Updated: February 13, 2024

18 Best Corporate Event Ideas in Chicago, IL

Here is our list of top corporate event ideas in Chicago, Illinois.

Corporate event ideas in Chicago are activities that you can engage your corporate event attendees in the Chicago region. Examples include bowling at Lucky Strike and a whiskey workshop at KOVAL Distillery. These activities aim to increase attendees’ engagement, help break down corporate hierarchy barriers, and liven up your event.

These gatherings are examples of team building methods and can be inspiration for conference entertainment and corporate retreat schedules.

These ideas are similar to Chicago corporate outing ideas, group activities in Chicago, and team building activities in Chicago.

This list includes:

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  • corporate party ideas in Chicago, Illinois
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Let’s get started!

List of corporate event ideas in Chicago

Chicago hosts some of the most entertaining, unique, and fun corporate event ideas. Here is a list of our best corporate event ideas in Chicago.

1. Mix n’ Mingle (Top Choice)

Mix n’ Mingle is a fully immersive 90-minute networking function. Each activity is carefully designed to cultivate meaningful conversations, strong relationships, and lasting connections. Among others, teams from PayPal, American Express, and Charles Schwab love this event.

Here is what to expect during the experience:

  • hosts meet at the venue of your choice with all the necessary supplies
  • skilled teambuilding.com host to lead you through interactive exercises and activities
  • icebreakers that start conversations and foster genuine connections
  • group discussions and collaborative team challenges
  • team members share interests, common goals, and unique perspectives

Mix n’ Mingle can help you connect with your teams more deeply through the power of networking.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. The Art of Storytelling (Popular)

Our interactive workshop provides essential techniques for building meaningful connections through the art of storytelling.

You can expect the following at your event:

  • professional storytellers lead a 120-minute session on crafting compelling narratives
  • teams gain valuable and applicable insights by learning our signature story framework
  • participants discover the power of language, emotion, and structure to create impactful stories
  • employees develop effective communication and presentation techniques that connect with your audience
  • hosts encourage teams to share their stories and experiences in an atmosphere of openness, vulnerability, and active listening
  • the workshop can be hosted at a location of your choice, and we will bring any needed materials

Consider this activity to see the impact storytelling can have on your team. By mastering the art of storytelling, your team can captivate and inspire others through engaging narratives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Team Favorite)

The Great Guac Off brings colleagues together in a friendly competition to make delicious guacamole!

Here is what you can expect at this event:

  • 90 minutes with an experienced host and co-hosts from teambuilding.com
  • fun warm-up games and icebreakers
  • avocado trivia and exciting mini-games
  • creating impressive guacamole masterpieces
  • tasty guacamole ingredients and a variety of dippers provided
  • optional secret ingredient to shake up the competition

The Great Guac Off is a delicious way to promote strong bonds, improve communication skills, and encourage teamwork.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Chicago Honey Co-op

Chicago Honey Co-op is an agricultural co-op with 19 members, including both beekeepers and sustainable agriculture supporters. The group offers beekeeping classes, including beginner’s, hands-on, candle-making, honey bees and beekeeping, and swarm control classes. Among many facts and techniques, participants will learn about bee biology, hive inspection techniques, and how bees make wax.

Chicago Honey Co-op also connects with customers at farmers markets, such as Chicago’s Green City Market and Logan Square Farmers Market, offering certified naturally grown honey. The co-op’s commitment to sustainable practices shows their dedication to the well-being of honeybees and the environment.

Be sure to check this co-op out when looking for a unique activity to do with your team!

Learn more about the Chicago Honey Co-Op.

5. Chicago Architecture Center River Cruise

Teams can explore Chicago’s stunning architecture from a unique perspective with the Chicago Architecture Center River Cruise! This 90-minute cruise takes you on a captivating journey along the Chicago River, led by expertly trained volunteers. Participants can learn about the history of Chicago’s growth and discover the stories behind over 50 iconic buildings. Additionally, guests will gain insight into how the city transformed into one of the world’s largest in under a century.

Guests can also experience the magic of Chicago’s skyline in the evening with the Evening River Cruise. During this event, you can relax with a cocktail and bask in the sunset light. Whether daytime or evening, this boat tour is a must-do to appreciate the architectural wonders of Chicago.

