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Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in Sacramento, California.

Company outing ideas in Sacramento are venues and attractions corporate teams can explore during events like offsites, work parties, or retreats. For example, your team can have a skate party at The Rink, watch a show at Punch Line Sacramento, or spend the day at Land Park. The purpose of these ideas is to highlight ways teams can experience the best corporate outing in Sacramento.

These activities are examples of company offsites, team bonding ideas, and group activities for adults. These ideas are similar to team building activities in Sacramento and Sacramento corporate events.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in Sacramento, CA
  • team building outings in Sacramento, California
  • work team outings in Sacramento
  • corporate outings in Sacramento

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List of company outing ideas in Sacramento

Corporate outings are a great way to get your colleagues closer, facilitate team bonding, and reduce stress. From enjoying gelato at Conscious Creamery to relaxing at FloatAwaySpas, here are fun ideas you can use for your next corporate experience in Sacramento.

1. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a professional workshop great for work team outings in Sacramento. The workshop focuses on improving attendees’ storytelling skills while giving practical takeaways your team members can apply post-session. Within 90 minutes, you will gain insight into the secret to telling fantastic stories and delivering higher-value communication.

The Art of Storytelling is beneficial regardless of the attendees’ skill level. You can attend the training if your outing goals include improving your team’s work performance. Aside from the fact that you and your colleagues get to learn or improve a skill, you will also find the training useful in your personal lives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. The Great Guac Off

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With dippers, guacamole ingredients, a fun host, and a space to work in, your team can have the most fun outing with The Great Guac Off. The Great Guac Off runs a fun avocado contest for teams in Sacramento. You and your colleagues will have an amazing time putting on a competitive spirit to make the best guacamole. After, the hosts will award prizes to the winner.

The facilitators will provide the necessities to make your outing successful, from the needed guacamole ingredients to a host and catering. Your booking will also cover the prizes and a group photo.

The facilitators will help your team set up the best avocado-themed contest in your desired location within Sacramento. The experience duration is around 90 minutes and includes playing team building games like House Builder, avocado trivia, and Happy Cup.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Hidden Stripey Guy

Hidden Stripey Guy is an exhilarating scavenger hunt game that brings your team together during an outing. You and your team members will engage in a friendly competition as you solve mysteries relating to the Stripey Guy and test your problem-solving skills. You will explore neighborhoods and participate in get-to-know-you activities in 90 minutes while being encouraged by an engaging host.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

4. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is a team building event that promises the ideal environment for you and your colleagues to network and connect. Aside from getting to know each other better, your team will engage in activities designed to promote collaboration.

Mix n’ Mingle facilitates communication among team members. During the fully hosted event, you can expect a fun experience without scary trust falls.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

5. AMF Land Park Lanes

AMF Land Park Lanes is a bowling alley in Sacramento managed by Bowlero. The number of lanes you have to reserve will depend on your group size. Generally, a lane can accommodate up to six bowlers.

At the venue, you can play arcade games, practice your trick shots on the billiard table, or enjoy a cocktail at the sports bar. Also, you can order mouthwatering meals from the laneside menu. The bowling center offers regular promotions and organizes special events weekly, like After Party Friday, Sunday Funday, and Half-Price Arcade Games. The venue also welcomes groups looking to host a bowling tournament.

AMF Land Park Lanes is a nice location to host corporate outings in Sacramento, whether for offsites, employee appreciation, or work parties. You can choose your party time, date, and duration, including a customizable menu.

Learn more about AMF Land Park Lanes.

6. Day at Land Park

Land Park is a lively neighborhood in Sacramento and home to restaurants serving dishes representing diverse ethnicities, including Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Ethiopian specials. During your outing, you can visit Bike Dog Brewery company. The company provides a covered patio specially reserved for your furry friends. Also, the neighborhood is famous for the renowned William Land Regional Park. The park features Sacramento Zoo, an amphitheater, a golf course, and soccer fields.

Furthermore, your team will find picnic areas ideal for small and large groups. Whether you stop for ice cream at a dessert shop, tour the zoo, or share a drink at one of the bars in the neighborhood, your team will have an array of fun activities in Land Park, Sacramento.

Learn more about Land Park.

7. Skeleton Key Rooms

Skeleton Key Rooms designed a highly immersive puzzle room called The Magician Library. The game is available in three color-coded rooms, which are:

  • The Magician Library (Blue Room): Your mission is to enter the Magician Library and save your friend from a corrupt master. If you succeed, then you can gain the master’s fortune and power.
  • The White Anthenaeum (Red Room): The White Anthenaeum is a continuation of the Blue Room series. Your magician friend’s master gained more power and will soon become an immortal being. Stopping the master is up to you and your teammates.
  • The Ascension Chambers (Black Room): Your mission is to save your friend’s soul, which the magician master is using to become more powerful.

The puzzle rooms have a one-hour duration, with the pricing starting at around $30 per player. You can have up to eight players in each room. Although you can play in any of the rooms, starting with the first series is an excellent idea for a more exciting experience. If you want a private experience for your team, then you have to reserve all slots for a room.

