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Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in Dallas, Texas.

Company outing ideas in Dallas are places and activities teams can engage in for a corporate event. For example, playing mini-golf at Topgolf, having ice cream at Creamistry, and visiting Dallas Zoo. The purpose of these ideas is to make a company outing lively and memorable for attendees.

These ideas are examples of company offsites, team bonding ideas, and fun group social activities. These ideas are similar to team building events in Dallas and corporate event ideas in Dallas.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in Dallas, Texas
  • team building outings in Dallas, TX
  • work team outings in Dallas, Texas
  • corporate outings in Dallas

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List of company outing ideas in Dallas

A company outing can involve visiting a particular location or doing fun activities with your team. From Bad Axe Throwing to Storytelling Workshops, here are some great outing ideas for groups in Dallas.

1. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is a fully hosted scavenger hunt and an excellent choice for team building outings in Dallas. You can customize the activity to suit a particular theme, your mission, or industry. During the 90 to 120 minutes hunt, your team will explore various locations in Dallas, such as museums, historical landmarks, and neighborhoods. The goal of the activity is to use different approaches and teamwork to solve puzzles.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off logo

The Great Guac Off is a guacamole-making competition ideal for small and large teams. The contest lasts for 90 minutes and involves three major activities. During the first activity, your team will play a pub-style trivia called ‘Trivo-cado.’ After, you will play another game like Happy Cup or House Builder and then start the guacamole-making competition. Then the winning team will receive a prize.

The Great Guac Off is a fully hosted event that can run in almost any space like your office area, the host’s rental location, or a conference center. Furthermore, you may have the competition either as a stand-alone event or as a part of your meeting or training. Your booking will cover all the ingredients needed for making guacamole, prizes, a group photo, and a host for the contest. You may also have the event as a BYOB experience instead.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshop is a fully hosted training where teams learn the framework for telling compelling tales. Knowing how to tell stories better will benefit your team members in their job performances and personal lives. The workshop aims to make participants higher-level storytellers and boost their confidence in the skill.

The training will hold for two hours and includes a session where your team will practice telling captivating stories by working together. Also, attendees will receive individual feedback from the story masters on ways to improve. The training is excellent for both expert and beginner storytellers.

Learn more about Storytelling Workshops.

4. PanIQ Escape Room Dallas

The escape rooms hosted by PanIQ are a great place to have your work team outings in Dallas. The rooms have three themes, which are:

  • Voodoo Spirits: A ghost trapped you and your team in a priest’s hut. You must locate a golden skull in the hut to protect you from the ghost.
  • Zombie Outbreak: After a zombie apocalypse, you and your team found a ranch. However, you have to escape with an old motorcycle before the zombies locate you.
  • Wild West: Your team of outlaws must escape jail with the key left behind by the sheriff.

For a shared or private experience, the price per participant is between $30 to $34. The game will last for one hour. After booking, PanIQ does not allow cancellations, and you cannot reschedule within 24 hours of your reserved game time.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room Dallas.

5. Parlor’s Ice Cream

Parlor is a fantastic spot where groups can share delicious handcrafted ice creams. The company makes the ice creams from scratch with pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed milk. The ice creams are available in various flavors like mint chip, chocolate chunk, French vanilla bean, and triple nut butter cookie.

Also, if your outing comes up during a particular season like winter, fall, or a holiday, then you can get unique flavors. For instance, options like eggnog, gingerbread, and blood orange are available during winter.

Parlor prioritizes the ingredients that go into making the ice cream and does not use synthetic flavors, stabilizers, or even emulsifiers.

Learn more about Parlor’s Ice Cream.

6. The Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is a fun place where teams can visit. You and your team can tour the aquarium to see various fish species like Moorish idol, napoleon wrasse, tasseled anglerfish, white-capped clownfish, and painted golden anthias. The admission fee costs $26.95 per adult.

You and your team can also stop to dine at any of the three restaurants offered by the aquarium. The Jungle Cafe is a good choice for some quick snacks with the team.

Learn more about The Dallas World Aquarium.

7. White Rock Lake Park

Visiting White Rock Lake is one of the most relaxing company outing ideas in Dallas. The park is quite popular, located about five miles northeast of downtown Dallas. There are tons of fun activities to enjoy around White Rock Lake. For instance, the park has some good areas where you can set up a picnic with your team.

You can also hike the 9.4 miles trail of this beautiful park. Furthermore, if your outing involves your team coming along with their fur babies, then White Rock Lake has a nice three-acre dog park that features small and large dog areas, a pet waste station, picnic tables, and a drinking fountain.

Other activities your team can enjoy at White Rock Lake include kayaking, boating, or visiting the Dallas Arboretum.

Get directions to White Rock Lake Park.