Learn more about the Chicago Architecture Center River Cruise.

6. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is dedicated to exploring and celebrating contemporary art. Founded in 1967, the institute aims to showcase new and experimental art. MCA’s collection includes 2,000 works, playing an important role in preserving contemporary art for future generations. Teams can also rent this space to hold private events.

Beyond its exhibits, the MCA aims to boost community engagement through partnerships with diverse organizations. Visitors can also enjoy Marisol, a restaurant and bar in the museum featuring innovative cuisine by Chicago chef Jason Hammel. When looking for a unique corporate event, be sure to stop by!

Learn more about The Museum of Contemporary Art.

7. Steppenwolf Theatre

Steppenwolf Theatre Company started in 1974, and today, they have an ensemble of 49 members. The theater offers an exciting set of events and performances. For instance, past shows include Sanctuary City and POTUS. Steppenwolf also has a performance series called LookOut, which celebrates a diverse range of artists and companies. From emerging talents to performance legends, LookOut showcases the vibrant local arts scene. Steppenwolf often holds events as well, such as galas, Women in the Arts events, and veterans’ nights. Whether you are a seasoned theatergoer or a newcomer, there is a show for every guest.

Learn more about Steppenwolf Theatre.

8. Spin

An idea that developed from the need for two friends to compete in the USA Olympic team is now one of the best ping pong venues for corporate events in Chicago. The ping pong social club offers team immense fun and game options that transcends ethnicity, age, physical boundaries, and gender.

Spin features a minimum of twelve courts, a craft cocktail bar, and a full-service restaurant.
You can make the corporate event more memorable for attendees by having a tournament where you will reward the winning teams. Then, let teams order drinks to sip as they play and a meal after the event. For participants who want to take their ping pong game to the next level, a Spin guide will be on standby to offer handy tips. While you can walk in, be sure to avoid the waitlist by reserving two days before your event.

Learn more about Spin.

9. Habitat for Humanity

If you are looking for outdoor corporate events in Chicago, IL, where attendees will make an impact as they bond, then volunteer activities are a must-try. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that empowers the world’s poorest communities by offering decent housing. With a larger vision where the world’s population has decent housing, Habitat for Humanity is constantly looking for volunteers and partners. Your team can partake in building, repairing, and renovating homes. Teams will also have fun as they learn some building tips, such as using a hammer, home structure needs, and painting. The effort will allow the organization to build or renovate homes at a considerably low cost.

If attendees cannot participate in actual home building or renovations, then you can lead teams in organizing a fund drive and donate to support Habitat for Humanity.

Learn more about Habitat for Humanity.

10. The Barrel Run

You can check out Chicago’s brewery, distillery, and wine scene in style with The Barrel Run. This unique barrel-shaped bus transports guests around the city to enjoy some of the best drinks in town. Some of the featured destinations you may visit include On Tour Brewing Company, Rhine Hall, and Chicago Distilling. If you are looking for a more curated experience, then you can also book a private tour. One private tour option includes a Prohibition-themed gangster tour, which features speakeasies and Prohibition-style cocktails. The Barrel Run also works with teams for work events and large gatherings. For all your Chicago-based drink needs, be sure to check out this awesome bus.

Learn more about The Barrel Run.

11. Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is the perfect bowling spot for corporate events in Chicago. With 18 bowling lanes, you can have team competitions. Participants who do not fancy bowling can indulge in other fun activities such as ping pong, billiards games, darts, and arcade games. After the games, teams can taste the crave-worthy cuisine and drinks of choice. If some event attendees want to sit back and mingle, Lucky Strike has an upbeat lounge-style atmosphere.

Learn more about Lucky Strike.

12. Backyard Axe Throwing League

Axe throwing at Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) is one of the best corporate event ideas in Chicago that you can use to build a community among participants. This seemingly simple yet fun event is the perfect excuse for an afternoon team bonding activity where players can tick off their bucket lists. For more competitive axe throwing corporate party ideas in Chicago, Illinois, join the Chicago Axe Throwing Leagues that happen every week. Participants will partake in an axe throwing competition regardless of experience. BATL coaches are available to give participants tips on the best throws and ensure that participants observe all safety measures.

