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Here is our list of fun company outing ideas in Los Angeles, California.

Company outing ideas in Los Angeles are fun out-of-the-office activities that your team can enjoy in the LA area. Examples include Escape Games at Escapology, go-kart racing at K1 Speed, and outdoor movies at Rooftop Cinema Club. These activities aim to promote team bonding and boost workers’ productivity. Company outings also give workers a fun mental break from work and inspire creativity.

These ideas are examples of group activities, office offsites, and retreat activities. These activities are similar to fun outings in LA, team building activities in LA and LA corporate event ideas.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in Los Angeles
  • team building outings in Los Angeles
  • work team outings in Los Angeles
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List of company outing ideas in Los Angeles

Regular corporate team outings serve a greater purpose for your company. From bowling at XLanes and comedy shows at The Groundlings Theatre to Wine Tasting at San Antonio Winery, here is our list of the best company outing ideas in Los Angeles.

1. Museum Hack

A team museum visit is one of the best team building outings in Los Angeles to engage your workforce. Museum Hack offers museum tours where teams hear unconventional stories about the art, objects, and artists. Teams also get a fun outing coupled with out-of-the-box team building activities, fun photos, ice breakers, and even some wine. Museum Hack accommodates from two to over three hundred participants and can occur at an institute of choice.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a team building event where teams compete to make the best guacamole. First, the host will lead the teams in mini-games such as Punacado and avocado-themed trivia. Then, participants will engage in a fast-paced guac-making competition. The host will provide essentials for a team building event, including prizes, food, photos, and optional custom trophies. You can hold The Great Guac Off in your office, conference spaces, or rent a venue. The Great Guac Off is a 90-minute team building event that accommodates six to over three hundred participants.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops are team activities that you can use to foster the art of storytelling in your company. For one-and-a-half hours, expert storytellers will lead the team through narrative techniques. Participants will learn the art of storytelling and how to apply these tips in a fun way. Stories inspire action and are also more memorable. The Storytelling Workshops activity accommodates from two to over three hundred participants.

Learn more about Storytelling Workshops.

4. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts are among the most popular team building activities for work. However, these challenges can get mundane. ScavBoss offers out-of-the-box scavenger hunts by combining fun storylines, game mechanics, and intelligent puzzles that will challenge all participants. ScavBoss will customize the hunt to match your company’s theme or mission if you have any preferences. For one-and-a-half to two hours, you can either opt to engage your team in outdoor or indoor hunts. ScavBoss accommodates from six to over three hundred participants.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

5. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a team building event in Los Angeles that will foster team bonding. The host will engage your team in quick team building activities such as Snowman Hustle and trivia to start the activity. Then, participants will engage in the main event, where teams will compete to make a gingerbread house. In addition, you can opt for add-ons such as Deck the Halls, Cookie Monster, and BYOB. The Gingerbread Wars is a one-and-a-half-hour activity that accommodates six to over three hundred participants.

Learn more about Gingerbread Wars.

6. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

If you want to challenge your workforce, then the Ultimate Trivia Show is a must-try. The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is among the best work team outings in Los Angeles that you can use to teach healthy competition and create an environment of camaraderie among your workforce. The Ultimate Trivia Showdown host will engage your workers in a trivia battle for one and a half hours, led by a professional performer. The activity accommodated from six to over 300 participants.

Learn more about the Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

7. Rage Ground

If you are looking for group outing ideas for adults in Los Angeles where workers can relieve their tension, then a visit to Rage Ground is a must-try. Rage Ground offers experiences that can help workers get into a better mood and spark a spirit of fun. The activity is a must-try for teams after completing a successful project. For this team outing idea, workers will take out their anger constructively. The company provides a safe space with full protective gear, including a face shield, vest, coveralls, hard hat, and gloves. Rage Ground will also give the participants items to break and weapons such as pipes, mallets, and bats.

You can book the paint splatter room and car smashing. Rage Ground opens from Thursday to Sunday. For groups of over 13 participants, you will enjoy a discounted rate of $40 per person.

Learn more about Rage Ground.

