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Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Los Angeles, California.

Corporate event ideas in Los Angeles are locations and activities you can use to entertain guests during company gatherings. For example, visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, having cocktails at The Association, and Skydiving at iFLY. The purpose of these ideas is to ensure that the event’s objectives are achievable and to make the experience fun.

These happenings are similar to fun outings in LA, team building activities in LA and LA company outings. You can use these ideas as conference entertainment or retreat activities.

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List of corporate event ideas in Los Angeles

Corporate event ideas are ways to experience fun and unforgettable gatherings like company outings, employee appreciation, retreats, and holiday parties. From touring Grammy Museum to running ScavBoss, here are some of the best ideas Los Angeles groups can use for corporate events.

1. Storytelling Workshops

Running Storytelling Workshops is one of the best corporate conference ideas in Los Angeles. The workshops will help your group master how to tell stories. The fully hosted training will run for two hours, with story masters guiding your group.

Also, your group will try to create compelling stories and gain more confidence in applying special frameworks and techniques. You can also expect feedback from the story masters on how you can become a better storyteller.

The facilitators designed this training to be highly engaging and promote communication. Also, your experience will include icebreakers and a group discussion.

Learn more about Storytelling Workshops.

2. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is a 90 minutes hosted event that can help guests become familiar with each other. The event’s priorities include building a team and encouraging communication that is far from awkward. Mix n’ Mingle is interactive, and calls for engagement and collaboration with your colleagues.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

3. Minute Madness

Minute Madness is a spirited contest that promotes engagement among your group. The challenge requires your team to compete against each other in just one hour. Minute Madness’ objective is to see which participant can last the challenge in 5400 seconds.

This fully hosted challenge is an excellent add-up to your corporate events to entertain guests and get your team involved in a high-energy team-building activity.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

4. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off hosts avocado-themed contests for corporate groups. Teams will compete to emerge the winner by making the best guacamole. The event promotes team-building with fun activities aside from the competition, like a group meal and games like Happy Cup, Triviacado, and House Builder.

The Great Guac Off can run as your major event or as a part of your corporate gatherings in Los Angeles. You will receive the guacamole ingredients and dippers needed. But your team can also run the event as a BYOB experience.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

5. ScavBoss

ScavBoss organizes scavenger hunts great for indoor and outdoor corporate events in Los Angeles. During the fully hosted hunt, your team will have a great time putting challenging clues together. You will also come across puzzles that you can tackle in different ways.

The event’s duration is up to two hours. You can expect a challenging, engaging, and creative scavenger hunt.

ScavBoss will take your team to different areas and historical sites around Los Angeles. You will also learn about the area’s history.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

6. Museum Hack

Museum Hack organizes a tour for corporate groups around some of the best museums. The two-hour tour includes team-building activities and, sometimes, wine.

You will learn about the museum exhibits and hear different entertaining stories. Museum Hack can run your corporate event to suit a particular theme. Your group will have the utmost fun experience that will redefine museums as awesome places.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

7. iFLY Indoor Skydiving

iFLY provides an immersive environment to have a private corporate event. Your experience will start with a training class where you will practice your flying position beforehand. Also, the wind tunnel driver will take your pictures as you suspend yourself in the air. Indoor Skydiving is safe, and the flight instructor can hold your suit’s handles if you need help. All flyers must adhere to the venue’s safety precautions.

You can also have a space to hold a meeting or dine with the attendees. The entire experience can last for 105 minutes.

Learn more about iFLY Indoor Skydiving.

8. TCL Chinese Theatres Tour

Home of the famous Hollywood stars, TCL Chinese Theatres is one of the world’s most popular theaters. The theater hosts a walking tour where you can gain insight into the cinema’s history. The event will run for 30 minutes with a ticket priced at $10. However, you can only purchase a maximum of ten tickets at once.

After the tour, you may also book and watch other shows and entertainment events.

Learn more about TCL Chinese Theatres Tour.

9. Crystal Springs Picnic Area

Having a picnic at Crystal Springs Picnic Area is one of the fun large group corporate event activities in Los Angeles. You will find this Picnic area in Griffith Park. The site has facilities like picnic tables, baseball diamonds, and barbeque pits. You will also find a volleyball court, but you have to bring your net before playing.

The area presents an excellent opportunity to carry out planned activities for your corporate events, whether painting, dancing, or playing ultimate Frisbee. The native landscape, well-shaded areas, and the four groups of picnic tables make this picnic site a frequently visited location in Los Angeles.

Get directions to Crystal Springs Picnic Area.

10. Bowlmor Lane

Visiting Bowlmor Lanes is a great way to spice up your corporate events. The bowling company can host more than 25 guests. You may bring your bowling shoes or have a pair given to each guest after booking.

