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You found our list of the best company outing ideas in Phoenix, Arizona.

Company outing ideas in Phoenix are chances for employees to have fun beyond the confines of the office and their desks. Examples include Phoenix Zoo, Arizona Science Center, and Mesa Arts Center. Company outing ideas are important because they help to boost teamwork and help workers bond with other team members.

These activities work well for group retreats, company offistes, and team building days. These ideas are similar to team building activities in Phoenix and corporate events in Phoenix.

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List of corporate outing ideas in Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the hottest cities in the United States. Naturally, you and your team need time to unwind and cool down after a hard work day. The following is a list of company outing ideas in Phoenix, Arizona, perfect for anything from a laid-back happy hour after work to an intensive daylong team-building exercise.

1. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a competitive game that brings employees to work together and spread goodwill. This event is available both in-person and online. Each participant will get gingerbread cookie decorating supplies before the event date. Your group will meet in a conference room for the event, where they will participate in a series of games and challenges intended to foster teamwork and holiday cheer. For instance, you may host a Christmas trivia night or a holiday decorating contest. Gingerbread Wars is a 90-minute long Christmas celebration that is both entertaining and uplifting.

Find out more about Gingerbread Wars.

2. Bank Heist

A brazen bank theft has left your staff switching their computers for detective gear as your squad must discover this daring perpetrator. Questions of critical importance, such as where the bank’s security personnel were and how the robbers managed to get past the state-of-the-art security systems guarding the vault, demand explanations. Before the criminals can get away for good, hosts will lead your team through puzzles and activities to gather clues and divulge crucial information.

Bank Heist encourages valuable team-building traits through a high-energy social deduction team-building activity. Your team will have a great time working together, competing, and cooperating to catch the thief.

Discover more about Bank Heist.

3. The Art of Storytelling

Communication becomes far more effective when a compelling story becomes a part of the message. Therefore, teaching your staff the value of good storytelling is essential. The Art of Storytelling is a workshop for professionals that covers effective story creation and message management methods. This fun and informative event will provide your team with helpful information they can put into practice immediately.

The facilitators are professionals in their disciplines. This group will show your organization a simple process for creating compelling narratives. In only 90 minutes, your team’s performance will improve significantly.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo in Arizona’s Papago Park is a terrific spot for your work team outings in Phoenix. The 125 acres of well-cared-for grounds have four distinct pathways and a wide variety of animals. Animals such as Asian elephants, Komodo dragons, baboons, giraffes, Galápagos tortoises, and Sumatran tigers all roam the cages and exhibitions. Your team members can participate in additional up-close fun with animals via the Red Barn petting zoo, and they may experience a guided safari trip if they choose. Other sites of importance in the zoo include the 4D cinema, the carousel ride, cafés, picnic spaces, and a gift store.

Learn more about Phoenix Zoo.

5. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts are a terrific alternative for business team building events. These activities are important for teamwork, communication, and competitiveness! Scavenger hunts are one of the most popular options for corporate team building outings in Phoenix, and for a good reason. The games are a fun way to test your problem-solving abilities, competitive spirit, cooperation, communication, and collaboration.

ScavBoss is our top pick among scavenger hunt hosts with three primary features. ScavBoss offers a conventional scavenger hunt for team building if you are on a tighter budget. If you want to get creative, then you can have the scavenger hunt tailored to your company or a chosen area of Phoenix. ScavBoss Impossible Hunt and Debrief is the ultimate team building challenge with a complex scavenger hunt. Analyzing the hunt’s results may help participants hone in on key takeaways.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

6. Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center, a public science museum commonly regarded as the best in the state, is not far from Heritage Park. The museum is a four-story scientific center with plenty of interactive exhibits. Exhibits demonstrate several scientific principles in an interactive format, including friction, gravity, the solar system, biology, weather, magnetism, electricity, and aviation IT.

You can explore the unique Scientific With a Twist event sponsored by the center, including science programs, cocktails, dancing, and a fun time for adults only! Many exhibitions have no age restriction. The planetarium is up to world-class standards, and you and your team will have fun learning about science.

Learn more about the Science Museum of Arizona.

7. Old Town Scottsdale

The town of Scottsdale was once a genuine town in the 1920s, and although it no longer exists, you can experience the town as part of your company’s outing. Old Town Scottsdale remains in its original location but is presently a vibrant neighborhood with many activities.

