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Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in San Diego, California.

Company outing ideas in San Diego are fun team building activities that you can engage your team in the San Diego region. Examples include a team tour of Balboa Park, USS Midway Museum, and Lake Hodges. The purpose of these activities is to help your team to unwind and recharge for work. These outings are also great ways to appreciate and reward your team and increase productivity.

These locations are examples of company offsites and corporate retreat locations, and are in-person versions of virtual team outings. These ideas are similar to team building activities in San Diego and San Diego corporate events.

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List of company outing ideas in San Diego

As the second-largest city in California, San Diego is famous for its perfect weather and beautiful beaches. The city offers nature lovers, history fanatics, and arts and culture diehards many team outing options. From a team tour of the San Diego Zoo to UTC Ice Sports Center and Bernardo Winery, here is a list of the best company outing ideas you can experience with your team in town.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is an engaging team building activity where teams compete to win trivia challenges. For 90 minutes, a professional performer host will lead participants through unique trivia like the Champion Challenge and Majority Rules. Having a myriad of knowledge of random facts is not enough to win, and even the brightest worker may stumble. Players must rely on teamwork and group reasoning to answer questions in the nick of time and grab game-show-style glory.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is an engaging team outing idea where participants will partake in challenging hunts. A fun host will lead your team through the exploration of outdoor and indoor historical landmarks, museums, and neighborhoods. The host will obsess on the tiniest details, challenging participants to get creative and work as a team. As a result, your team will experience challenging missions that foster the art of strategic thinking and help teams to use innovative approaches to solve problems. If you want the scavenger hunts to align with your company’s mission, values, or industry, then alert the host.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

3. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off tops the list of fun team building outings in San Diego. For 90 minutes, a fun host will lead your team through a guac-making competition. But first, your team will enjoy fun games like the Trivia-cado where you will see the most knowledgeable team player. Then, the leader will crown the winner based on the guacamole taste and most creative presentation, and participants get to enjoy sampling and gently smack-talking other teams. While The Great Guac Off package includes all the essentials for a fun event, you can add catering, gift bags, or BYOB. You can run The Great Guac in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is an interactive and high-energy activity that will integrate major team building principles into your corporate event. You will watch as participants use detective skills to unveil who is responsible for the mysterious bank heist. A fun host will take your team through a series of challenges and puzzles to help participants get hold of the gang before they get away. Bank Heist activity is among the best corporate outings in San Diego that you can use to teach your workforce the art of collaboration and teamwork.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

5. Hidden Stripey Guy

The Hidden Stripey Guy is a fun team building outing where participants will explore a city or neighborhood. In this highly interactive scavenger hunt, you will watch your team race against time to reveal the Hidden Stripey Guy’s location. This event will teach your team problem-solving skills and friendly competition.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

6. Minute Madness

minute madness

If you are looking for physical group outing ideas for adults in San Diego, then you must try Minute Madness. For 60 minutes, participants will compete in energetic physical challenges. You will get to see who wins the challenges. Keep in mind that this outing works best in an outdoor event space. You can also request the host to customize the challenges according to the participants’ personality.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

7. USS Midway Museum

If you want your team to learn about San Diego’s aircraft history, then a tour of the USS Midway Museum is a must-try. As the longest 20th-century serving aircraft carrier in America, the USS Midway Museum features over 30 exhibits. Your team will view and learn more about the aircraft displays that stand on nearly ten acres.

Some notable exhibits you can check out include a flight deck, below deck, and an aircraft gallery. You can make visiting the USS Midway Museum more memorable by booking attendees’ flight simulator experiences. Participants can choose between Air Combat 360 or the Screaming Eagles. The USS Midway Museum features a wide variety of exhibits, so plan for at least three to four hours at this historical landmark.

Learn more about USS Midway Museum.

8. iFLY

Skydiving at iFLY tops the list of fun company outing ideas in San Diego. The revolutionary technology at iFLY mimics the sensations, speeds, and sounds of an actual skydive experience. Depending on your package, attendees will enjoy one or two flights in the wind tunnel. If you have a large number of attendees, then you can rent out the entire venue and throw a unique corporate party for your workforce. Besides flight training and flights for all attendees, you can also include services like catered food, swag, and custom branding layouts. Skydiving at iFLY is the perfect outing to foster team bonding as participants learn a new skill. For memorabilia, be sure to get your team’s flight photos and videos.

