitive guacamole-making contest and taste test

Best of all, we will bring all the needed supplies to the location of your choice. Moreover, you can tailor the trivia questions specifically for your company. So when planning your next team building event, check out The Great Guac Off!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

Mix n’ Mingle is a refreshing twist on traditional networking that unleashes creativity. Each activity in this experience aims to foster genuine conversations and cultivate strong connections.

This experience includes the following:

  • a 90-minute session led by a talented facilitator
  • icebreakers that spark genuine conversations
  • group challenges and discussions that nurture teamwork
  • shared interests, common goals, and diverse viewpoints

Additionally, we will bring all the necessary supplies to your chosen venue for a seamless experience. If you are interested in finding new ways to create strong bonds, then check out Mix n’ Mingle!

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

3. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Highly Rated)

Your team can experience a fresh take on traditional team building activities with Ultimate Trivia Showdown! These engaging games and friendly competitions will keep your entire team entertained.

Ultimate Trivia Showdown includes the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by an entertaining host
  • optional trivia customization for a personalized touch
  • unique trivia questions spanning various categories
  • original games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • a variety of games, puzzles, and question rounds

To streamline planning, we will meet you at your preferred venue with all the necessary materials. Overall, Ultimate Trivia Showdown is the perfect opportunity for each player to shine while fostering collaboration and bonding within your group.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

4. West Seattle Bowl

West Seattle Bowl is one of the most fun places to bring clients in Seattle. The bowling alley has over 30 lanes featuring automatic bumpers, with an hourly reservation priced at around $35. You can also host your client appreciation event at the center’s spacious venue, with an option to add catering to your package.

West Seattle Bowl features a lounge where you and your clients can chat over a drink. You can also treat your guests to nostalgic American foods in the downstairs seating area. The bowling alley is open to the public daily.

Learn more about West Seattle Bowl.

5. FlannelJax’s

FlannelJax’s is an ax-throwing facility and social venue in Seattle. The center has diverse ax-throwing challenges, from T-I-M-B-E-R and Four Corners to Around The World and TIC-TAC-TOE. Even if your clients are holding axes for the first time, expert lumberjacks will be readily available to take you through the sport’s basics.

Aside from throwing axes, your clients can play “Thump the Stump,” a fun game where players attempt to hammer the nails in the stump. You can also enhance your experience with “Crosscut Sawing,” where you and your client will compete with other groups to cut through a log before time runs out.

Learn more about FlannelJax’s.

6. Flatstick Pub

Flatstick Pub is an entertainment spot with a nine-hole mini golf course in Pioneer Square, Seattle. You can challenge your clients to a game lasting an average of 30 to 45 minutes. The pub also designed a fun game called Duffleboard that you will not find elsewhere in the city.

Flatstick Pub hosts trivia on Thursdays and entertains guests with a Bingo game on Wednesdays. Although the venue has a restaurant, you can still bring outside food whenever the kitchen closes or if you reserve an event room. Flatstick Pub also serves local beers from individual breweries in the state. Your furry friends are welcome to tag along with you.

Learn more about Flatstick Pub.

7. Seattle Chocolate Factory

Seattle Chocolate Factory is a dessert shop that offers interactive experiences for visitors. Taking a guided tour to explore the chocolate factory is one of the most unique client entertainment ideas in Seattle. Your experience will run for 50 minutes on average and include tasting various chocolate recipes.

Furthermore, you and your clients can learn how the company comes up with new flavors. You will see the machine in operation if you are lucky enough. Seattle Chocolate Factory can customize the tours to accommodate visitors with wheelchairs.

Learn more about Seattle Chocolate Factory.

8. Central Cinema

Treating your guests to a movie and dinner at Central Cinema is one of the most exciting client entertainment ideas in Seattle. The movie theater screens various second-run films, ranging from classic and indie to cult and foreign selections. You will find an option that will suit your clients’ tastes, including sing-alongs, comedies, and trivia. The ticket pricing is around $15 per guest.

Also, you can complement your guests’ viewing experience with beverages and delicious grub from the menu. The theater has rental space for events with a carpeted stage and a high-tech sound system.

Learn more about Central Cinema.

9. The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous is a fun hub in Seattle with a theater, bar, lounge, and vintage decor that transports guests back to the 1920s. The Jewel Theater in this location serves as a stage for numerous entertainments, from cabaret shows to plays and burlesque. On Tuesday nights, you and your clients can enjoy an open mic called The Comedy Nest.