The town has art galleries, design shops, boutiques, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs to browse and enjoy. A farmers’ market is open for business each Saturday throughout the summer. Scottsdale’s Museum of the West is an excellent destination for history and culture lovers since it exhibits art and artifacts from the 19 Western American states. In addition, Scottsdale has several events celebrating the city’s Native American history, Western culture, and modern art.

Learn more about Old Town Scottsdale.

8. Castles N’ Coasters

In the northwestern area of the city is Castles N’ Coasters, filled with enough enjoyable rides and sites to spend a company’s day out. Various exciting rides are available. The water rides, such as log flume Splashdown, spice the place up with some explosive force. The roller coasters will get your heart racing.

In the XD Dark Ride, frightened zombies help to kick off a party with a horror theme that will get participants excited and thrilled. Participants Viking ship that swings and bumper boats and automobiles.

Learn more about Castles N’ Coasters.

9. Desert Wolf Tours

Arizona is home to the most magnificent desert terrain in the nation, and Desert Wolf Tours makes it simple to experience it with an off-road “Tomcat tour” or company outing. For instance, the Scorpion Hunt Sunset Tour begins with a breathtaking sunset and concludes with a thrilling nighttime journey exploring the wildlife. You can see well at night thanks to the LED lights on your ATV. Jackrabbits, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and even UV-glowing scorpions are all possible sightings.

Learn more about Desert Wolf Tours.

10. Pinspiration

Most painting workshops expect you to keep the paint on the canvas, but during a Pinspiration Splatter Party, you can splatter it everywhere. You and up to nine other participants will get one-and-a-half hours of exclusive use of the painting studio. You and your team will also get coveralls, goggles, shower hats, and other protective items before you begin your Jackson Pollock–style paint splattering on the canvas. After that, you can take your canvas home, but it may need at least 24 hours to dry. For teams looking for low-key entertainment, Pinspiration also offers paint-and-sip sessions.

Learn more about Pinspiration.

11. Tovrea Castle

You would not imagine a castle in the middle of a desert, but Arizona is full of surprises like the Tovrea Castle. Built by Alessio Carraro and his son as a luxury hotel, the Tovrea Castle is conveniently located near Phoenix’s Airport Gateway District. However, the hotel was never open to the public. After being purchased by Ambrose Tovrea, the property served as his dwelling until 1969, when it fell into disrepair.

After being renovated, the castle is now sometimes available to visitors for tours. You can understand that this is ideal if you are trying to find unique places for your team outings in Phoenix. The cactus garden, home to some 5,000 cacti, and the palace from the 1930s are both accessible on this two-hour trip. However, tickets sell out quickly since tours only run once every few months, and planning ahead is a wise idea.

Learn more about Tovrea Castle.

12. Cloth & Flame

This location is one of the best corporate outings in Phoenix for employee appreciation or other special occasions. You and your team will have all the delicious food and drink you would expect from a catered event, with the bonus of dining under the stars and among the cactus. You can add a hot-air balloon trip or other outdoor activity to make the event more memorable.

Learn more about Cloth & Flame.

13. Octane Raceway

Octane Raceway can accommodate groups of up to 500 participants. This location features up to 3,000 square feet of event space, adaptable audiovisual equipment, and food choices, making it ideal for any party or event. You may race go-karts for many rounds or spend 30 minutes in a virtual reality game called “Velocity.”

Learn more about Octane Raceway.

14. Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Center opened for the first time in 2005. The center has four theaters, recreational spaces like studios, galleries, and workshops, and practical spaces like schools and offices over its 212,755 square feet. Here, you may see some of the most acclaimed shows around. Concerts by performing arts groups like the Sonoran Desert Chorale, and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony are commonplace. You and your team can enjoy scheduled performances, from orchestras to plays, at a wide range of prices. Wonderful trinkets and presents are also available at the Mesa Arts Center Store.

Learn more about Mesa Arts Center.

15. Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s most well-known architects, constructed this building by taking cues from the arid surroundings of Arizona. You can see the architecture firsthand on a tour of Wright’s home, including his office, the Garden Room, the dining room, and more. You will also learn about the arid masonry that went into constructing the walls. If you want to enjoy the full thrill, then go on the Night Lights tour at night. You could even run across a dragon that breathes fire!

Learn more about Taliesin West.

