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You found our list of top company outing ideas in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Company outing ideas in Minneapolis are places to visit to foster camaraderie and relieve tension in the office. Examples include spending time in the museum, going bowling, or simply hanging out in a park. These outings are vital because they create a more positive work atmosphere and a more cohesive team.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults, company offsites, and team bonding ideas. These activities are similar to team building outings in Minneapolis and Minneapolis company events.

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List of corporate outing ideas in Minneapolis

If you are planning corporate outings in Minneapolis, the following are ideas you could consider:

1. Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

At Zero Gravity Trampoline Park, you can enjoy classic activities like dodgeball, basketball, and rock climbing in a whole new way. The venue is perfect for team building outings in Minneapolis and after-work celebrations. Over 11,000 square feet of indoor jumping surfaces are available for team building exercises or plain old fun. Thanks to the foam padding at the landing area, you and your team can climb the space-themed wall without ropes or harnesses. In addition, there is a laser tag arena, an aerial obstacle course, and an arcade for a fun and exciting team building experience!

Learn more about Zero Gravity Trampoline Park.

2. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a professional development workshop that teaches narrative skills. Experienced guides will teach your team a clear framework for presenting compelling stories in a fun and engaging way.

Storytelling is a vital and valuable talent that your workers may use at work and in their personal lives. Every team member, from salespeople and frontline employees to those working in marketing, support, leadership, and human resources can benefit from improving their storytelling abilities. This session is not only entertaining but also open to participants of varying degrees of expertise. The event lasts about one and a half hours and can take up to 300 people.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. The Great Guac Off

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is a series of mini-games that culminates in a fast-paced battle to determine who can produce the finest guacamole in the room. Some of the mini-games include avocado-themed quizzes and Punacado.

Every event has elements for its success, such as a witty party host, delicious food, prizes, and professional photographs, with the options to bring your own alcoholic beverages and create personalized awards. You can have the event at your workplace, conference space, or a third-party rental venue. The activity lasts for one and a half hours.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a holiday-themed team-building game that takes on the characteristics of a near-competitive sport. After warming up with some fast team building activities like trivia and the snowman hustle, teams proceed to a competition to see who can make the most impressive gingerbread home.

Guides can host Gingerbread Wars in your Minneapolis office, conference room, or third-party venues. The event takes about one and a half hours.

Learn more about Gingerbread Wars.

5. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is a unique scavenger hunt. The game challenges even the most intelligent players with its unique combination of comprehensive gameplay, entertaining narrative, and wickedly ingenious riddles. In addition, game creators can personalize the search to correspond with your business’s vision, values, or overall theme. The event often lasts up to two hours and accommodates groups of between six to 300 people.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

6. Bike Trip with Nice Ride Minneapolis

Nice Ride Minneapolis is a cutting-edge bike-share system in Minneapolis that can get your group out on the city’s bike lanes. A single 30-minute ride is $2, while a day ticket is $6 and provides unlimited 30-minute rides. This activity is a great way for your team to explore the city while working out together. You can leave the bikes at any docking station when you are not using them. The company has many bikes, but you may need to plan if you have a large team since there may not be enough bikes available at any particular location.

Learn more about Nice Ride Minneapolis.

7. Extreme Sandbox

Extreme Sandbox is a Heavy Equipment Adventures facility that rents out construction equipment for fun. You and your team can operate a bulldozer or 26-ton excavator or get on a fire vehicle afterward. Extreme Sandbox is a great spot to share an adventure with your team. The facility can accommodate any size group and function, making it the ideal location for your company’s work team outings in Minneapolis.

Standard packages are available for parties of ten or less, but the company can create personalized itineraries for a larger team and plan logistics like food and transportation.

Learn more about Extreme Sandbox.

8. Lake Harriet Band Shell

You can enjoy movies and concerts in parks across Minneapolis for free every summer. The Lake Harriet Band Shell is one of the city’s premier locations, with extra outdoor activities accessible on the lake. You and your team can enjoy a picnic or boat trip, with music to accompany it.

Check the Lake Harriet band Shell’s website to find out what summer activities are happening at the venue.

