Updated: July 31, 2023

19 Corporate Event Ideas in Mountain View, CA

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Mountain View, California.

Corporate event ideas in Mountain View are venues and activities that will make your group gathering unique. For example, you can work out at TITLE Boxing Club, visit Mountain View Grand Resort, or tour the Computer History Museum. The purpose of these ideas is to reveal ways to have the best experience for your next corporate event in Mountain View.

These activities work well for holiday office parties or corporate retreats. These ideas are similar to company outing ideas in Mountain View and Mountain View team building events.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Mountain View for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Mountain View
  • corporate party ideas in Mountain View
  • large group corporate event activities in Mountain View

Here we go!

List of corporate event ideas in Mountain View

An interesting corporate event will leave an everlasting impression on guests. So choosing the right way to host your event is quite important. From watching a movie at Showplace Icon to cooking at Sur La Table, here are the best ideas you can use to make your next corporate event in Mountain View unforgettable.

1. The Art of Storytelling (Team Favorite)

The Art of Storytelling is an in-depth experience that teaches your team to utilize the power of telling stories. Participants will learn to be vulnerable and make connections effectively.

The Art of Storytelling includes the following:

  • 120 minutes with expert storytellers
  • the five elements of an engaging story
  • language, emotion, and structure guidelines
  • time for teams to practice their new skills
  • insightful feedback from the hosts

We will bring all the needed materials to your venue of choice. By mastering the art of storytelling, your team will gain the ability to connect and inspire others through engaging narratives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

Networking is an essential part of business, and teams can enjoy an innovative take on this activity with Mix n’ Mingle. This experience uses thoughtfully curated exercises to encourage authentic conversations and bonds.

Mix n’ Mingle includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a high-class host
  • icebreakers and mini-games that spark interesting conversations
  • collaborative team challenges and group discussions
  • shared interests, unique perspectives, and common goals

In addition, we will meet you at your venue with all the necessary materials. If you are looking to connect with your teams and clients on a deeper level, then consider Mix n’ Mingle for your next event.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

3. Field Day (Top Choice)

During Field Day, teams can uplift their spirits and create strong bonds by playing exciting outdoor games.

Field Day includes the following:

  • a 90-minute session with an engaging host
  • high-energy games and activities
  • nostalgic exercises that ignite participants’ inner child
  • opportunities to take memorable team photos

To make planning simple, we will bring all the game equipment to your chosen venue. To create the perfect environment to unwind and create lasting connections, check out Field Day!

Learn more about Field Day.

4. Mountain View Grand Resort

Mountain View Grand Resort is a lively location for outdoor corporate events in Mountain View. The good part of visiting this resort is that your team can access many entertaining group activities, from outdoor campfires to hiking and golfing. Visitors can also access indoor and outdoor pools at this location.

The resort hosts a daily axe-throwing contest. To participate, your team must arrive at the venue an hour before the event starts to fill out a liability form. Also, guests who arrive after the event or do not wish to participate in the contest are free to watch. The participants in first, second, and third place will receive a medal.

Also, you will find a 9-hole golf course available on scheduled dates. Mountain View Grand Resort provides luxurious meeting space you can use for your corporate event, whether a conference or even a retreat.

Learn more about Mountain View Grand Resort.

5. Ryptic Room Escape

Ryptic Room Escape hosts a series of escape games in different parts of California, including Mountain View. The experience will take you on an exhilarating and challenging real-life adventure within one hour. The escape rooms are available in several themes, including:

  • Escape the Mad Hatter: You will work with your team to escape the Mad Hatter’s endless party. This adventure will take you through four realms in Wonderland.
  • Escape the Aliens: Your task is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one ‘Dr. Hatt.’
  • Escape the Asylum: Following a wrong admittance into the asylum, you must escape the institution by passing the doctors’ test.

The escape rooms are available for private bookings. Each room can accommodate up to twelve players. But if you have a large group, then you can book multiple rooms and play in small teams.

Learn more about Ryptic Room Escape.

6. St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green is an Irish restaurant in downtown Mountain View. The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere and makes a great location to gather your colleagues while chatting. From basketball to soccer, you can watch different games while you dine. Also, the restaurant’s menu features a variety of tasty dishes, balanced cocktails, wines, and beers.

