Updated: July 12, 2023

17 Top Corporate Event Ideas in Seattle WA for 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Seattle, Washington.

Corporate event ideas in Seattle are activities that you can engage your team in the Seattle region. Examples include farmer’s market visits at Pike Place Market, a visit to Seattle Aquarium, and Laser Tag at LaserX Arena. The purpose of these activities is to bring teams together, increase workplace collaboration, and boost problem-solving skills. Corporate events in Seattle will also enable workers to enjoy time with each other outside the workplace.

These events are in-person versions of virtual team socials and virtual team building activities and are similar to team building exercises. These activities are similar to Seattle team building events and company outings in Seattle.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Seattle for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Seattle, Washington
  • corporate party ideas in Seattle, WA
  • large group corporate event activities in Seattle
  • corporate conference ideas in Seattle

Let’s get to it!

List of corporate event ideas in Seattle

Known for its hard-working and high-tech culture, Seattle offers a wide variety of activities for corporate events. From wine tasting at House of Smith and games at Whirlyball Seattle to Karaoke at Rock Box, here is a list of the best corporate event ideas in Seattle.

1. Mix n’ Mingle (Great for Networking)

During Mix n’ Mingle, participants have meaningful conversations and create strong connections. This innovative networking experience will bring teams together in a collaborative environment.

Mix n’ Mingle includes:

  • 90 minutes guided by a skilled facilitator
  • thought-provoking icebreakers that start captivating discussions
  • engaging group challenges and team conversations
  • a wide range of interests, viewpoints, and goals

To streamline the planning process, we will meet you at the location of your choice with all the needed supplies. With Mix n’ Mingle, you can use the power of networking to strengthen relationships and elevate collaboration.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. The Art of Storytelling (Highly Rated)

During The Art of Storytelling, teams can enhance their skills and boost their confidence. This experience teaches participants to share personal narratives that inform and entertain their audience.

The Art of Storytelling includes the following:

  • a 120-minute session guided by an expert facilitator
  • effective strategies and techniques to maintain audience interest
  • the five essential elements of a captivating story
  • practice time for participants to refine their storytelling skills
  • in-depth feedback provided by the hosts

To keep planning simple, we will meet you at your preferred venue and provide all the necessary materials. Companies looking to equip their staff with the skills to share engaging narratives should consider The Art of Storytelling.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Staff Favorite)

Guacamole making competition

Teams can unleash their culinary skills and creativity in The Great Guac Off! During this extraordinary experience, participants go head-to-head in a guacamole-making contest.

Here is what to expect:

  • a 90-minute session guided by a talented facilitator
  • delicious guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • an optional secret ingredient that will ignite participants’ creativity
  • exciting avocado facts, mini-games, and trivia to keep the energy high
  • a fast-paced guacamole mash-off and judging round

Best of all, we will provide all the necessary supplies directly to your chosen venue. The Great Guac Off fosters creativity, collaboration, and friendly competition.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Tai Tung Chinese Restaurant

You can check out one of Seattle’s landmarks at Tai Tung Chinese Restaurant, the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city! Grandpa Quan founded this family-owned spot in 1935, and it has been passed down to every generation since. Bruce Lee loved this restaurant, and he sat in the same booth and ordered Oyster Sauce Beef and Garlic Shrimp each time he visited. You can see that same booth today! The menu is family style, which is perfect for trying a variety of dishes at once. Diners can enjoy classic meals like kung pao chicken, Mongolian beef, and Peking duck. There are plenty of other options available, too, from hot pot to noodle dishes. You can polish off the meal with mango pudding or almond cookies. Be sure to stop by for a taste of history!

Learn more about Tai Tung Chinese Restaurant.

5. Beneath the Streets

Seattle has a huge network of underground passageways and rooms, and you can visit them with Beneath the Streets! Seattle suffered from a large fire in 1889, which led to rebuilding a raised town to avoid tidal flats. This rebuilding process created the underground, and folks in the 1960s started a preservation movement so we can enjoy it today. Visitors will be surprised at the vast network of businesses that thrived in the underground, like hairdressers and speakeasies.

Teams can choose from three tours, which are underground history, the redlight district, and queer history. During the underground history tour, visitors will explore above and below Pioneer Square and learn about Seattle’s unique history. The redlight tour covers more details about the underbelly of the city. In the queer history tour, guides will share information about the city’s underground social life and its impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are interested, then you can also book a private tour for your team. To see Seattle from a new perspective, be sure to check out this tour!

Learn more about Beneath the Streets.

