19 Best Corporate Event Venues in NYC, NY

By: | Updated: March 04, 2024

Here is our list of the top corporate event venues in NYC.

Corporate event venues in NYC are locations where you can host your events in the New York City region. Examples include Pier Sixty, Ascent Lounge, and The Prince George Ballroom. The purpose of these events is to create an atmosphere that will delight attendees and result in a favorable view of the company. These settings help attendees recharge attendees and elevate work focus.

These spaces are ideal for events like corporate holiday parties, company retreats, and team building events. The venues make good home bases for client appreciation events in NYC, NYC company retreats, and NYC corporate events.

This list includes:

  • small corporate event venues in NYC
  • large corporate event venues in NYC
  • outdoor corporate event venues in NYC
  • corporate event spaces near NYC

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List of corporate event venues in NYC

As one of the most famous cities globally, New York boasts incredible corporate event venues that will enchant guests. From Carnegie Hall to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and West Edge, here is a list of the best spaces where you can host your private event in New York City.

1. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts offers spaces perfect for different types of corporate events. Alice Tully Hall is a space you can customize to suit an intimate or grand event. The Damrosch Park is the perfect venue for corporates seeking spaces to host product launches or experiential events. For an intimate event, the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse is a great pick. If you are looking for outdoor corporate event venues in NYC, then you can consider Josie Robertson Plaza or Hearst Plaza. Other outdoor event venues that the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts offers include Paul Milstein Pool & Terrace and the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Lawn.

Learn more about Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

2. The Glasshouses

The Glasshouses tops the list of corporate event venues in NYC for companies with a small or large number of attendees. If you are looking for an event space that will accommodate a small group, then the Glasshouse Chelsea is a great option. You can book the 200-capacity area and let your guests enjoy the spectacular views of Midtown, Downtown Manhattan, and the Hudson River. If you want a venue that can accommodate a large group, then The Glasshouse is a great option. The 1,850-capacity venue will offer your team views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. You can also explore The Glasshouses’ amenities via the virtual tour before your corporate event.

Learn more about The Glasshouses.

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3. Carnegie Hall

As a national historic landmark, Carnegie Hall offers extraordinary event spaces that will thrill attendees. The venues feature dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline and Central Park, an expansive rooftop terrace, and eye-catching historic fixtures. If you want an intimate corporate event setting, then you may want to check out the May Room. The space opens on the Weill Terrace and can accommodate 34 seating guests and 50 standing guests. The Weill Terrace Room features polished hardwood floors, skyline views, and contemporary architectural details. You can host 230 guests for a seating event and 250 for a reception-style event. The 200-capacity Weill Music Room features views of Central Park and the New York City skyline. You can also check out other classic venues at Carnegie Hall, including Rose Museum, Weill Café, and Jacobs Room.

Learn more about Carnegie Hall.

4. Pier Sixty

Set up within Chelsea Piers, Pier Sixty is an iconic corporate event venue. Depending on your event’s theme and budget, you have three venue options within Pier Sixty. You can choose Pier Sixty, a 20,000-square-foot venue that can accommodate up to 2,000 attendees. You can also opt for The Lighthouse, a 10,000-square-foot space that can host up to 800 guests. The Lighthouse overlooks the Hudson River and is the perfect space for companies that want guests to experience a picturesque venue. The Current is another modern and innovative event venue within Pier Sixty that can accommodate up to 360 attendees. Finally, you can add the catering option to your event package and let your guests experience impeccable cuisine.

Learn more about Pier Sixty.

5. West Edge

Located directly over the Hudson River, West Edge is an excellent pick for companies looking for corporate event spaces near NYC. The 300-capacity venue offers stunning views of the NYC waterfront and the High Line. You can customize the 10,000-foot-venue to suit the kind of corporate event that you are hosting. Whether you are planning a dusk or daylight corporate event, your guests will rave about the floor-to-ceiling windows and the open floor design space. Weather permitting, your guests may be lucky to enjoy the serenity of the sunset.

Learn more about West Edge.

6. Ascent Lounge

If you are looking for an event venue providing unforgettable views, then Ascent Lunge is the best pick. The venue offers stunning views of Columbus Circle and Central Park. Ascent Lounge has an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere that makes the venue ideal for corporate events. The 5,500-square foot venue accommodates up to 500 attendees. You can include meals and drinks in your event package and let your guests enjoy diverse cuisines. If you want your guests to have a wine tasting or specialty cocktail experience, then request a sommelier or a mixologist.

Learn more about Ascent Lounge.

