25 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Clients or Employees

By: | Updated: December 01, 2023

You have found our list of unique corporate gift ideas.

Unique corporate gift ideas are uncommon, creative, and personalized items not commonly given as corporate gifts. Examples include King Cobra VR Viewers, Zazzle Custom Coasters, and MakerCarl’s Customized 3D Bobbleheads. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation, build corporate relationships, and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

These presents are similar to luxury corporate gifts, corporate gifts for employees, and corporate gift boxes. You can work with corporate gifting companies or gift sending services to curate these presents.

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List of unique corporate gift ideas

Unique ideas for corporate gifts can come in any form. These gifts could range from practical office supplies to personalized accessories. If you are stuck in a rut trying to figure out the best items for your corporate giveaway, then here is our list of unique presents you can incorporate.

1. Customized 3D Bobblehead

A personalized bobblehead is one of the most exceptional corporate gift ideas for executives, employees, and clients. This compact likeness of the recipient is both complimentary and considerate, crafted using state-of-the-art 3D printing for an impressively lifelike portrayal. All you have to do is provide the desired image, and a team of skilled 3D modelers will produce an exceptional bobblehead rendition. If you prefer not to create a miniature version of the recipient, then alternative choices include any image or an action figure. The MakerCarl customized 3D bobblehead is a distinctive corporate gift idea that any recipient would love.

Learn more about MakerCarl’s Customized 3D Bobblehead.

2. Personalized Mini Projector

Projectors play a crucial role in corporate settings for presentations and meetings. A custom mini projector is one of the best corporate gift ideas for employees and businesspeople. The Gallant projector is easily transportable and lightweight, and it comes in three distinct colors. Through a silkscreen decoration technique, you can imprint your company’s logo or name on its side. The recipient is sure to value this mini projector whenever they are conducting a presentation or simply wish to enjoy a movie.

Learn more about the Gallant Personalized Mini Projector.

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3. Custom Coaster

Including a personalized coaster in your selection of creative corporate gift ideas is a smart move. This item is available in a range of shapes, allowing you to pick your preferred colors. Additionally, you can imprint the coaster with your company’s logo and name or even include a personalized message for the recipient. Beyond being an exceptional and uncommon gift, the customized coaster is a visually appealing and functional home accessory, effectively safeguarding tables from liquid marks. The recipients are certain to value this considerate item for its ability to enhance style and provide a touch of contrast to any work or home desk.

Learn more about the Zazzle Custom Coaster.

4. Engravable Round Black Cufflinks

An engraved cufflink is a gift that is sure to delight any recipient. The engraving process reveals the silver material beneath the black-colored head, adding a distinctive touch. To make this gift more personal, you can engrave the cufflinks with the recipient’s name or initials. Alternatively, you could engrave your company’s name or logo, making it an ideal promotional giveaway or corporate gift. The engraved cufflinks from Cufflinks Depot are available in various colors, styles, shapes, and finishes, ensuring they will enhance the sophistication of the recipient’s corporate attire. This gift is perfect for leaving a lasting impression.

Learn more about the Cufflinks Depot Engraved Cufflinks.

5. Branded Coffee Table Book

Introducing a coffee table book as part of your imaginative corporate gift ideas can be highly effective. The 60-page coffee table book from Reward Your Appetite is an ideal platform to share your brand’s story with both employees and clients. The company can personalize the book by incorporating your company’s logo on the end sheets, enhancing its visibility. Furthermore, you can tailor the header design and even craft personalized hand-lettered calligraphed messages for your employees or clients. This branded book is a distinctive and unforgettable corporate gift, offering recipients a timeless keepsake to cherish over the years.

Learn about the Branded Coffee Table Book.

6. Custom Neon LED Sign

For a stand-out corporate gift, a personalized LED neon sign proves to be a clever and eye-catching concept. By uploading your brand’s logo, tagline, or mascot, you can craft a striking neon sign suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. This gift is an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. These signs boast energy-efficient consumption and effectively make a strong statement while infusing character into the recipient’s environment. The customized neon sign is a delightful and enduring gift that the recipient will enjoy for years to come.