8. Escape Games at Escapology

Escape games are team outing activities where participants will crack codes, solve puzzles and escape within 60 minutes. You will also enjoy a private escape game which will promote team bonding.
Examples of escape games:

  • Star Trek: Quantum Filament- The USS Discovery has collided with a quantum filament, and the vessel may cause damage and destroy everyone aboard. You will travel across the vessel and repair the antimatter containment field before its strength falls below 15%.
  • Antidote- Dr. Walter Brandt, a chemical weapon specialist, is developing a powerful virus capable of wiping out the human race. You will investigate the doctor’s abandoned laboratory and retrieve the antidote for the virus before it gets to the enemy.
  • Who Stole Mona? – The most famous painting globally, Mona Lisa, is missing. The Louvre has offered a $50 million reward to the person who retrieves the iconic piece. You have 60 minutes to recover the painting from Vladimir Stepanov, a dangerous and ruthless businessman.

Escapology offers ten different escape games with varying difficulty levels. The cost of the games ranges from $34.99 to $39.99.

Learn more about Escapology.

9. Outdoor Movie at Rooftop Cinema Club

Catching up on the latest movie is one of the best ideas for corporate outings in Los Angeles. Rather than a closed-in movie theatre, an outdoor cinema offers teams an array of fun experiences. For instance, Rooftop Cinema Club provides participants with city views, sunsets, and skylines. The cinema opens before the screening to enable teams to enjoy the elements of dusk.

Rooftop Cinema Club also offers delicious food and drinks that teams can nimble on as they enjoy the handpicked curation of classics, cults, and new releases. The cinema provides guests with wireless headphones to prevent any disturbances from the outside world. The comfortable and adjustable seating enables teams to relax under the night sky. Be sure to dress warm and carry a warm blanket if possible.

Learn more about Rooftop Cinema Club.

10. Bowling at XLanes

Located in Downtown LA, XLanes is a 50,000 square feet venue that offers bowling lanes, private karaoke rooms, billiard tables, and modern video games. With 16 general lanes and three VIP rooms, teams can have an immersive bowling experience. The venue can accommodate large groups and even offers an in-house restaurant where attendees can grab their lunch and drinks. Teams can also enjoy live sports viewing at the XLanes sports bar. The bar provides an all-around experience through the 11 LED TVs and large projectors.

The cost of bowling per person is $10 per game. You can also opt for hourly bowling that ranges between $50 to $65.

Learn more about XLanes.

11. Flight Simulation at Flightdeck

If you want your team to have a one-of-a-kind company outing in LA, then you must reserve a booking at Flightdeck. The company offers an opportunity for participants to pilot fighter jets in a Boeing 737 flight simulator and cockpit simulators. Participants will experience flight challenges such as aircraft take-offs, aerial maneuvers, landing, and even air-to-air combat. Flightdeck also provides an observation area where guests can view and even hear interactions between pilots and the air traffic crew via large CDC screens.

Flightdeck has special programs for corporate events, so be sure to make your booking in advance. The cost of a fighter jet flight simulation starts at $59, while the price of the Boeing 737 starts at $109. You can choose between a 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minutes flight simulation experience. This activity is open to persons above the age of 11.

Learn more about Flightdeck.

12. Go-kart Racing at K1 Speed

Go-kart racing at K1 Speed is your go-to activity for memorable and fun team building outings in Los Angeles. K1 Speed will keep your team engaged and entertained both on and off track. You can race at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. K1 Speed utilizes all-electric karts that use advanced electric motors to enhance high-performance. With the zero-emission karts, you will enjoy maximum torque irrespective of the speed.

Besides go-kart racing, you can enjoy billiards and air hockey and grab your lunch and drinks at the in-house Paddock lounge restaurant. The cost of go-kart racing at K1 Speed ranges between $25.95 to $59.95.

Learn more about K1 Speed.

13. Axe Throwing at AxeVentures

You can engage your team in some friendly competition while also fostering team building via axe throwing. For this activity, AxeVentures instructors will lead participants through the art of axe throwing, from proper technique to actual axe throwing and determining the winner. Axe throwing also provides a perfect opportunity to relieve work-related stress.

Once players learn the art of axe throwing, they can then play fun games with the team players. If you have a large team, you can divide your workforce into smaller groups, compete, and offer an incentive for the winning team. Then, after the competition, lead the team to the in-house restaurant and grab food and drinks. Be sure to secure a spot in advance, as walk-in tickets are subject to availability.

Learn more about AxeVentures.

