20 Best Corporate Event Venues in Philadelphia, PA

By: | Updated: August 23, 2022

You found our list of the best corporate event venues in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Corporate event venues in Philadelphia are places where you can host business-related events around the Philadelphia area. Examples include the Jewish Arts Center, Philadelphia Zoo, Tower Theater, and The Met Philly. These corporate events help employees work together outside the office or strengthen relationships with clients and consumers.

These spaces are ideal for corporate events in Philadelphia, such as corporate Christmas parties, team celebrations, conference entertainment, and team building events. These events are one way to entertain groups in Philadelphia.

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List of corporate event venues in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to several iconic landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The City of Brother Love has no shortage of suitable venues for your event. The following is a list of corporate event spaces near Philadelphia.

1. Fillmore Theater

The Fillmore was the epicenter of the psychedelic music movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Inspired by San Francisco’s iconic The Fillmore, this one-of-a-kind venue is ideal for any formal or informal gathering, such as business meetings, private performances, award ceremonies, fundraisers, or receptions. The facility will wow even the pickiest of guests with its excellent musical entertainment, full-service event production, cutting-edge lighting and sound, and custom cuisine and cocktails. The venue’s team takes care of every detail. The venue can accommodate between 50 to 3,000 guests and is only about two miles from the Convention Center.

Learn more about Fillmore Theater.

2. Theatre of the Living Arts

Theatre of the Living Arts is one of the small corporate event venues in Philadelphia. The venue is situated on South Street and offers a classic marquee to put your event’s name in lights. This amazing venue is ideal for hosting your next business meeting, banquet, or performance. This small yet spacious venue can accommodate between 50 to 800 guests. The facility also has exceptional staff members to help with your event.

Learn more about Theatre of the Living Arts.

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3. Hill Physick House

This four-square brick home was built in 1786 and is the only intact example of a Federal-style townhouse on Society Hill. Physick House is a stunning representation of Federal architecture due to its great dimensions, straight, classical lines, and enormous fan light above the front entrance. During Dr. Physick’s tenancy, the home became adorned with exemplary examples of French-influenced Neoclassical furniture. Even though it is a city garden, the unusually large space also features 19th-century fad plants. The indoor space and outdoor garden are great for corporate events.

Learn more about Hill Physick House.

4. The Met Philly

The Met Philadelphia is a newly renovated crown jewel of North Broad Street. The $56 million renovation brought The Met Philadelphia back to its former glory while reinforcing its commitment to providing guests with an unforgettable experience. This legendary landmark appears on local, state, and national historic registers.

The Met Philly is the largest non-arena venue in Philadelphia and resides in North Center City. The venue features the largest performance stage and the city’s most monumental theatrical auditorium. Whether planning a large-scale ceremony, private concert, or business gathering, your guests will find this stunning location alluring and breathtaking.

You can host a dinner for 300 people on the enormous stage and a smaller dinner for 250 VIPs in the Grand Hall. The Met Philly is guaranteed to wow even the most critical guests with access to the world’s best musical talent, full-service event production, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, succulent, personalized menus, and delicious artisan drinks.

Learn more about The Met Philly.

5. Tower Theater

Tower Theater has been beautifully preserved since its opening in 1927 as a cinema and vaudeville theater. This Philadelphia classic is used for various events, including corporate awards ceremonies, business meetings, speaker tours, stage productions, concerts, and bar mitzvahs. The Tower Theater is about six miles from the Philadelphia Convention Center and can seat 50 to 3,000 guests. The venue also has a vintage marquee that shows your name in lights.

Learn more about Tower Theater.

6. Fairmount Park Horticulture Center

In Philadelphia’s gorgeous Fairmount Park, you can find the Horticulture Center, which has a contemporary exhibition hall and greenhouse on exquisite historic grounds. The original Horticultural Hall was constructed during the 1876 Centennial Exposition, and the 1979 Center was constructed on its space. The Horticulture Center has smaller indoor and larger outside spaces, making it a great location for private receptions and other remarkable corporate events.

Learn more about Fairmount Park Horticulture Center.

7. Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo has a variety of unique corporate event spaces. Spanning over 42 acres of verdant Victorian gardens, the zoo is home to more than 1,300 exotic and endangered animals.

Your guests will enjoy drinks surrounded by exotic birds of all colors, dine in the presence of magnificent giant apes, and revel in glitz and glamour with the rare and exotic big cats. Glass enclosures from floor to ceiling bring visitors within centimeters of their favorite animals. In the fresh air, you may take in the majesty of nature and the dazzling fountains.

Learn more about Philadelphia Zoo.

8. Jewish Art Center

The Old City Jewish Arts Center, often known as the JAC, is an art gallery within walking distance of the Liberty Bell, a famous historical site. When the facility opened in 2006, its organizers aimed to celebrate Jewish togetherness via the arts. The venue works as a versatile event space.

