20 Exciting Corporate Gift Baskets for Clients and Colleagues

By: | Updated: May 18, 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate gift baskets.

Corporate gift baskets are pre-curated or custom packages ideal for various occasions, from holiday parties to anniversaries. Examples include the Deluxe Wine Gift Basket, Camping Gift Basket, and Football Cookie Basket. The purpose of these gift baskets is to fulfill your corporate gifting needs while leaving a lasting impression on your recipients.

These baskets are similar to corporate gift boxes and employee care packages. These gifts are a great morale booster and are ideal for corporate events.


This list includes:

  • luxury corporate gift baskets
  • unique corporate gift baskets
  • corporate gift baskets for employees
  • corporate gift baskets for clients
  • corporate wellness gift baskets
  • corporate thank you gift baskets

Let’s get started!

List of corporate gift baskets

Appreciating customers and employees with gift baskets can secure your recipients’ loyalty to your business and create a good impression of your brand. From The Luxury Halal Hamper to Taste of Carolina, here are the best gift baskets to give your clients and employees.

1. Gourmet Pantry & Cooking School Gift Basket

The Gourmet Pantry & Cooking School offers several unique corporate gift baskets. Whether your recipients are wine lovers or newlyweds, the cooking school designs the baskets for different corporate gifting needs. If your employees or clients love cooking, then you can opt for the Dinner in the Bag basket. This package features all the supplies your recipient needs to prepare pasta in less than 30 minutes.

Also, the Hokie Tailgate Basket contains a snack assortment, pasta salad, and Hokie mints. The company also offers baskets for sushi, coffee, and chocolate lovers. Furthermore, you can customize the baskets’ contents based on your budget.

Learn more about Gourmet Pantry & Cooking School Gift Basket.

2. Rustic Charm Succulent Garden

This Rustic Charm Succulent Garden is an excellent choice for corporate gifting, especially if you want products to support your recipients’ self care. This gift is also great for housewarming or welcoming new team members onboard.

This gift features various succulents packed in a wooden box. Your recipient can use this gift to brighten their home or office space. Also, the vendor offers same-day and overnight shipping options to ensure your recipient receives the package without any spoilage. To make this gift more special, you can add a bottle of wine, gourmet food, cheese, and even flowers to your order.

Learn more about the Rustic Charm Succulent Garden.

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3. Boodles of Baskets Ultimate Gourmet

The Ultimate Gourmet from Boodles of Baskets is among the best corporate gift baskets for employees. The package comes with delightful treats like crackers, cookies, and cake. Your purchase will arrive with a hand-tied bow and a cellophane wrapping.

If you are celebrating a special occasion, then consider adding a themed balloon to your order. You can also pick from Boodles of Baskets’ predesigned ribbon or customize yours with your desired message. Furthermore, you can make your gift exceptional by adding a gift card and a cocktail kit with enough supplies for up to six servings. Your recipients who do not drink alcohol can also make tasty mocktails with the kit’s ingredients.

Learn more about Boodles of Baskets Ultimate Gourmet.

4. Design It Yourself Gift Baskets

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets takes pride in providing unique baskets for corporate gifting. Whether you are looking for ways to appreciate your client or seal a deal, the company will customize your gift baskets to meet your specific needs. The team will handle all corporate gifting tasks, from product sourcing to shipping. All you have to do is specify the kinds of products or themes you want.

Previous baskets from this service feature products like chocolate, candies, and wine. Also, you can enjoy discounted prices on your gift baskets if you sign up for the company’s Corporate Account program. You can also send your swag with the baskets and store these personal products in the company’s warehouse for free. You can check out the company’s previously curated gift baskets’ themes, from farmland to casino night.

Learn more about Design It Yourself Gift Baskets.

5. Welcome Home Gift Basket

The Welcome Home Gift Basket is among the best corporate gift baskets for clients. Although the gifting company curates this basket for housewarming, the gift is ideal for other celebrations. You can order the package for your recipients with or without a gift tag. Also, you can choose the message to feature on the tag, such as “congratulations,” “welcome,” and “enjoy.”

The basket’s content includes self care items like a scented candle, soap, and lotion. Your recipients will also get a pen and a notepad for tracking their daily schedule. These gifts come in a medium-sized wicker basket, great as a keepsake. Furthermore, the package comes with a satin ribbon and a complimentary handwritten message card.

This basket supports small businesses and local artisans.

Learn more about Welcome Home Gift Basket.

6. Football Cookie Basket

This Football Cookie Basket is an excellent corporate gift basket for your football-loving recipients. This wicker football-shaped basket contains tasty cookies neatly packed in a cello bag. Your recipient will also receive hot cocoa that pairs well with these chocolate chip cookies.

The basket features a hand-tied bow for a beautiful presentation. Furthermore, the package comes with a gift card containing a personalized message. In addition, you can ask the company to ship this basket directly to a sick recipient’s hospital or a hotel.

Learn more about the Football Cookie Basket.