The venue also hosts talented comedians like Kiki Yeung, Jordan Thewlis, Mateen Stewart, Nick Hoff, and Salvatore Frattallone. Additionally, The Ghetto room features a private speakeasy bar, a complete sound system, and a stage. You can also find The Red Velvet Lounge on the mezzanine floor with couches obtained from the Seattle Opera House.

Learn more about The Rendezvous.

10. Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is a non-profit institution in Seattle dedicated to showcasing exceptional moments in contemporary popular culture. You and your guests can go on a self-guided tour to explore the museum’s collection of hip-hop, guitars, science fiction, and grunge.

Also, the museum provides numerous spaces you can use as client appreciation event venues in Seattle. The Lounge features screens for presentations as well as a custom guitar-top bar. Also, you can have fun with your clients at the Outdoor MoPOP Plaza during warmer seasons. The museum is home to Culture Kitchen, serving tasty grill items and exotic bites. You can extend the fun to include watching a movie displayed at MoPOP Sky Church on a scheduled basis.

Learn more about the Museum of Pop Culture.

11. Diane’s Market Kitchen

Diane’s Market is a culinary school offering cooking classes and tours at Pike Place. The kitchen’s environment has a homey feel that will make your guests relaxed and enjoy every second. Several classes are available on a scheduled basis, each promising a unique experience for your clients.

The “Mexican 101” class is interactive and involves creating gluten-free foods with fresh ingredients sourced from Pike Place Market. In the “Cooking and Eating Local” experience, you and your clients can also explore the market and learn from vendors before returning to make delectable meals. Meanwhile, the “Celebrating the Americas” class focuses on creating meals based on native cuisine.

You can book a private event for a personalized experience.

Learn more about Diane’s Market Kitchen.

12. The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room is a wine bar in Pike Place Market. The bar provides a menu of over 60 fine wines for guests to taste by the glass.

The Tasting Room collaborates with local wineries in Washington to bring the best wines to your glass. You will find an excellent selection from Treveri Cellars, Locus Wines, Lost River Winery, Wilridge Winery, and Willis Hall. If you or your clients are unsure which wine to taste, then you can count on the staff’s expertise to help you pick an option that suits your preference.

Learn more about The Tasting Room.

13. Emerald City Pirates

Emerald City Pirates is a boat tour service in Seattle. The company offers an adult pirate party cruise aboard Queen Anne’s Revenge, taking the crew around Lake Union and Lake Washington Ship Canal. Aside from sightseeing, your clients will get to fire the ship’s water canon. You can come dressed in your favorite pirate costumes since the “best dressed” will receive prizes.

In the Pirate Brew Cruise, your two-hour experience will end with a custom-brewed beer at Figurehead Brewery. You cannot bring your own food and beverages on board unless you reserve a private cruise. Plus, you will find tons of pirate swag on board, including hats, hooks, swords, and eye patches.

Learn more about Emerald City Pirates.

14. The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece is a relaxing cafe where your guests can eat and enjoy board games. Ranging from classic to cooperative and party games, you will find an array of options to choose from, including:

  • The Game of Wolf
  • Atlantis Rising
  • Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth
  • Hanabi
  • Sabotage
  • Codenames: Duet
  • Grand Austria Hotel
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • 7 Wonders Duel
  • Star Wars

The cafe has VIP rooms ideal as client meeting spaces in Seattle. You can seat up to 12 guests in the Blue Room, which features a large table and plenty of space to move. On the other hand, the Green Room has a smaller seating capacity and is ideal for role-playing games. The Mission Piece has a relaxing atmosphere that will make your guests feel at home while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Learn more about The Missing Piece.

15. Lumen Field Tour

Located in the SoDo neighborhood, Lumen Field is a multipurpose stadium and home to the Seattle Seahawks, OL Reign, and the Seattle Sounders FC. The stadium organizes 15-minute tours where you can view the visiting locker room, press conference rooms, flag deck, and field.

You can book a private tour for a customizable experience. Also, you can reserve the tour on a gameday so you and your clients can cheer for your favorite team. The stadium offers a variety of food options from Northwest restaurants, including Ballard Pizza Company, Cantina, Din Tai Fung, and Smokehouse BBQ.

Learn more about Lumen Field Tour.