9. The Guthrie Theater

Opening its doors in 1963, the Guthrie Theater has quickly risen to prominence as one of Minneapolis’s premier cultural organizations. The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis is famous as one of the finest theaters in the Midwest. The theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in Minneapolis and could be a great place to visit for your next corporate outing. If you and your team love seeing live performances, then the Guthrie Theater has many shows that will leave a remarkable impression.

The theater has hosted legendary performers, including Tom Waits, Jim Croce, and Olivia Newtown-John. You will stand among living legends and ancient heroes when visiting this location. By checking out their upcoming schedule, you can see what incredible concerts are coming up at the Guthrie Theater.

Check The Guthrie Theater.

10. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

The Minneapolis Arboretum is a great place to take your team since it has activities for many interests and seasons. For example, there is a scarecrow contest in the autumn when people may cast their votes for their favorite entry. Meanwhile, Apple House offers a wide selection of apple products and varietals for guests to try and purchase. The gardens get decorated with lights for the holidays, and in winter the visitor center has a fireplace, hot drinks, and 25-foot-tall poinsettias. This team excursion concept is a fantastic spot to get into the Christmas spirit.

Learn more about Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

11. FlyOver America

FlyOver America is a cutting-edge flying simulator at the Mall of America. You and your team can watch a video of American landscapes with some special effects as your feet dangle while sitting on suspended chairs. Even though the presentation is just 10 minutes long, you can extend the outing for up to a whole day by adding a FlyOver Canada experience.

Learn more about FlyOver America.

12. Gram Slam Center

Grand Slam Center is one of Minnesota’s most exciting corporate event locations. You can choose from several happy hour specials and pre-made or customizable corporate event packages. The team building activities and attractions are entertaining and educational. Grand Slam Center offers many office-grade meeting rooms whether you are arranging an event for 20 people or 1,000 people. Many other indoor and outdoor activities are available, such as ax throwing and a ropes course. The company has a specialized crew of event planners who will help implement your outing ideas for your team. The chefs at the venue also have a menu that works equally well for both large and small-scale events.

Learn more about Grand Slam Center.

13. Escape The Room

Escape The Room places players in realistic scenarios and gives them limited time to work together to solve increasingly complex problems. You and your team can enjoy one of the greatest escape rooms in the nation while testing your wits and having a great time. Escape The Room is a product of theme park engineers, set designers, and puzzle designers to provide immersive and engaging gameplay.

Learn more about Escape the Room.

14. Can Can Wonderland

This mini-golf course, with a carnival motif, is owned and operated by a public benefit corporation dedicated to the arts. A portion of your play fee goes directly to the local artists. Can Can Wonderland is a terrific location for a fun corporate outing idea after work, thanks to the murals, arcade games, live music, and plenty of food and drink choices. After 9 pm, the place is only open to adults, and you may have as many tiny donuts and alcoholic milkshakes as you can stand!

Learn more about Can Can Wonderland.

15. Boom Island Park

Visiting Boom Island Park in Minneapolis makes you forget you are in the middle of the city. The park is breathtakingly gorgeous and packed with exciting outdoor events. Boom Island Park, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, is an excellent place for your company outing. You and your team can enjoy a picnic, go for a bike ride, visit the lighthouse, relax on the beach, or go out on the water.

It is wise to arrive at the park early to maximize your time and take in as many experiences as possible.

Learn more about Boom Island Park.

16. Upstairs Circus

In Minneapolis, a trip to Upstairs Circus is a great way to bring your team together while encouraging creativity and socializing. You can join one of their Project Socials, where the company will teach you how to make one of the hundreds of different crafts, from the simple to the complex. Every squad member will take home a unique and memorable souvenir thanks to the many options available, including paintings, jewelry, and handcrafted furniture. You may grab drinks and snacks at the venue and choose to sit together or with other groups.

Learn more about Upstairs Circus.

17. Topgolf

Topgolf is the ultimate hangout spot. The venue provides various activities around play, food and drink, music, and community. You and your teammates do not have to be pro golfers with high points total to enjoy your outing at Topgolf.