7. The Luxury Halal Hamper

The Luxury Halal Hamper is an excellent gift for clients and employees who eat halal foods. This package is one of the best luxury corporate gift baskets. Your recipient will receive about 12 products, including truffles, mixed chocolate almonds, dates, and tea.

You will find the ingredient lists and dietary information on the product page. You can purchase this basket in up to ten units and have the package shipped to any country. Also, you can contact Harrods directly if you would like to send multiple baskets to various addresses at once.

Learn more about The Luxury Halal Hamper.

8. Kosher Gourmet Basket

If you are looking for a good gift for your kosher clients and employees, then this Kosher Gourmet Basket from America’s Florist is an excellent choice. The basket includes tasty kosher snacks ranging from crackers to cookies to bread loaves. The basket also features Bellagio cappuccino and chocolate cream cocoa.

The 16-inch basket has a beautiful presentation and makes a great keepsake for your recipient. You can also send a plant or flower alongside this gift to impress your recipient. America’s Florist offers various flower options in their collection, from “Luxury Bouquets” to “Roses Arranged.”

Learn more about Kosher Gourmet Basket.

9. All About Beer

The All About Beer gift is among the best corporate gift baskets for employees who are beer lovers. You can also get this basket for your team members on a game day. The package includes all your recipients need to enjoy the experience, from chocolate bars to organic olives to popcorn.

The package also features both imported and exported beer. In addition, the gifts come in a see-through bucket decorated with a beautiful bow. The best part is that your recipient can repurpose the package as an ice bucket.

Learn more about All About Beer.

10. The Tournament Golf Gift Basket

The Tournament Golf Gift Basket is a great gift to delight your recipients who are golf enthusiasts. The basket features a practice putting cup, towel, fly-tees, and bristle brush. Also, your purchase covers a personalized gift card. You can leave a special message for your recipient at checkout.

Furthermore, you can add personalized golf balls to the basket for an extra fee to impress your golf-loving recipients. The vendor carefully packs these items in a green wired basket. In addition, the company ships worldwide and will deliver this basket directly to your employee’s doorstep.

Learn more about The Tournament Golf Gift Basket.

11. Love & Comfort Gift Basket

The Love & Comfort Gift Basket is an excellent option for corporate thank you gift baskets for employees. The package contains treats like smoked gouda blend, crackers, and beef summer sausage. This basket also features Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas.

Furthermore, Hickory Farm adds a gift tag and ribbon to the basket. You can write a message at checkout to impress your recipient. Also, rest assured that your recipient will receive this gift basket in perfect condition. Although the company usually includes the sender’s details on the package, you can send this basket as a surprise on request.

Learn more about the Love & Comfort Gift Basket.

12. Cheese and Nuts Classic Fruit Basket

The Cheese and Nuts Classic Fruit Basket is a simple and thoughtful present for employees during a special event or as an appreciation gift. A Gift Inside specially handpicks fresh fruits in this basket. The contents include apples, roasted almonds, and red pear. You can add a custom ribbon to the basket for an extra fee. Also, the ribbons feature messages like “happy birthday,” “get well soon,” and “thank you.”

Additionally, this embossed tin basket comes with a full satisfaction guarantee, and the company will replace your purchase if your employees get dissatisfied with the gift. Furthermore, the company offers a recipient list processing and volume discount to make bulk ordering and corporate gifting easier.

Learn more about Cheese and Nuts Classic Fruit Basket.

13. Deluxe Wine Gift Basket

Deluxe Wine Gift Basket is one of the best corporate gift baskets for clients. The package contains dry red wine and sweet treats that pair well with the drink. In addition, your recipient will get snacks like cookies, assorted nuts, and truffles. Broadway Basketeers guarantees satisfaction on this basket and will replace your order if your clients do not find the package satisfactory.

Broadway Basketeers usually include a personalized gift card in each basket. If you plan to order this basket for many clients at once, then you can use the company’s bulk order gift program. Furthermore, you can substitute an item in this basket for other options you prefer.

Learn more about the Deluxe Wine Gift Basket.

14. Fruit Basket Totally Delish

If you are looking for a healthy gift basket for clients and employees, then the Fruit Basket Totally Delish is an excellent option. The basket contains an assortment of fruit, ranging from apples to oranges to pears. The vendor also adds cookies to the basket to satisfy your recipient’s cravings.

Aside from the beautiful presentation, this basket comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You can also have the gifts sent directly to a hospital or hotel. If you want to brand this gift, then you can request the company print your logo on the basket for free. Furthermore, you can ship this package to multiple locations at once.

Learn more about Fruit Basket Totally Delish.

15. Blissful Balance Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

If you are looking for a spa-themed gift, then the Blissful Balance Relaxation Spa Gift Basket is a great option. This present is one of the best corporate wellness gift baskets to help your recipient relax and unwind at home. The basket contains a relaxation shower gel, a calming balance body oil, and bliss bath salts.