16. Elm Candle Bar

Elm Candle Bar is a candle store in Seattle where you and your clients can blend your own fragrance in 20 to 30 minutes. The store has more than 90 scents to match different personalities and preferences.

You and your clients will receive a clipboard and pen to write down several fragrances you prefer. Then a scent specialist will give you ideas on agreeable blends that suit your taste. Then you will mix the fragrance yourself and pour the blend into a prepared soy wax.

If you have more time, then you can enhance your experience by making a wax tart or candle. Aside from being entertaining, this activity can create a lasting impression, with higher chances of your clients remembering the experience when using the candles.

Learn more about Elm Candle Bar.

17. Penelope and the Beauty Bar

Visiting Penelope and the Beauty Bar is among the top VIP client entertainment ideas in Seattle. This destination is a spa and wellness center inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. The spa’s services include derma-planing, European facials, massages, micropuncture, and French detox body wraps.

Penelope offers several packages with an assortment of spa treatments and varying duration. The “Relax” package features a body wrap with a massage using an aromatic balm to facilitate relaxation. Also, the “Red Carpet Treatment” covers a skincare consultation, customized facials, and luxurious body wrap. Visiting the spa allows you to spend quality time with your clients and engage in small talk. In addition, the packages are customizable to suit your event or guest’s preference.

Learn more about Penelope and the Beauty Bar.

18. Seattle Glassblowing

Seattle Glassblowing offers practical experiences for groups looking to improve or learn a skill. The classes can last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. Also, you can reserve an event for an exclusive experience with your clients and choose your desired shape, ranging from bowls to ornaments and sea floats.

During the experience, a professional glassblower will oversee the process and assist your clients. Seattle Glassblowing can accommodate up to 30 guests during the hands-on workshop. Additionally, you can entertain clients with scheduled live demonstrations lasting two hours on average.

Learn more about Seattle Glassblowing.

19. Seattle Meowtropolitan

Seattle Meowtropolitan is a cat cafe located north of downtown. During your visit, your clients will enjoy the feline companionship of both resident and adoptable cats. Your experience at the cafe can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your booked package.

The cafe also organizes “Meowga,’ a one-hour Hatha Yoga session where you can practice and interact with lovely kittens. You can rent a yoga mat at the venue or bring yours if you do not mind having scratch marks on the material. Your time spent with the cats and socializing with your clients will be worth all the fun.

Learn more about Seattle Meowtropolitan.

20. Can Can Culinary Cabaret

Can Can is a dining theater and one of the most intimate client appreciation event venues in Seattle. The theater keeps the atmosphere vibrant with performing art, from costume shows to choreography.

Plus, your guests can enjoy a variety of soups and salads on the carefully curated menu. Can Can offers private event packages, which enable you to customize the experience to impress clients. Your guests can take pictures with the performers and enjoy a three-course meal. Even if you do not plan to watch a show, you can experience Seattle’s culinary culture at The Dressing Room, a bar operated by Can Can.

Learn more about Can Can Culinary Cabaret.

21. Saltstone Ceramics

Saltstone Ceramics is a pottery studio and art gallery in Seattle offering classes you can book to entertain your guests. The Clay Curious experience lasts two hours and includes learning basic pottery-making techniques. If you reserve the Clay Faces tutorial, then you can expect a lot of laughter since you and your clients will create fun facial expressions on pottery.

Most of the experiences start with a demonstration before you proceed to create your own work. Furthermore, the studio offers a private class option with personalized instructions and a two-hour duration.

Learn more about Saltstone Ceramics.

22. Seattle Symphony

Seattle Symphony is an American orchestra offering music that can lift your client’s spirit. You and your guests can attend performances by distinguished maestros like Jonathan Heyward, Ludovic Morlot, Alpesh Chauhan, Enrico Lopez-Yañez, and Kahchun Wong.

A performance can run for an average of two hours, with a 20-minute intermission. You can also extend the entertainment to include a docent-led tour of the Benaroya Hall. The tour will last 60 minutes and only takes place twice monthly. Furthermore, you can treat your guests to a dining experience in one of the nearby restaurants, including The Capital Grille, Wild Ginger, and Goldfinch Tavern.

Learn more about Seattle Symphony.

