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Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in St. Louis, Missouri.

Corporate event ideas in St. Louis are ways to promote team bonding among colleagues during work-related outings or gatherings. For example, your team can drive the go-karts at Victory Raceway, throw axes at The Axe House, and sing at The W Karaoke lounge. The purpose of these ideas is to provide you with diverse event options to make the experience worthwhile.

These ideas make great retreat activities, conference entertainment, or staff morale boosters. These activities are similar to team building ideas in St. Louis and St. Louis company outings.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in St. Louis for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in St. Louis, MO
  • corporate party ideas in St. Louis, Missouri
  • large group corporate event activities in St. Louis

Here we go!

List of corporate event ideas in St. Louis

Corporate events bring team members together and can help build trust or improve productivity. Here are the best corporate events ideas for teams in St. Louis, from shooting at The Range to visiting Flamingo Bowl.

1. ScavBoss

ScavBoss provides an immersive scavenger hunt experience for groups in St. Louis. The hunt can be indoors or outdoors at a variety of city venues.

The event will take your team on an adventure to historical sites within St. Louis. You can also have the event in a museum or even one of St. Louis’s neighborhoods. In addition, your team will learn facts about the hunt’s location. ScavBoss designs the scavenger hunts with fascinating storylines and game mechanics. The facilitators can tailor the event to match your preferred theme. Your team will have an amazing 90 to 120 minutes of solving challenging puzzles and finding clues.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

2. Mix n’ Mingle

Attending Mix n’ Mingle is one of the most fun corporate event ideas in St. Louis. Mix n’ Mingle is an interactive event that encourages your team to connect and get to know each other on a deeper level. You will have a host to take your team through fun and highly interactive activities.

In the end, your team members will have a deepened bond and a greater awareness of shared traits and experiences.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

3. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a 90-minute fully hosted activity where your team will play the roles of detectives. Following a bank heist, your team will work together to reveal the perpetrator’s identity. Your team will combine brain power to solve a series of puzzles. During your experience, the host will guide you to earn clues by solving challenges.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

4. The Great Guac Off

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The Great Guac Off runs a fun avocado-themed event for corporate groups. During the experience, you and your colleagues will compete to make tasty guacamole. The host will grade the cooking competition and award prizes to the winner. In addition to the contest, your team will play fun games like Happy Cup, House Builder, or an avocado-themed trivia.

You can run the event as a BYOB or have the facilitators provide the necessary ingredients. Also, you get to choose your preferred event location, which can be in your office or a third-party rental site.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

5. Go-Kart at Victory Raceway

Victory Raceway is one of the best locations to enjoy outdoor corporate events in St. Louis. The company provides an outdoor go-kart track where your team can experience different racing formats, from endurance and drift-style. You can bring your favorite helmet or rent the gear from the racing center.

The facility also features a meeting space you can use for your event. The group pricing starts at around $50, depending on your reserved package. Your team will have access to a 12-lap race, free drinks, and a winning medal.

Learn more about Victory Raceway.

6. Mastermind Escape Room

Solving puzzles in the Mastermind Escape room is fun and engaging. These exit gamse are a way to make sure everyone participates actively and gets the best from the activity. Mastermind Escape Room games are ideal for players of different ages and abilities. You can choose from different room themes, like:

  • Stadium Scare: Locked in a stadium’s lowel levels, you have one hour to detonate a bomb and save the building from destruction.
  • Taken: Your team will work together to escape a warehouse before the kidnapper returns.
  • Diamond Heist: You organized a team of the best thieves to pull off the world’s biggest diamond heist without getting caught.

All rooms are private, so you get to share the experience with your team alone. The entire experience can last up to 75 minutes. You can also use the conference room at this escape room center, featuring eight-person tables and a projector.

Learn more on Mastermind Escape Room.

7. Amp Up Action Park

Amp Up Action Park offers many attractions you can use to entertain guests during your event. The center provides spaces you can use for indoor and outdoor corporate events in St. Louis. For instance, your team can enjoy an exhilarating on the park’s go-kart track. If you have at least 12 guests, then you can make a group reservation to guarantee your race time.

In addition, the park features a laser tag arena where your team can share an adrenaline-boosting experience. Amp Up Action Pack is also famous for providing an adrenaline-charged axe-throwing experience. Axe-perts will guide your team through a fun adventure. With an elevated ropes challenge and virtual reality adventures at the park, your team will have a fantastic time together.