Learn more about Skeleton Key Rooms.

8. Smash Sacramento

Smash Sacramento is a rage room located in the city’s center. The venue is excellent for work team outings in Sacramento centered on focusing on releasing employees’ stress and boosting morale. You and your colleagues can freely express yourselves by smashing items in a safe environment and without fear of injury. You will receive protective gear, including face shields, gloves, and hard hats.

Aside from a rage room, Smash Sacramento also provides facilities for axe throwing, which is equally therapeutic and helpful in reducing stress. You can hit the bullseye at the lanes with tools like axes, tomahawks, and knives. Other add-on options include balloons, paper targets, and spears. The package you book will determine the smashing equipment you receive. You can reserve the Deluxe Rage Room Package if you want an intense experience where you will break larger items.

Learn more about Smash Sacramento.

9. Sacramento Pipeworks

Sacramento Pipeworks is a rock climbing facility and fitness gym. The center features over 100 routes you can explore with your colleagues. Various options are available to experience, from bouldering to top-rope climbing. If your team members are new to the sport, then you can take an introductory class offered by the center. You can also reserve a private lesson customizable to fit your group’s needs.

In addition, Sacramento Pipeworks is popular for taking fitness classes in different areas like yoga, indoor cycling, and core strengthening. Before scheduling your outing, you can tour the gym’s facility during business hours. The climbing facility also features dry saunas and showers.

Learn more about Sacramento Pipeworks.

10. Go-karts at K1 Speed

One of the exciting company outing ideas in Sacramento includes driving the go-karts at K1 Speed. K1 Speed provides a challenging track to deliver an unforgettable racing experience. The pricing starts at around $30 for a race. You can book the races individually or as a group if your team has at least eight members. You will most likely share the track with other racers outside your team, except if you make a group reservation.

Your racing experience will start with a brief orientation on the track rules, safety measures, and sign meanings. You do not need prior racing experience to drive the go-karts at K1 Speed. Also, you can enjoy alcohol at the venue after finishing racing for the day.

Learn more about K1 Speed.

11. Midtown Farmers Market

Midtown Farmers Market is a fun place to explore with your group while on your outing. The market displays fresh farm produce, tasty dishes, and unique artworks. Your team will learn about local agriculture and interact with the vendors. Midtown Farmers Market opens once a week but may close on days when rain is likely to fall.

During your visit, your team will have a great experience with the live music that makes the market vibrant. In addition, the market features over 100 regional vendors, including dining areas, organic farms, and art shops. Therefore, your team will have plenty to explore and learn.

Learn more about Midtown Farmers Market.

12. Paint Party at Just For Fun Art

The most fun group outing ideas for adults in Sacramento include visiting Just For Art. The location is an art studio great for a paint and sip party. You can reserve an adult private party if your group has at least 12 members.

You can bring your own food and dine at the table while painting. Also, you can have a personal instructor lead the class for your group. However, you will not get a discount after making a reservation. For an added fee and after giving notice a few weeks before your party, the studio can help you design a painting with your desired theme.

Learn more about Just For Fun Art.

13. Dinner at The Kitchen Restaurant

The Kitchen Restaurant is one of the best dining areas in Sacramento. The award-winning restaurant offers a menu with a nice selection of wine and food prepared with local products. If your guests have any dietary restrictions, then you can notify The Kitchen ahead of your outing.

Also, The Kitchen Restaurant can only accommodate groups having a maximum of around ten members. You can reserve the table or counter seating in the dining room. Apart from the six-course meal on the menu, the restaurant also serves seasonal cocktails, mocktails, beer, wines, and spirits.

Learn more about The Kitchen Restaurant.

14. Conscious Creamery

Conscious Creamery serves delicious, dairy-free gelatos in Sacramento. The creamery prioritizes the ingredients that go into making the products. Therefore, you can expect high-quality gelatos free from artificial flavors, colors, fillers, and stabilizers. The flavors you will find on the menu largely depend on the availability of certain seasonal ingredients.

Conscious Creamery uses different sweeteners in the gelato ranging from organic cane sugar to maple syrup. Furthermore, the creamery serves the ice creams in environmentally-friendly cups.

Learn more about Conscious Creamery.

15. Skate Party at The RinK

A fun idea for team building outings in Sacramento is to have a skate party at the Rink. The skating center opens the rink for a general session on a scheduled basis. You can follow event updates on the center’s official website.

If you reserve a private party, then you will have the rink for your team alone within two to three hours. You can bring your own food and beverages to the center. The Rink also hosts skating lessons which can be free or paid, depending on the time you attend.

Learn more about The Rink.

16. Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

Haggin Oaks Golf Complex provides two golf courses with an amazing landscape in Sacramento. The Arcade Creek Golf Course is beginner-friendly with fewer hazards. You can reserve a tee time for no more than four golfers. The golf complex also features a driving range ideal for players at any level. For your company outing, you can book the corporate tournament package designed by Haggin Oaks’ staff.