Only a maximum of six players can use one lane. Also, you cannot bring outside food and beverages because the company provides a menu with various items that you can inquire about from your lane server.

This area also has a lounge where you can retreat and relax during your experience. Other attractions provided include billiards, arcade games, and a sports bar. You cannot get refunds after reserving a lane, but you may reschedule your experience.

Learn more about Bowlmor Lanes.

11. MagIQ Room

MagIQ Room offers three exciting escape games, which are:

  • The Secret of Wizardry: Your goal is to break a wicked elf’s curse on you. You will lift the affliction with the appropriate magic spells since the villain also stole your wand.
  • The Pirate’s Den: Your team will embark on a journey to find a famous pirate’s lost treasures.
  • The Curse of the Mummy: You have to find your way to an ancient Egyptian figure’s tomb to solve the secret behind building pyramids.

The game pricing per player varies from $32 to $45 for two to six guests. The experience is ideal for a corporate event with up to 24 attendees. Two to eight players can play in a room simultaneously.

Learn more about MagIQ Room.

12. Los Angeles Zoo

Touring the Los Angeles Zoo located in Griffith Park is one of the best corporate party ideas in Los Angeles. The location has an area you can use for your gathering or workshops. Plus, you get to walk around and explore the zoo. Los Angeles Zoo houses more than 270 animal species. You can explore exhibits like the Elephants of Asia, with four viewing areas. Furthermore, you will find the Rainforest of the Americas with different aquatic species, poison dart frogs, dart caiman, and howler monkeys.

The plant around the zoo also provides an interesting view as you walk around. You will come across species like bald cypress, cycads, and Chilean wine palm. You can watch the animals find shade under the plants or feast on the leaves. Admission to the zoo costs $22 per adult. You may purchase food around the premises or bring your own. The zoo management does not allow alcoholic drinks, disposable straws, and glass items.

Learn more about Los Angeles Zoo.

13. Dinner Hayato Restaurant

Hayato is a Japanese restaurant famous for serving dishes inspired by kaiseki traditions. The seven-seat restaurant has an intimate setting, and your team can watch the chef prepare the meal in an open kitchen. The price for an omakase dinner, a meal where the chef selects the dishes, starts at $295 per guest. You have to deposit a reservation fee and can only get a refund if you give cancellation notice seven days before your scheduled dinner.

The menu contains 14 courses that center around seafood. However, you cannot get a gluten-free, vegetarian, or shell-free option.

Learn more about Hayato Restaurant.

14. Grammy Museum Tour

Touring the Grammy Museum is one of the most fun corporate event ideas in Los Angeles. The museum houses over 400 artifacts your team can explore while learning the objects’ history. You will find collections and exhibits on recorded sound and music development. The exhibitions also recount the history of legendary artists like Peggy Lee, Bob Marley, and Marco Antonio Solís.

The museum organizes a guided tour for groups led by experts who will answer guests’ questions. The admission fee per adult is $18, but you can get a discount if you have at least ten members in your group. Your experience can also include a private film screening on track production for an added fee. After the tour, your team is free to walk around and explore the museum independently.

Learn more about Grammy Museum Tour.

15. Maze Rooms

Maze Rooms has some of the best escape games in different Los Angeles areas, including Highland Avenue, Playa Del Rey, and Santa Monica Boulevard. Some of the games are:

  • World of Illusions: To escape the world of illusions, you must learn to cast spells from Great Wizards.
  • Cyberpunk Samurai: You will travel through parallel worlds with your team to fix the broken space-time.
  • Whatever Happened to the Garretts: You and your team will gather clues to reveal the mystery behind the Garrett family’s disappearance.

The one-hour games will engage your team to use available tools, logic, and clues to escape. A maximum of seven players can play in a room. If you have a larger group, then you can play in several rooms simultaneously. The game pricing per player starts at $35 to $49.50.

Learn more about Maze Rooms.

16. Axe Throwing at AxeVentures

Axe throwing at AxeVentures is one of the best large group event activities in Los Angeles. The price per player starts at $31. Your experience will begin with a 15 minutes lesson on axe-throwing techniques given by coaches.

You can make the activity a friendly contest with your team to compete for the Axe Throwing Champion title. The player who scores the most points wins. You have to wear closed-toe shoes to participate in the activity.

Learn more about Axe Throwing at AxeVentures.

17. Cocktails at The Association

Cocktails at The Association is one of the best corporate event ideas in Los Angeles for adults. The Association is a classic lounge located in the Historical Bank District in downtown Los Angeles.