Learn more on Amp Up Action Park.

8. Third Degree Glass Factory 

Third Degree Glass Factory is an art studio where you can admire glass creations or make your own artwork with your team. The studio provides private training running for over two hours. A skilled glass artist will help your team master the craft. In addition to being a training studio, the glass factory also features galleries showcasing artworks. Furthermore, you can use the event space in the studio to host parties with an option to bring your caterers, vendors, beverage packages, and decors.

You can experiment with glass molding in the hot glass studio with private one-on-one training. However, the hot glass studio has a minimum age requirement of ten years. You can also explore bead making with your team at the third-degree glass factory.

Learn more on Third Degree Glass Factory.

9. The Axe House

The Axe House is an indoor facility in Valley Park, St. Louis. You can bring your food, beer, and wine to the venue. Trained ax masters will coach your team in this exciting activity.

To add a unique touch to your adventure, the center provides various weapons like knives, hatchets, tactical axes, ninja stars, and tomahawks. The Axe House has around six lanes charged at an hourly rate. You can have up to ten team members sharing one lane.

Learn more on The Axe House.

10. Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch is an amusement park in St. Louis providing riverboat cruises, a museum, and a tram ride. The tram ride is an exhilarating tour taking you 630 feet to the top of America’s tallest monument in about 60 minutes.

Also, Gateway Arch’s museum features exhibitions displaying over 200 years of history. The collections recount stories of Native Americans, explorers, and pioneers. Furthermore, you can enjoy a riverboat cruise, giving you a fascinating perspective of the Skyline, including a dining experience with your colleagues.

Learn more about Gateway Arch.

11. Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room is a fantastic burlesque club in St. Louis. The venue has a full-service bar and provides delectable food options for the best dining experience. While you dine at Boom Boom Room, your group can enjoy exciting shows. You can visit the theater’s website for information on showtimes and tickets. The entertainment provided in this dining theater will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Learn more about Boom Boom Room.

12. Shooting at The Range

Visiting The Range is one of the best corporate event ideas in St. Louis. The Range is a shooting facility in St. Louis, providing about 20 lanes. The facility has over 80 firearms, including ear and eye protection, available for rent. With expert instructors on the ground, your team can use the range as a safe space to improve your shooting skills. You can also book the shooting packages for different experiences. For instance, the “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns” package is a one-hour class limited to female shooters. The lesson focuses on gun safety and includes 100 rounds of ammo, wine, and cheese. The Range also offers a catering option for your corporate event in the facility.

Learn more about The Range.

13. Ice Cream at Clementine’s Creamery

Clementines Creamery is an ice cream shop in Lake St. Louis that offers a variety of flavors to suit different preferences. You will find a list of updated flavors on the store’s official site. The parlor serves handcrafted ice creams in vegan-friendly, alcohol-infused, and dairy-free options. You can visit the store any day of the week.

Learn more about Clementines Creamery.

14. RS Ranch Ride

Lying on about 500 acres of beautiful landscape and scenery about an hour outside of St. Louis, RS Ranch is an excellent location for you and your team to enjoy horseback riding. The ranch provides lessons in trail riding, roping, sleigh rides, and horse-drawn hayrides. A one-hour trail ride costs about $40.00. You can also learn about the day-to-day work of maintaining the ranch and caring for horses.

RS Ranch also has a cabin bunkhouse you can use for your corporate retreats or getaway. However, you must make reservations fo at least two nights. Also, the bunkhouse can accommodate no more than eight guests. During your stay, you and your colleagues can enjoy a BBQ grill, marshmallow roasting, or star gazing.

Learn more about RS Ranch Ride.

15. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is among the relaxing corporate event ideas in St. Louis for adults. You and your colleagues will have wine while exploring your creativity. You do not have to be a skilled artist to enjoy the evening. You and your team can create murals or engage in individual paintings during your event. The studio will provide the necessary materials to make your corporate party successful. Aside from brushes and paints, the studio also provides an instructor to guide your team through the process. Creating artworks while sipping wines and having exciting conversations at Painting with a Twist is a great way to boost your team’s morale and relieve work stress.

Learn more about Painting with a Twist.