The Old City Jewish Arts Center is known for its clean and simple decor. The warm hardwood floors and authentic exposed brick walls provide a trendy and stylish environment. Exhibits of local artists’ work are strategically placed about the venue, giving it an air of refined aesthetic prestige. The combination of architectural styles and interior design creates a cutting-edge venue that respects its past while looking to the future.

Learn more about the Jewish Art Center.

9. Philadelphia Brewing Company

The Tasting Room of the Philadelphia Brewing Company is one of the wonderful event spaces in Philadelphia. The building dates back to 1885, when it housed the popular brewery company Weisbrod and Hess. The venue has now undergone extensive restoration, transforming into a stunning venue suitable for various thrilling events.

The room’s original red brick walls and wooden flooring provide a timeless atmosphere. The antique, cozy appeal of wood-beamed ceilings complements the many contemporary touches around the room. The bistro lights are strategically placed throughout the room, further enhancing the mystical atmosphere.

The tasting room is spacious enough to host any lavish event, accommodating 150 attendees. Smaller, more private gatherings of up to 60 or 70 individuals also work well there. Live music from bands or DJs plays in a designated area, thanks to the in-house sound system.

Learn more about Philadelphia Brewing Company.

10. Colorspace Labs

Colorspace Labs is an art studio in the trendy Kensington area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This venue was created to provide local artists a place to show their work and interact with the public, but it may also be used for other purposes, such as hosting networking events and exhibits.

It is worth noting that there is a whopping 1,500 square feet of event space within Colorspace Labs. Clients may use the venue’s print shop, art studio, and gallery space to host various events. The historical and industrial character of the building is highlighted by the use of bright colors and contemporary furnishings. The studio has a garage door that visitors may open to let in some natural light and air. Access to the outside sitting area allows even more room for visitors to socialize. This venue can accommodate up to 70 guests.

Learn more about Colorspace Labs.

11. Lake House Inn

Lake House Inn is a lakeside facility in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. This venue’s location on the banks of Lake Nockamixon makes for a peaceful and beautiful setting for a wide range of events. The inn is in a converted general store and post office from the 19th century.

Lake Nockamixon and the 6,000-acre state park are visible from the Lake House Inn’s event venues. The venue offers plenty of room for cocktail hours and al fresco dinners on the grass. On the other hand, the boathouse ballroom has a high draped ceiling and large windows that gaze out over the lake. From its cypress exterior to its ornate chandeliers, the ballroom is a synthesis of rustic and refined design elements.

Lake House Inn can accommodate up to 300 guests comfortably. The boathouse ballroom has all the conveniences of today, including a stereo system for your listening pleasure.

Learn more about Lake House Inn.

12. The Academy of Natural Sciences

The Academy of Natural Sciences in downtown Austin is a great venue to entertain and educate guests. With an on-site event team, exceptional food, and eye-catching displays, the venue is a one-of-a-kind option for any special occasion. The biggest venue, Dinosaur Hall, can accommodate up to 400 people for a reception. The 42-foot T-rex will loom over your guests as they mix on the stylish stone flooring and mezzanine above. You can rent out the venue for parties, receptions, and ceremonies of all kinds.

Learn more about The Academy of Natural Sciences.

13. Philly’s Racquet Club

The Racquet Club is a social club that dates back to the late 19th century and is a display of classic and elegant design. The Main Dining Room of the Racquet Club of Philadelphia is available as a private event space. This location is perfect for special occasions because of its elegant decor and professional service.

Philly’s Racquet Club is located in an impressive Georgian Revival structure. The Main Dining Room is the epitome of old-fashioned elegance and has been painstakingly crafted. The Main Dining Room can host up to 240 guests in various configurations, from banquet tables to cocktail tables. Professional chefs at the venue provide delicious options for buffet, hors d’oeuvre, plated, and family-style meals. The event space also has top-notch audio equipment for performances and business presentations.

Learn more about Philly’s Racquet Club.

14. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Café is located in the middle of the city, not far from landmarks like Independence Hall. The Philadelphia Room of the Hard Rock Cafe is available for private events. The historic site is a stunning background for formal and informal gatherings of all kinds.

The Philadelphia Room has an eclectic and diversified design scheme infused with antique touches. The room’s patterned wallpaper, rich crimson accents, and soft chairs are all design elements popular in the early 20th century. The Hard Rock Cafe is like walking into a museum, with its walls covered with memorabilia from legendary musicians like The Beatles, Jim Morrison, and Elton John. Beautiful chandeliers illuminate the room with a soft radiance. If you are planning a big event with up to 200 guests and need large corporate event venues in Philadelphia, this café is a great choice.

Learn more about Hard Rock Café.

15. American Swedish Historical Museum

The American Swedish Historical Museum houses collections that aim to promote and preserve Swedish-American history. Event venues are stunning, and the venue’s extensive cultural art and artifact collection makes for a one-of-a-kind setting. The American Swedish Historical Museum is housed in a stunning structure from the turn of the twentieth century, and it is home to several exciting event venues. The two-story ceiling of the Grand Hall is a work of art. The arcades, designed after the ones at George Washington’s estate, are another fine feature.