Guests must dress smart and stylishly. You may also include the cocktail class offered by the bar as a part of your corporate event experience. The class will run for one hour, and you will learn about the tools, ingredients, and techniques for mixing cocktails. You will also taste about four cocktails. The experience costs $40 per guest and only runs on Fridays and Saturdays. You can have a maximum of 22 guests in the class.

The Association also offers a wine tasting experience every Friday for $25 per attendee. Your group will learn how to pair sweets with the perfect wine flavors.

Learn more about Cocktails at The Association.

18. The Music Center

If your corporate event involves having a happy hour with colleagues, then you can visit The Music Center. The Music Center is one of the largest performing art centers in the United States, housing four theaters.

Apart from watching a show in one of these theaters, you can take a tour offered by the center. You may have an audio or a docent-led Walt Disney Concert Hall tour. You can also visit Ahmanson Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

The venue also has excellent restaurants where your team can dine together, like Abernethy’s, Kendall’s Brasserie, and The Mullin Wine Bar.

Learn more about The Music Center.

19. Bowling at Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike features 18 lanes, free WiFi, and a private bar where you can have delicious cocktails. You may bring in decorations for your event. You will also experience a live band performance on stage and eat tasty dishes with vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives.

You cannot bring in food except bakery cakes. The entire experience can last for two to three hours. Aside from bowling, Lucky Strike also provides other activities like ping pong, shuffleboard, and a pool table. Generally, reserving a lane for one hour costs $16 per player. The number of lanes you reserve, your group size, and the event’s duration will determine the total booking price.

Learn more about Bowling at Lucky Strike.

20. 60out Escape Rooms

60out designed some escape rooms with unique themes. The game price ranges from $175 to $215 for five guests. The game provider also offers several company packages you can book for your corporate gathering.

The escape game themes include:

  • Dracula: Your group will play as vampire slayers. You have to get rid of the vampires before sunset.
  • Grandma’s Master Plan: Following your Grandma’s mysterious disappearance, you will enter her house, searching for her inheritance.
  • The Mystery of Senator Payne: You must find the ‘Bill 666’ in Senator Payne’s office. If your mission fails, then you may end up disappearing.

Escaping these rooms is one of the highly immersive corporate party ideas in Los Angeles. The escape game will give you a 60-minute experience of ultimate fun.

Learn more about 60out Escape Rooms.

21. Entertainment Show at Scot Nery’s Boobietrap

If you are planning for a corporate event filled with laughter, then you can attend one of the shows hosted by Scot Nery in Bobbietrap. In the shows, you will watch the performance of skilled entertainers who specialize in different genres. The experience revolves around 15 shows lasting four minutes each.

Boobietrap also has a bar that offers a free garnish buffet with your drinks.

Learn more about Entertainment Show at Scot Nery’s Boobietrap.

22. Weddington Tennis and Golf

The most exciting corporate event ideas in Los Angeles include visiting Weddington Tennis and Golf. There are 16 courts to choose from and secure by getting a reservation number at the host’s tennis office. The court rental price varies from $15 to $20, depending on the reserved day and time.

Tennis professional coaches can guide your team during the experience. Aside from tennis, you can also play golf in this location. You will find a nine-hole golf course and a 25-stall driving range to practice short game and your wing.

Learn more about Weddington Tennis and Golf.

23. The Broad Tour

The Broad is a famous museum in Los Angeles and home to an extensive collection of contemporary art. Amidst these collections, you will find works of artists like Takashi Murakami, Ed Ruscha, Mark Bradford, and Andy Warhol.

The museum organizes both guided and self-guided tours for groups with the price ranging from $10 to $150 per guest. Your group must have at least ten members, otherwise, you will pay an equivalent fee. Your group can chat, bond, and exchange opinions on the exhibitions. Depending on your reserved experience, you can access special exhibitions and even tour the museum’s architecture.

Learn more about The Broad Tour.


Los Angeles is home to many distinguished sites where you can have your corporate event. For instance, you will find The Music Center, Weddington Tennis and Golf, and many Los Angeles escape rooms. Before your corporate event day, planning properly within a sufficient time is essential.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Los Angeles, CA

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in Los Angeles.

What are some ideas for corporate events in LA?

Some ideas for corporate events in LA include having cocktails at The Association, spending the day at Crystal Springs Picnic Area, having dinner at Hayato restaurant, and visiting Weddington Tennis and Golf.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Los Angeles?

To entertain attendees in a corporate event, you have to plan for activities that will liven up the atmosphere and spark engagement. The activity may be as simple as playing ice breaker games. You can also keep guests entertained with the main activity offered in the event’s location. For instance, if you gather your group in a gaming center, then the activities provided should entertain attendees. When choosing entertainment means, your best bet will be to select an activity you are sure the team will enjoy. You can set up a poll to decide. After, do not forget to include food and beverages to make the event even more enjoyable.

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