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Here is our list of the best company outings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Company outings ideas in Philadelphia are events that take teams to exciting locations outside work to spend quality time together. These events let team members bond while enjoying fun, informative activities. For example, taking a food tour, playing a few rounds of pool, or enjoying a concert together are outings that bring teams together outside the office. These activities promote interaction, boost morale, and encourage bonding among associates in The City of Brotherly Love.

These activities are examples of employee engagement ideas, company offsites, and relationship-building activities.

This list includes:

  • company outings for small groups in Philadelphia, PA
  • company outings for large groups in Philadelphia
  • company outings for adults in Philadelphia
  • corporate outing ideas in Philadelphia

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List of corporate outing ideas in Philadelphia

With so much history packed into a setting with a contemporary vibe, Philadelphia offers corporate outing ideas that cover a wide range of interests. Here are some of the best ideas to check.

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack logo

With Museum Hack, teams can take a unique and novel guided tour of museums. Games, puzzles, and activities take place around the galleries. Intriguing information about the figures and works makes outings are full-blown art adventures. Designers can customize tours to give your team a personalized experience. These informative adventures will engage associates as they create new connections and learn intriguing facts at every stop.

You can find out more about how Museum Hack works.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown


Competition is fierce and fun as colleagues vie for the trivia crown in Ultimate Trivia Showdown. These hosted 90-minute company outing ideas in Philadelphia give teams a high-energy trivia game experience. In addition, various rounds of team play encourage teammates to sharpen communication and collaboration skills while using their random knowledge.

If trivia is your team’s thing, then you can book an Ultimate Trivia Showdown session.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Employees have a chance to use their superpowers to engage in collaborative activities in Superhero Academy. The mission is to save the world and defeat the ultimate supervillains by pooling their strengths and working together. Teams solve puzzles and tackle challenges to strengthen their communication and teamwork, building connections as they go.

Learn how to get your team flying with a Superhero Academy outing.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Time is of the essence in Minute Madness, a 60-minute session of high-energy physical feats and challenges. You provide the location, and your host provides the highly engaging competition. Team members will stir up 5400 seconds of action-packed fun in an outing that tests their dexterity and skills at every turn.

For more information, look into Minute Madness.

5. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is more than just a fun activity. The art of storytelling is a valuable communication tool, and a skill associates can learn with Storytelling Workshops. These interactive two-hour seminars help your team identify story elements and learn to use storytelling to improve their work and lives. Each session features a story master host who can help attendees expand their storytelling abilities through practice, presentation, and feedback.

You can learn more about Storytelling Workshops and book one for your team.

6. The Great Guac Off™

Team Building Attire: What to Wear to Show Team Spirit

You can help your team mix things up with a guacamole-making competition that offers fun times and fantastic food. In the Great Guac Off, participants will enjoy icebreaker games that include avocado-centered trivia before competing to create the greatest guac on the block. Ingredients for the guac are part of the package. You can extend events by adding snacks or catering to make the outing a full-blown dining experience.

Discover the details about the Great Guac Off.

7. Gingerbread Wars

Teams can showcase their building talents while getting into the holiday spirit with Gingerbread Wars. A selection of hosted games and team building activities will warm up the crowd before associates dive into their gingerbread house kits and construct their best version of a winter wonderland cottage scene. Creativity and collaboration are key in this competition. The outing is winter-based rather than holiday-based, making it ideal for attendees of all beliefs to enjoy.

Find more information on what Gingerbread Wars is all about.

8. ScavBoss

For teams that love super competitive scavenger hunts that don’t skimp on fun, ScavBoss has all your needs covered. Associates can trek through local neighborhoods, exploring landmarks, historic sites, and cultural highlights found around the city. Designers create these activities for serious competitors. In addition, you can request subject matter that relates to your team’s function or industry for an added personal touch.

You can dig into the details about ScavBoss to find out more.

9. Independence Park

Your list of company outings for large groups in Philadelphia should include a trip to Independence Park. You can book guided tours of Independence Hall, the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, to give team members a window into the most significant moments in the country’s birth. Across the quad, the Liberty Bell stands ready to receive visitors on a first come-first served basis. Scheduled events focusing on American history happen throughout the year.

Details about Independence Park will help you plan your visit.