16. The Musical Instrument Museum

Although Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Arizona’s Musical Instrument Museum has over 15 thousand musical antiques. While the Artist Gallery features items worn or used by notable musicians such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Santana, other galleries include tribal and traditional instruments from across the globe. You can explore the exhibits with a guide with the opportunity to participate in an interactive percussion session.

Learn more about the Musical Instrument Museum.

17. Arizona State Capitol Museum

Phoenix has many locations for your company outings, including the Arizona State Capitol Museum. The museum draws visitors from around the state, not just the metropolis. Initially constructed in 1900, this structure served as the State Capitol until 1974. The State Capitol Museum is now an open-to-the-public, free museum of history.

The museum has several displays over four levels that explore and celebrate the state’s illustrious history. The Arizona flag consisting of a staggering 113,998 Lego pieces, is one of the most popular displays in the museum. This number reflects the miles across the state.

Arizona Takes Shape is a fantastic exhibition that charts the state’s evolution from its days as a frontier outpost to the modern-day state it is today. In addition to these displays, nearby attractions include the Capitol Mall Memorial and the Wesley Bolin Plaza Memorial. The USS Arizona exhibit details the ship’s time at Pearl Harbor, while the Merci Train displays French presents in appreciation for postwar aid.

Learn more about Arizona State Capitol Museum.

18. Butterfly Wonderland

If you want an immersive experience of nature in its elements, take a short trip to the Butterfly Wonderland Conservatory in Scottdale. The facility is home to a lush tropical rainforest. Up to three thousand butterflies, some just out of cocoons, will be flitting about your group while you watch. Additionally, the facility has a 3D cinema, a reptile display from the jungle, and a vending machine stocked with delicacies produced from edible insects. Although Butterfly Wonderland is most enjoyable as a fun day outing, the venue is also available for special company events and catered dinners.

Learn more about Butterfly Wonderland.

19. Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park

The desert scene of Arizona might say otherwise, but the state’s landscape is among the greatest in the country. The Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park showcase some of the state’s many wonderful attractions. Here, amid the National Historic Landmark, are the best-preserved remnants of a long-vanished Hohokam settlement, making them the city’s most prominent archaeological site.

The grounds of this little museum are now a well-maintained place packed with historical sites, drawing in tourists from as far away as Phoenix. You and your team can experience what it feels like to live in the past by following an interpretative route that winds through carefully rebuilt and equipped structures. You can enter the location to explore the recovered exhibits when the temperature outside becomes too high. In addition, the museum hosts various events, including workshops, demonstrations, presentations, marketplaces, and auctions!

Learn more about Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park.

20. Polar Play Ice Bar

You can enter the Polar Play Ice Bar for drinks after work to cool down. This place, kept at a temperature slightly below freezing, is perfect for a cool team-building activity on a hot day in Phoenix. You can warm up with some games, ice sculptures, and an LED light display. You can choose to spend a few hours here or reserve a room for an all-day business event.

Learn more about Polar Play Ice Bar.

21. Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

If you are contemplating group outing ideas for adults in Phoenix, this tea garden is a great choice. The Phoenix Japanese Tea Garden spans impressive three-and-a-half acres and provides an oasis of calm in the middle of the hectic metropolis. Founded in 1987, the Japanese Friendship Garden serves as a bridge between Phoenix and Himeji, Japan. The Himeji architects built this tranquil retreat with a handmade environment complete with lush vegetation and koi fish.

In addition to hosting tea ceremonies, the garden also hosts artisan workshops, summer music evenings, and tai chi and flower arranging lessons. Plenty of other events by Japanese dancers, artists, and chefs will give your team a taste of Japanese culture.

Learn more about the Japanese Friendship Garden.


Phoenix has a wide variety of cutting-edge museums and event venues that might be perfect for a team outing. Team outing ideas can foster collaboration among your team members and help them learn relevant work skills. Your team will have fun during a successful event, which will ultimately boost your employee engagement levels.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are some frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Phoenix.

What are some fun company outing ideas in Phoenix, Arizona?

Some fun company outing ideas in Phoenix include Arizona Science Center, Phoenix Zoo, and Desert Wolf Tours. For company outing ideas to have any significant impact on employees, they need to be fun. You should also choose a location appealing to every team member, or at least to most attendees.

Where are good places for groups to go in Phoenix?

Some good places for groups to visit in Phoenix include the Tovrea Castle, Mesa Arts Center, and Musical Instrument Museum. These locations offer incredible history lessons and exhibits with international acclaim.

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