20 Top Corporate Event Venues in Miami, FL

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

You found our list of the best corporate event venues in Miami, Florida.

Corporate event venues in Miami are places to host a business occasion for your employees or market your brand to clients. Examples include Alfred Dupont’s Building, The Ice Palace, and Douglas Entrance. The purpose of the corporate event venue is to make your event successful and memorable, and Miami has many spaces that can help you achieve this goal.

These spaces are suitable for Miami corporate events and Miami reteats, plus office parties, company celebrations, team building events, and conference entertainment.

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List of corporate event venues in Miami

A fitting event venue can make all the difference when you are trying to host a business event to raise morale and promote your company. The following is a list of good corporate event spaces near Miami.

1. Braman Miller Center

The University of Miami’s Braman Miller Center has undergone extensive renovations, resulting in a state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant building with several separate, adaptable spaces. The venue can comfortably seat 200 guests and host as many as 500 partygoers for standing receptions.

The Braman Miller Center is a stunning structure that serves as the campus’s primary gateway. The venue has a rooftop lounge, courtyard, and terrace, together with traditional meeting and workspaces. The center is a great place to have corporate gatherings year-round, whether for education or social interactions. In addition, companies needing multiple spaces in one location will appreciate the Braman Miller Center. The city of Coral Gables has recognized the building as a historical landmark, but the 2015 renovations make it seem modern and provide extensive amenities.

Learn more about Braman Miller Center.

2. Donna E. Shalala’s Center

The Donna E. Shalala Student Center is at the University of Miami, close to Lake Osceola. The structure, designed by the famous Miami firm Arquitectonica, has a striking, contemporary style suitable for hosting high-profile business gatherings. The center is ideal for companies who aim to upgrade presentations with high-speed internet access, LCD flat-panel monitors, and on-call professional A/V support staff.

Learn more about Donna Shalala Center.

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3. Alfred I. Dupont’s Building

Since it represents the way Miami used to be, this monument evokes strong feelings of nostalgia. The venue is perfect for a classy party or gathering. The antique security cameras, teller stations, and beautiful iron-wrought bank vault that leads to the lavish ballroom will captivate your guests.

You can host a cocktail party for your company’s VIP guests in Miami’s only art deco tower. The Dupont building, constructed in 1939, is a relic of a more opulent era, complete with elaborate decor. The building features intricately painted ceilings towering above its vast interior. This venue is one of the most exclusive event spaces in Downtown Miami and would set the stage for a spectacular business event.

Learn more about Alfred Dupont’s Building.

4. Jackie Gleason Theater

Jackie Gleason Theater at The Filmore Miami Beach is a classy venue that has hosted legendary performers like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Jack Benny over its long history. Whether you are hosting an awards ceremony, cocktail party, product launch, or business meeting, this beautiful, vintage 1950s theater provides the perfect setting. The venue has state-of-the-art lighting and sound for all your extravagant full-service production requirements. The grand entrance and bespoke poster boxes will make for a spectacular exhibition of your business.

Learn more about Jackie Gleason Theater.

5. Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens spans 35 acres and has a wide range of magnificent settings for business gatherings of any size. Bonnet House Museum and Gardens provides the perfect setting for any event, whether small and cozy or large and extravagant. Morning and evening rentals of the Bonnet House include the use of the house and the tree-lined allee, veranda lawn, gardens, outdoor patio, and inner courtyard.

Aside from being a terrific place to take pictures, the Bonnet House’s vibrant garden and fascinating past make it an ideal setting for special events. This venue is excellent for those in search of unusual sights, considering it is about 35 minutes away from Miami. Guests can have cocktails in the courtyard and dinner by the lake while watching swans swim. Clients appreciate the estate’s combination of color and greenery, which is only a few minutes from the bustling, contemporary coastline of Fort Lauderdale’s A1A. The venue can seat between 100 to 500 guests for an event.

Learn more about Bonnet House Museum and Gardens.

6. Boca Raton Museum of Art

The Boca Raton Museum of Art offers a one-of-a-kind cultural backdrop and artistic adventure for commemorative events. More than 5000 works of art from many cultures and eras are on display permanently at the museum. The Wolgin Auditorium, Grand Hall, and outdoor Sculpture Garden are all customizable to accommodate gatherings of up to 400 people. The museum is a 45-minutes drive from Miami.