Learn more about iFLY.

9. Moo Time Creamery

If you are looking for simple yet effective company outing ideas in San Diego, then grabbing ice cream with your team is a good bet. Moo Time Creamery is a popular venue that will give your team an experience of neighborhood ice cream shops. While the creamery often has new and exciting ice cream flavors, consider the classics as well. You can also try local and handcrafted novelties like the moopies, mootacos, and bonbons. With flavors rotating daily, participants can try out the creamy classics and other creative inventions. Since Moo Time Creamery is often too packed, you can let attendees grab their ice cream of choice and stroll the city’s streets.

Learn more about Moo Time Creamery.

10. Balboa Park

As one of the biggest tourist destinations in California, Balboa Park is among the best work team outings in San Diego. The National Historic Landmark features many attractions, including gardens, trails, zoos, and countless recreational facilities. Nature lovers among your team will enjoy the strolls through the landscapes, including zen gardens and lily ponds, as history fanatics explore the memorials, museums, science centers, and art houses. You can also engage your team in competitions such as ballgames, racing, and bowling at the outdoor bowling alleys.

As you wind down the outing, you can have an elegant sit-down meal or a quick snack at the park’s selection of restaurants and cafes.

Learn more about Balboa Park.

11. Cedros Avenue Design District

Cedros Avenue Design District offers teams a unique experience where attendees can stroll down the charming European-style street. Featuring over 85 local and independent merchants, you will find fashion boutiques, art galleries, outdoor eateries, day spas, specialty shops, and fine jewelers. Book lovers among your team will discover a collection of second-hand books that can be difficult to find as fashion fanatics browse the boutiques for budget and luxury wear. Since the two and a half blocks avenue has a thrifty to upscale vibe, attendees can find souvenirs that have an authentic vintage feel. Cedros Avenue Design District also has a farmer’s market every Sunday where you can get locally grown and organic produce.

Learn more about Cedros Avenue Design District.

12. Spanish Village Art Center

If you have a team of art fanatics, then your workforce will rave about a trip to the Spanish Village Art Center. The venue offers free admissions to over 200 local artists from diverse experiences, backgrounds, and art forms. You will find award-winning sculptors, painters, jewelers, metalsmiths, photographers, and digital artists. Attendees will enjoy watching artists demonstrate the art of making masterpieces. In addition, attendees can interact with the artists, ask questions, and purchase small or large artwork. A team tour of the Spanish Village Art Center will inspire passion for art and foster creativity among participants. If you want to host your corporate event at a unique location, check out the Spanish Village Art Center’s patio.

Learn more about Spanish Village Art Center.

13. Lake Hodges

While Lake Hodges is a half-hour drive from downtown San Diego, the lake visit is one of the best team outings near San Diego. The lake has a 30,251 acre-feet of water and supplies water to the Santa Fe Irrigation District and the San Dieguito Water District. Besides water activities such as fishing and boating, the lake is perfect for fun team building activities like hiking, biking, and bird watching. You can even hold a lake picnic-themed activity where attendees will barbeque and enjoy the beautiful weather and sights. Participants can also grab snacks at the lake’s concession stand.

Learn more about Lake Hodges.

14. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is a wildlife sanctuary home to over 12,000 animals of more than 650 species. The 100-acre zoo is one of the most visited in the United States and is home to animals such as clouded leopards, Chinese alligators, elephants, grizzly bears, and mountain lions. The zoo also houses a prominent botanical collection featuring over 700,000 exotic plants. In addition, there is a myriad of activities for your team, such as botanical tours, wildlife care specialist talks, the Skyfari, and a 4D theatre experience. For a more immersive outing with your team, browse the list of exceptional experiences offered at the San Diego Zoo. You can also book the zoo’s private venues for hosting corporate outings in San Diego.

Learn more about San Diego Zoo.

15. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

As one of the best locations to watch a California sunset, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is a top team outing idea. The 68-acre park features expansive ocean views, striking caves, cliff formations, and native shrub habitat. While watching the sunset is among the biggest draws to the park, participants can engage in other reflective and explorative park activities. For instance, you can let participants jog, walk, or hike the trails as they take in the stunning views. You will often come across other curious park visitors bird-watching, sunbathing, exploring the tide pools, or studying native plants. Another draw is an underground cave that lets visitors watch the stars and clouds. If you want to catch the best views, then be sure to hike to one of the clifftops.

