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Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Phoenix, Arizona.

Corporate event ideas in Phoenix are fun team building activities that you can engage your team in the Phoenix area. Examples include the Musical Instrument Museum, the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, and the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market. The purpose of these activities is to encourage team collaboration and foster better communication. These ideas may also help you to attract and retain top talent.

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List of corporate event ideas in Phoenix

With its warm climate, Phoenix is one of the best cities where you can enjoy corporate events with your team. The city boasts excellent art galleries, exquisite culinary scenes, and interesting historic attractions. From a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden to Papago Park and Brass Armadillo Antique Mall, here is a list of the best corporate event ideas that you can engage your team in Phoenix.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off tops the list of fun corporate party ideas in Phoenix. Born out of the universal love for guacamole, the activity marries mashed-up avocados and team building. Participants who think they have the greatest guacamole recipe may be in for a surprise. To start your event, a team of world-class facilitators will provide all ingredients that you need for the activity, including dippers, group photos, and prizes. If you like, you can include a team meal and BYOB. Other than The Great Guac Off, your team will also enjoy other fun activities such as Trivia-cado and House Builder. You can let attendees taste each other’s guac as you crown the winning team based on factors like presentation and taste. The Great Guac Off will unite your team, build mutual trust, and a positive attitude for work.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is an immersive corporate event where teams will bond over a friendly competition. You will enjoy watching your workforce test their knowledge and compete to score the most points. The professional performer host will start by forming small teams. Then, the host will run rounds of trivia. It takes more than a wealth of random knowledge to win these games, which are new twists on traditional trivia formats. This event invokes teamwork and friendly rivalry and puts participants into a game-show-like atmosphere. Through the Ultimate Trivia Showdown, your team will have a good time communicating and collaborating.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

If you are looking for corporate event ideas in Phoenix for adults that you can use to celebrate Pride Month, then Pride Trivia is a must-try. The 60-minute event includes trivia that will educate and celebrate pride in your workforce. Pride Trivia reflects the true experiences of members of the LGBTQ community. Your workforce will have a great time learning about the importance of inclusion in the workplace. Throughout the year there are also versions of team trivia that celebrate cultural holidays like Hispanic Heritage Month or Women’s History Month.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a high-stakes corporate event that will engage your team in physical competitions. For 60 minutes, you will watch as your workers race against time to take the trophy home. Since Minute Madness includes physical activities, be sure to hold the event in an outdoor space. You can use your outdoor office space or rental locations in Phoenix. The energetic physical competitions will foster team bonding and teach collaboration.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

5. Bank Heist

If you want to see your team get into an investigative mode, then book your Bank Heist event. You will watch in awe as teams switch laptops for detective gear and work around the clock to solve a bank heist. Your team will discover how the gang will get past the art-of-state-security system and the gang leader who is responsible for the theft. However, it will not be as easy to crack the case as participants would expect. The host will lead players through a series of puzzles and give clues that can help solve the heist. Participants will enjoy collaborating and working as a team to solve the heist before time runs out.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

6. ScavBoss

While scavenger hunts are some of the best corporate event ideas in Phoenix for adults, the same standard game formats can get mundane. Through ScavBoss, you can give your team a unique experience where participants will hunt for clues in unconventional cultural areas. Each hunt will give your attendees an insider view of the location including unusual secrets and the venue’s history. You will enjoy watching your team compete to gather clues to earn the title of ScavBoss. These challenging hunts will build your team’s creativity, teamwork, and strategic thinking skills. The host can customize hunts according to your company’s mission or industry.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

7. Desert Botanical Garden

A tour of the Desert Botanical Garden is the perfect team outing that will help your team to enjoy the wonders of the desert and teach the importance of conservation. The 140-acre garden showcases over 50,000 plants in beautiful outdoor exhibits. Your team will get to see tons of herbarium specimens, endangered species, and living collections. You can lead your team through a stroll on one of the desert’s nature paths or trails. Attendees will see a wide variety of desert plants and animals but will also learn about plants that natives use for medicine, food, and building materials.

Depending on the time you tour Desert Botanical Garden, you might get lucky to catch the stunning sunrise or sunset. If you want to enjoy the blooming flowers, then be sure to plan a tour during Spring. You should advise your attendees to wear comfortable shoes since you may spend a lot of time walking.

Learn more about Desert Botanical Garden.

8. Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum showcases different kinds of musical instruments that enthusiasts play globally. To deliver a musical experience that is inspiring, enriching, and entertaining, the Musical Instrument Museum has a collection of over 8,000 instruments. The galleries that feature pieces from more than 200 countries in the world reflect the rich history and cultural diversity. Through the team tour of the Musical Instrument Museum, you will foster an appreciation of craftsmanship, traditions of instrument making, and diverse cultures. Some of the galleries that you should be on the lookout for include the artist gallery, conservation lab, collier STEM gallery, and mechanical music gallery. Workers who want to play musical instruments can visit the experience gallery. After the music tour, you can let attendees grab food from Café Allegro and drinks from Beats Coffee Bar.

Learn more about Musical Instrument Museum.

9. Taliesin West

If you have a team of architecture lovers in your team, then a tour of the Taliesin West is a must-try. Taliesin West is the international headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The museum celebrates Frank Lloyd Wright, an American renown architect through the preservation of landscapes, buildings, and architectural collections. A tour of Taliesin West will influence the growth of design and architecture among attendees. You can either book your team an audio tour or browse the list of cultural programs for adults. Attendees will learn more about architecture, Wright’s life, and his architectural influence.

Learn more about Taliesin West.

10. Papago Park

A visit to Papago Park is one of the best outdoor corporate events in Phoenix. The park, which carries a rich history of the city, is Phoenix’s Point of Pride. The over 1,200-acre park has low elevation and smooth footing, making Papago Park great for corporate outings such as hiking, walking, or biking. For a hiking experience, you can take the West side trails, East side trails, or the hole-in-the-rock trail. Papago Park also includes picnic areas where attendees can relax after the day’s activities and know each other better. Your team will enjoy interesting views of Phoenix and surrounding areas. Be sure to visit Hunt’s Tomb, a white pyramid that is the tomb of George W.P, Arizona’s first governor.

Learn more about Papago Park.

11. Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo is a non-profit zoo that is home to over 3,000 animals from about 400 species. The zoo plays a major role in the conservation of endangered animal and plant species. Best known for its orangutans and Sumatran tigers, Phoenix Zoo offers countless animal encounters. Your team can snap pictures of animals in their natural habitats and even pet selected animals. Participants who fancy camel rides can also enjoy the popular ride. Other special highlights that participants may enjoy include the monkey village, the giraffe encounter, and the stingray bay encounter. You can also let participants enjoy the zoo’s 4D theatre where attendees will experience the film with water and wind effects.

Learn more about Phoenix Zoo.

12. OdySea Aquarium

As the largest aquarium in the Southwest United States, OdySea Aquarium tops the list of outdoor corporate events in Phoenix. The state-of-the-art facility that holds over two million gallons of water boasts of over 6,000 animals from 370 species. From sharks to otters and stingrays, be ready for a fun-filled adventure. The aquarium has over 70 exhibits including rivers of the world, an aqua lobby, otter banks, touch pools, and a deep ocean.
For a more immersive experience, you can let attendees have unique experiences such as the sea trek helmet diving, penguin encounter, shark tour, and sloth encounter. Be sure to pass by the Voyager exhibit where attendees will get a revolving aquarium experience through the 46ft. viewing windows. You can enjoy a wide selection of food and drinks with your team at The Lighthouse Café after your aquarium tour. The team tour to OdySea Aquarium is an entertaining, interactive, and educational outing.

Learn more about OdySea Aquarium.

13. Old Town Scottsdale

A tour of Old Town Scottsdale is among the best corporate event ideas in Phoenix. Your team will experience the vibrant city and learn what makes the town so original. The venue features tons of restaurants, shops, bars, and art galleries. You can also browse the list of events at Old Town Scottsdale and book your team one. For instance, you may find native American festivals, western-themed parades, and art galleries. The venue is also perfect for people-watching, particularly if you select one of the restaurants with patio seating. If you have a small number of attendees, then you can go an extra step and engage your team in fun team building activities like scavenger hunts.

Learn more about Old Town Scottsdale.

14. Castles N Coasters

Castles N Coasters offers thrilling attractions that your team will enjoy. Some of the thrilling attractions that you can try at the 10-acre park include the desert storm, free fall, skydiver, magic carpet, and splashdown. You can also hold a team competition on the bumper boats and watch as participants dodge oncoming opponent boats on the waves. Other fun team building activities at Castles N Coasters include pinball games, an arcade, and mini-golf courses. If participants still have energy after the thrilling rides, then you can gather your team and let participants have a go-kart competition. After winding down the day’s events, you can grab food and drinks at the selection of eateries at Castles N Coasters.