Three size options are available to accommodate different needs and budgets. Also, the basket is fully handwoven and comes with a lid. Blissful Balance also decorates the package with ribbons and silk flowers for an outstanding presentation. In addition, your purchase comes with a complimentary gift card featuring your desired message.

Learn more about Blissful Balance Relaxation Spa Gift Basket.

16. Camping Gift Basket

If your business wants to organize a camping experience, then you can check out this Camping Gift Basket. This present is also great for outdoor-loving employees and clients who are fans of hiking or biking. The basket features the Shire Town by Foot Cheshire County Map and Monadnock-Sunapee Guide Book.

The basket also comes with delicious traveling snacks to satisfy your recipient’s cravings during their adventure. Although Hannah Grimes Marketplace requires in-store pick-up to get this basket, you can specially request shipping at a custom fee. Furthermore, the vendor fills this basket with the best products from local farmers, artisans, and crafters.

Learn more about the Camping Gift Basket.

17. Taste of Carolina

Taste of Carolina is one of the most unique corporate gift baskets. This handmade basket from Gift Baskets by Melissa’s collection is shaped like North Carolina. Inside, recipients will find BBQ sauce, cookies, chocolate bars, and popcorn. However, your recipient will not receive any chocolate if you place your order during hot months.

The company also decorates the basket with a ribbon and adds a gift card inside the package. You can write a special message for your recipient at checkout. In addition, the company offers customization services to make your baskets exceptional. You can also include additional products or your company swag in the basket for an extra fee.

Learn more about Taste of Carolina.

18. Abundant Baked Goods Basket

The Abundant Baked Good Basket is one of the best corporate gift baskets for food lovers. The basket contains cookies in various flavors, from lemon sugar to peanut butter to oatmeal raisin. The package also comes with brownies and whoopee pies.

This basket is great as a get-well-soon gift for your sick employees. The vendor can deliver the gifts directly to your recipient’s hospital. Furthermore, you can order multiple units for this basket. Although the company cannot deliver the basket to various addresses at once, you can either ship to one location or make a separate purchase for each recipient.

Learn more about Abundant Baked Goods Basket.

19. Movie Marathon Gift Basket

The Movie Marathon Gift Basket is an excellent gift for your employees and work friends. This package features all your recipient needs to enjoy an unforgettable movie night, including popcorn and gourmet seasoning. Recipients will also get gummy candy, chocolate, and a popcorn popper bowl.

To personalize this gift, you can add a logo or image to the top of the popcorn popper bowl. The package can come wrapped in eco-friendly wrapping or a deluxe white box with a ribbon, perfect for gifting.

Learn more about the Movie Marathon Gift Basket.

20. Deluxe Vegan Chocolate Gift Basket

The Deluxe Vegan Chocolate Gift Basket is among the next luxury corporate gift baskets. The basket is available in milk and vegan options to easily accommodate your recipients’ dietary needs. Also, this basket comes with chocolate chips, brownie rolls, and Italian hot chocolate.

Rayluca Chocolate uses maple syrups in the truffles in place of artificial sugar. Furthermore, the company handcrafts the chocolates in small batches for the best quality. You can also add a custom gift card, a flower bouquet, and balloons to make the package special. Furthermore, if you want to feature a message on the card, then write a personal message at checkout.

Learn more about Deluxe Vegan Chocolate Gift Basket.


Giving your employees and clients gift baskets is a great way to show your appreciation. The content of these baskets can range from fruits to self care items to plants. The kind of basket you choose depends on your gifting needs and your recipient’s preference. Nevertheless, most of these baskets will work for almost all occasions, from anniversaries to house warming to client appreciation. Depending on the store, the baskets are usually available in pre-curated and custom options. However, you can opt for the latter if you prefer to build your own gift basket from scratch. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that this gift basket will make your recipients feel happy and touched.

Next, check out these luxury corporate gifts and holiday party favors. We also have a list of gift box companies and corporate gifting companies.

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FAQ: Corporate gift baskets

Here are answers to questions about corporate gift baskets.

What are corporate gift baskets?

Corporate gift baskets are pre-curated and custom packages you can purchase to fulfill your corporate gifting needs. The basket content can include sweet treats, self care products, and even beverages. Also, the baskets are available at different prices and sizes to fit various budgets. The gifts can also come in a basket or a wooden box. When choosing a gift basket for your employee or clients, consider your recipient’s preferences and the occasion you are celebrating.

What are the best corporate gift baskets for employees?

The best corporate gift baskets for employees include the Fruit Basket Totally Delish, The Luxury Halal Hamper, Self Care Gift Box, and Boodles of Baskets Ultimate Gourmet.

Why give corporate gift baskets?

Giving corporate gift baskets can help build a strong business relationship with your recipients. You can also send these gift baskets to celebrate special occasions like work anniversaries, birthdays, or company events. Furthermore, giving gift baskets is a great way to support your sick employees and clients. Regardless of your reason for giving this basket, considering your recipient’s preference and dietary requirement is a good idea.

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