The Boca Raton Museum of Art is the ideal setting for art lovers or adventure-seekers, especially in light of the recent surge in popularity of the Art Basel movement. The museum is one of the best large corporate event venues in Miami, with options to hire individual rooms or the entire museum. Walking inside the gallery is like stepping into another world far removed from the sunshine and beaches of South Florida. The area is filled with modern and contemporary artwork from the United States and Europe, and appeals to a diverse clientele. The venue is about an hour’s drive from Miami.

Learn more about the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

7. Vizcaya

One of Miami’s most cherished cultural landmarks, Vizcaya is also a highly regarded event space. Visitors and event-goers alike are mesmerized by the National Historic Landmark’s magnificent Rococo to Italian Renaissance architecture, unique flora, and mystical vibes. These features are visible from the park’s vantage point over Biscayne Bay. When in Vizcaya, there is no shortage of thrilling activities to try.

Visitors attending a formal event at Vizcaya soon discover its uniqueness. The grounds are beautiful and perfect for photos. The meticulous grounds invite a day of fine dining, strolls through tropical gardens, and maybe some exploration of the house’s hidden rooms. You or one of your guests may see a manatee!

Learn more about Vizcaya.

8. Living Sculpture Sanctuary

The Sanctuary provides a tranquil setting for any special corporate event thanks to its cascading waterfalls, oak tree groves, bonsai collection, rock garden, and Japanese koi ponds. Guests may enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding forest, waterfall, and lake as the event progresses in the spacious covered reception area. In addition, the Sanctuary is a great place to take memorable photos with its tropical, bohemian, vintage, rustic, elegant, and romantic vibes.

Bohemian elegance abounds at the Living Sculpture Sanctuary. The venue has a covered area to keep the weather from ruining your special day even though your guests are surrounded by nature. If you seek outdoor corporate event venues in Miami, then look no further than this peaceful, secluded spot. The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Learn more about Living Sculpture Sanctuary.

9. The Cruz Building

The stained-glass ceiling, European and French or New Orleans architecture, 19th-century sculptures, brick arches, and ironwork give this three-story structure its distinctive character and intricate detail. Your guests will feel like they have boarded a time machine and been transported to other eras and planets.

This convenient venue has many rooms perfect for corporate ceremonies and receptions and several scenic areas for great photos. The ground level is perfect for the ceremony, while the second story can host a formal dinner and the third floor can host a dance party. The venue’s immense beauty is impressive, yet its flexible arrangement makes it ideal for events of any size and theme.

Learn more about The Cruz Building.

10. Douglas Entrance

Douglas Entrance, a landmark in Miami, Florida, was built in 1927. This building was one of the first entries into Coral Gables and was once called La Puerta Del Sol, or “Gate of the Sun.” A stunning, expansive fountain welcomes guests and provides the ideal setting for your events. The Grand Staircase is a beautiful indoor or outdoor space for a cocktail reception. The ballroom is gorgeous, with high ceilings and windows that let in plenty of light for your celebration.

Learn more about Douglas Entrance.

11. Ancient Spanish Monastery

You can feel Europe in Miami by hosting your event at the ancient Spanish monastery. This Romanesque and Gothic landmark from the 12th century has a reputation for enchantment. About 20 acres of exotic palms, Spanish oaks, and vast gardens make this the ideal outdoor event venue.

The monastery offers plenty of room for the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, or other activities. The Spanish Monastery provides a personal journey best experienced with close friends and family. Cocktails in the garden, supper in The Cloisters, and dancing under the stars are all possible plans for your next big event. Although the venue is perfect for weddings, it can also host corporate events.

Learn more about Ancient Spanish Monastery.

12. Curtiss Mansion

The Curtiss House, one of the biggest Pueblo-themed mansions in Miami Springs, was built in 1925 by aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss. The venue provides an elegant but comfortable atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions and is the perfect place for a private, romantic break. You can enjoy cocktails on the terrace, make toasts in the courtyard, and dance within the mansion. This facility is perfect for a celebratory evening with its brick patio, warm fireplace, and bistro lighting. In addition, Curtiss Mansion is excellent for business gatherings, such as sales conventions, retreats, and board meetings.

Learn more about Curtiss Mansion.

13. Deering Estate

The historic homes of the 1920s estate of Charles Deering, which overlook Biscayne Bay, and the manicured lawns surrounded by palm trees are popular attractions for guests. Three distinct living and entertaining rooms await visitors at this Spanish-Mediterranean-style home. The Grand Lawn is a great option for Cocktail parties and formal occasions. The exquisite ballroom has checkered flooring and crystal chandeliers and is perfect for indoor events.