6. House of Smith

As one of the largest independent wineries in Seattle, House of Smith is a one-of-a-kind winery you can tour with your team. The expansive winery offers guests the opportunity to enjoy music and view the main runways of Boeing as participants sip on wines. With two tasting rooms, you can choose between an early 60s vibe or a rustic Northwest feel. In addition, your team will enjoy a selection of wine by glass and wine flights.

Be sure to make a reservation if you have a group of more than eight participants.

Learn more about House of Smith.

7. PLAYlive Nation

With over 100 fantastic games, PLAYlive is a premium social gaming venue that focuses on uniting players and creating solid relationships out of common interests. You can visit the lounge with your corporate team for a full-day or afternoon gaming experience. You will enjoy the newest games in the industry, a cool and chill atmosphere, compete against other players, and even get gaming merchandise.

Perfect for corporate conference ideas in Seattle, PLAYlive also offers companies the option to rent the venue for full-day events. Your team will enjoy a private lounge where players can bond, hold competitions, and cheer on their teams. You will also enjoy gift bags, trivia with prizes, and food and beverages, depending on the package you choose.

Learn more about PLAYlive Nation.

8. LaserX Arena

LaserX Arena will provide your team with the ultimate entertainment. The company features an ultra-realistic first-person shooter experience that uses the same software and equipment that special operations use globally. With live start tracking, you can hold accurate competitions within your team. Each laser tag experience accommodates up to 16 players and includes a one-hour session, six games, and team photos. Players also get to choose between laser tag and nerf wars. Laser tag costs $33, while nerf wars cost $15 per player plus tax. The cost of a private laser tag experience is $518 per hour for the entire team, excluding the cost of the venue.

Learn more about LaserX Arena.

9. Whirlyball Seattle

If you are looking for competitive outdoor corporate events in Seattle, Washington, then Whirlyball is a good bet. Whirlyball is a sport where participants play basketball while riding small electrically powered vehicles known as Whirly bugs. First, all participants will learn the game’s rules, such as penalty points, safety regulations, and scoring tips. With the Whirly bugs being an equalizer, teams will use skills other than physical strength to play a sport that combines hockey, basketball, and Jai-Alai. You will have a fantastic time as you watch your workforce become competitive and support their team as they race their vehicles to kick the ball.

For a full-day corporate day event, book Whirlyball Seattle and let your workforce enjoy a competitive gaming package that includes Whirlyball, foosball, air hockey, and pop-a-shot. Be sure to grab the in-house ice cream, food, and drinks after your Whirlyball experience.

Learn more about Whirlyball Seattle.

10. Full Tilt Ice Cream

Ice cream outings are one of the simplest large group corporate events activities in Seattle. Teams can catch up amid the selection of unique ice cream flavors like Huckleberry Chip, Blue Moon, and Blueberry Crumble. If you prefer more traditional flavors, then you can catch a scoop or two of vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate, or strawberry.

Full Tilt Ice Cream offers twice the fun in one place, with the option of grabbing ice cream and engaging in other fun activities like vintage pinball and arcade machines. In addition, you can hold a company-wide pinball competition as workers who want a chill outing dance to the music. The venue also has a selection of custom celebration cakes, catering options, and beers.

Learn more about Full Tilt Ice Cream.

11. Rage Industry

While work stress and frustration may not always be avoidable, your team can let out all pent-up stress and anger at the Rage Industry. As one of the most innovative and fun outdoor corporate events in Seattle, Washington, that will enable participants to relieve stress, you will legally break bottles, sledgehammer a toilet, or destroy ceramics. The cost of Rage Industry services depends on the number of participants and package selected. You can choose to break glass bottles, ceramics, glassware, or electronic items. If you want to save a few bucks, then let participants bring their box of items like dishes, glassware, and picture frames.

The Rage Industry does not accept walk-ins. As such, be sure to book in advance.

Learn more about Rage Industry.

12. Rock Box

Rock Box is a perfect venue for corporate karaoke sessions. With 11 private karaoke rooms that accommodate up to thirteen players and a private bar, you can let your teams compete in singing competitions as participants bond. If you have a large team, then you can check out the Rock Box party room, which accommodates up to 40 participants. Be sure to explore the diversity in your company by having participants perform songs from different cultures. The cost of the private room per hour during regular hours is $8 and $5 during happy hour per person. During the karaoke session, participants can enjoy a bite or drink from the Rock Box menu.

Learn more about Rock Box.

13. Seattle Aquarium

As the ninth-largest aquarium in the U.S. based on attendance, the Seattle Aquarium is the perfect venue for corporate events in Seattle. An aquarium team visit tops the list of corporate event ideas in Seattle for adults that will teach your workforce their responsibility to restore and protect the marine environment. One of the most popular is the Puget Sound region which educates visitors on the wild role of Puget Sound.

