Updated: June 30, 2022

22 Fun Corporate Event Ideas in Kansas City, KS & MO

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri.

Corporate event ideas in Kansas City are unique activities that develop relationships while building up teams. Examples include heading to Boulevard Brewing Company, indoor skydiving at iFly, or Game Show Battle Room. The purpose of these activities is to allow team members to get to know each other better while practicing essential skills that will help the whole office.

These ideas work well for conference activities or retreat entertainment. These activities are similar to company outings in Kansas City and Kansas City Team Building ideas.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Kansas City for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Kansas City
  • corporate party ideas in Kansas City
  • large group corporate event activities in Kansas City

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List of corporate event ideas in Kansas City

Kansas City is unique in that it straddles two different states, and there is a friendly rivalry between the Kansas and the Missouri side. But thankfully, no matter what side of the river you are on, there are fun things to do in the metropolis. From exciting outdoor adventures to professional sporting events to technologically advanced activities, you will surely find something to entertain the whole team in Kansas City. Here is a list of corporate event ideas to entertain all ages and interests.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a fast-paced and exciting event. A host will facilitate activities for 90 minutes. Team members get a chance to play several rounds of trivia along with games like Majority Rules and Champion Challenge. You will quickly see this is not a typical night of pub trivia during the organized events. You can plan this event at your office or another Kansas City venue.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. ScavBoss

For about two hours, your team will solve some complex puzzles and riddles in ScavBoss. Team members must work together through a variety of clues to complete this intense scavenger hunt. ScavBoss can be either inside or outside, depending on your preference. There are also a variety of themes that customize the experience. An expert host will personalize this scavenger hunt to be perfect for your company. A scavenger hunt encourages strategic thinking along with teamwork.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

3. The Great Guac Off

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If you are looking for a fun team building activity that is also edible, then look no further than The Great Guac Off. This one-and-a-half-hour guided event starts with a few quick but exciting games like avocado trivia and Punacado. Ultimately, your team will compete in a fast-paced guacamole-making competition. Included in The Great Guac Off is an excellent host, everything you need to make and eat guacamole, prizes, and photos. Optional add-ons like BYOB and custom trophies take the excitement up a notch.

Get more information about The Great Guac Off.

4. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

Espionage! is a flashback to childhood games like Werewolf or Mafia. However, this event is on another level! Espionage! is a 90-minute hosted event full of twists, turns, and antics sure to entertain your entire team. This game relies on social deduction and teamwork. The host will assign each member of your team a role and then lead the group through puzzles and challenges as you uncover the hidden spies.

Learn more about Espionage!

5. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

In Superhero Academy, you can transport your team into the world of comic books, heroes, and villains. The best hosts in the business guide this 90-minute activity and have the training to keep the entire team engaged and on topic. Throughout this superhero journey, participants will attempt to solve challenges and puzzles while developing relationships and appreciating the strengths of individual team members.

Host a Superhero Academy for your group.

6. The Art of Storytelling

When you book a Storytelling session, you get a dynamic and relatable expert. These hosts are actors, academics, comedians, and self-professed nerds. During the event, your team will learn a framework for telling powerful and meaningful stories. This underrated skill is useful in professional settings and daily life. Whether your team members have a background in sales, HR, or marketing, they will benefit from this workshop.

Schedule The Art of Storytelling.

7. Nascar Race

It might surprise your team when you mention a Nascar race as one of the best Outdoor corporate events in Kansas City. But, the whole group will enjoy their outing to the track after experiencing the thrill and excitement as talented drivers race around the track at break-necking speeds. The Kansas City Speedway is conveniently located in northeast Kansas City on the Kansas side. It is near Legends Shopping Center, so there are also excellent places to eat nearby.

Find out when a race is at Kansas Speedway.