16. St. Louis Aquarium Tour

Located at the Union Station, St. Louis Aquarium is a favorite destination for many tourists and locals to visit in the city. You can explore The Shark Canyon, which is the largest attraction in the aquarium. The 250,000-gallon exhibit houses more than 60 sharks. The St. Louis Aquarium houses several galleries with unique displays. You can check the local aquatic species at the confluence gallery with your team.

St. Louis Aquarium charges general admission at around $30 for adults. Before or after your experience, you and your team can share a meal at a dining area within the aquarium’s premises.

Learn more about St.Louis Aquarium.

17. Anthonino’s Taverna

Anthonino’s Taverna is a family-owned eatery in St. Louis serving a unique blend of Italian and Greek specialties. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of mouthwatering meals ranging from hot to cold options. With an additional capacity of about 100 people, the Anthonio’s Taverna is the perfect venue for large group corporate events in St. Louis. Anthonino’s Taverna opens for dining most weekdays.

Learn more about Anthonino’s Taverna.

18. The W Karaoke Lounge

Singing at The W Karaoke Lounge is among the exciting corporate party ideas in St. Louis. The W Karaoke Lounge is a bar in St. Louis with an excellent studio-quality stereo system. The bar features songs in different languages, from English and Japanese to Korean and Vietnamese. You can choose from various rooms in the bar to sing out in your preferred language. Private and VIP rooms are available to give the best karaoke party experience. You can also submit a playlist of songs you and your team prefers to sing.

In addition, The W Karaoke Lounge has a common area that can accommodate up to 40 guests. Aside from the mind-blowing songs, the bar also provides menus with excellent drink and mocktail choices.

Learn more about The W Karaoke Lounge.

19. Brentwood Ice Rink 

Brentwood Ice Rink is one of Missouri’s best recreation facilities located within St. Louis county. Teams in St. Louis can access the facility in a few minutes’ drive. Located in the Brentwood park and recreation center, the ice center opens most days for a public skating session. Your team can also visit the venue for a freestyle session available for only figure skating. Skating aids are available to beginners. You can also rent hockey and figure skates in different sizes.

Admission pricing starts at around $5. No matter the age range, the Brentwood ice rink provides fun opportunities for all visitors. You can book a ‘Learn to Skate’ class for adult beginners.

Learn more about Brentwood Ice Rink.

20. Day at Forest Park

Forest Park is a private conservancy in St. Louis with a natural and recreational space. You can play on the athletic fields, rent a bike, enjoy bird watching, or fish in permitted areas of the park. You will also find several picnic grounds your team can use. Furthermore, the park features courts for playing handball and racquetball. Forest Park is a location for large group corporate event activities in St. Louis.

The park overlooks various natural highlights such as the cascades, a 75-foot waterfall built in 1930, the pagoda circle, Nathan Frank Bandstand, and the nature playscape.

Learn more about Forest Park.

21. Adventure Valley

Adventure Valley is a paintball park with over six fields to explore. You can have the games in a tournament-style or a team play. You can also shoot in the premier fields with the two zip lines available.

Apart from paintball, the park also offers a zipline canopy tour. Your team can make reservations online or walk into adventure valley to book the experience.

Learn more about Adventure Valley

22. Virtual Reality Games at Escape Challenge

Escape Challenge provides you with the latest tech in a full-body virtual reality gaming experience. Players wear a headset and use stick controllers to interact with a virtual environment. You get to experience a variety of games ranging from racing and horrors to platformers and sports. You will receive instructions on how to use the equipment.

Learn more about Escape Challenge.


St. Louis offers many opportunities to enjoy the best experiences with your team. The city stands out in Missouri for providing lively entertainment. St. Louis has exciting games, fun sights, and adrenaline-packed activities for your pleasure. If you plan to host your next corporate event in St. Louis, then you can use the exciting activities and fun attractions listed in this article.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in St. Louis

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in St. Louis.

What are some ideas for corporate events in St. Louis?

Some ideas for corporate events in St. Louis include racing at Victory Raceways, playing Mastermind Escape Room Games, riding horses at RS Ranch Ride, shooting at The Range, and throwing axes at The Axe House.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in St. Louis?

The best way to entertain attendees at a corporate event in St. Louis is to understand what your guest likes. Also, you should serve food and beverages. Whether simple snacks or buffet-style dining, food can make your event more lively.

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