Be sure to check out the Seattle Aquarium’s exhibits, including:

  • Life on the Edge: Get ready to see what happens when you stroke different water animals, such as sea cucumbers and sea urchins.
  • Window on Washington Waters: This exhibit has invertebrates and fish and replicates the seascape around the Bay.
  • Pacific Coral Reef: You will discover the Pacific Ocean’s variety of water fish like puffers, triggerfish, and wrasses.
  • Marine Mammals: Discover different entertaining and charming marine mammals such as river otters, fur seals, and sea otters.
  • The Underwater Dome: The Underwater Dome is a 400,000-gallon habitat home to the Puget Sound Fish and other animals.

The non-profit aquarium is home to marine mammals like seals and otters, where visitors can see the playful wildlife below water tanks. You can finish the Seattle Aquarium visit with a snack or meal at the Seattle Aquarium Café.

Learn more about Seattle Aquarium.

14. The Seattle Great Wheel

If you want your team to create memories and catch the stunning views in Seattle, then the 53-meter-tall Seattle Great Wheel is a good bet. The Seattle Great Wheel is the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast of the U.S. You can capture a revolving view of Elliot Bay and other features for approximately 20 minutes. While you can ride the Seattle Great Wheel any day, the best time to catch the best views is on a sunny day. If you want an intimate experience, then you can enjoy a private dining experience that features food and drinks from The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar. You will pay $16 for the Ferris wheel and $50 for the glass bottom VIP cabin per participant.

Learn more about Seattle Great Wheel.

15. Discovery Park

Being the largest city park in Seattle, Discovery Park is among the best large group corporate event activities in Seattle for a tranquil time out of the city. The 543-acre natural area park, including 11.81 miles of walking trails, provides a spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade ranges. The two miles of open meadowland, forest groves, dramatic sea cliffs, streams, and active dunes will provide countless activities for your workforce. Discovery Park also allows teams to reconnect with nature and learn more about environmental conservation. Weather permitting, you can swim at the beach, walk, or hike the relatively easy Discovery Park trail.

Pro tip: Get your camera ready and catch the stunning views!

Learn more about Discovery Park.

16. Pike Place Market

As the soul of Seattle, the Pike Place Market offers a full day of activities for a corporate event. Being one of the largest, oldest, and continually operating public markets in the United States, the Pike Place Market boasts diverse activities, businesses, and services. You can lead your team through the original Starbucks café and over 255 local artisans as you catch music plays from street performers. You will find craftspeople, farmers, and even restaurants where you can shop, eat and discover what Seattle can offer. In addition, you can engage your team in countless scavenger hunts and offer incentives to the winners or let participants explore the market in small teams. Be sure to get your team the Pike Place Market gift card and support local businesses.

Learn more about Pike Place Market.

17. Jet City Improv

Jet City Improv is a non-profit theatre in Seattle where corporate teams can enjoy performances. The theatre uses the art of improvisation to entertain, educate, and enlighten your team. You can start by checking out Jet City Improv’s schedule, then choose a show that all participants will enjoy. After that, be ready for a rib-cracking session with shows such as Spontaneous Broadway, Cornucopio, or Shot Prov. Comedy improv sessions top the list of corporate party ideas in Seattle, WA, where teams can laugh their hearts out in a judgment-free zone.

Learn more about Jet City Improv and check out this list of improv games for adults.


While you may be conscious of the cost of corporate events, when strategically chosen, team building activities will have far-reaching benefits to your company. Corporate events in Seattle will motivate teams to express work ideas and take on new challenges. These events also promote creativity and help to break the barrier among workers.

Next, check out this list of indoor team building activities.

FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Seattle, Washington

Here are answers about corporate event ideas in Seattle.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Seattle?

Some ideas for corporate events in Seattle include Ferris Wheel ride at the Seattle Great Wheel, ice cream at Full Tilt Ice Cream, and gaming at PLAYlive Nation.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Seattle?

A tip to effectively entertain attendees at corporate events in Seattle is to start by determining what you want to gain from the event.

Here are some leading questions to effectively entertain corporate event attendees:

  • Are you looking for fun and relaxing activities?
  • Do you want your team to improve communication or problem-solving skills?
  • Do you want an out-of-the-box activity that most participants have never tried?
  • Do you want to capture the participants’ attention?

If you are unsure of the best entertaining event for your team, then you can select a few activities and do a poll with all participants.

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