8. Royals Game

Attending a Royals game is one of the best large group corporate event activities in Kansas City. The team is fun to watch, and supporting the local sports clubs is always a good idea. Taking your team to a Royals game allows a new experience for many folks, and coworkers get a chance to spend time out of the office together. If you check the schedule ahead of time, then you might be able to plan your outing on a theme night, like dollar hot dogs or firework night. In addition, you can encourage your team to wear their best royal blue to support the boys and cheer on the home team!

Head out to a Kansas City Royals game this season.

9. Chiefs Game

Ten years ago, locals might have laughed when you mentioned watching the Chiefs play. However, this football team has drastically rebuilt itself and its image in the NFL in the last decade. Watching the Chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most exciting events in Kansas City. While your team bonds at the game, they will get to know each other better and become true fans of Kansas City. Be sure to consider watching the 2020 Super Bowl Champs for your next corporate event.

Check out a Kansas City Chiefs game in the fall.

10. Sporting KC

If you have never seen a professional soccer match, then you are missing out. These events are incredibly exciting and entertaining. Kansas City is lucky enough to have Sporting KC, a professional soccer club located in Legends Shopping Center on the Kansas side of the city. Planning corporate event ideas in Kansas City for adults and kids is easy when there are so many professional teams in the area. A soccer match at Sporting KC Stadium is fun for all ages if you wish to include families.

Cheer on Sporting KC at a match.

11. Boulevard Brewing Company

Craft beer and breweries have exploded across the country in recent years. What used to be a niche market is now mainstream. Located in the heart of Kansas City, Boulevard Brewing Company offers an exciting experience for visitors. Smaller groups can show up to taste beer and enjoy board games in the tasting room. However, the brewery can accommodate large groups as well. The Muehlebach Suite is over 3,600 square feet! There are many other rooms available for private gatherings, as well. During an event at Boulevard, guests will learn about the beer-making process and taste some samples. A beer tasting at Boulevard is one of the best corporate party ideas in Kansas City.

Check out Boulevard Brewing Company.

12. Kansas City Segway Tours

Kansas City is absolutely beautiful, with so many unique areas and neighborhoods. Residents can live in the city for years and not truly experience all the area has to offer. A Segway tour is an excellent way to take in the sites while learning more about Kansas City. Kansas City Segway Tours offers a variety of options. For example, there are rides through the Art District, museums and historic sites, and to BBQ and beer joints. You can choose the best tour that fits your team’s personality and enjoy a beautiful day in the city.

Book an event with Kansas City Segway Tours.

13. iFLY

If your team is adventurous and loves trying new experiences, then consider indoor skydiving for your next corporate event. Whether you have a small or large group, the professionals at iFLY will work with you to plan an excellent get-together. You will experience the most technologically advanced flying wind tunnel at this venue. Inside, you will feel free-falling, but you will be close to the ground the entire time. Planning an event at iFLY is an exciting and entertaining activity.

Check out iFLY.

14. College Basketball Experience

Kansas City is home to major basketball tournaments every year. This distinction makes sense, as there is so much basketball history in this state. James Naismith, the inventor of the game, was the first coach at Kansas University. For a truly interactive and hands-on experience, take your team to the College Basketball Experience. While learning about the game, team members will put their skills to the test. This venue holds up to 1,500 guests, as well. In addition, the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame is on site. Throughout the fan-favorite experience, visitors can catch educational shows in the Honor Theater and learn more about some of the greats throughout the sport’s history.

Learn more about the College Basketball Experience.

15. Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon is one of the best corporate party ideas in Kansas City. This expansive venue can accommodate large groups and promises the best entertainment in the city. Howl at the Moon is perfectly situated to host corporate events with entertainment, food, and cocktails. This chain was founded on audience interaction during dueling piano bars. Team members should have a riveting night listening to fun and creative music with coworkers. This hall is in the Power & Light District. Whether you need a small setting for an intimate gathering or are hosting a large banquet, consider Howl at the Moon for your next corporate event.

Plan an event at Howl at the Moon.

