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Here is our list of top corporate event ideas in Boston, Massachusetts.

Corporate event ideas in Boston are activities that you can use to engage your event attendees in the Boston region. Examples include reality gaming at Boda Borg, a visit to Boston Public Market, and bowling at Boston Bowl. The purpose of these activities is to eliminate the monotony of work and foster team bonding. These events also match teams with different professional and non-professional skill sets.

These diversions are examples of group adult activities, conference entertainment, retreat activities, and team bonding. The activities are similar to Boston company outings, group activities in Boston, and Boston team building activities.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Boston for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Boston, MA
  • corporate party ideas in Boston, Massachusetts
  • large group corporate event activities in Boston
  • corporate conference ideas in Boston

Let’s get to it!

List of corporate event ideas in Boston

Boston is well known as a center for contemporary culture, technology, and higher education. From movie nights at The Brattle to wine tasting at City Winery and paddling down to Charles River, here is a list of our best corporate event ideas in Boston.

1. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts can help improve workers’ social skills, foster team bonding, and offer body and mind exercises, depending on the nature of the hunt. ScavBoss offers challenging indoor and outdoor hunts, making the activity one of the best corporate conference ideas in Boston. The host will lead your team in exploring neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and museums in Boston for one and a half to two hours.

ScavBoss is not your average hunt, as the host will focus on details that engage your team. You can expect puzzles and clues that take teamwork and strategic thinking to win. Be sure to ask for a custom hunt that reflects your company values, mission, and industry. You can book ScavBoss for six participants and above.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a one-and-a-half-hour guacamole-making competition. Your host will provide all guacamole-making essentials, dippers, and prizes for the winning teams. However, if you want to engage your team further, then be sure to add options such as catering, BYOB, and gift bags.

First, the host will lead your team through a Trivia-cado. Then, get ready for other fun games like Happy Cup followed by the guac-making competition. Be sure to taste, check the presentation, and consider other unique factors before announcing the winning team. You can run the Great Guac Off at your office, conference center, or rental space in Boston. The Great Guac Off accommodates six participants and above.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Hidden Stripey Guy

If you are looking for highly interactive corporate party ideas in Boston, then Hidden Stripey Guy is a good bet. The one-and-a-half-hour scavenger hunt features the hidden stripey guy that can be quite tasking to find. Teams will re-discover their neighborhood or a new town as they race against time to win. Through the interactive Hidden Stripey Guy, you will teach your team problem-solving skills and teamwork. You can book Hidden Stripey Guy in Boston for ten participants and above.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

4. Museum Hack

Boston carries a rich history that your team should learn about. Museum Hack offers renegade tours of Boston’s best museums for two hours. Designed to maximize team engagement and participation, this will not be yet another boring museum tour. Teams will participate in captivating stories of the museums and other fun activities. And, if you are lucky, you may get some wine. If you want the host to base your museum tour on your company’s mission or industry, then be sure to point that out. You can book the Museum Hack activity for two participants and above.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

5. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a corporate event in Boston where teams will use a series of challenges and puzzles to unveil a bank heist. Participants will only have one and a half hours to reveal who is responsible for the theft before the robbers escape. Bank Heist is among the best high-energy corporate conference ideas in Boston that foster team bonding and teach healthy competition.

You can book the Bank Heist for ten participants and above.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

6. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a one-hour activity where participants will complete high-energy physical activities. Watch your workforce compete and be ready to clap for the winning team or offer a gift. Depending on the demographics of attendees, Minute Madness is among the most ideal large group corporate event activities in Boston if you want to get participants moving. Be sure to book your Minute Madness activity two weeks before your event and provide a location.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

7. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is not your usual pub trivia. This one-and-a-half-hour corporate event in Boston will even challenge your smartest workers. The host will engage your team in multiple rounds of high-energy and fast-paced trivia like the Champion Challenge or Majority Rules. Inviting senior company leaders to the challenge can make your Ultimate Trivia Showdown event more interesting. Be sure to give two weeks’ notice before your event and provide a location.

