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Here is our list of fun company outing ideas in NYC, NY.

Company outing ideas in NYC are activities that teams can participate in in the New York City region. Example outings include the Ultimate Trivia Showdown, Skating at Wollman Rink, and Scav Boss. The purpose of these activities is to foster team bonding, increase workers’ engagement, and promote the retention of top talent. Exploring NYC as a team will also help diverse teams to know more about the city.

These activities are good ideas for company offsites and corporate retreats. These ideas are similar to NYC corporate events and team building activities in NYC.

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List of company outing ideas in NYC

NYC offers an array of noteworthy locations and incredible team building activities. From the Ultimate Trivia Show to Storytelling Workshops and ping pong at Spin, here is a list of the best company outing ideas in NYC.

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack team building event at the Met in NYC

Museum Hacks offers teams world-class museum tours in NYC. For two hours, the tour guide will lead participants through the best museum in NYC. Then, to maximize team engagement, the guide will lead participants through games, icebreakers, stories about art and artists, as well as other collaborative activities. And if you are lucky, the entire team may get some wine!

Examples of museums you can visit in NYC

  • The American Museum of Natural History
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The 9/11 Memorial Museum
  • The New York Transit Museum

Museum Hack can customize your experience to match your taste, mission, and industry. If you are unsure of the perfect museum tour for your team, then you can start by browsing this list of the best museums in NYC. You can book for two to over three hundred participants.

Learn more about Museum Hack

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a 90-minute event that engages teams in a fast-paced and intense trivia. Once you make your booking, a professional entertainer will lead the team through engaging trivia such as the Champion Challenge or Majority Rules. Be sure to book your showdown two weeks prior.

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is among the best corporate outings in NYC that will promote team collaboration and bonding. The event accommodates six to over 300 participants.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

3. The Great Guac Off

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is a guacamole-making competition that accommodates from six to over 300 team members. Participants will experience a series of team building activities for this company outing idea, including the guacamole-making competition for 1.5 hours. Once you book your event, the guide will provide everything you need for a successful team building activity. For instance, you will have a fun host, prizes, guacamole ingredients, and dippers.

The Great Guac Off includes three team-building activities: a Trivia-cado, fun games, and the dip-off. You can have this activity at a conference center, office, or rental locations in NYC. To make the outing more interesting, you can surprise your team by adding gift bags and catering.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off

4. Scav Boss

scavenger hunt at New York City museum as a company outing

If you want your team to experience challenging yet fun scavenger hunts, then Scav Boss is among the best work team outings in NYC. For 1.5 to two hours, participants can explore fascinating landmarks in NYC, museums, or neighborhoods. Scav Boss does not provide your run-of-the-mill scavenger hunts. Instead, teams will experience engaging and creative outdoor or indoor challenges. You can also get a customized scavenger hunt based on your values, industry, and mission. This event accommodates six to over three hundred participants.

Learn more about Scav Boss.

5. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops are a two-hour interactive training where participants will learn the art of narrative. The story masters will give teams time to practice and develop the storytelling tips.

Storytelling Workshops are the best group outing ideas for adults in NYC that you can use to help teams improve their communication skills. Storytelling Workshops benefit both advanced and beginner storytellers and can accommodate two to over 300 participants.

Learn more about Storytelling Workshops.

6. VR Games at VR World

VR is an experience that teleports players into a 3D world and activates participants’ senses of touch, sight, and hearing in an interactive journey. VR World is a gateway for teams to experience virtual reality with a wide variety of games to choose from. Players can choose between competing in races, playing a game, or interacting with a piece of art. Examples of VR games offered at VR World include Arizona Sunshine, Jet Pack Simulator, and A Sandwich Tale.

While the length of the VR experience varies based on the game chosen, games last between five to ten minutes. You can also purchase the two-hour or the all-day VR World pass. The company also has an in-house full-service bar where teams can grab their favorite cocktails.

Learn more about VR World.

7. Skating at the Wollman Rink

Located in Central Park, Manhattan, NYC, Wollman Rink is a public skating rink. Skating at the Wollman Rink is one of the best team building outings in NYC for the winter and fall seasons, whether day or night-time. Teams can enjoy ice skating from late October to early April. Participants can glide as they experience the panoramic view of the city skyline. The park charges $8 for adults and $4 for kids, and renting a skate will take each participant back $7. Teams can also enjoy ice dance and figure skating sessions. The rink also has an in-house café where teams can grab meals and drinks.

Learn more about The Wollman Rink.