7. Javits Center

Javits Center is an event venue that celebrates Senator Jacob K. Javits. The venue boasts of being a leader in security, sustainability, and technology that sets new standards for convention centers in the U.S. The event center is right at the center of Manhattan’s West Side and connects attendees to major sights in New York. The Javits main event venue is an 850,000-square-foot space that you can customize to suit your corporate event. The 45,000-square-foot River Pavilion offers attendees views of the Hudson River. If you are looking for small corporate event venues in NYC , then you can consider the venue’s meeting spaces. In addition, you can add a catering package to your event from the venue’s Marketplace or the Open Business Lounge.

Learn more about Javits Center.

8. Hudson Mercantile

Hudson Mercantile offers a variety of corporate event spaces in New York. The venue has three spaces, each with distinguishing features ideal for different event styles. You can choose between the Roof, the Studio, and the Gallery. The Studio is a 6,000-square-foot venue that features private express elevators, rustic concrete walls, and 14′ ceilings on both sides. The Gallery is a 5,200-square-feet venue with three discrete entrances. If you want a venue that will offer the best views, then The Roof is a great option. The 5,000-square-feet space features an outdoor area that you can enclose to provide climate control. Your guests will enjoy views of The Hudson River, the New York Times Building, and the Empire State Building.

Learn more about Hudson Mercantile.

9. Bronx Zoo

As one of the largest zoos in the U.S, Bronx Zoo offers unique event venues that will interest your guests. The 265-acre venue offers a mix of fun, elegance, and nature. If you are hosting a daytime event, then you can consider the outdoor pavilion that can accommodate up to 800 attendees. For a holiday-style corporate event, your guests will love the Dine in the Congo exhibits, where attendees will dine and wine in an indoor rainforest. The historic Astor Court is also a great venue where you can host your corporate event. You can also add a catering option to your event’s package and let guests experience the venue’s leisurely lunch experience.

Learn more about Bronx Zoo.

10. Clinton Mercantile

Clinton Mercantile is an event venue that neighbors midtown Manhattan and is adjacent to the Hudson River. The venue has two event spaces with distinct features. The First Floor space features expansive white walls and an industrial look that gives off a polished and sleek event space. The 10,000-square-foot event space has numerous entrances and can accommodate a large group. The Second Floor venue is also a 10,000-square-foot space with warm, neutral flooring and oversized windows. Companies who want large corporate event venues in NYC can combine both floors for a multi-level event.

Learn more about Clinton Mercantile.

11. The Pool

A premier event destination in New York since 1959, The Pool is one of the best venues that you can use to offer your attendees an unforgettable time. With five event spaces, you can choose your ideal venue depending on the number of attendees and your budget. You can combine The Pool and The Lounge to host up to 400 reception-style and 180 seating attendees. The Pool Lounge can host 120 reception-style and 60 seating guests. The Grill + The Pool can host 600 reception-style guests and 300 seated guests. The 22-seating Gallery and the 16-seating Salon are great options for hosting small corporate events. You can check out The Grill’s menu and add a catering package to your event.

Learn more about The Pool.

12. Gotham Hall

An iconic Midtown event venue, Gotham Hall tops the list of corporate events venues in NYC. The venue features a variety of spaces that can host large and intimate corporate events. The Grand Ballroom takes in lavish details such as the 3,000-square-foot glass ceiling. The Grand Ballroom also features real granite walls and limestone columns accentuating the venue’s grand architecture. The Oak Room has an inviting and warm ambiance and is the perfect venue for a small event. If you want to host a cocktail-type corporate event, then the Lounge is your best bet. Featuring a built-in bar, you can host your main event at the Grand Ballroom and let guests sip drinks at the Lounge. You can also check out the venue’s Mezzanine and the mezzanine Green Room. In addition, you can work with Gotham Hall to create a menu that will appeal to your guests.

Learn more about Gotham Hall.

13. The Prince George Ballroom

Dating back to 1904, The Prince George Ballroom is a historic space with original Neo-Renaissance features. You can find the 9,000-square-foot event venue between Fifth and Madison Avenues. The event features amenities such as a green room, a modern gallery entrance, and a modern kitchen. The Ladies’ Tea Room is one of the best small corporate event venues in NYC. You can also hold small corporate events at The Gallery. Your guests will love the crisp white walls, stainless steel panels, and brick that form a contemporary event setting. You can browse the list of reliable vendors as per The Prince George Ballroom’s recommendations.

Learn more about The Prince George Ballroom.

