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You found our guide to the conference agenda template.

A conference agenda template is an outline of activities scheduled for a meeting. The purpose of these templates is to enable delegates to know what to anticipate from the session. For example, this document includes the activities’ summaries, names of keynote speakers, and time allocated for each session. The hosts usually issue the guests with these conference agendas templates upon checking in or during the invitation to the conference.

These tools are similar to team building programs, and you can also use these agendas to set up team meetings. You can find agenda examples in event planning guides.

This article covers

  • how to develop a conference agenda template
  • examples of conference agenda templates
  • conference agenda template checklist
  • benefits of conference agenda templates

Let’s get started

How to develop a conference agenda template

A good conference agenda template helps facilitators conduct successful meetings. These are the steps for creating effective agenda templates for your conference.

1. Gather the important details of the conference

Building conference agenda templates requires excellent knowledge of the conference’s purpose. This step involves collecting crucial information, including the discussion topic, theme of the meeting, and the main agendas. Creatively presenting these details lets the delegates know what to expect. For example, participants get to know the conference objectives.

2. Plan the conference events

The template development process needs the creator to have proper planning skills.

Centered on the key issues, the template builder plans the conference events in the most efficient order. For instance, the writer may list the objectives based on priority level. This stage involves outlining the program in the preferred chronological order and proposing the time allocation for each session.

3. Determine the type of template to use

Conference agenda templates provide an overview of scheduled activities. There is a wide variety of templates to use. However, it is best to choose a simple but attractive design that is easy to follow.

4. Fill in the conference details

In the chosen template, fill in the time, activity, and attendees’ information.

Incorporating sessions for breaks, refreshments, and conference activities helps keep the participants engaged. Therefore, include these sessions to allow delegates to re-energize, stretch and mingle.

5. Revise and approve the template

When done with the first draft, edit the agenda sheet by adding missing details and correcting typographical errors, spelling, and grammar. Next, get a colleague to proofread your template. Finally, submit the template to the relevant authority for approval. Once approved, the template is ready for distribution.

Examples of conference agenda templates

Here are agenda templates for different types of meetings

1. Business conference agenda template

Here is a sample agenda template to use in a business meeting.

Conference Agenda Template
Date: Venue:
List of attendees
Attendee namePositionEmail addressPhone number
Main Agenda: [[Description of the major meeting agenda]]
Agenda ListTime/durationPresented byRemarks
1[[Description of Agenda 1]]
2[[Description of Agenda 2]]
3[[Description of Agenda 3]]
4[[Description of Agenda 4]]
Way forward
1.[[List of recommendations]]Remarks
Any other business
1[[List of arising issues]]Remarks

This template is suitable for business entity meetings. Business owners, board members, and shareholders can use this template to drive business conferences.

2. Staff conference template

Here is a sample agenda template for a team conference.

Company Name:
Team Name:
Facilitator’s Name:
List of invited team members
Team member nameDepartment/ DesignationEmail addressPhone number
Review of previous conference agenda
Agenda detailsAction takenKey performance indicator (KPIs)Remarks
1[[Agenda detail 1]]
2[[Agenda detail 2]]
3[[Agenda detail 3]]
Main Agenda: [[Description of the major meeting agenda]]
Agenda ListKey discussion pointsRequired ActionFollow up by
[[Agenda 1 details]]
[[Agenda 2 details]]
[[Agenda 3 details]]
[[Agenda 4 details]]
[[Agenda 5 details]]
Way forward
1.[[List of recommendations]]Remarks
Any other business
1.[[List of arising issues]]Remarks
Proposal for next conference agenda
1.[[Description or list of proposals]]

This template is useful to colleges who wish to hold a staff meeting. Heads of Departments, the management, or departmental staff can adapt this template to guide the discussions.

3. Congress agenda template

Here is an example of a simple conference agenda template.