St. Stephen’s Green provides semi-private seating you can use for your corporate events. Plus, the restaurant hosts a free weekly trivia night.

Learn more about St. Stephen’s Green.

7. Showplace Icon

Watching a movie at Showplace Icon is one of the relaxing large group corporate event activities in Mountain View. The cinema displays trending and classical movies on scheduled dates. You can check the date your favorite movie will show and plan your event accordingly. You can also use the dine-in option and get your food delivered right to your seat.

Furthermore, the theater allows a private screening where you can watch your desired movie. You can also reserve customizable food and drink packages for your event that fits your budget.

Learn more about Showplace Icon.

8. Shoreline Amphitheatre

Shoreline Amphitheatre is an outdoor venue for many musical events in Mountain City. The venue has an occupancy capacity of 20,000 guests, with various seating options. You can use the lawn seating with video screens to ensure guests get the best view during a show. You can also purchase tickets for reserved seats designed for up to 6,500 guests.

Furthermore, you can bring your own blanket to the lawn area for maximum comfort. Shoreline Amphitheatre is famous for entertaining visitors with cool music performances. You will find a list of upcoming live events on the theater’s site.

Shoreline Amphitheatre also offers a VIP package giving you access to the venue through a private entrance. The package also includes access to VIP restrooms, padded seats, parking space, and in-seat dining.

Learn more about Shoreline Amphitheatre.

9. Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage

Bringing your group together at Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage is a great way to boost your guests’ morale. Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage is a spa and wellness center in Mountain View. The spa offers several satisfying services, from foot reflexology to herbal massage. You will have experienced therapists perform massage services on floor mattresses.

The therapists rely on traditional Thai Massage techniques, using positions similar to yoga poses to enhance body and mind connection. Your group will get an effective massage with the therapists’ hands, elbows, feet, and knees.

Learn more about Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage.

10. Shoreline Golf Links

Shoreline Golf Links is one of the lively areas for outdoor corporate events in Mountain View. The location has an 18-hole golf course, a driving range, a short game practice area, and several putting greens. The tee time reservation pricing varies depending on your booked day. Furthermore, Shoreline Golf Links has spaces you can use for your event, from the clubhouse to a spacious patio.

Learn more about Shoreline Golf Links at Mountain View.

11. Mountain View Farmers Market

Explore Mountain View Farmers Market is a sure way to keep your team excited. The Market often welcomes over 70 vendors and farmers. Therefore, your team will have so much to explore and learn. You can interact with the local farmers, ask about the food recipe, and learn more about harvest techniques.

While your team tours the market, stopping to taste the locally prepared fresh food is a great idea. Also, you can try the market’s fruits and vegetables, famous for being fresh and extra sweet. The market only opens once a week.

Learn more about Mountain View Farmers Market.

12. Art School of SF Bay

Having fun at the Art School of SF Bay is one of the best corporate party ideas in Mountain View. Your team will have a fabulous time creating unique artworks in about four hours. The pricing for adult painting parties starts at around $300 for groups having up to ten members. After booking, you will receive the materials needed. Also, you can bring your own beverages and food to the venue.

Learn more about Painting Party at the Art School of SF Bay.

13. TITLE Boxing Club

TITLE Boxing Club organizes boxing classes lasting between 45 to 75 minutes. The classes are a great way to mark the National Workout Day or any other fitness event in your office. You will start with a warm-up session before boxing.

TITLE Boxing Club also offers kickboxing classes comprising high-energy workouts combining kicking and punching. The workout focuses on strengthening your lower and upper body. You will have expert trainers lead your class.

Learn more about TITLE Boxing Club.

14. Syllamo Mountain Trail

Riding bikes on Syllamo Mountain Trail is one of the large group corporate event activities in Mountain View. The activity will give you a fantastic view of the remote Arkansas area. The trail has several loops, which are accessible from four trailheads. You can locate the trailheads on Green Mountain Road and Ark.5. If you take the White River Bluff Loop, then you will get a clear view of North Sylamore Creek Valley. You can also stop and take a break to admire the scenic view of the White River. However, the White River Bluff Loop can be pretty challenging.