10. Yards Brewery

Yards has been creating some of Philly’s best-loved beer since 1994. Brew fans on the team will appreciate the 40-minute guided tours that give groups of up to 15 a behind-the-scenes look at the beer-making process, with samples included. Teams can hang in the taproom and order beer and small bites afterward. You can also book the community table for two-and-a-half-hour semi-private outings that include an open bar and family-style food.

You can schedule a tour of Yards Brewery for your team.

11. Private Coffee Classes

Coffee can be just as complex as wine in terms of taste, body, and bouquet. Private classes explaining the essence of coffee make thoughtful company outing ideas in Philadelphia for teams who crave java. With a one-hour tasting session like those at Function Coffee Labs, coffee lovers can explore the roasting process and how bean choice affects flavor while sampling various brews. Teams can also attend courses covering how to prepare the perfect pour-over for their daily enjoyment or learn the secrets to perfecting espresso from their home machine.

Learn more about private classes at Function Coffee Labs.

12. Buffalo Billiards

Head-to-head competition over a pool table at Buffalo Billiards makes a great Philadelphia team outing for game lovers. The warm, welcoming atmosphere gives the vibe of an old-time pool hall, complete with a bar and grill for enjoying beverages and bites. There are daily happy hours, pinball, dart boards, skeeball machines, and shuffleboard decks to get everyone in on the game hall fun.

Learn how to rack them up at Buffalo Billiards.

13. Lucky Strike Bowling

The swankiest bowling alley in Philadelphia is ready for a corporate outing with your team. As an iconic location in the bowling world, Lucky Strike brings its Hollywood sensibility to the City of Brotherly Love. The retro design, neon accents, and funky décor give visitors something special to look at while they wait their turn. Teams can split up for tournament-style play or spread into smaller groups for more personal competitions.

Details on setting up an outing for your team are available at Lucky Strike.

14. Philadelphia Museum of Art

An outing to this world-class art museum is an eye-opening opportunity for teams to explore iconic works from incredible artists. You can see famous works from names like Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, and Monet in the museum’s permanent collection. There are exhibitions held throughout the year as well. Admission on Friday nights between 5:00 and 8:45 p.m. is a “pay what you wish” program, which makes an excellent option for budget-conscious teams.

As a bonus, attendees can recreate one of the most famous scenes in cinema history with a visit to the Rocky Steps and take photos with the Rocky statue at the museum entrance.

You can check out the museum calendar to see what events are right for your team.

15. Wonderspaces Immersive Art Experience

Teams with an artful side will find Wonderspaces enchanting. This gallery immerses visitors in interactive art installations highlighting technology and modern life. Teams can explore rooms where their shadows come to life, paint walls with the motion of their bodies, explore light projections, and view inventive animation all around them. This corporate outing encourages associates to engage with the art as part of the experience.

The details and schedule for Wonderspaces will help you plan your outing.

16. Comedy Improv Class

For corporate outing ideas in Philadelphia that emphasize communication and interaction, try a comedy improv class. These fun exercises provide instruction to expand critical skills while offering uproarious entertainment. Walnut Street Theater has courses that teach techniques for fast thinking, comfortable public speaking, and off-the-cuff interactions. Associates can add a valuable tool to their arsenal in an easy-going atmosphere where humor and enjoyment are the norm.

Class descriptions at Walnut Street Theater will help you decide on an outing.

17. Concert at Union Transfer

A concert in an auditorium that was once a railroad luggage transfer station is a company outing that blends culture and history. This acclaimed theater space welcomes musical acts of all genres, with a focus on indie and bands that are a bit off the beaten path. If your team includes music nerds who love a good live act, then you can arrange tickets for your group at the box office and avoid costly processing fees. You can spend the saved money on refreshing drinks and light snacks at one of the three bars inside the theater.

The Union Transfer show schedule has a great line-up.

18. Barcade Philadelphia

Video games get a glow-up in Barcade Philadelphia. Gamers in your crew will be in awe of the classic titles available, including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Centipede, and Asteroids. There are also pinball machines for players who favor a more analog gaming experience. Associates can also enjoy a full menu of diner favorites with vegetarian and vegan options, plus cocktails and wine to sip as they play.

You can find out more about Barcade Philadelphia and see their hours of operation.