You can host the Ultimate Trivia Showdown for six participants and above.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

8. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

If you are wondering how best to celebrate Pride, then this engaging and celebratory Pride Trivia is worth a try! Pride Trivia tops the list of inclusive corporate event ideas in Boston for adults. Designed and led by a team of the LGBTQ+ community, the one-hour activity will challenge your team with an inclusive and challenging trivia session. Each question will educate, celebrate, and show the true-life experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

Book Pride Trivia two weeks before your corporate event and provide a location.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

9. Movie Night at The Brattle

Movie nights are laid-back outdoor corporate events in Boston where participants will take their minds off work as they indulge in the selected film. Operated by a non-profit foundation, The Brattle showcases cutting-edge, classic, local, and foreign films. You can also check out the selection of new releases and first-run films. Participants can select one movie that all players will watch. If you find yourself in a dilemma, then you can do a poll and let workers watch the film that garners the most votes. The Brattle showcases films that will educate, excite and inspire your workforce. You can support The Brattle Film Foundation by purchasing merch for participants.

You will enjoy special rates if you have groups of more than ten.

Learn more about The Brattle.

10. Reality Gaming at Boda Borg

Boda Borg offers real-life-like games where participants will try to conquer real-life challenges. In an era of reality television, video gaming, action movies, and virtual reality, Boda Borg will offer a different active form of entertainment that will excite and captivate your workers. With around 20 rooms at the Boston location, participants will experience the DIY version of books, movies, and video games. In any quest like Mastermind, The Lost Tomb, Animal Kingdom, or Pandora, players will face various physical and mental challenges. Once players succeed in the first challenge, then participants can move into the next challenge. And if players fail the challenge, then they can select another quest or start the failed quest until they succeed.

The fun bit is that players will be unaware of what to expect once they enter a quest, the number of challenges, or how much time is available to complete the challenge. Questing at Boda Borg is the perfect activity in Boston to let your team out in a real-life and stop living through TV, movies, social media, and books. Boda Borg provides private rooms for teams of three to five participants. You can pay once for your team, and players get to conquer as many quests as they want. If you have a large team, then you can book the entire location for your corporate event.

Learn more about Boda Borg.

11. Wine Tasting at City Winery

Wine tasting at City Winery tops the list of relaxed outdoor corporate events in Boston. City Winery provides corporate teams with cozy and oak-barrel-lines tasting rooms that will give your team a proper wine tasting experience. As participants sip on the variety of delectable wines, grab some snacks as the company’s skilled experts discuss the art of wine-making. With each wine tasting tour, you will enjoy a cheese plate and a parting gift for attendees. City Winery is also the perfect venue for hosting your corporate event. You will enjoy live music, a selected wine-tasting program, delectable culinary creations, and a stunning outdoor space.

Learn more about City Winery.

12. Competitive Cook-off

A cooking show-style corporate event is an exciting activity for corporate teams. While workers see their colleagues suited up, let participants surprise each other by showing off their cooking skills. You can hold the cook-off at your office or rent an outdoor space.

First, you will divide your teams into smaller groups. Then, let teams select a dish that they will make, whether local or international. Other than crowing the best team based on culinary experience, you will also teach the importance of teamwork and communication within teams.

Check out this guide to office cook-off ideas.

13. Bike Riding at Shining Sea Bikeway

If you are looking for physical outdoor corporate events in Boston, then biking at Shining Sea Bikeway is a must-try. This 10.7 mile trail has an easy rating and runs from the Steamship Authority ferry terminus to North Falmouth. The beautiful paved bike path goes through farms, woodlands, marshes, and meadows along the beach. The Shining Sea Bikeway is ideal for both beginner riders and experienced cyclists. Rent your team bikes for the day, and be sure to grab a meal with your team after the ride.

Learn more about Shining Sea Bikeway.

14. Escape Games at Room Escapers

If you have not tried escape rooms in Boston with your team, then you are missing out. Room Escapers offers workers a chance to solve non-work-related challenges, figure out clues, and escape within a specific time. With an array of interactive, challenging, and fun escape rooms that also feature in-character actors, expect participants to have a memorable experience.


  • Panacea- An old-world plague is infecting the world’s population. An Alchemist’s cure is the only solution to the mayhem. You need to master the seven principles of Alchemy to obtain the Panacea and save the world. This escape game accommodates up to eight players.
  • Organized Chaos- You will work on behalf of the FBI to get evidence that can link the notorious gang to some crimes. An inside worker has left subtle clues that will lead you to the evidence. This escape game accommodated up to ten players.