14. Rock Climbing at Sender One Climbing

Rock climbing is among the best group outing ideas for adults in Los Angeles to promote better communication between teams and build teamwork and trust. These activities require participants to experience climbing in a safe environment. Sender One Climbing has spectacular walls measuring 40 to 60 feet where participants can experience bouldering and wall climbing. No experience is necessary for teams as the route setting team will be on-site to teach your team climbing techniques and vital safety measures. You can also try out Sender City’s unique and interactive climbing challenges and walls, such as the Trembling Tower, Spider-Man, and Gear Wall.

If you have a full day to spare, then consider getting your team a day pass at Sender One Climbing. With the day pass, participants will have access to climbing, the fitness area, yoga, and selected fitness classes.

Learn more about Sender One Climbing.

15. Hike the Runyon Canyon Park

Being one of the most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles, a hike to the Runyon Canyon is a simple yet effective team building activity. The 160-acre park provides hikers with the best view over Hollywood. And with different trail options, you can choose your route depending on the teams’ preferences and fitness levels. Runyon Canyon Park is also the perfect trail for a people-watching session as teams get to know each other.

For a more intimate experience, let workers bring their pets. The park does not charge any fees, meaning you should add the Runyon Canyon Park hike to your list of free work team outings in Los Angeles. Depending on the trail you take and the hiking speed, the Runyon Canyon hike can take 15 minutes to hours.

Learn more about Runyon Canyon Park.

16. Beach Visit at Santa Monica State Beach

Situated West of Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica State Beach offers teams a well-maintained soft sandy beach perfect for summer corporate outings in Los Angeles. The short 16-mile distance is worth the soft and sandy beaches, scenic strolling, an amusement pier, restaurants, and a beachfront boardwalk.

This venue offers plenty of outdoor exercise areas and even bike paths. You can also rent bikes, swim under lifeguard surveillance, and plan some beach-themed team building activities. For instance, a beach scavenger hunt and beach games are engaging team-building activities that your workforce can enjoy. The Santa Monica State Beach visit is top among the list of free team building activities for teams in Los Angeles.

Learn more about Santa Monica State Beach and check out team beach day ideas.

17. Comedy Show at The Groundlings Theatre

If you want to have a rib-breaking team building event, then you may want to try a comedy show at the Groundlings Theatre. This sketch and improvisation comedy theatre is not only a comedy pre-eminent training ground but also home to one of the best comedy shows in Los Angeles. The tickets are also affordable, ranging between $12 to $25 per attendee.

Learn more about The Groundlings Theatre.

18. Boat Ride in Echo Park Lake

Bordering Chinatown to the East and Silver Lake to the West, Echo Park Lake is one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles. Depending on the size of your team, you can rent boats and pedals and give your workforce a new experience. Other facilities that you can enjoy at the park include Echo Park boathouse restaurant, Echo Park deep indoor pool, BBQ pits, picnic tables, and water fountains. With the grassy picnic areas, you can start with a picnic followed by the boat ride and end the day with a stroll along the paved walking trail.

Learn more about Echo Park Lake.

19. Wine Tasting at San Antonio Winery

San Antonio Winery is the perfect venue for a wine tasting and winery company tour. The venue offers a tasting room, gift center, and Maddalena restaurant where you can grab lunch. Your team can try the hand-crafted wine selections from the vineyards located in Monterey County, Napa Valley, and Paso Robles. From tasting bold reds to whites and sparkling wines, you will also learn the rich history of wine-making. Before heading out, attendees can check out the collection at the gift shop, such as glassware, wine accessories, clothing, and souvenirs. The cost of wine tasting at San Antonio Winery ranges from $40 to $70 per guest, depending on the wine selection.

Learn more about San Antonio Winery.


As the center of the television and film industry, Los Angeles offers diverse and exciting company outing ideas. Whether you want to engage your team in a short or all-day team building activity, our list of company outing ideas in Los Angeles is a great start. By visiting these local attractions, you can bring your workforce together for a fun and engaging experience to build lasting memories.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Los Angeles

Here are answers about company outing ideas in Los Angeles.

What are the best group outing ideas in Los Angeles?

The best group outing ideas in Los Angeles include a comedy show at The Groundlings Theatre, an outdoor movie at Rooftop Cinema Club, and bowling at XLanes.

What are good places for groups to go in Los Angeles?

Some good places for adults to go to in Los Angeles are Rage Ground, Flightdeck for flight simulation, and AxeVentures for Axe throwing.

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