21 Top Corporate Event Ideas in San Francisco, CA

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in San Francisco, California.

Corporate event ideas in San Francisco are venues, activities, and top attractions you can use to make your group gathering in the city memorable. For example, your team can experience virtual reality at SandBox VR or shoot at Golden Gate Park Archery Range. The purpose of these ideas is to provide teams with fun and entertaining ways of having corporate events in San Francisco.

These ideas work well for company holiday parties, conference entertainment, and retreat activities. These activities are similar to group activities in San Francisco and corporate team building ideas in San Francisco.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in San Francisco for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in San Francisco, CA
  • corporate party ideas in San Francisco, California
  • large group corporate event activities in San Francisco

Here we go!

List of corporate event ideas in San Francisco

You can use numerous fun ideas for San Francisco corporate events. From playing mini-golf at Parklab Gardens to exploring Chaparral Ranch, here are the best event ideas that teams visiting or based in San Francisco can use.

1. Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt (Top Choice)

Your team can explore the renowned San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with the exhilarating Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt! Talented hosts will guide teams through the museum, solving puzzles and capturing memorable photos along the way.

This 90-minute experience includes:

  • a knowledgeable host who will share instructions and fascinating stories
  • tales that put participants into the fascinating world of art and culture
  • interactive trivia and photo challenges that encourage interaction with the art
  • activities that offer unique experiences with art and artifacts

Additionally, the cost of the experience includes museum entry for a seamless and enriching adventure. With this captivating scavenger hunt, your team can explore culture in a whole new way!

Learn more about the Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt.

2. Field Day (Staff Favorite)

With Field Day, teams can go head-to-head in a friendly competition of outdoor games! This experience helps participants collaborate and build strong bonds.

Field Day includes the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by a world-class host
  • candid team photo ops
  • nostalgic games and thrilling competitions
  • childhood favorite activities that spark nostalgia

To make planning simple, we will bring all the game equipment to your chosen location. If you are looking for an experience that fosters teamwork, effective communication, and problem-solving, then check out Field Day!

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind team building experience, then consider The Great Guac Off! During this guacamole-themed extravaganza, teams gather to enhance collaboration and communication.

The Great Guac Off includes the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by a talented host
  • fascinating avocado facts, trivia, and mini-games
  • high-quality guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an exciting optional secret ingredient to shake up the recipes
  • a high-energy guacamole-making competition and taste test

Best of all, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the necessary ingredients to create this world-class dip. Additionally, you can tailor the trivia questions specifically to your company. So consider The Great Guac Off for your upcoming team building event!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Chaparral Ranch

For outdoor corporate events in San Francisco, CA, visiting Chaparral Ranch is a great idea. The ranch provides a fun horse riding experience in Golden Gate Park ideal for guests at all levels. During the session, you will have a guide lead you through the historic park. Aside from the scenic view along the trail, your team will also learn the basics of horse riding.

Chaparral Ranch takes 30 to 60-minute lessons for riders at the beginner and intermediate levels. You will learn the horse riding basics, speed controlling techniques, and how to communicate better with horses.

Learn more about Chaparral Ranch.

5. Bay Area Smash Room

Bay Area Smash Room is a therapeutic venue in San Francisco where your team can have fun and relieve stress. The rage room provides an assortment of objects you can vent your frustration on and break, from phones and TVs to glass and tables. You will share the smashing experience in a room reserved for your team.

Bay Area Smash Room offers several packages with specified items participants will break. However, you can upgrade your experience by purchasing more objects at the venue or bringing your own items. Also, you will find speakers at the center, and can smash the objects while playing music. The experience will last around 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the booked package.

Learn more about Bay Area Smash Room.

6. Golden Gate Park Archery Range

Golden Gate Park features an archery field where you and your team can practice shooting regardless of your skill levels. You will find the field right at the park’s west end. You have to bring your own bow, arrows, and target. However, there is a nearby rental space.

The park has more than six hay bales open to archers on a first-come, first-served basis. It is wise to arrive early to secure sufficient bales for your team.

Learn more about Golden Gate Park Archery Range.

7. Gary Danko

One of the best corporate party ideas in San Francisco, California, is having dinner at Gary Danko. Gary Danko is an award-winning dining area in the Fisherman’s Wharf Neighborhood. The restaurant delivers quality service and serves food prepared with French cooking techniques. The kitchen serves fresh, delicious meals prepared with ingredients sourced locally. For your corporate event, you can use the private dining room, which can accommodate up to ten guests.

Learn more about Gary Danko.