8. Visits to Central Park Zoo

A team visit to the Central Park Zoo is among the easiest yet most interesting corporate outings in NYC. Located at the southern corner of Central Park, NYC, the Central Park Zoo combines four zoos and one aquarium. The zoo has three exhibit areas: temperate, polar, and tropical regions. From puffins and snow monkeys to penguins, teams will discover a variety of wildlife at Central Park Zoo.

The park also has the Tisch Children’s Zoo, a kid-friendly petting zoo with different animals such as pigs and goats. Other than zoo exhibits, teams can experience penguin and sea lion feedings. The park charges adults $19.95 while children pay $$14.95 to access the park. The zoo entry fee for seniors is $16.95.

Learn more about Central Park Zoo.

9. BrainXcape

Located in the heart of Manhattan, BrainXcape is a challenging escape room attraction built by top-notch theatrical set designers. Each game lasts approximately 60 minutes and accommodates as few as two or as many as ten players. Scenarios include haunted hotels, prisons, and quests for hidden treasures. This venue has collected hundreds of positive reviews and earned a TripAdvisor award of excellence, with many guests claiming it is the best escape room they have ever done.

Learn more about BrainXcape.

10. Bowling at Lucky Strike

Bowling is a competitive and fun sport perfect for team building outings in NYC. Located in West Nyack, NYC, Lucky Strike offers 26 lanes of bowling, 11 billiard tables, ping pong, and a lounge. Whatever event that your team is celebrating, be it fun corporate outings or office milestone celebrations, take the experience a notch higher and let teams have a memorable bowling event.

You can make bowling at Lucky Strike more fun by having different teams compete in bowling or shooting pool at the venue. And if you want to bust a move, the venue has a live local DJ so you can enjoy music as you go about the chosen activities. Then, go ahead and order the team’s preferred food and drinks after the event at Lucky Strike.

Each participant will pay $15 for bowling from Monday to Thursday and $20 from Friday to Sunday.

Learn more about Lucky Strike.

11. Food Truck Tour

NYC boasts of an immense and accessible diverse culture that companies can experience. You can treat your team to an afternoon food truck tour and let teams have their favorite food or try new dishes. You can start by researching the best food trucks near your location. Then, to make the activity more interesting, you can incentivize participants who will find the best truck. Teams can enjoy sophisticated bites such as seafood, falafel, Italian, Tex-Mex food, or simple snacks like hot dogs and burgers.

Here is a food truck tracker for NYC.

12. Ping Pong at Spin

Located on Park Avenue, New York, Spin is a venue where players can experience the iconic ping pong culture. The venue connects participants through ping pong, a game that transcends ethnicity, gender, age, and physical boundaries.

You can engage your team in a ping pong competition and offer incentives to winners. If you want to make regular visits to Spin, then a monthly membership will give you access to a seasonal social league and weekly tournaments. Once you set a date for the team outing, make a reservation at Spin, especially if you have a large team. Weekend reservations are open two days before, and weekend reservations are available two weeks before the event. Spin is also open for walk-ins during regular business hours.

Learn more about Spin.

13. New York City View at The High Line

The High Line is a 2.33 km rail trail, greenway, and elevated linear park in Manhattan’s West Side, NYC. The variety of attractions makes the garden a perfect venue for work team outings in NYC. Teams will enjoy naturalized plantings, seasonal food, views of the Hudson River, and the NYC skyline. Teams can also take an afternoon casual stroll as they bond. The park has benches and nearby shops where participants can rest and buy refreshments. If you have a diverse team, you can check the official tour dates on The High Line website for a 90-minute park tour. Participants can learn the history of NYC, the park’s history, landscape, and design.

Learn more about The High Line.

14. The Staten Island Ferry

If you are looking for free and fun group outing ideas for adults in NYC, then the Staten Island Ferry is a must-try. Operated by the New York Department of Transportation, the ferry runs through New York Harbor between Staten Island and the New York boroughs of Manhattan. Planning the Staten Island Ferry for a team is also simple since the ferry runs 24 hours, seven days a week, with boats leaving every 15 to 30 minutes.

This round trip can take approximately two hours, and lets participants experience the fantastic views that NYC offers. From the Manhattan Skyline to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, you may want to get your camera ready for the trip.

The ferry also has a snack bar with drinks and foods, including alcoholic beverages. If you want to enjoy the ferry ride, then plan the trip during off-peak times, as the ferry can get packed during rush hour.

Learn more about The Staten Island Ferry.

15. A Walk at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is an ideal venue for a corporate garden walk plus team coffee.