Topgolf has transformed human interaction into an athletic competition by fusing cutting-edge technology with a fun atmosphere. No matter what day you stop by, you will find this location bustling with activity. Topgolf’s climate-controlled bays and high-definition televisions in each bay and their sports bar and restaurant sections are two of the venue’s best features.

Topgolf’s cuisine is a serious business, too. Each restaurant has a skilled executive chef leading a talented kitchen staff that prepares dishes using only the freshest ingredients.

Learn more about Topgolf.

18. WhirlyBall

When playing WhirlyBall, players divide into teams and compete on a specially designed court. You navigate a bumper car and use a scooper object that looks like a lacrosse stick as your primary equipment. The purpose of each game is to score a goal against the other team. A referee keeps score and enforces a time restriction throughout the games.

Anyone can excel at WhirlyBall, making it one of the fantastic group outing ideas for adults in Minneapolis. Up to ten players may take the court at once. If there are more than then players, then you may rotate playing each game and going for drinks in between.

Learn more about WhirlyBall.

19. Way Cool Cooking School

Any team member can participate in this team building or corporate outing event. With the help of the company’s skilled event planners and chefs, every event is customizable to fit your company’s specific requirements. As a result, you may connect as a team, celebrate a shared accomplishment, and boost communication by cooking and eating together.

Learn more Way Cool Cooking School.

20. ProKART

Carts at the ProKART track in Burnsville, Minnesota, operate on renewable methanol, which increases power while reducing emissions to give you an incredible racing experience. The reliability and speed of these go-karts will astound you. Options exist for both seasoned racers and novices alike. The state-of-the-art facilities and conference rooms at both of ProKART’s offices are top-tier. You can make your next corporate event one to remember by choosing from the various options that fit your specific needs and budget.

Learn more about ProKART.

21. Betty Danger’s Country Club

Betty Danger’s self-description as a “kooky country club” sounds accurate. At this establishment, you can ride a Ferris wheel while dining or play a round of mini-golf on the “Poodles and Palms” course while drinking and snacking. This club would be a fabulous location for a company outing. The activities are great for teams looking to have fun and some light-hearted moments.

Learn more about Betty Danger’s Country Club.

22. The Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center is a superb showcase of Minneapolis’s magnificent art heritage. The center is much more than a small collection of interesting artifacts since it contains other excellent museums to explore. If you and your team love art, you should check out this location. Here, you will find beautiful artworks with deep significance.

Some exhibitions focus on acclaimed artists like Jasper Johns and Michaela Eichwald. The works of art on display at the Walker Art Center are extraordinary. You and your team can visit this fantastic gallery if interested in expanding your artistic horizons.

Learn more about The Walker Art Center.

23. The Orpheum Theater

The Orpheum Theatre is a magnificent facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that merits a company outing. Having been around for over a century, the Orpheum Theatre is a treasure trove of legendary tales. In addition, you can visit the theatre to enjoy top-notch live entertainment. Once owned by Bob Dylan, the Orpheum Theatre has been one of the most prominent theaters in the nation.

The theater version of “The Lion King” debuted at the Orpheum, as did other outstanding works. The venue provides an entertaining and memorable evening out for you and your team. Everyone, from performers to audience members, can count on a quality experience at the Orpheum Theatre.

Read more about The Orpheum Theater.


Minneapolis, together with St. Paul, is the Twin Cities and Minnesota’s biggest metropolitan region. In addition to its wealth of natural resources, the City of Lakes is a major Midwest economic hub. Minneapolis is not just a significant financial center but also ranks seventh in the country for the concentration of large company headquarters. The city offers many locations you can consider for your next corporate outing.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here are some frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Minneapolis.

What are some fun company outing ideas in Minneapolis?

Some fun company outing ideas in Minneapolis include Escape The Room, ProKART, Whirlyball, and Top Golf. Minneapolis offers a variety of fun venues that appeal to a variety of tastes and interests.

Where are good places for groups to go in Minneapolis?

Groups are at no loss for fun places to explore and enjoy within this midwestern city. Some good places groups can visit in Minneapolis include Walker Art Center, Big Thrill Factory, and Zero Gravity Trampoline Park. When taking a group on an excursion, it is a good idea to call ahead to the venue to make reservations so that your group has the best experience.

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