Learn more about the Custom Neon LED Sign.

7. Custom VR Viewer

A virtual reality viewer is an exceptional and distinct corporate gift that any recipient would surely appreciate. This idea gains even more significance if the recipient is young or tech-savvy. The King Cobra VR viewer by GeekTech Branding incorporates a built-in trigger for a fully immersive experience, allowing interaction with games and applications. The VR viewer includes a full-sized headset designed to block external light effectively, and it features large lenses for an immersive viewing encounter. Furthermore, the item offers a spacious area suitable for imprinting your brand’s logo or tagline in any color. This virtual reality viewer serves as a remarkable gift notion bound to bring smiles to your recipients’ faces.

Learn more about the King Cobra VR Viewer.

8. Customized Hand Warmer

The Zest Promotional hand warmer is one of the most considerate branded corporate gifts to present to employees, clients, and executives. This hand warmer is a useful present, particularly during chilly winter days. You can imprint your brand’s logo, mascot, or name on both sides of the hand warmer, and a variety of colors are available to choose from. If you aim to make a strong impression with a corporate gift that showcases your generosity, then including the Zest Promotional customized hand warmer on your list is a smart move.

Learn more about the Zest Promotional Customized Hand Warmer.

9. Wooden Desktop Zen Garden

A wooden zen garden is a wonderful idea for a corporate gift. The Printfection wooden zen garden showcases an artfully designed ensemble featuring a garden container, figurines, and polished stones. The kit also includes bamboo, fine sand, a rake, and a zen garden guide. This zen garden draws inspiration from the Japanese art of zen gardening, which serves as a form of meditation. For a personal touch, you can laser engrave your brand’s customized image or message onto the front of the frame. The recipient will deeply value this corporate gift as it aids in stress relief, enhances productivity, and sharpens focus.

Learn more about the Printfection Wooden Desktop Zen Garden.

10. Collapsible Microwave Silicone Popcorn Maker

Offering a collapsible microwave-safe silicone popcorn maker is an innovative concept for a corporate gift to give customers or employees. You can customize your popcorn maker by selecting from a range of colors and imprinting your logo or brand’s name on the front. The silicone material is entirely safe for use in the microwave. Furthermore, the collapsible design ensures users can conveniently store the popcorn maker in compact kitchen drawers and cabinets. This adaptable, microwave-friendly popcorn maker is an outstanding gift that the recipient will value during each movie night.

Learn more about the Everything Promo Collapsible Microwave Silicone Popcorn Maker.

11. Exfoliating Bath Gloves

The EverythingBranded custom exfoliating bath gloves stand out as top-tier corporate gifts for clients, employees, and supervisors who prioritize self-care and skincare. Crafted with premium linen, you can customize these bath gloves with your company’s logo or brand name. The recipient will be delighted by this gift, as it demonstrates your appreciation and conveys your concern for their well-being.

Learn more about the EverythingBranded Custom Exfoliating Bath Gloves.

12. Custom LEGO Kit

For a truly exceptional and distinct corporate gift idea that will impress your clients or executives, take a look at the Brick Loot Custom LEGO Kit. This kit allows you to design a personalized LEGO set centered around any theme, where every brick or decal features your company’s name or logo. This LEGO kit is a remarkable gift that the recipient will undoubtedly find enjoyable, especially considering its dual role as a fantastic stress reliever and a brain-engaging activity. Customized LEGO kits contribute to honing problem-solving abilities, nurturing creativity, and offering a means for users to unwind after a demanding workday.

Learn more about the Brick Loot Custom LEGO Kit.

13. Personalized Espresso Machine

You can elevate your corporate gift ideas with the Decent Espresso personalized espresso machine. By customizing your espresso machine with unique components, you can craft an exceptional brewer that distinguishes itself from other coffee makers. Moreover, you can laser-etch your logo or tagline onto the body of the espresso machine. A personalized espresso machine is an elegant yet utilitarian corporate gift that any coffee enthusiast would welcome each morning.

