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Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in St. Louis, Missouri.

Company outing ideas in St. Louis are fun activities that you can engage your team outside work in the St. Louis region. Examples include visiting Budweiser Brewery, Amp Up Action Park, and Saint Louis Zoo. The purpose of these activities is to increase team bonding and appreciate your team. These outings can also increase productivity and reveal workers’ hidden capabilities.

These ideas can work as employee morale boosters, relationship-building activities, and community-building ideas. These excursions are similar to team building activities in St. Louis and St. Louis corporate events.

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List of company outing ideas in St. Louis

Situated along the Mississippi River, St. Louis is an exciting and vibrant destination for team outings. As the second-largest city in Missouri, the city offers plenty of historical attractions, iconic landmarks, and entertainment venues for teams. From Victory Raceway to Forest Park and Missouri Botanical Garden, here is a list of the best company outings that you can engage your team in the St. Louis region.

1. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is one of the best work team outings in St. Louis. The mini-game tournament will see attendees compete in a series of 60-second challenges. Since Minute Madness is a high-energy physical activity, you can request the host customize the event according to your team’s personality. For instance, you can select challenges suitable for timid groups or those that suit extroverted teams. Also, be sure to get an outdoor space for better team engagement.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

2. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a 90-minute professional workshop you can book for your team in St. Louis. A team of storytellers will guide your team through top tips to improve your worker’s communication skills. The Art of Storytelling will benefit your attendees at work and outside the office. You can choose to run this fully hosted event in any location in St. Louis, be it a conference room, your office space, or rental locations in the city.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

If you want to see your team step into a real-life comic book, then Superhero Academy is your go-to team building event. For 90 minutes, a team of fun hosts will take your team on a superhero journey. Attendees will solve puzzles and guess clues that lead the team to lose or win. Since the host will engage each player, you will also see each participant’s hidden capabilities.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

4. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

Espionage! is a social deduction outing idea where you can engage your team in the St. Louis region. During the 90-minute fully hosted event, players will use high-energy puzzles and exciting challenges to identify spies among them. You will see which teams spot the double agents and how each player will tackle their role. Through Espionage!, your team will learn collaboration and strategic thinking.

Learn more about Espionage!.

5. Mix n’ Mingle

If you are looking for team building outings in St. Louis that will ease your team into networking, then incorporating Mix n’ Mingle into your event is a good bet. This 90-minute event will ease participants’ awkwardness and ensure smooth socialization. A fun guide will incorporate highly interactive activities that spark easy and genuine connections among your workers. Mix n’ Mingle will also strengthen your workers’ relationships since teammates will bond outside work.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

6. Hidden Stripey Guy

Hidden Stripey Guy is an interactive scavenger hunt where teams will explore neighborhoods in St. Louis. Players will interact with each other as attendees race against time to uncover the Hidden Stripey Guy’s location. As a result, your team will know the city better and create new memories together. This team outing activity will encourage collaboration and boost your team’s problem-solving skills. Not to mention, the event can result in some pretty fantastic photos!

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

7. Gateway Arch

As the icon of St. Louis and the highest man-built monument in the U.S, the Gateway Arch tops the list of team building outings in St. Louis. The 630-foot-tall monument remains an engineering marvel 50 years after its construction. Attendees will learn the role of the monument in early settlers’ move toward the West. The Gateway Arch is the best point from which attendees can see St. Louis and surrounding areas. Your team can take the tram and get to the observation deck, where participants will enjoy the excellent views. You may catch landmarks such as the Busch Stadium, the Ballpark Village, Edward Jones Dome, and the Mississippi River. Your team can also pass by the Gateway Arch Visitors Center, where attendees will learn more about the history of the arch.

Learn more about Gateway Arch.

8. Forest Park

Forest Park is one of the greatest urban public parks in the U.S. The park houses the Saint Louis Science Centre, the Saint Louis Zoo, The MUNY, Missouri History Museum, and Saint Louis Art Museum. The 1,300-acre park features beautiful landscapes with forests, nature reserves, ecosystems, lakes, and streams. While you can select one of the five cultural institutions for a team outing, you can also engage your team in other fun team building activities.

For instance, you can lead your team in sporting activities like baseball, archery, softball, and soccer and finish off with a picnic. In addition, the park has over 30 miles of bicycling and walking paths that participants can enjoy. Your team can also enjoy sand volleyball at the Steinberg Skating Rink during the Summer and ice skating during the Winter. If you want to engage your team in water sports, then be sure to pass by The Boat House and rent paddle boats.

