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You found our list of the best company outing ideas in Baltimore, Maryland.

Company outing ideas in Baltimore are a great way to create camaraderie among employees and promote a culture that boosts productivity and engagement. Examples include escape rooms, food tours, museums, and sailing. Company outings are important because they allow the whole team to unwind and spend quality time together while socializing.

These activities are similar to organizational offsites and team building days. These ideas are similar to corporate events in Baltimore and Baltimore team building activities.

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List of company outing ideas in Baltimore

The following are corporate outings ideas in Baltimore:

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is an amazingly intense contest for the best guacamole recipe. This event offers intellectual stimulation and fun while also being a great way to encourage cooperation and healthy rivalry among employees.

The hosts will break your team into smaller teams of four to six persons for the tournament. You can choose “cheerleader” and “shade” positions and develop your own secret ingredient for the team’s guacamole recipe. However, Guac Off team development activities involve more than simply crushing tasty avocados. Fun activities like avocado-themed quizzes and icebreaker games will pit your team against others for valuable points. After every participant has had their fill of guacamole and chips, hosts crown a victorious team as Champion Guac Makers.

The event is 90 minutes long and can hold at your preferred location.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a holiday-themed exercise with an exciting online competition that encourages teamwork and good cheer. You can hold this activity physically and remotely. Each participant will receive Wilton’s gingerbread cookie decorating kits before the event date. For the event, your team will gather in a room where a group of elves will guide them through a series of games and challenges designed to get them working together in the spirit of the season. For instance, you could have a Christmas quiz night and a decoration contest. Enjoyable and upbeat, Gingerbread Wars lasts 90 minutes and is perhaps the finest team celebration of the holiday season.

Learn more about Gingerbread Wars.

3. Bank Heist

A bold bank heist has left your team swapping their computers for detective gear as your crew is entrusted with uncovering this audacious culprit. Crucial questions are begging for answers, like where the bank’s security team was and how the thieves bypassed the cutting-edge security systems protecting the vault. Our hosts will guide your squad through several puzzles and tasks to get clues and reveal essential facts before the thieves escape forever.

Bank Heist is a high-energy social deduction team-building exercise designed to foster critical team-building characteristics. Your group will enjoy friendly competition, cooperate, and work together to solve the theft.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

4. The Art of Storytelling

Communication has more impact and value when accompanied by an engaging narrative. Therefore, storytelling is a crucial lesson to teach your team. The Art of Storytelling is a professional development session introducing key concepts for crafting stories and directing communication. This event is entertaining and engaging with real-world insights your team can adopt on day one.

The facilitators who make up our storytelling team are specialists in their fields. This team will teach your group an easy-to-apply methodology for producing great stories. As a result, you can enhance the proficiency of your group in under 90 minutes.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

5. Go-karts at Autobahn Indoor Speedway

If you seek fun group outing ideas for adults in Baltimore, then go-karting is an excellent option. You can travel from zero to 50 miles per hour on a twisting, turning circuit at this indoor raceway. Your team will get a safety briefing before strapping up for various racing and team building activities, including the Pit Crew Challenge and a Grand Prix tournament. This property is ideal for hosting a catered lunch or off-site conference with central air conditioning and free Wi-Fi available throughout.

Learn more about Autobahn Indoor Speedway.

6. The Charmed City Clue Room

These days, you can find escape rooms just about everywhere, but the riddles at Charmed City are uniquely Baltimore. An escape room can help your team learn critical communication, planning, and problem-solving skills. Together with your squad, you will search for hints, figure out riddles, and race against the time to complete your objective. In-person game masters will brief you thoroughly before you begin and be accessible to address any concerns or questions. The game master will even guide you through the answer if time is an issue.

You have up to an hour to accomplish your task, but there are many rooms to pick from, so if you finish early, you can always try your hand at another challenge. For example, you may stop a train heist, investigate a mystery based on Edgar Allan Poe in Inner Harbor, or try your hand at the Gangster’s Gamble in Towson, Maryland. You can also have a mobile version of the game at your workplace or another preferred location if you cannot get to any of their venues. An escape room is a fantastic choice if you plan a team retreat and need an activity to liven the atmosphere.

Learn more about the Charmed City Clue Room.

7. Baltimore’s Iconic Basilica

Baltimore Basilica is a must-see for any practicing Catholic or lover of religious architecture. The Basilica is the inaugural cathedral of the nation. This location is a great idea for your company outing in Baltimore. The Baltimore Basilica, constructed in the early nineteenth century and renovated in 2006, is one of the state’s most spectacular tourist attractions.

Called the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the full name is enough to intrigue many tourists. The Baltimore Basilica enhances the beauty of whatever occasion it hosts. The Baltimore Basilica is one of the best venues to connect with a part of yourself that enjoys the overwhelmingness of aesthetic structures. Attractions like the Basilica make Baltimore, Maryland, one of the world’s most incredible tourist destinations.

Learn more about Baltimore Basilica.

8. Urban Axes

You may plan a group session at Urban Axes, a local ax-throwing league in Baltimore. If your group finds darts too underwhelming, Urban Axes might be the perfect alternative. When you schedule a private session, you will have an assigned ax-throwing lane with a resident “Axepert” to go through a safety and technique briefing. You can order beer and wine from the on-site bar, making this venue a great alternative to the usual happy hour hangout. You are also welcome to bring your own meal or order takeout.

Learn more about Urban Axes.