Learn more about the Decent Espresso Personalized Espresso Machine.

14. Customizable Tabletop Fireplace

Incorporating a portable tabletop fireplace into your list of unique corporate gift ideas is a splendid way to impress your recipient. The Colsen Fire Pit Customizable Table Fireplace offers a smokeless and odorless design, operating on rubbing alcohol as fuel. This lightweight fireplace is effortlessly portable and needs minimal effort for lighting and extinguishing. Furthermore, you can imprint your brand’s name or a personalized message on the fireplace’s body. The recipient will likely appreciate this gift, as the tabletop fireplace serves the dual purpose of enhancing table decor and providing warmth to the space.

Learn more about the Colsen Fire Pit Customizable Tabletop Fireplace.

15. Custom Standing Desk

Presenting a personalized standing desk as a corporate gift is a remarkable way to leave a lasting impression on recipients. The StandDesk custom standing desk is crafted from high-quality commercial-grade materials. You can create your distinctive desk by selecting from a range of over 100 custom sizes and desktop finishes. Additionally, you can choose the frame type and personalize the desk with your brand’s color. This custom standing desk comes with a lifetime warranty, solidifying its status as an exceptional corporate gift that the recipient will relish for years to come.

Learn more about the StandDesk Custom Standing Desk.

16. Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

A mini desktop vacuum cleaner is a thoughtful gift that corporate employees will find practical for office use. You can personalize the mini vacuum cleaner by selecting from a variety of color options, uploading your own image, and adding a personal message. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, this desktop vacuum cleaner is suitable for flat surfaces and safe for use on keyboards. This device’s portability, user-friendly operation, and efficiency in keeping work or home desks clean and dust-free make it an excellent gift choice.

Learn more about the Positive Promotion Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner.

17. Personalized Apple Smartwatch

A personalized smartwatch is a remarkable gift choice. Apple’s Series 7 offers advanced features for vital signs monitoring, including blood oxygen levels and ECG. This watch is particularly beneficial for physically active recipients, as it is a great workout companion. The ability to customize the watch or band with your brand’s name, logo, and color makes the watch an outstanding and unique gift that will undoubtedly thrill the recipient. The Merchology personalized smartwatch is available in a range of colors, brands, styles, fits, and sizes. You can also laser engrave or print your brand’s name on the watch surface or band. This smartwatch is a delightful corporate gift, especially for a tech-savvy or fitness-oriented recipient.

Learn more about the Merchology Personalized Apple Smartwatch.

18. Customizable All-In-One Cleaning Kit

If you are still exploring distinctive corporate gifts, then an adaptable all-in-one cleaning kit deserves a spot on your list of unique corporate gift ideas. This cleaning kit is available in two colors, and you can embellish it with your company’s name, logo, or mascot in full color. The comprehensive cleaning kit comprises a screen spray and a microfiber towel. Recipients can utilize this valuable gift to effortlessly eliminate dust and smudges from their glasses and device screens.

Learn more about the Quality Logo’s Customizable All-In-One Cleaning Kit.

19. Glow Shape Badge

The GNP glow badge is a straightforward yet one-of-a-kind corporate gift suitable for both clients and employees. Crafted from plastic, this glow badge is available in various colors for personalization. Additionally, you can imprint your brand’s logo, name, or mascot on the front of the badge. The GNP badge is an exceptional gift choice, adding a vibrant touch to any attire or item it adorns. The highlight is that this badge boasts a captivating glow when in the dark.

Learn more about the GNP Branded Glow Shape Badge.

20. Personalized Decanter

For recipients who enjoy wine or spirits, this personalized decanter is an excellent choice for a corporate gift. The Brava Marketing custom wine decanter is a three-piece set, featuring a 23.75-ounce Rossini decanter and two 14-ounce Executive DOF glasses. You can tailor this set with your distinctive logo, image, and text, all imprinted in color. As a result, whenever recipients share a glass of wine or a cocktail with loved ones or friends, they will be reminded of you and your brand.

Learn more about the Brava Marketing Personalized Decanter.