Learn more about Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

16. San Diego Museum of Art

As one of the most visited and largest art museums in California, the San Diego Museum of Art offers a vast collection of pieces with a particular interest in Spanish art. The museum is home to countless sculptures, paintings, artifacts, and unique historical pieces that date back to 5,000 BC. The tour will give your team an insider view of ancient civilization as attendees check out the exhibits. If you do not want your workforce to experience the guided museum tour, then you can browse the list of events and get your attendees tickets. After the museum tour, you can grab food and drinks at the in-house Panama 66 Restaurant, where attendees can enjoy live music and views of the May S. Marcy Sculpture Garden.

Learn more about San Diego Museum of Art.

17. UTC Ice Sports Center

While San Diego is well known for its sunshine all year round, your team can still enjoy ice skating at the indoor UTC Ice Sports Center. Ice skating is one of the best work team outings in San Diego on a hot day, and participants can cool down as they play. Beginners can start with the free introductory lesson. Other than ice skating, you can let attendees partake in hockey, broomball, and ice trikes. Participants can also go for a movie at Arclight theatre and finish the day’s activities by grabbing a meal at one of the restaurants inside UTC Ice Sports Center. If you want an intimate company outing, then be sure to rent the entire rink for your workforce.

Learn more about UTC Ice Sports Center.

18. San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay is a natural harbor near the U.S- Mexico Border. As one of the best natural harbors on North America’s West Coast, San Diego Bay offers a wide variety of team building activities. If you want to get on the California waters, then take a cruise where you will spot navy ships, Seaport Village, Coronado Island, and marine animals like seals. You can also let participants engage in watersports such as boating or kayaking. Art lovers can check out the floating galleries and museums as music lovers catch performances at the venue. San Diego Bay also has a wide array of restaurants, so be sure to let attendees taste the city’s cuisine.

Learn more about San Diego Bay.

19. SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is a great location for team building activities. Featuring an aquarium and an amusement park, the venue aims at protecting animal habitats, rescuing, and rehabilitating endangered species. You can start the tour with a presentation or interactions with marine animals in their natural habitats. Teams can enjoy orca encounters and dolphin adventures and watch beluga whales play. Then, visitors can experience the Emperor, the fastest, longest, and tallest dive coaster in California. Attendees will have a thrilling experience where they will soar up at 90 miles per hour and plunge at the floorless dive coaster. You can also let participants try out other exciting rides like the electric eel or the manta. Wind down the educational and thrilling activities by dining at one of the eateries at SeaWorld San Diego. Be sure to arrive early as lines can get long.

Learn more about SeaWorld San Diego.

20. Bernardo Winery

If you are looking for group outing ideas for adults in San Diego, then you should consider wine tasting at Bernardo Winery. As one of the oldest wineries in California, Bernardo Winery offers educational tours where participants learn the art of wine making and taste the company’s products. At the tasting room, your team will enjoy wine by the bottle or glass, flights, and select delicious eats. You can also lead your team through a shopping experience at the village shops as attendees sip drinks. The shops feature galleries, aromatherapy products, coffee shops, clothing, and snacks. Bernardo Winery is also a perfect venue for hosting your corporate events. For a fun outing, you can incorporate wine education, tasting, and tours into your event.

Learn more about Bernardo Winery.


Renown as America’s Finest City, San Diego boasts a rich history, world-famous attractions, and beautiful beaches. You will find fun, educational, and thrilling team building activities that you can use to recharge and recognize your group. For maximum enjoyment, be sure to engage your team when planning for team outings, especially if you have a diverse workforce. With the variety of outing ideas, the only real question is whether you have enough time to explore everything this sunny city offers.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in San Diego

Here are answers to common questions about company outing ideas in San Diego.

What are good company outing ideas for San Diego?

Some good company outing ideas in San Diego include the San Diego Museum of Art, Cedros Avenue Design District, and Moo Time Creamery.

Where can groups go to have fun in San Diego?

Some places where groups can have fun in San Diego include iFLY, Spanish Village Art Center, and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

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