16. Kansas City Zoo

The experts at the Kansas City Zoo know how to plan a unique and entertaining corporate event. The zoo offers many rooms to host a variety of sizes and layouts. Plus, the initial booking includes catering and parking. Then, you can add on additional activities, like a scavenger hunt and animal experiences. During a corporate event at Kansas City Zoo, team members will get to develop skills while having fun with incredible animals. Some of the coolest animals at the zoo are the polar bear at the entrance and the expansive elephant habitat.

Plan an event at the Kansas City Zoo.

17. Game Show Battle Room

Game Show Battle Room specializes in recreating traditional game shows for locals to enjoy. This venue is perfect if you grew up watching The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune and always wanted to be on the shows. There are different options for games, as well. For example, Classic Showdowns include Survey Battles, Spin and Solve, and What’s That Cost? Or, Primetime Showdowns encompass Survey Battles, Matchup Wars, and TimeRush. No matter what you choose, team members will have fun while spending quality time with each other.

Learn more about Game Show Battle Room.

18. PowerPlay Entertainment Center

If you are looking for a dynamic and entertaining venue for corporate events in Kansas City, then PowerPlay Entertainment Center is the answer. This company is the expert in hosting activities for companies that engage team members. After you schedule your event, the staff will work with you to plan catering, bar options, and play cards for the group. Then, once you are at the location, team members will play the night away and deepen relationships in the process.

Learn more about hosting an event at PowerPlay Entertainment Center.

19. Pinstripes

At Pinstripes, team members get the chance to play different games and eat delicious food. During a corporate event at Pinstripes, team members can bowl, play bocce, and participate in various fun and exciting events that rotate throughout the week. You can even reserve a private room for your team to utilize while there. Pinstripes is an excellent location to allow team members to spend time in a social and fun setting.

Check out Pinstripes.

20. Harvesters Community Food Network

Harvesters Community Food Network allows companies to host a corporate event where team members grow and learn together while serving their local community. This organization has been a staple in Kansas City for years and relies on locals and companies to help with its mission. There are many options to serve. Example projects include sorting canned food and non-perishable items, serving meals on location, or delivering groceries. By reaching out to Harvesters, you can find the best way to get plugged in.

Learn more about volunteering with Harvesters Community Food Network.

21. Bury the Hatchet

Axe throwing is growing in popularity. Whether you are looking for a fun night out with friends or want to plan a corporate event, this activity is an excellent option. Bury the Hatchet has locations nationwide, so you can trust you will get a professional event when you book. You can bring in your own food and drinks, including beer and wine, so ensuring the entire team enjoys the evening is easy. With over 7,200 square feet in Overland Park, there is enough space to host even large groups. You can give axe-throwing a shot with Bury the Hatchet.

Plan an event at Bury the Hatchet.

22. Zip KC

Zip KC offers the adventure of a lifetime without having to leave the city! You can choose between several escapades either on the ground, in the air, or on the road. Activities include ziplining, hiking, and obstacle courses. There is an option for night adventures with glow sticks. Zip KC will even bring the adventure to you! If you are looking for an active event sure to entertain the entire team, then consider Zip KC for your next corporate outing.

Plan your adventure with Zip KC.


When planning corporate events, you are not just hosting a party for your team. During these activities, coworkers bridge the gap between formal and informal relationships. Team members get to spend time with each other outside of the typical work environment. Kansas City is an incredible place full of fantastic venues. Whether on the Kansas or Missouri side, there are many activities to entertain small and large groups.

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FAQ: corporate event ideas in Kansas City

Here are the answers to common questions about corporate event ideas in Kansas City.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Kansas City?

There are countless options for corporate events in Kansas City. A few guaranteed to be fun include the Kansas City Zoo, attending a professional game like the Chiefs or Royals, or taking a segway tour.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Kansas City?

You can entertain attendees in various ways at corporate events in Kansas City. If you are hosting a formal event, then be sure there is enough food and drinks and an organized schedule to keep the evening flowing smoothly. However, informal events require less planning and offer more time for socializing.

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