You can stop for grabs at Mackenzie’s Sports Bar and Grill at the gold complex. The bar provides an outdoor patio revealing a nice perspective of the Alister Mackenzie golf course.

Learn more about Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

17. FloatAwaySpas

FloatAwaySpas is one of the best wellness centers in Sacramento. As the name implies, the spa delivers a top-notch floating experience to guests. You will lie inside a pod filled with magnesium water, making you float irrespective of your height and weight. Aside from the relaxation that comes with the experience, the session can also help improve your team members’ sleep patterns. However, a floating pod can only accommodate one guest at a time.

Before and after your session, you will take a shower to remove contaminants and Epsom salt. Also, sleeping in the pod while floating is safe and pretty relaxing. FloatAwaySpas offers massage therapy tailored to match guests’ needs. The floating or massage services can last around 90 to 60 minutes, depending on your reserved package.

Learn more about FloatAwaySpas.

18. Punch Line Sacramento

Punch Line Sacramento is a comedy club with a stage that graced the appearances of talented comedians like Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler, and Shawn Wayans. The comedy club is an ideal venue for an excellent dine-in experience and laughter-filled corporate outings in Sacramento.

The venue follows the ‘two drink minimum per guest’ requirement. Since seating at the venue is on a first-come, first-serve basis, if you plan to have your group stay together during the show, then your best bet will be to arrive at the venue early.

Learn more about Punch Line Sacramento.

19. Scribner Bend Vineyards

Scribner Bend Vineyards is a winery where you can gather your team for happy hour or a team party. The winery offers a catering service for onsite events and outings. You can use the venue’s tent and courtyard space, with vineyards beautifully surrounding the area. The winery also has a gazebo available for rentals, which features cooling fans and cushioned lounges.

The winery has a kitchen serving various food options, from small bites to wood-fired pizzas. If your group has at least six members, then you should make a reservation before visiting the winery.

Learn more about Scribner Bend Vineyards.

20. California Museum

Visiting California Museum is among the fun company outing ideas in Sacramento. The museum offers a group tour where you and your coworkers can explore the exhibits at your own pace. For a more enlightening experience, you can upgrade your visit to a docent-led tour. The admission pricing per adult starts at around $10.

The museum is home to collections that neatly display California’s history. You will find the Constitutional Wall at the institution, reflecting words from the State’s Constitution. The museum also collects artworks, oral history, and artifacts highlighting California Indians’ history. After the exploration, your team can have refreshments in the museum’s courtyard.

Learn more about California Museum.

21. Capital Edge Paintball

Capital Edge Paintball is a large arena where teams can go on an exhilarating shooting adventure. After arriving at the venue, the referees will brief you and your colleagues about the game’s safety rules. You can bring outside drinks to the center, although Capital Edge Paintball also provides a variety of beverages. The park has different layouts, ranging from Mounds and Spools to Urban Scenario and Staging Areas. Your experience at the arena can get pretty messy. Therefore, preparing extra clothing to change into after the game session is a great idea.

The center offers special group packages covering 3,000 paintballs, rental equipment, and all-day compressed air. You will share the experience with players outside your team except if you book a private party. In addition, if you have all your paintball equipment, then you can request the self-equipped special, which gives you all-day access to the park and compressed air.

Learn more about Capital Edge Paintball.

22. NEO Escape Rooms

NEO Escape Rooms provides fun games that can strengthen players’ bonds during team building outings in Sacramento. The rooms come in captivating and unique themes and have varying occupancy capacities. Depending on the room you reserve, you can have up to eight players escaping together. So if you have a large group, then you can consider booking multiple time slots.

You can reserve the ‘Capitol Treasure’ room to go on an adventure to locate a vault while saving the world. Also, the escape game provider offers the ‘Haunted Train’ room, where your group will play as paranormal investigators seeking to reveal the truth. Your experience in the escape rooms is set to last one hour. While playing, you can expect effects like water-based haze, loud music, and flashing lights.

Learn more about NEO Escape Rooms.


Sacramento has fun options you can use for your corporate outing, whether you have a large or small group. Blessed with many farmers’ markets, well-rated breweries, galleries, and entertainment parks, you will find an array of sites to explore within the city. You can also take a walk around the neighborhoods, including Land Park, which is home to the famous Sacramento Zoo. Your team will have a fun and enlightening experience while exploring Sacramento’s attractions and events.

For more CA excursion inspiration, check out team building events in San Francisco and corporate events in San Jose.

FAQ: Company outing ideas in Sacramento, California

Here are answers to questions about company outing ideas in Sacramento.

What are some fun company outing ideas in Sacramento?

Some fun ideas for company outings in Sacramento include having gelato at Conscious Creamery, skating at The Rink, bowling at AMF Land Park Lanes, exploring Skeleton Key Rooms, and having dinner at The Kitchen Restaurant.

Where are good places for groups to go in Sacramento California?

The good places groups can visit in Sacramento include K1 Speed, Land Park, FloatAwaySpas, Smash Sacramento, Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, Capital Edge Paintball, and Scribner Bend Vineyard.

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