8. SandBox VR

SandBox VR offers a highly immersive virtual reality experience in San Francisco. Before or after your experience, your team can create beautiful memories by taking amazing pictures in the lobby. The experience is majorly available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. You can have up to six players in one room. If you have a larger group, then you should consider making a private event reservation.

Your entire experience at the center can last up to 90 minutes. The session will start with a brief training on the adventures. Then your team will spend around 30 exploring the VR experiences available in different themes like UFL, Deadwood Valley, and Curse of Davy Jones.

Learn more about SandBox VR.

9. Coit Tower

Coit Tower provides a fantastic 360-degree view of San Francisco, including the Bay Bridge and Golden Garden Park. The tower’s interior features a beautiful mural that recounts the Depression in California.

You can explore the tower’s eye-catching features by taking a guided tour with your group. You will gain insight into the tower’s founding and learn the history of the artists that painted the tower’s mural. The tour will last around 30 minutes. Tour pricing depends on the areas you explore in the building.

Before or after your experience, your group can also stop by the Coit Tower Cafe for a quick meal.

Learn more about Coit Tower.

10. Presidio Bowl

Bowling at Presidio Bowl is one of the large group corporate event activities in San Francisco. The venue has over ten lanes. You can share a meal with your team at the bar and grill during your visit. The center also offers a special party menu for groups with a minimum of 15 members.

Whether you walk into the alley with your colleagues or make a party reservation, Presidio Bowl is an excellent location to have a great dining experience and enjoy a bowling game.

Learn more about Presidio Bowl.

11. de Young Museum

Visiting de Young Museum is one of the most fun corporate event ideas in San Francisco. De Young Museum displays artworks from America and Africa. The museum is home to over 14,000 textile artworks collected from different parts of the world and representing diverse cultures.

You can go on a self-guided tour to explore the exhibits. For an enhanced experience, the museum has audio tours available for purchase. Through the museum, you can also access the famous Hamon Observation Tower, where you will get a 360-degree view of San Francisco and the Bay area. The tower is open for private events and can accommodate over 150 guests.

Learn more about de Young Museum.

12. Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market

The Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market opens on Sundays, with over 30 local vendors and farmers displaying various products. You can locate the market at Marina Neighborhood, San Francisco. The farm features fresh fruits and remarkable recipes for making tasty snacks with seasonal ingredients. For example, the Butter Love Bakeshop provides explanatory steps for making cherry pie.

Your group can tour the market, try fresh foods, and even gain insight into organic farm produce. Also, the market provides an opportunity to relate with the farmers and learn harvest techniques or a new recipe.

Learn more about Fort Mason Center Farmers’ Market.

13. Parklab Gardens

Parklab Garden is home to the Stagecoach Green, where groups can enjoy miniature golf during outdoor corporate events in San Francisco, CA. You will spend up to one hour on the course, depending on your skill level and group size.

To track scores during your event, you can get a pencil and scorecard in the area. Alternatively, you can download the Stagecoach Green app to help you save your game. The venue limits tee time reservations to four golfers in a group. In addition, you will find several food trucks and a beer garden to dine in nearby.

Learn more about Mini-Golf at Parklab Gardens.

14. Muir Woods

California is synonymous with Redwood trees, and Muir Woods is a great place to see them. The trees in this forest began growing over 20,000 years ago. The area went through a range of various owners before preservationists took an interest. In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt designated Muir Woods as a national monument. Today, more than 600,000 visitors check out the forest each year. Aside from the magnificent Redwoods, guests may also find wildlife like northern spotted owls or river otters. Visitors can also find other plant life, such as giant horsetail and lady ferns. To take a breath of fresh air and connect with nature, you will not want to miss out on Muir Woods.

Learn more about Muir Woods.

15. Escapology

Escapology is among the best escape game providers in California, including San Francisco. The escape games will give your team an immersive, real-life adventure of solving puzzles, putting clues together, and opening locks. You can choose from several game themes with fun storylines. For example:

  • Mansion Murder: An old friend abducted you to lend hands to an illegal drug organization. You can choose to turn the drug lord in or join the criminal operation and risk spending your life behind bars.
  • Narco: Your mission revolves around escaping a locked room and retaining your inheritance after your grandfather’s death. You must find your grandfather’s killer before the criminal escapes.
  • Antidote: While investigating a scientist’s laboratory, your team accidentally got infected with a virus. Finding the cure to save yourselves and the world is up to your team.

Your entire experience will last up to 90 minutes. Also, hints are available to help your team if you get stuck during the gameplay.

Learn more about Escapology Escape Room.