Examples of attractions:

  • Plants in bloom such as the Dove Tree, Spotted Geranium, and Wild Columbine
  • Birds and other wildlife, such as the Barn Shallow
  • Japanese Hill-and-Pond-garden
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • Historic art collections such as lantern slides, paper prints, and glass plate negatives

An entry to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden will take adults back $18 and $12 for seniors and students with an ID. Children under 12 years are not charged a fee. Winter weekends run from December to February, and visitors can pay what they want. The botanical garden also offers a portion of free tickets to persons who may need them.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden walk can take approximately three to four hours depending on the areas you visit. Teams can take pictures and even the Brooklyn Botanical Garden gift shop.

Learn more about Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

16. Wine Tasting at Brotherhood Winery

Brotherhood Winery boasts of being America’s oldest winery with an Est. of 1839. The winery offers public tastings from Tuesday to Sunday. For public tastings, each guest will pick five wines to taste.

Participants will enjoy one ounce of the selected wine per serving. Teams will get to experience a wide selection of wines, from traditional to varietal selections at $15 per participant. Your teams can also experience the history of Brotherhood Wineries through a public tour and guided tasting. For $25, teams will stroll through the vast underground cellars and learn the complete wine-making process. And with an in-house restaurant and bar, you can enjoy lunch and drinks after the Brotherhood Winery tour.

Located 1.5 hours away from NYC, wine tasting at Brotherhood Winery is an excellent out-of-the-city team-building activity. Be sure to carry a valid form of ID to participate in wine tasting.

Learn more about Brotherhood Winery.

17. Attend a Concert at Forest Hills Stadium

Attending concerts as a team is a great way to create memories and promote team bonding. Located in Forest Hills, NY, Forest Hills Stadium plays host to diverse musical acts. The 13,000-capacity stadium optimizes your experience with no obstructed views. Some of the most significant performances that have taken place at the venue include Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones.

You can start your planning by checking out the Forest Hills Stadium calendar and asking teams to choose one upcoming event that they want to attend. Be sure to have the AXS Mobile App since it is the only Forest Hill Stadium ticketing partner.

Learn more about Forest Hills Stadium.

18. Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Westchester

iFLY Westchester offers a one-of-a-kind themed wind tunnel indoor skydiving experience that is perfect for work team outings in NYC. The company can accommodate groups of all sizes for a thrilling flying experience. For starters, teams will take the flying training session where they will get pre-flight practice and important information for their flying position. Once ready, participants will get a flying experience for 45 minutes. While iFLY Westchester accommodates flyers of three to 103 ages, parents and guardians should accompany children under 18 years.

Be sure to wear casual and well-fitting clothing, running shoes, or lace-up sneakers. The price packages for the indoor skydiving experience starts at approximately $80 for first-time flyers. Group packages are also available for experienced flyers.

Learn more about iFLY Westchester.

19. Spa Day at Aire Ancient Baths

Rather than treating your team to a regular spa day, an ancient bath will offer tranquility that is exclusively designed to balance body and mind. The Aire Ancient Baths will provide teams with an experience that is similar to the ancient times of the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman traditions. Teams will enjoy massages and baths in a serene environment. You will experience Aire’s six thermal baths including the warm pool, ice and cold plunges, hot bath, the jet pool, the flotarium, and the steam room. Participants can circulate throughout the baths for 90 minutes.

Be sure to book in advance since Aire Ancient Baths limits the number of people per session.

Learn more about Aire Ancient Baths.

20. Karaoke at The Spot Karaoke Lounge

If you are looking for an ideal venue where your team can enjoy a karaoke session, then The Spot Karaoke Lounge is a great start. The lounge is a premium karaoke space in Manhattan that focuses on offering unique karaoke experiences in NYC. With an open mic lounge and private karaoke rooms, you can enjoy intimate karaoke team building outings in NYC without any interruption.

Learn more about The Spot Karaoke Lounge.


Company outings are important team building activities for every workforce. Luckily, NYC offers an array of places where teams can visit and activities that you can engage your employees in. From high-end to free team building activities in NYC, our list of company outing ideas will promote employees’ engagement and productivity. Be sure to remind your team to observe safety measures when partaking in NYC outing activities.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in NYC

Here are answers about company outing ideas in NYC

What are the best group outing ideas in NYC?

The best group outing ideas in NYC include sap day at Aire Ancient Baths, The Staten Island Ferry, and indoor skydiving at Ifly Westchester.

What are good places for groups to go in NYC?

Some good places for groups to go in NYC include Lucky Strike for bowling, VR World for VR games, and Central Park Zoo.

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