And with the wide selection of craft beer, wine, and coolers, players can sip their drinks of choice after the event. You can also treat your team to food from the selected BATL food partners or bring in your food.

Learn more about Backyard Axe Throwing League.

13. MassVR

MassVR offers exciting games that immerse players in a different world. The facility has four arenas that are approximately 8,000 square feet in size. Participants can opt for VR Champions, a shooter game that accommodates up to eight players in a four vs. four match. You can also opt to play the Hallow Realm, an immersive horror game where players will step into the supernatural. Both games allow players to roam freely through the massive virtual and physical worlds. Each game session lasts 45 to 50 minutes, and your team will have a fun and memorable corporate event.

Since VR games at MassVR involve movement, let participants dress in comfortable footwear and clothing.

Learn more about MassVR.

14. Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery

As the first meadery in Illinois and the first winery in Chicago, Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery boasts of creating wine and mead with locally produced ingredients. With over 30 years of experience in wine-making, the winery is the perfect location for large group corporate event activities in Chicago.

You will taste a four flight of homemade meads for a tasting team event. The company’s tasting team will also explain the origin and history of each mead. You can also opt for a team s’mores and mead by the firepit, where participants will make their smores and pair them with selected meads. And if you want attendees to partake in a more engaging activity, be sure to reserve a brewing class or a wine-making class.

Learn more about Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery.

15. KOVAL Distillery

Being Chicago’s first distillery since the mid-1800s, KOVAL is the perfect venue for a whiskey workshop. The craft distillery produces a full line of gin, organic whiskey, specialty spirits, and liqueurs. A whiskey workshop at KOVAL will teach attendees the company’s unique approach to distilling award-winning organic spirits. You can lead your team through a visit to the KOVAL tasting room and enjoy flights, cocktails, light bites, perfect pairs, and international coffee drinks. If you have Yoga lovers on your team, then be sure to check out the Yoga and Cocktails package.

Learn more about KOVAL Distillery.

16. Flight Club

Flight Club is a social venue where teams can play darts while enjoying drinks and light bites. The company has developed a range of exciting and fast multi-player games that will bring event attendees together and keep teams unexpectedly hooked. Regardless of whether you have beginner players or expert dart snipers on your team, every participant has a chance to win once they step into one of the Flight Club’s multiple throw lines. You can participate in competitions and celebrate colleagues’ winning shorts with replay videos. While Flight Club allows walk-ins, be sure to make your reservation, as availability is not guaranteed.

Learn more about Flight Club.

17. Garfield Park Conservatory

As one of the largest and most stunning botanical conservancies in Chicago, Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the best venues for free corporate event ideas in Chicago for adults. Your team will see thousands of plant species from around the globe at the eight indoor display gardens. With a constantly evolving collection, you will catch new specimens and hybrids regardless of how often you visit the conservatory. Depending on the time of the year, participants can enjoy the picturesque lush flora in the over ten acres of outdoor garden and water lily pond. In addition, be sure to visit the outdoor gardens, fern house, desert house, aroid house, and show house.

Learn more about Garfield Park Conservatory.

18. Color Factory

Interactive museums are a great stop on your list of corporate conference ideas in Chicago. Color Factory is an immersive location that is home to 14 interactive exhibits. Local artists work with the company to create these eye-catching designs. For instance, visitors can play in an all-green ball pit, discover their color horoscopes, and participate in a color-based guided team exercise. Each guest also receives freebies, like sweet treats, artist-designed keepsakes, and digital images. Event planners can also book this venue for private parties or conferences. This space boasts over 20,000 square feet of room, perfect for large corporate events. To bring a little color to your corporate party, swing by the Color Factory.

Learn more about the Color Factory.


While corporate team events may be an expense to a company, they are worthy investments. Regular corporate events for teams in Chicago will increase attendees’ engagement and output. However, be sure to consider the demographic of your attendees before choosing an event, as activities that are ideal for some groups may not be preferable for others.

FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Chicago, IL

Here are answers about corporate event ideas in Chicago.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Chicago?

Some ideas for corporate events in Chicago include a botanical garden tour at Garfield Park Conservatory and axe throwing at Backyard Axe Throwing League.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Chicago?

You can entertain attendees at corporate events in Chicago by engaging in fun activities such as scavenger hunts, trivia, and competitions.

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