16. Bourbon & Branch

Taking a class with Beverage Academy is one of the corporate event ideas in San Francisco for adults. Beverage Academy offers cocktail lessons for up to 23 participants in the Wilson and Wilson Bar. During the session, your group will learn how to mix balanced cocktails and the history relating to the drink.

Each attendee will have a cocktail station to learn and practice. Beverage Academy also offers various tasting classes where you expand your palate by sipping several spirits. You can stay updated with the upcoming courses on Beverage Academy’s site.

Learn more about Beverage Academy Class at Bourbon & Branch.

17. The Creator Experience

The Creator Experience is a fun selfie museum with mind-blowing installations where you can take incredible pictures with your team. The entire museum is available for reservation for groups looking to host a private event at the venue. Additionally, you can bring professional photography equipment without paying an extra fee.

You can purchase tickets for your group online or at the museum’s entrance.

Learn more about The Creator Experience.

18. Skydive California

Skydive California is one of the best places for groups in San Francisco to have an exhilarating mid-air adventure. The center is in Tracy, California, and does not operate within the city due to the busy flight activities at San Francisco International Airport. Therefore, your experience duration will depend on the weather and aircraft flying in the area.

If your team is new to the activity, then you can take Tandem Skydiving. Before your experience, you take a 20-minute training to prepare you for the thrilling adventure. Then, non-participating team members can watch you land from the picnic table areas.

Learn more about Skydive California.

19. Pandora Karaoke & Bar

One of the fun corporate party ideas in San Francisco, California, is singing and dining at Pandora Karaoke & Bar. You will find several karaoke rooms to use for your private event. The rooms have different themes and separate sound systems, allowing you to sing your desired song anytime.

You have a designated server to attend your group during your karaoke party. You can bring your own food and cake to the bar. However, the bar does not welcome outside drinks. Also, the rooms have different occupancy capacities, with a maximum of around 25 guests. Apart from the endless entertainment and fun, the bar serves delicious cocktails, beers, and soft drinks. Pandora Karaoke & Bar also provides an open lounge, accessible to visitors for free.

Learn more about Pandora Karaoke & Bar.

20. Terra Mia Ceramic Studio

Terra Mia Ceramic Studio is a fun location in San Francisco to paint with your colleagues. The studio provides more than 90 ceramic shapes you can work with, from bowls to animal figures and cups. You can also choose from over 30 paint colors for your work.

You do not have to make a reservation before your visit. You can also have spaces reserved for your team in the studio by making a call ahead of your visit. Terra Mia Ceramic Studio has a backyard garden with picnic tables where your team can come together. After creating your colorful ceramics, you will leave the artworks at the studio for firing.

Learn more about Terra Mia Ceramic Studio.

21. Union Square Ice Rink

Skating at Union Square Ice Rink is one of the large group corporate event activities in San Francisco. The ice rink regularly opens for public skate sessions. You can also enjoy a private skating session with your group on select weekdays. If you need to have a meal, then you will find a restaurant just a few blocks away from the rink. You can also bring your own beverages, food, decorations, and even entertainment. The center provides rental lockers where your team can safely store small items while skating.

Furthermore, if your team members are beginners in the sport, then you can attend the Learn to Skate lesson offered at the rink on weekends. However, the class can only accommodate a maximum of about 50 attendees. If your team signs up early, then you will not have to pay for the lesson and skate rentals.

Learn more about Union Square Ice Rink.


The comfortable weather, friendly residents, fantastic scenery, and great food make San Francisco an excellent location for corporate events. With popular attractions like Coit Tower, de Young Museum, and Bay Area Smash Room, you can hardly run out of ideas to use for your event. Plus, you will find many areas to taste the city’s fantastic food, representing diverse cultures worldwide. With proper planning and at least one of the fun corporate event ideas, your team will have a great time together in the San Francisco area.

For more corporate event fun in California, check out company event ideas in San Jose and team building activities in Mountain View.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in San Francisco, California

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in San Francisco.

What are some good corporate event ideas in San Francisco?

Some good ideas for corporate events in San Francisco include visiting Coit Tower, singing at Pandora Karaoke & Bar, skating at Union Square Ice Rink, dining at Gary Danko, and exploring de Young Museum.

How do you throw a corporate event in the Bay Area?

To throw a corporate event in the Bay Area, you should decide the right location to use, which can be your office, an entertainment center, or even a museum. Also, plan for a feasible date and time comfortable for the guests. Then, depending on the event’s focus and your group size, you can arrange for entertainment to make the gathering memorable for guests. In addition, adding food and beverages to your event can just be the key you need to increase attendance and generally make the atmosphere lively.

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