9. 4 Lobe

It is easy to be confused by the name of a cuisine tour, named “4 Lobe,” but the term really alludes to the four areas of the brain engaged throughout the culinary tour and cooking lessons. A 4 Lobe event will have you thinking differently about the food you consume every day, whether you want to organize a culinary competition at your preferred location, take a tour of Baltimore’s eating scene, or go on a pub crawl.

Learn more about 4 Lobe.

10. The Downtown Sailing Center

The Atlantic Ocean and Baltimore’s long history as a major East Coast seaport are two of the city’s most appealing features. You can experience Baltimore’s rich sailing history by signing up for a class or race with your group at the Downtown Sailing Center. The facility offers half-day or full-day water courses for groups of 10 to 100, with optional catering and gifts.

Learn more about the Downtown Sailing Center.

11. The Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo is a popular attraction in Baltimore. The Maryland Zoological Park is home to more than a thousand species of animals. Whether you are craning your neck to get a better look at the giraffes or one of the beautiful birds like the blue-bellied roller, you and your team will have a thrilling time at the zoo. If you want to learn more about and appreciate nature, then the Maryland Zoo is a fantastic location in Baltimore.

From January through February, visitors may enjoy the Maryland Zoo on weekends only between 10 am and 4 pm, and from March through December, the zoo is open every day.

Learn more about the Maryland Zoo.

12. The American Visionary Art Museum

Baltimore is home to one of the top-tier art museums in the country. The galleries and artifacts of the American Visionary Art Museum live up to their name. The American Visionary Art Museum has some of the top exhibitions and architecture in the world. Pieces in the museums are the stuff of fantasy. There are thousands of works in the permanent collection and dozens of spectacular galleries to explore during your visit.

Learn more about the American Visionary Art Museum.

13. Maryland Science Center

The Maryland Science Center is one of the best sites in Baltimore to broaden your mind. All team members will have a wonderful time during your work team outings in Baltimore. The center is a fantastic place for science enthusiasts. You and your team will get to experience the fun in science without forgetting its wisdom of it. The Maryland Science Center is a great place to visit for a mix of educational and fun activities on an outing.

Learn more about Maryland Science Center.

14. Orioles Park

Baseball lovers know that Oriole Park is one of the top Baltimore attractions. The Baltimore Orioles, a franchise with more than 60 years of existence in the city, are a genuine part of Baltimore tradition. This venue is a great place to be on a beautiful spring or summer day. It is easy to be swept up in the excitement of an Orioles game, even if your knowledge of baseball is limited. The downtown Baltimore park further enhances the experience. The Oriole Park at Camden Yards is great to spend a summer evening in downtown Baltimore if you like baseball.

Learn more about Orioles Park.

15. The Baltimore Museum of Industry

You can learn about the region’s industrial history in a fun, practical manner with a field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry. In addition to a tour of the museum, you can participate in a cannery activity, in which your team will discover how local oysters were shucked, cooked, canned, and labeled as far back as 1883. This engaging event is perfect for groups of up to 30 individuals.

Learn more about the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

16. Earth Treks

For your corporate outings in Baltimore, you can visit the Earth Treks indoor climbing gym, which provides group packages for teams of various ages and skill levels. The facility can tailor the team-building activities and climbing challenges to the needs of your group. You will also have a certified teacher when you book the private climbing facility. The venue allows you to bring your own refreshments or arrange for a catering service in the area.

Learn more about Earth Treks.

17. A Haunted Walk

As part of team building outings in Baltimore, you can take a ghost tour around some of Baltimore’s most famous sites for an unforgettable experience. Your team can pick between the standard walking tour and the spooky pub crawl among the local bar scene. Throughout the walk, your knowledgeable guide will share terrifying and fascinating tales about Baltimore’s past and present. You should wear comfy walking shoes since both the classic tours and the pub crawls will need a lot of walking. This option is perfect for groups of any size, and the cost is reasonable.

Learn more about Baltimore Ghost Tours.

18. Baltimore Improv Group

Workshops and training in improvised comedy by the Baltimore Improv Group make it easier to relax in front of coworkers. This training will help your team members overcome their fear of public speaking and embrace their inner artists. You can even learn practical communication skills in such a positive setting. If you are not ready for an interactive class, a private comedy performance could be more your speed.

Learn more about Baltimore Improve Group.

19. Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is one of the best Baltimore attractions because of its role in three wars. The location symbolizes the dedication and fortitude required to keep the nation intact for future generations. Having been designated as a National Monument, Fort McHenry is now an integral part of Baltimore, Maryland’s heritage.

Having fought off the British during the War of 1812 and again during World War I and II, Fort McHenry is a must-see for any history enthusiast. The location deserves a spot among the top 10 American historical sites on the bucket list of any military buff. In about an hour and a half, you may learn a great deal about Baltimore’s past by exploring the displays at the fort. Even though it is no longer a military installation, Fort McHenry remains one of Maryland’s most popular tourist destinations.

Learn more about Fort McHenry.


The convenience of Baltimore’s location makes it simple to organize fun and memorable company outings. Thanks to the city’s unique blend of traditional East Coast charm and world-class institutions, team building opportunities abound in Baltimore and the surrounding area. The company outing ideas will improve your team’s bond and turn your workplace into a community of closely-knit workers.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Baltimore, Maryland

Here are frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Baltimore.

What are some fun company outing ideas in Baltimore?

Some fun company outing ideas in Baltimore include cooking classes, culinary tours, and escape rooms.

Where are good places for groups to go in Baltimore?

Good places for groups in Baltimore include Fort McHenry, Baltimore Basilica, and the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

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