21. Branded USB Essential Oil Wood Diffuser

A branded wood diffuser is an impressive and distinctive corporate gift choice. This device promotes safety, health, and a fragrant atmosphere. Recipients can conveniently place the diffuser in their homes or offices, creating a tranquil, soothing, and pleasantly scented environment. Through the silkscreen printing method, you can imprint your company’s name, logo, or tagline onto the wood and ABS diffuser. Moreover, you can select between dark or light wood finishes. The QualityImprint essential oil diffuser serves as a considerate gift that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Learn more about the QualityImprint Branded USB Essential Oil Wood Diffuser.

22. Custom Cocktail Smoker

The EverythingBranded cocktail smoker offers an engaging and functional gift choice that will captivate any cocktail enthusiast. The ability to imprint your distinct logo, image, or text on the smoker lid adds a personalized touch. Boasting a combination of wooden and metal fireproof layers, this product guarantees durability. Whenever your recipients craft a cocktail with a subtle hint of sizzling smoke, they will associate the experience with your brand.

Learn more about EverythingBranded Custom Cocktail Smoker.

23. Branded Glass Candle

The ImprintItems glass candle, complete with a wooden lid, is a superb corporate gift option for employees, executives, and clients. This 14-ounce candle features blended soy wax that burns cleanly and evenly, with a 100 percent cotton wick lasting up to 70 hours. Moreover, you can customize this scented candle by employing laser engraving to imprint your brand’s name in a frosted style onto either the glass candle holder or the wooden lid. A recipient with a penchant for aromatherapy is sure to find this corporate gift both considerate and remarkable.

Learn more about ImprintItems Branded Glass Candle.

24. Custom Embroidered Pillow

The Forever Pillows embroidered pillow stands out as a unique corporate gift that the recipient will undoubtedly appreciate, especially during moments of downtime in the office. Your company has the opportunity to personalize the pillow by adding your brand’s tagline or a custom message tailored for the recipient. Additionally, you can select the desired text and thread color to achieve an overall appealing aesthetic. The embroidered pillow also features a convenient back pocket, ideal for including a thoughtful greeting card alongside your gift. This gesture will leave a lasting and positive impression on the recipient.

Learn more about the Forever Pillows Custom Embroidered Pillow.

25. Custom-Made Ties

A personalized tie is an enticing corporate gift idea, sure to capture the interest of executives and other corporate professionals. With a selection of over 500 colors available, you can opt for your preferred shades and specify the tie’s size and width. Additionally, imprinting your company name or logo onto the accessory provides an extra layer of personalization. Offering a custom-made tie is a splendid way to convey your appreciation, and it is the kind of gift that the recipient will proudly wear.

Learn more about Knotty Tie Custom-Made Ties.


Unique corporate gift ideas are one-of-a-kind gift items for different business occasions. You no longer have to send your clients the usual pens and notebooks. Our list of unique corporate gifts contains a wide variety of exciting gifts that cater to tech-savvy, wellness-driven, and wine-loving recipients. These distinctive gifts will ensure brand loyalty and let the giftees know you recognize and appreciate them.

For more gifting inspiration, check out these lists of get-well gifts, virtual event gifts, and unique client gifts.

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FAQ: Unique corporate gift ideas

Here are some frequently asked questions about unique corporate gift ideas.

What are unique corporate gift ideas?

Unique corporate gift ideas are uncommon gift items presented to business clients, executives, and employees. These items are often more creative, personalized, and sophisticated than generic corporate swag.

What are good examples of unique corporate gift ideas?

Examples of unique corporate gift ideas include a Colsen tabletop fireplace, ImprintItems branded glass candle, and a Gallant Personalized Mini Projector. Others include a branded coffee table book, Brick Loot custom LEGO kit, and a Knotty Tie Custom-Made Tie.

Why should companies give out unique corporate gifts?

Companies should give out unique corporate gifts to let the recipient know that the company recognizes and appreciates their input. These gifts inspire brand loyalty and build and strengthen corporate relationships.

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