Learn more about Syllamo Mountain Trail.

15. Shoreline Lake

Shoreline Lake is a saltwater lake covering around 50 acres and is great for kayaking. You can take a lesson offered by Shoreline Boathouse to improve your kayaking skills. The class is available for beginner and expert kayakers.

If your team members are mostly beginners in the sport, then you should consider reserving the ‘Introductory Kayaking’ class. An expert will teach you the basics of kayaking, including water safety, self-rescue, launching, and landing. You will bring your own towel, bathing suit, drinking water, and dry clothes to change into after the class.

If you need to eat during your visit to Shoreline lake, then you can stop by the American Bistro. The restaurant has nice outdoor and indoor seatings, including banquet rooms ideal for a maximum of 40 attendees.

Learn more about Shoreline Lake.

16. Computer History Museum

Visiting Computer History Museum is one of the enlightening corporate event ideas in Mountain View. Depending on your team size, you can reserve a public or group tour to explore the museum’s exhibitions. The museum is home to computer artifacts reflecting technological advancements from past to present. You will find an extensive collection of machines, oral histories, and lab notebooks. The admission ticket pricing for adults starts at around $18.

In addition, Computer History Museum features Cloud Bistro Café in the museum’s lobby. You can also dine at the café even if you do not plan to visit the museum.

Learn more about Computer History Museum.

17. Rootstock Wine Bar

Drinking at Rootstock Wine Bar is among the fun Corporate event ideas in Mountain View for adults. Rootstock Wine Bar is an excellent venue for happy hour with your colleagues. The bar serves wine from the Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz Mountains. Also, you can get delicious food from the bar’s kitchen prepared with local ingredients. Rootstock Wine Bar provides indoor and outdoor seating on the patio. The bar also hosts a stress-relieving happy hour on weekdays, with around 50% off the drinks.

Learn more about Rootstock Wine Bar.

18. Sur La Table

Sur La Table is a cooking school in Mountain View that also hosts classes to improve guests’ culinary skills. Reserving the classes is one of the exciting corporate party ideas in Mountain View. Your experience will last for over two hours.

You can expect maximum participation as attendees get to practice the chef’s demonstration. Also, the class can seat up to 16 guests. You will work in small groups of four, making full participation and engagement viable. The kitchen welcomes private events and provides special menus to prepare, from Pasta Party to Steak Night. Expert chefs will guide your group during the event. Furthermore, the fun experience will extend to dining with your team after preparing the meal.

Learn more about Sur La Table Cooking Class.

19. Half Moon Bay Art Glass

Half Moon Bay Art Glass is a studio near Mountain View in San Mateo. The studio hosts glass blowing classes lasting about two hours. Your lesson will start with an introductory session on the activity’s procedure. You can choose a preferred color and project to create, like jellyfish lamps, blown mini vases, and sea stars.

The project pricing will vary depending on the item you choose. But the price starts at around $130 per project. After the class, you will leave your creation in an annealer and pick the project up the next day. Your team members must wear closed-toe shoes to the class.

Learn more about Glass Blowing Class at Half Moon Bay Art Glass.


Mountain View makes a great location to host your next corporate event. The city offers a stunning perception of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Also, the city features many technology-related attractions. For instance, you will find popular tech companies’ headquarters, including Samsung. Microsoft, and LinkedIn. You can also locate the Computer History Museum, which highlights technological advancement through unique collections. A go-to area in Mountain View is Shoreline. The recreational area provides opportunities to do fun group activities like golfing, hiking and birdwatching. Your team will have an enjoyable moment in Mountain View.

For more CA adventures, check out corporate events in San Jose and corporate events in San Francisco.

FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Mountain View 

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in Mountain View. 

What are some ideas for corporate events in Mountain View?

Some ideas for corporate events in Mountain View include kayaking on Shoreline lake, working out at TITLE Boxing Club, exploring Mountain View Farmers Market, dining at St. Steve Green, and touring the Computer History Museum.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Mountain View?

You can entertain your event guests in many ways, like playing games, hosting a magician, or even organizing classes. However, you should be sure that attendees will enjoy the entertainment you plan. So you have to understand your guest while planning the event. You will then be able to decide the best entertainment that works well for your group.

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