You can host a dinner with your guests beneath the tree canopy in the open courtyard and have a cocktail hour overlooking the bay. The enchanted manor is an ideal party venue since it is both spacious and historically significant.

Learn more about Deering Estate.

14. The Temple House

The Temple House has been the scene of several high-profile events, from galas to international conferences, earning it a reputation as a hotspot for Hollywood’s A-list. The “avant-garde canvas” has a 25-foot ceiling, exquisite mezzanine, and Grecian-style outside patio. Your night at the venue will be memorable for you and your guests. Situated in the Art Deco District, this renowned venue is well-situated inside one of the most visited cities in the world.

Learn more about The Temple House.

15. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden was formerly home to the world’s biggest mango and avocado orchards. The Garden has unfortunately declined over the years and was damaged by Hurricane Andrew. A group of dedicated locals founded the Miami Beach Garden Conservancy in 1996 as a non-profit to restore the garden. This significant achievement enhances the property’s historical value.

One of Miami’s best-kept secrets, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a beautiful location for any corporate event. The venue has a pond full of colorful koi fish and a wide variety of exotic plants from all over the world. A summer dance, reception, or other celebration would be unforgettable on the terrace’s canopied floor. You can also host a casual garden event at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Learn more about Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

16. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Located in South Miami, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a lush haven in the middle of the city. The Gardens’ 83 acres of spectacular vegetation provide a blank slate to build your company’s next big event. Private tram rides, no-cost signage, and professional facilities and seats are some of the perks available to attendees at your next team retreat or full-day conference. The options are abundant, thanks to the three indoor reception halls and the many outdoor spaces.

Learn more about Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens.

17. Jungle Plaza

Located in the middle of Miami’s bustling Design District, the open-air Jungle Plaza is never boring. The plaza is 20,000 square feet, and the tent is 6,500 square feet, giving you a ton of space to work with when organizing your business gathering. In addition, the stunning mural that gives the plaza its “Jungle” moniker is the ideal setting for cutting-edge events and guest entertainment.

Learn more about Jungle Plaza.

18. Maps Backlot Studios

The Backlot in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District is a 10,500-square-foot event venue and the only outdoor studio in the city. Two cyclorama walls, drive-in access, an adaptable inside area, and a back of the house for crew and set up are just some of the unique features of this venue. This venue is perfect for conventions and other business gatherings of a substantial size.

Learn more about Maps Backlot Studios.

19. The Ice Palace

The Ice Palace lies on the west side of South Beach, right at the center of Miami’s art and entertainment hub. When it comes to hosting a massive business event, the Ice Palace in Downtown Miami is one of the best options. The ice factory, now used as a film studio and general production facility, can accommodate as many as 8,000 guests and may be transformed into the showplace of innovation for your next trade show or grand opening.

Learn more about The Ice Palace.

20. Freehand Miami

The Freehand Miami is a boutique hotel located only five minutes from Miami Beach. The venue’s convenient location makes it ideal for any event while also giving guests the feeling of being in a tranquil oasis in the middle of the city. The hotel has three spaces to choose from: the 27 Restaurant and Bar, the Secret Garden with shade provided by a huge mango tree, and the Pool Deck. The Broken Shaker, with 1,800 square feet, is the biggest and puts the pool in the spotlight. If you are looking for small corporate event venues in Miami, you should check Freehand Miami.

Learn more about Freehand Miami.


When it comes to planning and executing spectacular corporate events, the venue plays an important role. Wherever you are thinking of holding your next all-day meeting, conference, grand opening, or cocktail party, you should consider the precise aesthetic and ambiance that you have in mind. You can use this list as a starting point to search for corporate event locations in Miami.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Miami, Florida

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate event venues in Miami.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Miami?

Some good venues for corporate events in Miami include The Temple House, Deering Estate, and The Cruz Building. If you choose the proper event venue, guests will have a great time and a memorable experience of your company’s message and brand.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Miami?

Event venues in Miami may range in price based on the kind of venue, the day of the event, and the number of guests expected. Starting at $85 per hour, some event spaces are rather inexpensive. In most cases, these venues are reserved sections of a restaurant or bar’s outside areas.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Miami?

When choosing corporate gathering spots in Miami, you should consider several factors before settling on an event venue. When planning an event in Miami, in addition to the typical considerations such as cost and convenience of transportation, you need to consider when you choose to host the event. Since Hurricane Season is a genuine consideration in this region of Florida, be sure to read the tiny print in any force majeure clause or contract.

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