The museum’s galleries will also be open to clients and guests throughout the event. Since only one event may be held at this location at any time, visitors can have unrestricted access to the museum’s treasures. The indoor and outdoor areas can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Learn more about the American Swedish Historical Museum.

16. Malbec Argentine Steakhouse

The Malbec Argentine Steakhouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a hip restaurant known for its excellent South American-inspired dishes. The interior has a rustic-chic style, with trendy decorations and touches that nod to Hispanic tradition. The restaurant’s expert staff takes great pride in bringing genuine Argentinian cuisine to Philadelphia.

The Malbec Argentine Steakhouse can seat between 20 and 60 guests at a time, making it an ideal venue for private corporate parties. The dining area has exposed brick walls and wooden furnishings with an antique look, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of another era. The mixture of old and new art on display will likely win many customers. The patio has towering trees and floral decorations and is available throughout the warmer months.

Learn more about Malbec Argentine Steakhouse.

17. Bala Golf Club

Bala Golf Club is a golfing facility with top-notch event space. Hosts can relax knowing that their visitors will be treated to excellent service, delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere. Features such as chandeliers, beautiful decor, and expansive windows offering unimpeded golf course views are part of the main ballroom’s highlights. The Bala Golf Club’s huge event space can accommodate variousmeetings, from intimate get-togethers to conferences with 200 guests. The venue is great for reunions, meetings, galas, and business events.

Learn more about Bala Golf Club.

18. Fort Mifflin

Philadelphia’s Fort Mifflin is a National Historic Landmark and popular event space in the heart of the city. The venue is the only fort in town and one of the few remaining Revolutionary War battlefields. Cannon fire, weapon displays, tours of the site led by interpreters dressed in historical garb, and even ghost tours are just a few of the many unique and unforgettable experiences that your guests will enjoy during events. The facility has an indoor or outdoor space accommodating up to 600 attendees. Fort Mifflin is great for hosting business events, fundraisers, galas, or other significant celebrations.

Learn more about Fort Mifflin.

19. Fonthill Castle

Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Fonthill Castle is a stately home perfect for hosting exclusive gatherings. A lengthy, winding path leads to the Space Fonthill Castle, which is set amid lush hills and forests. This location provides a one-of-a-kind setting for private events, whether huge outdoor weddings or small parties. The castle, built for anthropologist Henry Chapman Mercer a century ago, has many of Mercer’s personal touches.

The quirky home seems like something out of a fairy tale, and it is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the exterior. Fonthill Castle is a great choice if you are looking for outdoor corporate event venues in Philadelphia. The landscaped garden offers beautiful scenery, and a huge tent is available for use in inclement weather. Inside, the flooring, walls, and windows are covered in patterned tiles, creating an unearthly effect. The vibrant Moravian mosaics become even more captivating when sunshine floods in via the enormous windows. The outdoor space can host 200 attendees, while the indoor area can take 40 guests.

Learn more about Fonthill Castle.

20. World Cafe Live

If you are looking for a theater-style event space in Philadelphia, go no farther than The Music Hall at World Cafe Live. This venue, complete with cutting-edge audio equipment, can host various events, from cocktail hours to business conferences to concerts.

The Music Hall can accommodate as many as 600 standing guests with three levels. Nightclub-style lighting, a movie screen, and an LCD player are just a few of the cutting-edge amenities in this space. The guests at your party will be enchanted by the room’s vintage atmosphere. The stage design and wall decor also confirm the building’s Art Deco past, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Guests sitting wherever in the auditorium, from the floor to the mezzanine, will have a perfect view of everything happening onstage.

Learn more about World Café Live.


The right corporate event can do wonders for staff morale and the public’s perception of your company. Choosing a good corporate event location in Philadelphia can help you create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your guests while also introducing them to your company’s message and brand in a manner that sticks with them. The venues in this list are suitable for different corporate events. The bottom line is to choose the one that better aligns with your company’s specific goals and values.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate event venues in Philadelphia.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Philadelphia, PA?

You can find a wide variety of Philadelphia event halls perfect for any corporate celebration. Some good venues include World Café Live, Bala Golf Club, the Lake House Inn, and Colorspace Labs.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Philadelphia?

The cost of renting an event venue is based on several factors, including the length of time and the number of guests who will be attending your event, as well as the popularity of the venue. The cost of renting out an event space on an hourly basis in Philadelphia may range anywhere from $15 to $3500, depending on the size of the venue and the facilities it provides.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Philadelphia?

The location of your event is an essential consideration, regardless of the kind or scale of the gathering you are planning. The venue will heavily influence the experience your guests will have at your event. Your location has to be accessible, affordable, and visually good all at the same time.

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