19. Philadelphia Zoo

An outing to Philadelphia Zoo will get employees acquainted with nature and history in a single trip. Philadelphia Zoo was the first full-fledged zoo established in the United States and remains an industry leader dedicated to the education and conservation of animals on a worldwide scale. Visitors get a close-up view of nearly 1300 animals in a lush 42-acre garden-like setting. In addition, teams can walk among exhibits that house many endangered species whose natural habitats are being restored in part with assistance from the zoo’s fundraising efforts.

For more information, take a look at Philadelphia Zoo.

20. Ghost Tour of the City

The spooky side of Philadelphia’s history awaits in a selection of nighttime ghost tours. These after-dark guided excursions take place in various locations around the city. Highlights include cemeteries and haunted houses, as well as landmarks like Independence Hall and the First Bank of the United States. You can stroll among the ghosts of historical figures and spectral citizens as your guide tells tales to chill your spine. Those brave enough to embark on a tour will see one of America’s oldest cities from a new shiver-inducing perspective.

If your associates have nerves of steel, then a ghost tour makes a thrilling Philadelphia team outing.

21. Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruises make relaxing company outings for adults in Philadelphia. Cruisers will enjoy striking skyline views while gliding along the Delaware River. These outings include a buffet meal on a luxurious craft, energizing music provided by a DJ, and a view of famous landmarks like Benjamin Franklin Bridge and the Naval Shipyard. Tours last between two and a half and three hours and include games and entertainment and highlights of the cityscape. There are also lunch and brunch cruises available for daylight events.

There are schedules and cruise descriptions available to help plan your event.

22. 9th Street Italian Market Tour

The oldest outdoor market in America is an outing that combines food and history in a scenic city setting. Participants can enjoy a walking tour of this charming neighborhood, with stops and samples at bakeries, delis, and artisan shops. World-famous Philly cheesesteaks are also on the menu, as are regional produce and farm fare, deli specialties, and handmade chocolates. Tours accommodate groups of 12 to maintain the personal feel, making these outings great company outings for small groups in Philadelphia.

Learn more about taking a market tour to plan one for your crew.

23. Philly Magic Gardens

At Philly Magic Gardens, the guiding principles are diversity, community, originality, and inspiring others through self-expression. Created by artist Isaiah Zagar, this outdoor art space features towering walls and whimsical floors covered in brightly colored mosaics. Visitors can experience the artful surroundings in a 40-minute guided tour, followed by 20 minutes of self-guided wandering of the grounds to see more. There are also neighborhood tours available, including an exploration of more than 40 public artworks around the gardens.

You can follow the trail to Philly Magic Gardens.

24. Science After Hours at Franklin Institute

Science geeks on the team will enjoy the themed outings in a hands-on after-hours visit to Franklin Institute. These nighttime extravaganzas celebrate the fun side of science and sometimes include musical acts, science-oriented games, lessons, and activities. There are even visits to the planetarium for a cosmic side quest! Past events have centered around mixology, time travel, and cabaret performance. Though themes change throughout the year, each festive gala offers associates a chance to explore the museum in a party atmosphere.

For details and upcoming events, check into Science After Hours.


Philadelphia provides historical sites, exciting city-based activities, and scenic tours for associates to enjoy together. The dining scene, the history, and the culture blend to create an environment primed for fun team building interactions. With so many activities available, there are outings to satisfy teams of all interests.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Philadelphia, PA

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Philadelphia.

What are the best group outing ideas in Philadelphia?

The best group outing ideas for teams who love games are Buffalo Billiards for pool and shuffleboard, Barcade Philadelphia for vintage video games, and Lucky Strike for bowling in a cool retro setting. For outings with an artful flavor, Philadelphia Art Museum, Philly Magic Gardens, Wonderspaces, and Union Transfer offer opportunities to explore museum exhibits and hear live music.

What are good places for groups to go in Philadelphia?

Groups who love food can enjoy brewery tours at Yard Brewery, learn about coffee in classes at Function Coffee Labs, and tour the historic 9th Street food neighborhood in downtown Philadelphia. Independence Hall and ghost tours of the city will take associates through the more famous and infamous parts of town. Philadelphia Zoo and Franklin Institute are great places for groups with an interest in science and nature.

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