8. Cidercade Dallas Arcade Experience

Visiting Cidercade is one of the best group outing ideas for adults in Dallas. Cidercade is an arcade bar where you can play more than 140 games for $10 per player. The game options include pinballs, sports, driving, and classic video games. Also, there are hard beverages like hard smoothies, wines, and hard kombuchas.

Cidercade does not provide a dining option for guests, but you can bring your own food. The bar can accommodate a large group of up to 500 members. Also, you can book a private cidery tour for $200. Other options you may include are a prepaid alcoholic drink ticket, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, and a souvenir pint glass.

Learn more about Cidercade Dallas Arcade Experience.

9. Mini Golf at Another Round

Another Round is one of the amazing locations to enjoy an indoor mini Golf with your team members. You can book a slot for at most six guests, charged at $12 per player. For a larger group, you can book more than one slot. Another Round provides a golf simulator where you can play without worrying about the weather. The golf simulator has over 1000 golf courses.

Also, you can have access to other games like target shooting, virtual mini-golf, and darts. This location has a covered patio which makes a great spot to share glasses of cocktails with the team. You can also play free games like Uno, cornhole, and ladders.

The company provides clubs suitable for lefties and righties, and your teammates may also bring their own clubs.

Learn more about Mini Golf at Another Round.

10. Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe is a good entertainment location in Dallas. The company offers walk-ins and group price rates ranging from $26.98 to $35 per guest. However, you must have at least 31 participants to qualify for a group booking. You can also bring your own food to the location. The event will last for about 90 minutes, and at the start, there will be an orientation speech where an axe-throwing coach will explain the rules.

You may choose to bring your own axes or use the facility’s equipment. For safety, the participants must wear closed-toe shoes and refrain from putting on any clothing that can restrict their throwing ability.

Learn more about Bad Axe Throwing.

11. Movie at Look Dine-In Cinema

Seeing a movie at Look Dine-In Cinema is a great idea for your corporate outings in Dallas.

Aside from movies, the cinema also offers cocktails and delicious foods that the staff will bring to your seats. To enjoy a movie, book tickets online and reserve the best seats for your team. The cinema shows several fun movies like The Lost City, Star Trek, Men, Ambulance, Father Stu, and The Bad Guys.

You can check through Look’s official website to have a glimpse of the next movie showing.

Book a movie at Look Dine-In Cinema.

12. Bowling at Bowl & Barrel

Bowl & Barrel is a fun place where teams can come together and share a memorable bowling experience. The experience will last for one hour, and you can have up to eight participants using one lane. Both expert and beginner bowlers can have fun at the lane.

The price varies from $10 to $56 per hour, depending on your scheduled day and time. Bowl & Barrel also offers a menu with a wide range of food and beverages.

Learn more about Bowling at Bowl & Barrel.

13. Piedmont Ridge Trail

Piedmont Ridge Trail is around 1.3 miles long and takes an average of 30 minutes to complete. You can explore this trail for free. While you may take a short time to complete, the trail is still fairly challenging. The route has plenty of hills and tends to get slippery after rainfalls. You can also find several benches around in case your team needs to relax at some point. However, there are no restrooms along the route.

Get directions to Piedmont Ridge Trail.

14. Dallas Museum of Art Tour

Dallas Museum of Art is one of the ten largest museums in Texas. Your group can go on a tour around the museum to view intriguing collections and historical artifacts. The museum operates on all days of the week except Mondays.

Admission to the Dallas Museum of Art is free, but you would want to reserve your ticket online for ease of entry. Also, the museum offers an Art Talk Session which is great for work team outings in Dallas. You will have a trained docent guide your team. During the one-hour session, you can choose to visit several collection galleries or experience free or paid special exhibitions.

The group tour price ranges from $50 to $250 for groups having ten members or less. After the tour, your group can share a casual lunch at the DMA Cafe. On the cafe’s menu, you will find a variety of dishes made from locally grown products, regional wines, and beers.

Learn more about Dallas Museum of Art Tour.

15. Escapology Escape Rooms Dallas

Escapology provides fun escape rooms in various parts of Texas, including Dallas. The escape rooms have unique themes like:

  • Narco: A old friend abducted and locked you up to join hands in a dangerous drug cartel. You have to find evidence to turn your old friend in or become a part of the drug lord’s illegal operation.
  • Budapest Express: You will play the role of a detective trying to figure out a mysterious murder on a train. You must find the murderer before the train stops in 60 minutes.
  • Antidote: Your team accidentally got infected with a virus while investigating an abandoned laboratory. You have to find the antidote to save your team and the world.

The escape rooms by Escapology are set to last for one hour and are wheelchair accessible. Depending on the chosen package, a group booking price ranges from $39 to $115 per player.

Learn more about Escapology Escape Rooms Dallas.

