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23 Company Outing Ideas in Austin TX in 2023

Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in Austin, Texas.

Company outing ideas in Austin are locations, games, and activities great for work events and bringing employees together. Examples include having ice cream at D’Lites, hiking the Bull Creek District Park, and attending Storytelling Workshops. The purpose of these activities is to keep a company event lively for employees and foster group camaraderie.

These outings make great corporate offsites, group hangouts, and company retreat activities. These activities are similar to corporate event ideas in Austin and Austin team building events.

This list includes:

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  • team building outings in Austin
  • work team outings in Austin
  • corporate outings in Austin

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List of company outing ideas in Austin

Having a company outing is an effective way to bring a team together, unwind from work stress, and boost attendees’ morale. From Museum of the Weird Tour to The Great Guac Off, here are some fun ideas teams can use for company outings in Austin, Texas.

1. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshop is a fully hosted and highly interactive event great for work team outings in Austin. In two hours, your team will master the art of telling tales. The workshop is perfect for both beginner and expert storytellers.

A story master will lead your group in learning the framework for coming up with impactful stories. This activity aims to make participants higher-level storytellers, which will benefit their work performance and personal lives. In the workshop, attendees’ engagement is a priority, and the team will get to practice their storytelling skills in a group setting. Furthermore, each participant will receive feedback on ways to improve this skill.

Learn more about Storytelling Workshops.

2. ScavBoss

ScavBoss provides teams with a fun and challenging scavenger hunt. You can customize the event to fit your company’s values and tastes. This fully hosted hunt is ideal for corporate teams and helps to facilitate team-building.

The event will last for 90 to 120 minutes and can accommodate large and small teams. Your team will hunt around different locations like museums, historical landmarks, and neighborhoods during the adventure. Also, depending on the experience your team seeks, you can have the event indoors or outdoors.

ScavBoss promotes teamwork and strategic thinking, required to solve puzzles and clues during the game.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

3. The Great Guac Off

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is a competition where participants contest to make the best guacamole. Your team can have this activity in almost any setting, ranging from a conference center to your office area or even one of the host’s rental locations.

The Guac Off’s duration is 90 minutes, starting with the ‘Trivo-cado,’ a pub-style trivia, followed by games like Happy Cup or House Builder. The experience also includes participating in the guac-making contest, grading performance, and a prize award to the winner.

Your booking payment will cover all the needed guacamole ingredients, group photos, and prizes. You will also have a party host to lead the experience. Furthermore, you can include options like gift bags, a team meal, and a BYOB experience.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Austin Creative Art Center Class

Austin Creative Art Center offers classes for corporate outings in Austin. The course will help in promoting collaboration and will last for two hours. Your team will create beautiful pieces of artwork together. The course presents an opportunity for team members to work on art projects and develop ideas that can help the company grow.

The booking pricing for the art experience starts at $500. You can bring some food and snacks, including art-friendly clothes that you do not mind getting messy with paint.

Learn more about Austin Creative Art Center Class.

5. Go Karts at Pinballz

For a fun group outing idea, your team can go karting at Pinballz. The company provides European-styled go-karts to hone your racing skills.

Although cumbersome helmets are not necessary, you must wear closed-toe shoes to participate. The price for a race costs $12. You will pay less per race if you book more rounds. Pinballz also provides attractions like escape rooms, mini-bowling, laser tag, and bumper cars.

Learn more about Go karts at Pinballz.

6. PanIQ Escape Room Austin

PanIQ organizes private escape rooms great for teams in Austin. The highly immersive rooms include:

  • The Haunted Manor: You and your group will play as paranormal investigators. Your task is to decipher the secret behind the experiences in a haunted castle.
  • Wizard Trials: You must take a test to earn the title of Assistant Wizard. Before your master returns, you must find his missing familiar.
  • One Night in Tortuga: Some pirates kidnapped you and locked you up, perhaps to sell you into slavery. You have to escape before the pirates return.

The one-hour experiences are available for private and public bookings. But the company can also make special arrangements for corporate events.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room Austin.

7. Still Austin Whiskey Distillery Tour

A tour of Still Austin Whiskey distillery is one of the entertaining group outing ideas for adults in Austin. The tour will last for one hour, and you can have one to ten guests in your group for one booking.

During the tour, your group will learn about craft whisky. Team members will also view the distillery where the entire production takes place, from milling and mashing to bottling. After booking, you can get a refund if you make a cancellation two days before your reserved date.

Furthermore, you will taste a variety of whiskeys towards the tour’s end. The price per guest starts from $20.

Learn more about Still Austin Whiskey Distillery Tour.

8. Museum of Ice Cream Tour

Touring the Museum of Ice Cream is one of the most fun company outing ideas in Austin. The Museum of Ice Cream has several locations in several cities, including Austin. The admission fee is between $28 to $34, depending on the day you book.