Learn more about Castles N Coasters.

15. Orpheum Theatre

Orpheum Theatre is one of the best venues for large group corporate event activities in Phoenix. Your team can catch Broadway musicals, stand-up comedy, concerts, and performances. The 1,364-seat theatre is home to the Phoenix Opera. Regardless of the event you choose to attend at the Orpheum Theatre, your team will enjoy fantastic acoustics and an amazing piece of Spanish Baroque architecture. If you want your team to learn more about Orpheum Theatre, then be sure to book a team tour of the venue. The theatre’s knowledgeable docents will lead attendees through the entire venue. You may even be lucky to experience the room’s acoustics, the green room, and walk through the performer’s features.

Learn more about Orpheum Theatre.

16. Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

The Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix is a serene non-profit stroll garden right in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. The 3.5-acre garden features a stroll garden, a stone garden, a tea garden, and a courtyard garden. You will see and learn about 1,500 tons of rock, lanterns, stone footbridges, and over 50 plant varieties. Participants will also experience flowing streams, a Koi pond that is home to Koi fish, and a 12-foot waterfall.

Your team will also escape the city’s buzz and enjoy a tranquil and relaxed environment that will enrich the mind, body, and spirit. Hence, the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix is one of the best outdoor venues in Phoenix where you can host a team meditation session. You can reserve spots for your team in the monthly Way of Tea event where participants will learn tons of details about tea and enjoy a perfect bowl of tea. The garden aims at providing artistic and educational events that will celebrate the rich culture and history of Japan.

Learn more about Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix.

17. Brass Armadillo Antique Mall

If you want your team to have an out-of-the box-shopping experience, then the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall is worth your time. At the hidden gem, you will find over 600 antique dealers where attendees will browse a collection of crystals, pottery, glassware, porcelain, and military memorabilia. While the antique mall is popular for its variety of antiques, you will also find sports cards, old-school figurines, Garbage Pail Kids, and Pokémon. Jewellery lovers among your team will also enjoy the visit and even get themselves some pieces.

Learn more about Brass Armadillo Antique Mall.

18. Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

Your team can enjoy farm-fresh produce amid chats with farmers right in downtown Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market features food-based vendors, artisans, and service providers from over 90 local growers and businesses. At the farmer’s market, you will find agricultural produce, beverages, honey, bakery items, meat and fish, artisanal products, and medicinal herbs. You can use the market tour to encourage participants to support local farmers while also learning about the city’s upcoming season produce. Be sure to grab food or drinks at the participating food trucks.

Learn more about Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market.

19. The Farm at South Mountain

If you are looking for a nearby escape from the city, then The Farm at South Mountain is the perfect bet. Featuring an organic-style garden and canopies of pecan trees, The Farm at South Mountain is one of the best corporate party ideas in Phoenix. The 10-acre property offers your team a tranquil environment that is perfect for a team dinner, a festive corporate celebration, or a team picnic. The Farm at South Mountain has a variety of catering options, from Morning Flory Café to Quiessence and The Farm Kitchen. You will enjoy tons of menu options made with seasonal ingredients from the Soil & Seed Garden and unique food presentations. If you choose to picnic at The Farm at South Mountain, then your team will enjoy an unparalleled farm-to-table experience.

Learn more about The Farm at South Mountain.


As one of the largest cities in the U.S, Phoenix offers a wide variety of attractions that your team will relish. The warm and dry climate is perfect for team building outings. From unbeatable hiking trails to beautiful landscapes and numerous parks, you can use corporate events in Phoenix to create team memories and foster bonding. Whether you are visiting the city or your company is in Phoenix, be sure to take advantage of the year-round warm weather and plan outings for your team.

FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are answers about corporate event ideas in Phoenix

What are some ideas for corporate events in Phoenix?

Some ideas for corporate events in Phoenix include Castles N Coasters, Odysea Aquarium, and Old Town Scottsdale.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Phoenix?

While entertaining event attendees is a fact that is well understood, it can be difficult to implement. To start, you need to get innovative and have a list of engaging activities like The Great Guac Off. Ensure that you give attendees enough time to interact, spark networking, and bond. Incorporating gamification will also capture attendees’ attention and make the event more fun.

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