16. Adventure Speedway Go Karts

Adventure Speedway Go Karts are one of the immersive games hosted by Adventure Landing in Dallas. Other attractions at the facility include batting cages, laser tag, bumper boats, and miniature golf. You can explore the single or double go kart ride, with the price starting from $10.99. You would want to check with the provider before booking since the weather determines the game’s availability. You cannot bring outside food except ice creams, cupcakes, and cakes.

Learn more about Adventure Speedway Go Karts.

17. Museum of Illusions Dallas

The Museum of Illusions is a fun place to have corporate outings in Dallas. The museum provides an experience different from the regular encounters with historical artifacts. You and your team will explore the immersive world of illusions.

The museum has more than 60 Illusions, like the reversed room, infinity well, turntables, and swap noses. Each adult will pay an admission fee of $19.

Pro tip: This location makes a great venue for team pictures.

Learn more about Museum of Illusions Dallas.

18. Ice Cream at Creamistry

Creamistry is one of the stores in Dallas making the tastiest ice creams. The parlor considers customers’ dietary requirements and provides non-dairy and vegan options with great flavors and quality. Creamistry is famous for providing customers with many snack choices ranging from ice cream cakes to sorbets and cookies.

The ice creams are available in three sizes and in various flavors like chocolate, cinnamon roll, Thai tea, cookie butter, and peppermint bark. There is also a wide range of toppings, cereals, fruits, and nuts. In addition, Creamistry offers a custom milkshake made from liquid nitrogen.

Learn more about Ice Cream at Creamistry.

19. Dallas Zoo

Touring the Dallas Zoo is one of the most fun company outing ideas in Dallas. The zoo, located three miles south of downtown Dallas, organizes a guided tour for guests. You will have zoologists lead your group during the experience lasting for 90 minutes. There are various experiences to enjoy during your visit. For instance, your team can feed giraffes for an extra fee or visit a water fountain around the zoo. You can also chat with the animal keepers or get a close of several bird species. The season when you visit the zoo will determine a ticket’s cost, ranging from $8 to $21. You can bring your own food. However, you cannot bring in glass items and hard beverages.

Learn more about Dallas Zoo.

20. The Selfie Bar Museum of Luxe

The Selfie Bar provides an immersive space for teams to strike their favorite poses and seal memories in pictures. The Selfie Bar has 14 installations with various themes. The experience will last for one hour, with the general admission fee varying from $23 to $28. If you have a group with over 15 members, then you can get a discount on your tickets.

Also, you can bring a photographer who must also purchase an entry ticket.

Learn more about The Selfie Bar Museum of Luxe.

21. Escape The Room Dallas

Escape The Room provides some highly immersive rooms great for teams in Dallas. The themes of these rooms include:

  • The Dig: You and your team of eight excavators are deep down beneath the earth. You have to find your way to the surface while solving a mystery in the process.
  • Western Bank Heist: This escape experience requires your team to work together to rob a bank. However, you have only 60 minutes to escape the bank with the loot.
  • The Agency: You and other secret agents must complete your mission within one hour. Otherwise, the fate of your existence will rest in your superiors’ hands.

All the escape experiences are private and will last for one hour each. The game’s price ranges from $40 to $42 per player.

Learn more about Escape The Room Dallas.

22. Mini Golf at Topgolf

Mini Golf is a fun game to play in a corporate event, and Topgolf provides the facility to enjoy this activity. There are three sets of 18 miniature golf holes. You can also book a 60-minute lesson with this entertainment company. The group class is ideal for team building outings in Dallas, and the price varies from $119 to $149 for two to six players. Your team will learn how to play golf together and bond over the experience. Each guest will also get a free drink and a shared appetizer.

Apart from mini-golf, Topgolf provides nine batting cages where your team can show off their baseball skills.

Learn more about Mini Golf at Topgolf.


This list of corporate outing ideas is great for large and small teams. You can have your outing in any location like an ice cream shop, an arcade bar, or even an escape room. You can also engage in fun activities like axe throwing, taking a tour, and hiking. Dallas has many fun areas ideal for these outings. Regardless of the activity or location you choose, the outing’s most important aspect is for your team to have fun. Therefore, you should pick an activity or a place you are sure the team will enjoy.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Dallas, Texas

Here are answers to questions about company outing ideas in Dallas.

What are the best group outing ideas in Dallas?

The best group outing ideas in Dallas include seeing a movie at Look Dine-In Cinema, attending Storytelling Workshops, taking a tour around the Dallas Zoo, walking the Piedmont Ridge Trail, and taking group pictures at The Selfie Bar.

What are good places for groups to go in Dallas?

Some good places groups can go to in Dallas are White Rock Lake Park, Creamistry, Dallas Museum of Art, The Dallas World Aquarium, and Cidercade.

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