23. Kubota Garden Foundation

Kubota Garden Foundation, located in Ranier Beach, is a Japanese garden started by Fujitaro Kubota in the 1920s. The park has exciting places to explore, from the Spring Pod to Maple Woods. You can walk through Mountainside, commemorating the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. The Memorial Stone sits close to Mountainside and features Fujitaro’s biography in Japanese.

Around the parking area, you will find a kiosk, which displays several updates, including plants and animal features. There are many places to sit, relax, and enjoy a long view in Tom Kutoba Stroll Garden, designed by Fugitaro’s son. Many areas in this park are wheelchair accessible and offer opportunities to take nice pictures. You can take a guided tour to get the best out of your visit. You and your clients will have a great time immersing yourselves in the park’s natural environment.

Learn more about Kubota Garden Foundation.

24. Hillside Bar

The list of the most fun places to bring clients in Seattle includes Hillside Bar. This venue’s vibrant atmosphere will facilitate engaging conversations with your clients. You can complement your discussion with your favorite beer or wine from the bar’s rotating menu.

Several games are on-site to keep visitors hooked, like board games, darts, skeeball, and Big Buck HD. Hillside Bar also has pinball machines, a jukebox, and pool tables. Furthermore, the bar regularly hosts trivia, with prizes for the winning team. Even if you do not have the highest points, you can still win prizes for the “Funniest Wrong Answer” and “Best Team Name.” An evening at Hillside Bar will guarantee a thrilling experience for your clients.

Learn more about Hillside Bar.

25. The Works Seattle

The Works is a makerspace in Seattle where you can bring clients to explore your creativity together. You can experience a hands-on session to create items like woven whisk brooms, seed bead necklaces, floral arranging, and yarn wall hanging.

In the Indigo Shibori class, you will learn how to prepare an indigo dye bath and design items like socks, tee-shirt, and hats. Also, your clients can create custom flavor blends in the Summer Shrub class and enjoy the creation with cocktails afterward. Depending on your preferred experience, the pricing ranges from $50 to $200.

You can follow up with the class scheduled dates on The Work’s official website. The workshop also hosts private events for groups having up to 30 attendees.

Learn more about The Works Seattle.

26. Smith Tower Observatory Bar

Visiting Smith Tower is among the most fun client entertainment ideas in Seattle. Smith Tower Observatory Bar is a lounge on the 35th floor of a 1914 skyscraper in the city. Your clients can enjoy a fascinating 360-degree view of the Seattle Area. You can also expand the fun by booking Talking Tower Tour, a 60-minute experience navigating through elevators, the observatory, the main lobby, and several exhibits.

After immersing yourselves in the fantastic views, you and your clients can enjoy a meal and cocktails. Additionally, you can host a client appreciation event inside the observatory or The Lookout Lounge, with exceptional catering that will make the gathering a day to remember for guests.

Learn more about Smith Tower Observatory Bar.


Seattle is an urban city in Washington surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, including an ocean, farmlands, mountains, a volcano, and a rainforest. The city provides many opportunities to treat clients to a lasting experience. Whether your clients are sports fans or board game lovers, you will find recreational sporting events guaranteeing a good time. The city also has commendable food and music scene featured in destinations like Seattle Symphony, Can Can, and Diane’s Market Kitchen. With tons of art studios, interactive tours, restaurants, bars, museums, and entertainment centers, you can conveniently plan an entertaining event for your clients in Seattle.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in Seattle, WA

Here are answers to questions about client entertainment ideas in Seattle.

What are client the best client entertainment ideas in Seattle, WA?

The best ideas for entertaining clients in Seattle include bowling at West Seattle Bowl, making pottery at Saltstone Ceramics, playing board games at The Missing Piece, touring the Lumen Field, and tasting wine at The Tasting Room.

How do you entertain clients in Seattle?

There are many ways to entertain clients in Seattle. You can plan an exceptional dining experience in destinations offering side entertainments like tours, cabaret shows, and live bands. You can also go creative in an art studio and watch your clients enjoy making custom pieces. Seattle also has several experiences ideal for game lovers, from soccer to board games. An important step is determining your budget for the experience, your clients’ preferred entertainment, and a convenient date and time.

What are some good places to take clients in Seattle?

Good places you can take clients in Seattle are Smith Tower Observatory Bar, The Rendezvous, Hillside Bar, The Missing Piece, Museum of Pop Culture, Elm Candle Bar, Seattle Meowtropolitan, and FlannelJax’s.

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