The experiment is a self-guided tour of photographable displays based around the frozen dessert. In addition, there are five dessert stations from which you will get ice cream treats. The Museum of Ice Cream also offers the treat in a vegan alternative.

You can book the experience as a night and daytime adventure. The nighttime experience is ideal for adults and includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Learn more about Museum of Ice Cream Tour.

9. Laser Tag at Austin’s Park

Your team can visit Austin’s Park for a laser tag contest. The arena is great for expert or beginner players. The game’s goal is to gain points by hitting your target and emerge the winner.

The price for playing laser tag at Austin’s Park costs $7 per participant. Also, you may book the experience as a package that includes other experiences like mini-golf, rock wall, and bowling. There are three packages you can choose from, varying in price.

Learn more about Laser Tag at Austin’s Park.

10. Bull Creek District Park

The Bull Creek District Park is an excellent location for your team building outings in Austin. The park is a 48-acre location where you can enjoy beautiful natural sceneries. You can hike the easy trails of the park. Water shoes are helpful because of the rocky and slippery surfaces you may encounter. You can also go mountain biking or even play volleyball.

Another fun idea is to have the team pack lunch and set up a picnic under a shady tree. Your team can also volunteer for the park if the opportunity comes around your outing time. Volunteering is an excellent idea if you need a group outing idea that involves giving back to the community.

Get directions to Bull Creek District Park.

11. Escape Hour Austin

Escape Hour Austin hosts five immersive rooms, which include:

  • Call of the Ancient: Your mission is in a cursed masonic hall where an ancient evil being lies. To save the human race, you must lock this evil up.
  • Lab Rat: A genetically altered lab rat lured you and your team into an experiment. Within 70 minutes, you have to find the necessary data for the rats to secure your release.
  • The Manor: One Elrich had a cursed artifact that trapped his spirit in his manor even after his death. You can help free Elrich and escape or also get trapped in the manor.

The ticket pricing starts at $35 per ticket for a group with two participants. The rooms can accommodate 8 to 15 guests, depending on the chosen theme. However, if your team size exceeds the room limit, then you can book the experience as a special group.

Learn more about Escape Hour Autin.

12. Ice Cream at D’Lites

D’Lites is one of the best ice cream spots in Austin that you can use for your group outing. The ice cream company offers a range of flavors like chocolate-covered banana, strawberry, blueberry lemon mousse, Mexican vanilla, and extreme chocolate.

Also, D’Lites makes ice creams to fit different dietary requirements, from weight loss and vegetarian, to gluten-free and sugar-free. During your group visit to D’Lites, you can also get other snacks that match each member’s diet. The company updates the weekly flavor every Sunday. So you may want to keep up with the update to find which day has the flavors your team prefers the most.

Learn more about Ice Cream at D’Lites.

13. Cordovan Art School Pottery Painting

Cordovan Art School hosts pottery painting sessions great for team-building and corporate outings in Austin. The painting session is available in two categories that differ in price and the pottery piece to paint.

Your group will select the desired pottery piece depending on the booked category. During the 90 minutes session, the staff members will guide you and your team members. After the event, you will leave the painting in the studio to dry adequately. Then after a week, you can pick up your artwork. The booking pricing ranges from $245 to $304 for eight attendees, depending on the painting theme you choose.

Cordovan also offers other events like pottery wheel and canvas painting, each lasting for two hours.

Learn more about Cordovan Art School Pottery Painting.

14. The Selfie Gallery

The Selfie Gallery is a lively location where groups can take pictures and have a memorable experience. The selfie museum is colorful and has 20 decorated areas that you can explore for fun pictures. You can also bring in your pets to share in the unforgettable moment if your group outing allows.

The selfie-taking can last for one to two hours, and the price ranges from $15 to $50. For corporate bookings, you can reserve the entire room for your event. The booking fee also covers the ring lights and tripods you need for the best selfie experience.

Learn more about The Selfie Gallery.

15. Austin Karaoke

Austin Karaoke offers several rooms for groups. The rooms will last for at least two hours, with varying numbers of participants allowed. The price per hour is between $25 to $110, depending on the room size. You will pay an added fee for each additional player.

Each room has two microphones, a great sound system, and video screens to give your team the best experience.

Learn more about Austin Karaoke.

16. Axe throwing at Urban Axes

One of the fun group outing ideas for adults in Austin is to go for axe throwing. Urban Axes offers an entertaining area for this activity. The company allows group bookings for teams having 4 to 150 or more participants.

All participants must be over the age of 21. Also, the Urban Axes allows you to bring your own food and drinks, excluding hard liquor. Your group will have trained Axeperts to guide you during the experience after coaching the participants on safe and comfortable axe throwing.