The cost of these escape games in Boston range from $35 to $45, depending on the number of players.

Learn more about Room Escapers.

15. Paddling on Charles River

As a city that has proximity to many water bodies, it would be such a waste if you never tried water activities with your team. You can start by renting a kayak or canoe for your workers. Teams will take in the pretty Boston skylines as they tick off their bucket list. Depending on your route, you may catch views of the Hatch Shell, Boston colleges, Esplanade, Museum of Science, and other city sights. After paddling, taste different kinds of fish and other seafood. Be sure to check out boating safety regulations before heading out to the river.

Learn more about Charles River.

16. Bowling at Boston Bowl

Boston Bowl is a premier destination for company events. You can let workers try out fun activities such as bowling, billiards, pool, and arcade games. If you are looking for intimate corporate party ideas in Boston, then consider Boston Bowl’s Xperience. This spot is an adults-only venue that has bowling lanes, a lounge area, and a private bar. For the private bowling experience, charges range between $85 to $140, depending on the weekday. Participants can grab their drinks of choice as they play and even grab food after.

Learn more about Boston Bowl.

17. Park tour at Boston Common

As one of the oldest public spaces in Boston City, Boston Common is a great venue for a corporate event. Weather permitting, there are tons of activities and sights that your team can enjoy. You can start with one of the most popular locations in the park, the Frog Pond, where participants can skate or enjoy the reflecting pool, depending on the season. Then, you can stroll along the Freedom Trail and see a collection of 16 official and distinct sites. While visiting the Freedom Trail is free, some historic sites have admission fees.

Learn more about Boston Common.

18. Market tour at Boston Public Market

Boston Public Market boasts a wide variety of locally sourced, pre-made, and seasonal produce year round. This indoor marketplace is the perfect venue for large group corporate event activities in Boston. Workers will socialize as participants try out new foods, specialty, and craft items. The Boston Public Market tour is interesting since no two days are the same. You can make the Boston Public Market tour more enjoyable by offering your team gift cards that participants can redeem at any vendor in the market. Then, explore the wide selection of lunch or dinner options at the market as a team.

Learn more about Boston Public Market.

19. Outdoor games at Lawn on D

Lawn on D is a favorite outdoor game venue for Bostonians. If you want a private event, then the venue can host up to 4,000 participants. Your team can enjoy various games, from bocce ball to cornhole and lawn games. If you want to participate in tournaments, then check out the tournament schedule and sign up your team for free! You can also check the Lawn on D solar-powered LED swings and enjoy the color changes depending on how fast or high you swing. Be sure to add Lawn on D to your free corporate event ideas in Boston for adults. You can let teams grab meals at the Rebel Restaurant’s concessions menu that includes wraps, grill favorites, salads, and various beverages. While food is not allowed at the venue, you can bring a cake to celebrate a special work occasion.

Learn more about Lawn on D.


Renowned for its starring contribution to the late 1700s American Revolution, Boston’s rich history runs deep. It is not surprising that the city holds main sites that are pilgrimage trails for residents and tourists alike. From historic attractions, beautiful parks, and botanical gardens, the city offers an array of fun activities for small or large corporate teams. And since Boston is easy to navigate on foot since major sights are relatively close, moving with your workforce may not be as challenging as in other cities. So, get your team and engage your workforce in fun or educational activities and watch the vibrancy of your workers after.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Boston, MA

Here are answers about corporate event ideas in Boston

What are some ideas for corporate events in Boston?

Some ideas for corporate events in Boston include bike riding at Shining Sea Bikeway, escape games at Room Escapers, and outdoor games at Lawn on D.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Boston?

Successfully entertaining corporate event attendees may be challenging.

Here are steps to entertain corporate event attendees in Boston

  • Ensure you choose activities that will appeal to your attendee demographics. For instance, activities that will appeal to younger attendees will not be ideal for older participants.
  • Encourage every attendee to participate, even the shy participants. One of the best ways to encourage participation is by offering captivating incentives such as gifts.
  • If you notice that one activity is not captivating attendees, then be quick to switch to another fun activity.

Be sure to let attendees offer feedback on the event activities. You can use the feedback to plan a successful event in the future.

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