Learn more about Forest Park.

9. Victory Raceway

Conveniently located minutes from downtown St. Louis, Victory Raceway is one of the best go-kart racing venues in St. Louis. Your workforce can have a friendly competition and bond through various team building options at the venue. The 65,000 square feet space features indoor electric go-karts that focus on acceleration, speed, superior handling, and performance. Attendees who are apprehensive about racing at full speed can start with the amateur race, while those who want some thrill try the pro race. You can also engage your team in other fun team building activities such as relay races, endurance races, and noodle wars. If you are looking for a venue to host corporate outings in St. Louis, then you can rent out a private space at Victory Raceway.

Learn more about Victory Raceway.

10. Six Flags

Six Flags is one of the best large group company outing ideas in St. Louis. The theme park has a wide variety of team building activities. You can break your team into smaller groups and let participants enjoy their choice of activities. From thrill rides to live shows and games like volleyball, be ready for one of the most amazing team outings. Thrill lovers can enjoy some of the country’s tallest and fastest rides, such as the dragon’s wing, screaming’ eagle, and skyscreamer. Six Flags also has several dining options where you can grab snacks or full meals with your team. If you want an intimate outing, you can rent out the venue’s private area to engage your team in picnics or fun games like horseshoes.

Learn more about Six Flags.

11. Amp Up Action Park

With a wide variety of fun activities, Amp Up Action Park is an excellent venue for work team outings in St. Louis. The venue features attractions such as axe throwing, pro kart racing, virtual reality, laser tag, and arcade games. Speed lovers will enjoy the European-style karts that can race up to 40 mph as adrenaline lovers test their agility with the elevated ropes challenge. Willing participants can battle robots and zombies in the Simurai, Zombyte, and Cold clash virtual reality challenges. You can purchase your team a two-hour pass that allows participants to try out any game at the venue. After the day’s activities, you can cater to participants’ cravings by grabbing meals and drinks at the Trackside Tavern and the Filling Station.

Learn more about Amp Up Action Park.

12. Union Station

Union Station is a national historic landmark home to some of the most impressive attractions in St. Louis. The venue is a former train station that now serves as an indoor adventure park. You can start with a team tour of the St. Louis Aquarium, where attendees will have an underwater experience and discover water creatures. The 120,000-square-foot aquarium features over 13,000 animals from more than 257 species. Then, you can let teams get the city’s best views at the St. Louis Wheel where the fully enclosed gondolas will take attendees 200 feet above the city.

Participants who want to overcome their fear of heights can try the dozens of ropes courses and enjoy a climbing space of over 90,000 cubic feet. You can finish the day’s activities with a team golf competition at the 18-hole mini-golf course. Other fun team building activities that your team can try include the mirror maze, carousel, and the grand hall light show. Be sure to treat your team to a meal at one of the eateries at Union Station.

Learn more about Union Station.

13. Missouri Botanical Garden

If you want to instill conservation in your team, then you must visit the Missouri Botanical Garden. As the oldest botanical garden in the country, the National Historic Landmark is a center for conservation, horticultural displays, and education. The 79-acre garden features stunning horticultural displays that include the largest collection of endangered and rare flora in the U.S. You will also find a 14-acre Japanese garden that boasts one of the largest Japanese gardens in North America. Other notable outstanding displays that you should be on the lookout for include the Victorian District, Chinese Garden, Ottoman Garden, and English Woodland Garden. You can also enjoy a stroll with your team in the tropical rainforest inside the Climatron Conservancy. For a different botanical garden experience, check out the list of upcoming events and choose one that is ideal for your team.

Learn more about Missouri Botanical Garden.

14. Saint Louis Zoo

As one of the few free zoos in the U.S, the Saint Louis Zoo tops the list of corporate outings in St. Louis. The zoo is home to over 14,000 animals from nearly 500 species. The Saint Louis Zoo boasts innovative wildlife conservation, animal care, and education approaches. Your team will have a fun-filled and educational day as attendees tour the 90 acres of animal exhibits and attractions. You can explore park zones, including Lakeside Crossing, River’s Edge, Discovery Corner, The Wild, Historic Hill, and Red Rocks. For a more memorable zoo visit, you can book your attendees the behind-the-scenes tours. Participants will see the animals up close, feed select animals, and get a sneak peek of zookeeping. While the Saint Louis Zoo does not charge for entry, some attractions have an admission fee.

Learn more about Saint Louis Zoo.