Company name[[Name of the Organizer]]
Topic theme[[Description of the conference theme]]
Topic title[[Title of the meeting]]
Host[[Name of the hosting facility]]
DAY 1: 

Monday 13th April 2022 

Arrival and check-in
Time ActivityVenue
7.00 pmBuffet dinnerRestaurant 2
7.40 pmWelcome remarks by the organizerRestaurant 2
DAY 2:

Tuesday, 14th April 2022

Major agendas, discussions and presentation
6.30 to 8.30BreakfastMain restaurant
9.00 a.m.Opening remarksConference Room 6
9.10 amIntroductions and icebreaker
9.30[[Agenda 1]]
10.30Coffee breakOutside Room 6
11.00[[Agenda 2]]Conference Room 6
12.30Lunch breakRestaurant 2
2.00[[Agenda 3]]Conference Room 6
3.00Breakout activitiesConference Room 3, 5, 6, 8
3.45PresentationsConference Room 6
7.00BBQ dinnerHotel’s front garden
7.00-9.00Activity: Murder mystery

Wednesday, 15th April 2022

Discussions, presentations and conclusion
6.30 -8.30 amBreakfastMain Restaurant
8.50Call to orderConference Room 6
9.00[[Agenda 4]]
10.00Activity: StretchesMain lawn
10.30Coffee break
11.00DiscussionsConference Room 3, 5, 6, 8
12.00PresentationsConference Room 6
1.00Buffet lunchFront terrace
2.00Speaker- [[Speakers name

and topic]]

Conference Room 6
3.00Concluding remarksConference Room 6
Guest leave at own pleasure

This is a standard conference template sample for delegates and organizers. The program is usually very detailed to help delegates familiarize themselves with the venue and activities. This template is suitable for a conference with accommodation.

Conference agenda template checklist

A well-planned conference agenda boosts the effectiveness of the conference. Here are basic details to include when planning and writing a conference agenda template.

  • Name of the organization
  • Topic title and theme
  • Agenda
  • Activities
  • Conference and activity venue
  • Day, date, and time
  • Names of speakers
  • Attendees contact information
  • Breaks
  • Links for virtual meeting
  • Conference resources, such as previous minutes, financial statements, and relevant reports

This checklist is quite basic, and you can add more items as the nature of the conference requires.

Benefits of conference agenda templates

The following are the advantages of using an agenda template when hosting a conference.

1. Improved time management

Agenda templates save time when the events follow the program. For instance, delegates will utilize the allocated time to complete the activities, knowing that the facilitators may not allow much extra time. In addition, if the conference has several guest speakers, then these speakers may attend the conference only when needed.

Here is a list of books on time management.

2. Enhanced discussions

The program outlines the topics to cover and guides delegates on the scope of the discussion. This guideline focuses the participants’ attention on the major topic. Therefore, the conference agenda promotes thorough analyses of the issues at hand.

Check out this list of communication books.

3. Improved delegates’ participation

Conference agenda templates inform the delegates of what to expect. Therefore, attendees come with ready reference documents, questions, and well-thought-out ideas. This preparedness contributes to a higher level of participants’ engagement in the conference activities.

4. Enhanced flow of conference activities

This agenda document minimizes distractions. For instance, the chronological order of the events makes it easier for facilitators to stick to the program. Therefore, conference agenda templates are planning tools that enable smooth facilitation and flow of the meeting.

5. Saved costs

Hosting a conference requires committing resources. A template enables you to plan the conference most effectively and save resources such as funds. For example, if you need to hire a conference room and audio or visual equipment, the template guides you to hire those facilities only when necessary.

5. Reference material

The conference agenda acts as reference material for follow-ups. For instance, the management may use these documents to form objectives and monitor the progress of those targets.


A conference agenda template facilitates the effective execution of meetings. This tool contains a plan of activities that guides participants to concentrate on the main agenda and save time and costs.

A well-written conference agenda contains the theme of the conference, discussion topics, and a list of keynote speakers. The details help psychologically prepare the attendees for their roles and contributions to conference events.

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FAQ: Conference agendas

Here are some frequently asked questions about conference agenda templates

How do you build a conference agenda?

To build a conference agenda sheet, you must first gather the critical details of the conference. Secondly, draft the order of the events. Next, choose a simple but comprehensive template and fill it in with details such as the theme, agenda, and time. Finally, proofread the document, and submit it to the relevant authority for approval.

What should you include in conference agendas?

When writing a conference agenda and sure to include the following

  • Name of the organization
  • Conference themes and topics
  • Main agenda
  • Names of presenters
  • List of activities
  • Breaks

These items are basic in a meeting agenda template. However, you can modify them depending on what you need or want to include for the conference.

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