You need to wear closed-toe shoes to throw the axes.

Learn more about Axe Throwing at Urban Axes.

17. Peter Pan Mini Golf

Peter Pan Mini Golf is a relaxing site for groups to visit. This family-owned location is famous for the exciting sculptures and the two golf courses, the east and the west.

Among other characters, the west course bears the sculpture of two Austin icons, Peter Pan and The Giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. The price ranges from $8 to $12 per adult for 18 to 36 hole courses for bookings. Group discount rates are available for parties of 12 or more.

You can bring your own cooler for the outing

Learn more about Peter Pan Mini Golf.

18. Bowling at Highland Lanes

Highland Lanes provides a bowling facility where teams can gather. For a corporate event, you can reserve up to 40 bowling lanes. The facility also includes an ‘electric bowl,’ which creates a nightclub atmosphere with special lighting effects.

The two-hour experience comes in different packages for 10 to 240 attendees and includes bowling balls and rental shoe usage. At least five attendees can have one bowling lane to themselves.

Highland Lanes also features an automatic scoring system, an arcade room, and a lodge lounge.

Learn more about Bowling at Highland Lanes.

19. Slaughter Creek Trail Hiking

The Slaughter Creek Trail in southwest Austin makes for a great group hike. The trail is five miles long and may take up to two hours to complete.

Aside from the feel of nature you get while walking this trail, the path is ideal for mountain biking. Also, this area is pretty rocky and may not be ideal for running. Right after the trail, you will find the route for bikers to be clockwise while pedestrians will go counterclockwise.

The trail usually closes based on the weather condition. Therefore, you should closely follow the trail’s opening time update.

Get directions and update on Slaughter Creek Trail Hiking.

20. Museum of the Weird Tour

Touring the Museum of the Weird is another fun idea for work team outings in Austin. The museum has the Cabinet of Curiosity, which features collections like movie props, shrunken heads, and fossils.

Also, there is an area called Sfanthor’s Chamber of Horrors where you can take pictures. If you want the team to easily go through the exhibits, you may consider scheduling the tour on a weekday. A ticket costs $12 per guest.

Learn more about Museum of the Weird Tour.

21. Escapology Escape Rooms

The rooms designed by Escapology include some of the most exciting escape games in Austin. These rooms have several exhilarating themes like:

  • Lost City: This adventure will take you on a search for treasure in a lost temple. However, angered spirits locked you and your team, giving you 60 minutes to prove yourself worthy or perish.
  • Arizona Shoutout: Your team will play as a group of marshals investigating some cowboy outlaws. After a gunfight, you have to find two outlaws who managed to escape.
  • Antidote: Your team of scientists got infected with a virus while investigating a laboratory. You must find the antidote through a series of puzzles to save your team and humanity.

The booking pricing per guest ranges from $34 to $38.50 per player. You will have all five escape rooms reserved for your group for corporate bookings. However, you can only have 12 to 30 guests in a group.

Learn more about Escapology Escape Rooms.

22. McKinney Fall State Park CampSites

Camping in any of the McKinney Fall State Park campsites is one of the most relaxing company outing ideas in Austin. The park offers two categories of campsites, with the rent fees ranging from $20 to $24 per night. You also have to pay the daily entrance fee.

There are 81 campgrounds with similar facilities, except for the difference in the electrical current running through both sites. Your team will also have access to facilities like fire rings with grill, picnic table, restrooms with showers, and lantern posts.

Learn more about McKinney Fall State Park Campsites.

23. Austin Zoo

Austin Zoo is also a great place to visit for your team building outings in Austin. The animals include several bird species and the native Texas wildlife.

Visiting the zoo in the morning is a better idea since the animals are more active during that time. The admission fee for an adult is $16.95. You can only purchase your ticket online rather than in person and can present the emailed receipt for admission.

Learn more about Austin Zoo.


This list of company outing ideas includes some of the best activities to engage in, games to play, and places to go in Austin with your group. When planning for the outing, you can make out the event’s objective like team-building, entertainment, or even marking a special celebration. This objective will guide you in picking the best activity or location for your outing.

Next, check out these lists of company culture committee ideas and company picnic ideas.

FAQ: Company outing ideas in Austin

Here are answers to questions about company outing ideas in Austin.

What are the best group outing ideas in Austin?

The best group outing ideas in Austin include touring the Museum of Ice Cream, painting pottery at Cordovan Art School, throwing an axe at Urban Axes, and walking the Slaughter Creek Trail.

What are some good places for groups to go in Austin?

Some good places for groups to go to in Austin are The Selfie Gallery, Escapology Escape Rooms, Austin’s Park, Austin’s Zoo, and Still Austin Winery Distillery.

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