15. City Museum

The City Museum is a 100-year-old warehouse that holds exhibits mainly consisting of old industrial and architectural objects. At City Museum, you will see attendees’ inner children as your team explores the quiet museum. The four floors have a complete cave system, an art area, and an architectural museum. City Museum also features over 30 slides, tunnels, an outdoor climbing space, and a cabin where you can get drinks. Mystery lovers will enjoy the Mirth and Mystery and the Museum of Mayhem areas. Daring participants can enjoy the Ferris wheel and explore the school bus that hangs off the museum’s edge. The City Museum has a wide variety of eateries that serve different meals, so be sure to dine with your team after the tour.

Learn more about City Museum.

16. Budweiser Brewery

Beer tasting tops the list of group outing ideas for adults in St. Louis. The Budweiser Brewery is a 19th-century brewery with tastings, beer gardens, and horses. The over 160-year-old brewery is home to iconic and beloved beer brands. Through the brewery tour, your team will learn how to make beer as attendees sip some of the company’s products straight from the cellars. The company has different tasting packages that suit varying visitor interests. Depending on your budget and your team’s interests, you can opt for the day fresh tour, the beermaster tour, the Clydesdale VIP experience, or the finisher tour. After the brewery tour, you can also share meals and drinks with your team at the Biergarten.

Learn more about Budweiser Brewery.

17. Busch Stadium

Home to the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium is the perfect venue where you can catch baseball action with your team. With seating of over 45,000, the 28-acre stadium can accommodate large groups. Attendees will also catch stunning views of the iconic Gateway Arch and the city’s skyline. Busch Stadium also features eateries where attendees can grab food and snacks while watching the game. You can also offer your team a unique look at the stadium through the Busch Stadium tours. Your team will explore areas that are not accessible during regular game days and also learn the stadium’s history.

Learn more about Busch Stadium.

18. Mastermind Room Escape

If you are looking for challenging and fun group outing ideas for adults in St. Louis, then you should try escape rooms. Located in downtown St. Louis, Mastermind Room Escape offers games that require participants to work as a team to escape. The company provides a variety of games where teams will solve puzzles, find clues, and escape a room within 60 minutes.


  • Stadium Scare- You and a group of friends are hostages to a maniacal character at the stadium. You realize that there are a series of bombs that will detonate in 60 minutes. With the stadium up to full capacity, you need to disarm the bombs before time runs out and save all attendees.
  • Diamond Heist- You have the chance of having a world-class treasure and being rich forever. However, the heist is not as simple as it sounds, and one mistake may land you in prison. You have a group of the best thieves in town. You need to organize the heist, get the diamond, and escape before the police arrive.

Mastermind Room Escape games will build collaboration, creativity, communication, and strategic thinking among your workforce.

Learn more about Mastermind Room Escape.

19. The Fabulous Fox

The Fabulous Fox is a performing arts center where you can enjoy concerts, movies, Broadway shows, and comedy with your team. The theatre, which has a capacity of 4,500, hosts over 200 performances annually. You may be lucky to catch some of the country’s top productions and entertainers on the Fox stage. If you want to explore the venue with your team, then you can book a private tour. You will explore the five-storied building and learn the history of one of the most magnificent theatres in America.

Learn more about The Fabulous Fox.


Known as the Gateway to the West, St. Louis draws adventurers from all over the globe. From historic landmarks to nature reserves and exquisite dining venues, there are plenty of fun activities that you can engage your team in St. Louis. Company outings will deepen workers’ collaboration and foster teamwork. These outings are also the perfect avenue to break the ice and get to know your team better. Whether you opt for a full-day or half-day team excursion, your company will reap from the positive experiences.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in St. Louis, Missouri

Here are answers about company outing ideas in St. Louis.

What are good corporate outing ideas in St. Louis?

St. Louis has a wide variety of team outing options. However, not all outings are ideal for any team. Before choosing the activities to engage your team in, you need to factor in attendees’ interests. Some good corporate outing ideas in St. Louis include The Fabulous Fox, Gateway Arch, and Victory Raceway.

How do you entertain groups in St. Louis?

Corporate events are a great way for workers to network. However, creating a memorable and fun event may not be easy. To entertain groups in St. Louis, you can start by hiring a professional host for your event. Then, have a series of icebreakers that the host will engage your team in. For instance, scavenger hunts are some of the best ice breakers for events in St. Louis. Also, do not forget to factor in your team’s demographics when selecting the day’s activities.

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