14. New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium has spacious grounds that you can use to offer your guests a lush event. Your guests can sip cocktails as attendees watch sea lions and sharks amid the amazing oceanic views. You can choose between the variety of outdoor and indoor locations within the aquarium that can host nearly 2,000 guests. The Reef Room and Clover’s Reef Deck are great cocktail- or barbeque-style corporate event venues for up to 300 attendees. If you want to host a smaller group, then the aquarium’s rooftop happy hour venue is a must-try. Your guests will enjoy the rooftop bar that overlooks the beach. You can also check out the conservation Hall or the Spineless and PlayQuarium venues. The Aquatheatre is also a great corporate event location where your guests will enjoy the aquarium’s interactive shows.

Learn more about New York Aquarium.

15. Ellis Island

Whether you are hosting a lavish or intimate corporate event, Ellis Island is the ultimate space. The venue can host up to 1,200 guests. You can take the eight-minute exclusive ferry ride from Liberty State Park or Battery Park. The 13,000-square-foot expansive indoor and outdoor space tops the list of large corporate event venues in NYC. Your guests will experience America’s history while enjoying views of the Manhattan Skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Learn more about Ellis Island.

16. Liberty Island

Set on New York City’s majestic harbor, Liberty Island is a monumental venue for corporate events. The 12-acre historic space offers guests views of the Manhattan Skyline. Weather permitting, you can host your guests at the outdoor space that can accommodate over 500 attendees. You can also host a team of 50 to 220 attendees at the Statue of Liberty Museum, where guests will enjoy interactive exhibits, the roofscape, and the observation deck. Since the venue is only accessible by ferry, you can take an eight-minute ferry ride from Liberty State Park or Battery Park. A corporate event at Liberty Island is a lifetime opportunity for your team to experience the Statue of Liberty and learn about America’s history.

Learn more about Liberty Island.

17. Elsewhere

If you are looking for a venue where you can host a fun event, then Elsewhere is the best pick. The multi-room nightclub, music venue, and arts space offer spaces suitable for corporate parties. You can rent out The Hall, a space that features a bar, a performance stage, and integrated lighting. The Hall can accommodate up to 250 seating and 750 standing guests. The 460-capacity Rooftop is another space where your team will enjoy an open-air space and soak in the skyline views. For an intimate corporate party, you can consider the 260-capacity Zone One space. Finally, the Loft and the Green Rooms are the perfect spaces to host a small corporate event.

Learn more about Elsewhere.

18. New York Historical Society

As New York’s first museum, the New York Historical Society offers numerous gallery spaces that can accommodate a variety of corporate events. The Robert H. and Clarice Smith Gallery is ideal for cocktail reception events and accommodates up to 450 guests. If you are looking for a theatre-style corporate event venue, then you will love the 409-capacity Robert H. Smith Auditorium. The Tented Courtyard tops the list of outdoor corporate event venues in NYC for corporates that want an intimate setting. You can also check out the 300-capacity Patricia D. Klingenstein Library or the 250-capacity Dexter Hall.

Learn more about New York Historical Society.

19. New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden offers a variety of unique spaces where you can host your private event. The 300-capacity Garden Terrace Room features sparkling chandeliers and expansive windows. Your guests can enjoy cocktails at the outdoor tent area as attendees soak in the bursting garden colors. The Stone Mill is the ideal venue for intimate corporate events with a mix of modern and historic charm. The 120-capacity venue has an outdoor terrace that offers views of the Bronx River. If you want to treat your guests to a dining experience, then the 50-capacity Hudson Garden Grill is a great option. Your guests will enjoy America’s innovative cuisine that features local ingredients.

Learn more about New York Botanical Garden.


New York City boasts an expansive variety of event spaces that can host large and small groups. Whether you are looking for outdoor, plush, or budget-friendly corporate event venues in NYC, you have fantastic location options. However, the diverse venue options in NYC can make the selection process challenging. Be sure to understand the objectives and requirements of your event before selecting a location. You can make your corporate event more memorable by offering your guests venues that feature beautiful views and a bustling atmosphere.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in NYC

Here are answers about corporate event venues in NYC.

What are some good venues for corporate events in New York City?

The selection of a venue determines the success of an event. Some good venues for corporate events in New York City include Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, and Ellis Island.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in NYC?

The cost of an event venue depends on the size of the space, menu offerings, location, number of guests, and the duration of the rental period. You can find event spaces that range between $150 up to an extravagant fee of $25,000 in NYC.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in New York City?

One of the most common hurdles that event planners face is choosing the right venue for an event. For a successful event, you need to start by figuring out the ideal venue atmosphere. If you are planning a fun event, then you need to choose a venue that has a similar environment. Then, eliminate locations that are not within your budget range. Finally, you can tour a few venues and confirm capacity and the availability of amenities.

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